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Carl Vincent

16 March 2019

It’s the greatest source of networking and CPE


Jean Pierre Bassi Bikai

27 January 2017

I am proud of being a member. Yesterday was another successful day where we met to discuss about legislation that impact or could impact the accounting profession. This was another opportunity for me to meet in person with Senator Nancy J. King and delegate Reznik Kirill from District 39 where I live. It was awesome. More...


Barrett Young

13 December 2016

I seriously love my association, and how they make me feel energized about my profession. To paraphrase the movie, "They make me want to be a better CPA." I owe them so much.


Patricia Velez

25 October 2016

Proud to be a member of the MACPA, they do wonderful things for the CPA community.


Daniel N.

13 November 2012

This is where the classes are. Good facilities. If it's your first time going there, get there 10 minutes early to find your way around. The parking garage takes credit cards so that's good. More...


Andrew R.

18 November 2011

The Maryland Association of CPAs is renowned across the country as one of the smartest CPA associations. It's leader, Tom Hood, has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the accounting industry. They staff are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to interface with, it is a true joy to know them. More...

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