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Russell Coombs

28 August 2019

“Caveat Lector” ~ “let the reader beware”

Mr Paul Reginald Titeley is the director of “BUSHMAN LANDSCAPING/GARDENING LTD” and is also director of ‘Powys Plumbing Services’, part of the Bushman group.

Bushman was registered at Companies House ~ Company number 11328142, in April 2018. The company is shown as being wholly owned and operated under Mr Paul Titley’s direction by his son Mr Daniel Paul Titely.

Our first postings of negative reviews of their appalling work on Facebook, have been removed, together with publicity photographs they used of our house to promote their services…presumably by them.

It is interesting to note that the only favourable review of ‘Bushman’ was written by the owner himself, Dan Titley !

Bushman Landscaping were engaged to lay a patio over a period of three weeks from the 8th of April and we agreed to pay them on a weekly installment basis.

After the second week it became apparent that the patio was very poorly laid in regard to levels and fall.

When this was pointed out to them, Daniel Titley who was laying the slabs took particular offence to his work being criticized that he refused to correct it and after a weeks break from the job he returned to collect his tools and walked off the job on the 7th of May.

In the month since they started they only managed to lay 165 slabs and all of them badly. 20% of those required!

We have since had the patio assessed by professional RIBA surveyors which confirms our judgment of the work.

Both we and Mybuilder.com, through whom we made our initial contact, have tried to reach an amicable solution to our predicament but Bushmen/Powys Plumbing have made no effort to rectify the situation and are still holding on to our first two installments of £3000.

Mybuilder.com advised us that, as the Titley’s no longer communicate with us at all, to enter a negative feedback, which we did and to no avail.

On further consideration Mybuilder.com, following the appalling treatment of ourselves at the hands of Mr Titley, have since disassociated themselves and closed his account.

The Titley’s have left us with a bigger job than when we started, in that we will now have to lift and strip the area for us to start again together with a driveway cluttered with unused building materials. We hope that we can salvage the slabs that they have already poorly laid.

Not only have we found that this company has demonstrated an appalling standard of workmanship but also in retaining our money for A JOB NOT DONE is dishonest.

Mr & Mrs R W & O Coombs