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Bureau69 is a multi-disciplinary and award-winning professional collective.

The studio was founded in Italy in 2003 under the direction of Massimiliano Strano and expanded to incorporate projects in Sao Paulo, with the collaboration of Claudio Inserra Arquiteto.


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Wari Orumbie

23 July 2018

Perfect work study area with great WiFi connectivity. Friendly staff.


Bonardi Bonardi

19 May 2018

Perfect place to Study and enjoy the daily news on the huge screen Cinema they provide you with


Antonino Aiello

21 February 2018

LBA is a small company working in residential and bespoke projects. We collaborate with Architects and we also work as contractor for the IKEA fit out in Italy.
We started our collaboration with Bureau69 in 2015. Max Strano, the Director, shown us his project for a house in Catania. For us that project sounds like a “weird” project. A complex mix of different elements, most of them designed in oak wood: the aim was to redefine completely a space that appeared empty and boring. The project was complex, and we didn’t see something similar before but we decided to start and to live that challenge. The project was successful: Max it’s an attentive designer , he likes to define each detail , he was a good technical support, very friendly also decisive onsite.
After we had a few collaborations in other project designed by Max, we decided to involve him in our relationship with IKEA Italy. Max was the site manager for us in three Ikea stores. He prepared all the technical documentation and he liaise with IKEA design team. Another good job together and another successful work relationship.
Few months ago, in 2017, we decided to build up a new working space for our company. The program was to build a representative and comfortable space, with natural light, nice texture. The space and the budget was not so big, but we wanted something different and “iconic”. Max perfectly understood our need and also in this case he shown us another “weird” project. A strange concept from a client point of you and a complex job from carpenter and builder point of view. We accepted also in this case and I think the result is stunning.
We really recommend Max for his expertise in technical issues, his design skills, his friendly attitude.


Lara Indaco

12 February 2018

I appointed Max from Bureau69 at the beginning of 2015. I knew him because of his works in Catania, and I decided to work with him for the renovation of my residential unit located in the historical centre of the city, UNESCO Heritage.

The space, located on the ground floor of a building of the late eighteenth century, was in dilapidated conditions, and it needed to be completely renovated and restored. The architect immediately accepted the job and proved his capacity and expertise in designing the volumes in an efficient and useful way, although the complexity of the structure. The whole unit is in two different levels and two separate units with a big lack in natural light.

He worked both in the design and in construction phase with extreme competence and excellent management of the entire process. Max also design a bespoke interior design, creating oak furniture of remarkable quality and elegance, giving at the whole space a strong contemporary style.

As a client I consider myself fully satisfied of the total result.



11 February 2018

The apartments designed and created by Bureau69 achieve a very clever and stylish use of space.
The company offers a very professional service with excellent communication.
Highly recommended


Graziano Alfio Matassa

8 February 2018

I know Max since the beginning of his career. I am an engineering and we always had a deep professional exchange. I was always attracted by the way he imagines the space. He really like materials and technologic details. He is attracted by new and bespoke solutions.

His projects have always something different: I can say that I know well all his work and never I saw something already seen in other projects. He surprised me with his design skills, his competence, his problem-solving behaviour, his passion for his job.

I am sure that in London he will do even more than he has done in Italy and abroad.

If you have a new house to build or if you have a house to renovate and/or refurbish don’t hesitate to call Max and Bureau69. You will get something unique and beautiful.


Gianni Guido

8 February 2018

Max, from Bureau69 architecture, is a very detail-oriented architect. He was appointed to refurbish and renovate the old apartment that I bought in into the historical centre of Catania. It was in very bad conditions.
I immediately felt great professionalism and availability as well as he demonstrates high knowledge and attention in all aspects and in all phases of the work. He provided valid solutions to all my requests, making it possible to optimize the spaces and the functionality of the space.
Many of his ideas were innovative and unique that have given character and originality to the apartment: he designed the general layout, changing the original one to allow the natural light to enter in the central part of the space which was without. He chooses each material used on the decoration and renovation, and the colours of painting, resin, furniture.
He also designed the bespoke bathroom furnishings and supported me in choosing other piece of furniture for the other rooms. With any doubt, he managed everything perfectly to give that added value to the apartment by making it comfortable, welcoming and modern.



6 February 2018

My personal experience with the Max started a few years ago and is related to the renovation of an entire building from 19th-century building in the city of Catania. Max also designed the apartment that I own and located on the first floor of the same building.
The location of is prestigious and stunning: in front of a medieval castle in the centre of the city. The “Castello Ursino” a 13th manor built by Frederick II of Swabia.
I appointed Max from Bureau69 because I immediately had the opportunity to perceive a technical competence, a historical knowledge and the right sensitivity for the complex setting. It was necessary to operate with modern technology in a historical building; use the right balance e respect for the history avoiding producing fake historic architecture.
I really recommend him for the precise and sophisticated details, for the precision of each intervention, the delicate taste and the extraordinary use of colours and fine materials. He was very attentive to compliance the construction programme and the budget.
The main work included the new roof constructed with new sustainable technology, preserved when possible the original structure. An intervention very precise and complex which put in evidence Max’s ability and skills. Extremely nice the restoration of the original staircase which was in poor and abandoned condition; after the work, it has acquired brightness and elegance.
The apartment was treated with respect to the historical part and using a modern language for the new parts. A mix of vintage and contemporary style.
I really recommend Max for his honesty, expertise and for his friendly attitude. I was very transparent with the fees and scope of service. Excellent his way to liaise with the contractor and other consultant and he was very present, almost daily, on the worksite, supervising the works and checking day by day the quality of construction.


Marco Distefano

5 February 2018

I knew Bureau69 and Massimiliano starting from 1999. I involved Massimiliano upon restore of my home in 2007 asking to combine smart solutions to create new spaces with pleasant interior ambient.
The result was very good using colours, lighting and materials (as wood for details and vertical lightning and particular stoneware for pavements) creating new natural light sources.
He also optimized cost for release to stay in budget we fixed.
Works completed on schedule.
Total surface 100 m2 approx


Fay Kal

14 October 2017

The perfect place to have your coffee! Clean, spacious, great service and ideal for work, study or just reflection! A true gem!


To convert a garage to gain more space in your house is a good solution. By the way it's necessary to know if you contract /lease has specific restrictive clauses for that, if you live in a Listed Building, if the work falls under the Party wall act. IN any case the conversion needs to apply for planning permission and needs to comply building regulations.

1. check the local authority for specific rules and prescriptions
2. obtain a written contract by the client
3. Prepare drawings for planning permission and submit it
4. when planning permission is gained obtain a quotation and, subsequently, a written contract by the builder
5. Submit a building notice (for small work) at th Building control body
6. starting works for building the extension 2 days after point 5.

its necessary to appoint a visit on site to check the structure of the roof, the available head height,.

Loft conversion is under permitted development, so doesnt need planning permission. In any case buildin regulation approval is necessary.

Listening is the main part of our approach. To shape an interior is not a simple task, because we are appointed to shape a space which will be used and lived by the owner. Everything must be done to make feel the client confortable in that space.
We propose some layout, with a palette of materials and moods. After this stage and when we get the feedback from the client we go on with specification, detailed floor plans, CGI.

We love contemporary and modern style, but we behave and we work with extreme respect of the existing architecture and design . We love to shape wood and to work with some colors.

The relationship with the client is what makes different any job. We love our client and to know more about them.

When I graduate my first desire was to start my practice. I went to Spain to work with a very talented spanish architect and after that experience i was appointed to restore a baroque church in Italy. after that experience it was natural for me to set up my business.

We got a very international background and we are focused in small and medium-size projects. We are a collective with a variety of expertise and experience. We use the light to shape our spaces, we like colors and we always give a Mediterranean touch to our project. We love green space and natural materials.



We support you in all phases of your project: brief and feasibility studies, concept design, developed design and planning, technical design and drawings, tender, site management, completion. According to the brief we provide initial layouts, ideas, mood board, and sketches. All this shows the potential options for your project and it fixes the starting point for the project before committing to finalised drawings.

After agreeing with the general layout we will provide a developed concept. Renderings and computer-generated images will be used to illustrate the project more clearly. Specific internal and external CGI images can be produced if required after the agreement.

Most new buildings and alterations/conversions of existing buildings need permission from the Local planning authority (LPA), called Planning Permission. If your property falls within a conservation area you will almost certainly require planning consent before you are able to start your works. Certain minor works, don’t need planning permission as they fall under what is called Permitted Development. We can advise you, assist you in dealing with your LPA, with the conservation officers and submitting the planning application providing the complete set of drawings and specifications for your project.

Before your project commences you need to obtain a Building regulation approval to comply with the Building Regulation, the minimum standard for design and construction. This stage is very important and it’s important to know when approval is needed and when it is not. We can provide assistance and support, and we can provide the full set of Building Regulation drawings to be approved. A detailed set of drawings also helps you to obtain a quotation of your project from contractors to give you a reliable cost of before starting on site.

Our network includes mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers. We can provide details and specification for your project.

We have strong experience in interior design and in joinery;  we also collaborate with master carpenters. One of our interior design projects has been selected as “Best Italian Interior Design project 2018”.