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Romana Y.

7 August 2019

Needed an arrangement made for a funeral, and Bunches a Flower Shop made an exceptional bunch and delivered to the funeral home.Marc was very helpful and patient. He suggested what he thought would be best for the deceased's family arrangement, all while communicating any and all details with me prior to having it delivered. Needless to say, the arrangement was appropriately graceful, and delivered half an hour prior to the Church service. Thank you Marc and team! I look forward to ordering more from Bunches in the near future. More...


Hilda Morton

16 July 2019

Randomly passed by today and gorgeous bouquets such as the one pictured were for purchase---only $12. High quality flowers. This little stand outside a mini market always carries such bouquets. There was a line of people (including myself) waiting to buy.Lovely! More...


Madison Sanders

30 June 2019

Their flowers are always impeccable. I love giving and receiving arrangements from here!


Scott Jakubowski, CM

1 June 2019

We had them do a few bouquets for a major event and they came through on time and with a great budget as well as wonderful service and top-quality flowers. The owner Marc was very helpful to us and very attentive to make sure that everything went well and personally delivered the flowers also. This was our first interaction with this florist and we will definitely make sure to use them for all of our major functions in the future. More...


Penny Albri

28 May 2019

Vanessa was great at communicating especially for last moment requests. Her work is amazing using fresh and beautiful flowers.


Gautam Varma

11 May 2019

Lovely little place with a wide selection and friendly, helpful staff!


Maria Wood

25 April 2019

Hallie is very friendly, nice and professional. I'm very satisfied for the flower bouquet she made for my wedding and all corsages, boutonnieres, table decor she did. She customized my order with a very affordable and reasonable price, and provided great quality fresh flowers.She's the best! I would recommend her to everyone! Her flowers will make you smile! More...


Judy Smith

26 March 2019

Ivy is the best! Her designs are very unique and creative. As a financially challenged college student she always arranges something truly unique and special for such great pricing!


Amber P.

16 March 2019

My now husband and I decided to get married at the courthouse and I wanted a bouquet and boutonnière for our day. Having been together a long time, we decided to get married quickly. I was nervous when we went to Bunches, unsure if they would be able to accommodate our request with only a week of notice, but they were so accommodating. My bouquet ended up being stunning, exactly as I hoped it would be and what I asked for. Don't hesitate to go to this store for your floral needs! More...


K 2.

18 February 2019

Marc and Carole created the most beautiful and touching arrangement for a child's memorial service.  It was graceful and lovely with just the right amount of whimsy and playfulness to perfectly convey our sentiments.  We cannot thank them enough for all of the extra effort they went through to meet our specific (and rather unique) requests, while also adding in their expertise to make the creation so perfectly beautiful.  We are truly grateful that they cared so much and went the extra mile for us.  We would use them again in the future without hesitation. More...


Jamie F.

21 January 2019

I just moved to the neighborhood and was in the mixt of decorating my new space and wanted to add some greenery but was not sure where to begin! From the moment I stepped in the shop I was not only taken away by the gorgeous plants but the customer service was outstanding. I was assisted by Jamin who took his professional skills to the next level. He took the time to email me and help seek out the possible option for my space to pair with a plant from their shop. I ended up ordering platers and purchasing Ivy. They planted them for me and made sure they were perfect! The orders were consistent and reliable and I felt so confident with the results of this process! Thank you Bunches for the outstanding experience! More...


Lisa Brislane

26 December 2018

Marc did an amazing job. Our graduating marine loved their floral set!


Cathy M.

30 November 2018

Outstanding!! I discovered via Yelp reviews and then asked a relative who used this florist for a wedding. I didn't want to pay $50 for an ugly bunch of common flowers stuffed in a cheap vase that I could do myself for $10. I wanted something unique, an artistic arrangement that attractively displayed each flower. Something beautiful, that you'd want to look at all the time. Bunches delivered just that. It truly is special, and the recipient was thrilled. More...


Ashley Alvarez

26 November 2018

They always have a gorgeous selection and the service is the best.


Linda M.

15 November 2018

Just received the most amazing arrangement!  All my favorites arranged beautifully!  Will definitely use again when I'm sending flowers!


Carlos lopez

4 October 2018

Amazing service and attention to detail.


Linda Freeman

28 August 2018

Marc did an amazing job designing a gorgeous floral arrangement for my son's fiancee to celebrate getting her graduate degree. I phoned "Bunches" on the same day that the arrangement needed to be delivered; even with such short notice, Marc designed a unique arrangement that she loved. "Bunches" is now my florist of choice in Chicago. More...


Jamin Roy Ho

29 July 2018

Wowsers. Marc and his team create designs for any occasion that are sure to impress! Their attention to fine detail and customer service are what we all need!


M H.

15 July 2018

A great eye and a great ear! Not only did Marc make great recommendations for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding, he really listened to what we wanted. The end result was perfect!


Kathleen Westlake

25 May 2018

Absolutely the BEST customer service! I ordered an arrangement for an evening delivery to a theater for opening night, and it arrived exactly as I requested. And even though there was a miscommunication on the design, the owner Marc Waters made it perfect on (of all the busiest days of the year)...Valentine's Day! Very highly recommended! Looking forward to using them again. Thanks! More...



29 April 2018

We chose Bunches to do the flowers for our wedding and they were gorgeous! Marc worked with us to fit our budget and create the perfect bouquets and centerpieces. The flowers were very fresh, and despite having Gerber Daisies and Tulips as the flowers in our bouquets and centerpieces (which, in my experience, don't last long in vases), the flowers looked great for an entire week after the wedding. They also let us rent the vases and return them a week later, which was super nice since I didn't want to end up with 17 of the same vase! If you're in the market for a florist, I highly recommend this shop! More...


Catie Kempski

30 March 2018

Got my wedding bouquet for my elopement here. Beautiful flowers


Stephanie J.

11 March 2018

my mom (in tucson) ordered flowers to be delivered to my daughter (a student at depaul.) the flowers were beautiful, and joan at bunches went above & beyond to get the delivery to the dorm arranged...not an easy feat!


Jamin H.

2 February 2018

Amazing customer service and high quality work from start to finish! Bunches always has the freshest florals in from all over the world. I would definitely recommend visiting the shop sometime! There's something for everyone! There's always something for me! Marc and his team are always on point with their customer service and designs! More...


Mek M.

31 January 2018

We decided to try this place to "switch it up" from our normal place because it's new and nearby. I'm so glad we did!  We needed a small boutique for a little girl and didn't want to spend a fortune but still wanted something beautiful. I find that those words usually scare florists away. But not ERIK! He priced something even lower than I was expecting and made such a beautiful bouquet, which is still alive and thriving, 4 days later.  To top it off, Erik spent time walking my 2 year old son around the store, teaching him about the flowers and plants, and asking him to touch and describe them to him. My son loved it, but I loved it even more because now I know there is a flower shop my kids are welcome and invited. Also, special thanks to Renaldo who also spent time playing with my son.  We will (both) be back! More...



1 October 2017

I used Bunches for my wedding flowers based on yelp pictures and reviews. I went into the shop with my mom not really knowing much about flowers. Of course, I like receiving them, but besides roses and tulips, I struggle to identify any others! I met with a lovely lady who worked there (and feel awful I can't remember her name, it was 8 months ago) and basically just told her I was looking for bridal bouquets with some white and light pink flowers. That was the extent of the detail I went into and decided to just trust her judgment. When the flowers arrived on my wedding day (they conveniently brought them straight to my hotel room where we were all getting hair and makeup done), I was so incredibly impressed and happy with the result, these people know what they're doing. They were just amazing, a perfect combination of beautiful pinks and whites with a nice variety of different flower types, it's exactly what I wanted. My mom said people were complimenting the flowers all afternoon. I highly recommend using Bunches for your wedding or any occasion that calls for flowers, they are truly wonderful! More...


C L.

1 October 2017

I used Bunches for my wedding flowers based on yelp pictures and reviews.  I went into the shop with my mom not really knowing much about flowers.  Of course, I like receiving them, but besides roses and tulips, I struggle to identify any others!  I met with a lovely lady who worked there (and feel awful I can't remember her name, it was 8 months ago) and basically just told her I was looking for bridal bouquets with some white and light pink flowers.  That was the extent of the detail I went into and decided to just trust her judgment.  When the flowers arrived on my wedding day (they conveniently brought them straight to my hotel room where we were all getting hair and makeup done), I was so incredibly impressed and happy with the result, these people know what they're doing.  They were just amazing, a perfect combination of beautiful pinks and whites with a nice variety of different flower types, it's exactly what I wanted.  My mom said people were complimenting the flowers all afternoon.  I highly recommend using Bunches for your wedding or any occasion that calls for flowers, they are truly wonderful! More...


K D.

31 May 2017

I bought an $11 orchid here as a last-minute birthday gift, and I figured it was money well spent to not show up empty handed.  I have been so surprised to see that more than a month later, it continues to bloom and grow more beautiful!!  Train stations seem to be havens for businesses that would otherwise never survive without new customers pouring by every day- but this place is higher quality than it needs to be. More...


David S.

14 February 2017

Fantastic presentation and friendly staff


Chris C.

26 December 2016

I ordered a bouquet from their website for my partner, and Marc (the owner) exceeded my expectations! The orchids and lilies Marc chose for the arrangement were so vibrant and alive that they literally brought my partner to tears. Not only that, but Marc arranged the flowers so artistically that my partner claims she couldn't have done a better job herself (and that's saying something cause she works in the arts!). Overall, it was a smooth, easy experience for an order that was masterfully executed. Definitely will order from Marc again. More...


Jennifer P.

15 October 2016

A panicked bride, whose (dumb) plan A fell through less than a week before the wedding.+ A friendly, laid back, and talented florist = disaster averted, gorgeous flowers, well worth the price. Marc is wonderful!


Lana Bobonna

16 August 2016

Living in Colorado and planning a wedding in Chicago was somewhat of a challenge. I took a leap of faith in Bunches after reading online reviews and looking at photos of wedding flowers from at least 12 different florists in the area. I was more than pleased with the beautiful wedding bouquets. The floral arrangements for the reception, held at the Renaissance Hotel, were absolutely gorgeous!! All evening long the guests commented on how beautiful the flowers were and quite possibly the prettiest they had ever seen. Mark and his staff at Bunches made my daughters wedding day as beautiful as we had dreamed. I highly recommend Bunches as your wedding florist or for your special event. Thank you Mark! More...


Michelle N.

17 July 2016

I recently received a floral arrangement created by Bunches.  I'm almost 60, so I've received my share of arrangements over the years.  I've even told my husband not to bother sending me flowers because the roses usually droop, even when they come from a reputable florist.  This arrangement, however, was by far the most beautiful and long lasting one I have ever received!!  It included peach colored roses, that ALL opened up, hot pink hydrangeas, dahlias and several other varieties of flowers I have never seen before, all artistically arranged.  Plus, the arrangement made my whole kitchen smell like a flower garden.  I took pictures, thanked the sender profusely and will definitely order flowers from this florist in the future.  I think even my husband got the message!! More...


Doug Pride

11 June 2016

Simply the best... better then all the rest.


Cassie V.

20 April 2016

Marc did our flowers for our April 9 2016 wedding. Marc worked within (actually below) our budget and over delivered. The flowers were absolutely perfect for the venue and the wedding party flowers were delivered on time, as promised and even more gorgeous than we expected. My mother is a retiree who works for a florist part time and was FLOORED by the quality of flowers and the value that Bunches delivered. Marc and co. were great to work! I highly recommend using bunches for your wedding or event, but we have also popped in for a bouquet for dinner parties, bdays, etc and have NEVER been disappointed. Thank you Marc, and the Bunches crew!! More...


Amanda S.

29 January 2016

The owner Marc was fantastic to work with when we were looking for florists for our August Wedding Reception! I am so glad we went with them. The orchids were a perfect blue color and they did a beautiful job with the presentation. More...


Heather T.

7 January 2016

I just finished working with the team at Bunches for my wedding and I could not have been more happy with the service and final products. The team lead was very knowledgeable and creative. He listened to my ideas and used my budget guidelines to create the exact look I wanted. He patiently answered all of my questions throughout the planning process. The day of the wedding, he was there to set everything up himself and make sure it all looked right. I got married and had my reception outside. I used three different types of table decorations, including flowers, candles and mercury goblets. When I arrived at the ceremony, the flowers were absolutely perfect! When I came out to the reception, the table centerpieces were gorgeous. I received so many compliments! Also, Bunches donates any flowers that are not taken at the end of the reception, which I respect in a business partner.I strongly recommend Bunches for any floral or decorative projects. More...


Mary A.

18 December 2015

In a crunch Bunches A Flower came to my rescue. A client of mine needed Mistletoe for their event. I had placed an order with a company located in California. The mistletoe was set to arrive the day before the event and unfortunately never showed. I called Bunches A Flower to see if they had any mistletoe in stock (mind you it is the week before Christmas..) and they did! They set it aside for me to come pick up after work. While chatting I mentioned the situation I was in and they then offered to order more to come in the next day. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! More...


Joseph Clark

16 November 2015

Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Beautiful flowers.


Matt B.

6 October 2015

Wavered between a 4 and 5 star review here but went with 5 because they were so quick and helpful and were able to help me get something lovely for my girlfriend! The downside to it being quick was that I did feel a bit rushed, but I'm sure if I had asked for more time I'd have been helped with the same friendly helpfulness!Now, about Bunches - this isn't a real traditional flower shop where you walk in and there are random arrangements of flowers ready to go. So, for just stopping to grab some flowers for someone, this isn't what many are used to thinking of. They charge for flowers by the stem and you can basically pick stems of whatever flowers you want and make your own arrangement. They're super helpful, however, so if you go in with an idea of what you want (fall colors, a specific flower type, occasion) they'll be able to help you without a doubt. Just don't go in expecting to just grab a bouquet and be done with it - but the slightly extra effort is well worth it! More...


Danny K.

2 October 2015

The elderly couple who manages this small flower shop are very sweet. One or both are there each day and is very friendly. I have purchased flowers from Bunches to Go at more than five times and have been impressed with the overall quality of the roses. Good place to get a dozen roses in a variety of colors and some other basic arrangement. It's your no frills flower shop located inside Ogilvie Transportation Center. More...



6 July 2015

I wanted a 1920's inspired wedding because The Great Garsby is my favorite book. From the very beginning, Bunches understood exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond to make the flowers perfect. All throughout wedding planning I told everyone that the flowers were my favorite part of the wedding! So much fun to work with! I highly recommend bunches! More...


Gabbie R.

30 June 2015

Through my job, we were planning a large meeting (over 1300 attendees!) from out of town at the Hilton Chicago. When it came time to look for a florist, I had explored my options and chose to work with Bunches and I am so glad I did!With our meeting we had so many moving pieces, parts and stakeholders to manage, and Bunches exceeded the expectations with all of these. Jason and his team ensured that our meal centerpieces were set up well in advance, that our room drops were dropped off through the hotel, and also ensured that all of our requests were met. The arrangements were absolutely gorgeous and our attendees were huge fans! Additionally, Bunches paid great attention to our details to ensure our specific needs were met. I hope that one day I get to work with them again if I ever find myself in Chicago for another event. Highly recommended! More...


Courtney G.

25 May 2015

I wandered into Bunches just before they were about to close, but everyone insisted I stay to poke around while they worked on orders - I found lush peonies, which were just what I wanted. Paired with the perfect greens, they have stayed just as full and fresh for 5 days now - an eon for peonies! More...



22 February 2015

Wow...absolutely amazing! Words really can't express how wonderful Bunches (a flower shop) did at our wedding! We worked with Marc, who was super-friendly and very responsive to our questions and wishes. Working with Bunches was simple...they asked about all of our desires for the wedding and were able to provide plenty of examples for how things could be done. They were also respectful of our budget and didn't try to over-sell the flowers after we mentioned our floral budget. We would recommend them for an occasion requiring flowers! More...


Alvin Jeffery

22 February 2015

Wow...absolutely amazing! Words really can't express how wonderful Bunches (a flower shop) did at our wedding! We worked with Marc, who was super-friendly and very responsive to our questions and wishes. Working with Bunches was simple...they asked about all of our desires for the wedding and were able to provide plenty of examples for how things could be done. They were also respectful of our budget and didn't try to over-sell the flowers after we mentioned our floral budget. We would recommend them for any occasion requiring flowers! More...


John L.

11 February 2015

Valentine's Friendly...I found out why they were rated the #1 florist in Chicago by Chicago Magazine...they are providing high quality flowers and service without jacking up prices for Valentine's Day orders.Thanks, you guys rock!


K M.

22 January 2015

Bunches is a never fail, wonderful flower shop. Marc and Jason and the rest are wonderful too. I order flowers from them all the time. I am also a church wedding coordinator and I happily recommend them to the wedding couples. More...


N. L.

10 January 2015

My #1 recommendation for a florist in Chicago.  Called to order flowers delivered for a friend's birthday; I just gave them my budget and approximate idea of what I wanted, and they did the rest!  The bouquet looked beautiful-- so much better than anything I could have ordered online-- and the delivery went smoothly.  Even the handwriting on the card was gorgeous. More...


T B.

8 January 2015

I called Bunches based on the Yelp reviews.  I wanted flowers delivered to my daughter at work on her birthday.  I called and gave a description of what I wanted.  Tall bouquet, vase, with pink, orange and green.  $50-60 price range.  My daughter loved the flowers and took a pic.  They were perfect! More...


Margaret H.

16 October 2014

We chose Bunches to be the florist for our wedding in September. We were extremely pleased with all of the flower arrangements on that day. Marc is such a knowledgeable and congenial man to work with. He completely understood my vision even though I wasn't very good at communicating it. Working with him was a delight and the results were beyond my expectations. More...


Chuck L.

15 October 2014

Earlier this week I purchased two fresh flower bouquets for only $14 each, and for no additional charge Bunches made sure that the bouquets would remain fresh and wrapped them in nice paper with bows.While inside the store, I noticed that Bunches has a large and varied inventory of flowers, pots, wedding sample arrangements, etc.. What especially caught my eye were the cacti and orchids and the very interesting holders in which they were showcased. More...


Marcy B.

8 August 2014

Based on yelp reviews, used for a party last weekend. Had 8 table arrangements and a couple of buffet pieces. Flowers were beautiful, everyone raved,  and with the exception of a few blooms, the arrangements are still alive a week later.  They listened, kept to budget, delivered on time. Look forward to using them again. Highly recommend. More...


Kyle R.

16 July 2014

Wow! Really impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the gals that helped me. Came in to find a nice bouquet that would be worthy for my boyfriend and they got me just that in no time. I know where to go for flowers now! More...



14 July 2014

Jason at Bunches is the man. He made our daughters wedding so special, the flowers were incredible at reception, and the flowers for attendants were gorgeous. He is a professional, and worth every penny. He also helped the moments leading up to the ceremony at the church. He is wonderful. More...


Kay D.

11 July 2014

I put off finding a florist for our wedding for my last task, as I know virtually nothing about flowers, I barely knew where or how to start the process. But once I was put in touch with Marc from Bunches flower shop, everything fell into place very easily.We had modest needs and a modest budget to match and Marc was fantastic to work with. With very little direction other than some photos I plucked off Pinterest from some super expensive and overly-detailed "inspired" wedding shoot (like most people these days do) Marc and his team's pieces exceeded my expectations. All of the flowers from the Pinterest photos were of course, way too expensive for our budget, but Marc was able to find us options that worked just as well. Similar, less expensive flowers that were just as beautiful, bright and vibrant and in season, so we got the look we wanted, without busting the budget.The bouquets and centerpieces were exactly what I wanted, very tight arrangements with lots of variety and intense and vibrant colors. Hot pinks, oranges and yellows are not exactly the "in" colors all over the wedding sites and boards these days, but they were exactly what I wanted for our morning wedding and brunch reception and Marc was able to pull it together beautifully. Everything went off without a hitch, lots and lots of compliments from friends and family. Could not be happier! Looking forward to working with Bunches again. More...


Lai X.

28 June 2014

Jason did the flowers for our wedding last week and we are so impressed by his amazing work! He was extremely pleasant to work with and was very accommodating to our ideas. We changed our mind about our center pieces halfway through the planning process and Jason embraced our new idea and created beautiful arrangements on our wedding day. Not only were our centerpieces breathtaking, all our bouquets were just as amazing! They had the perfect balance of variety and color, and were the perfect compliment to our dresses! We would recommend Jason and Bunches to anyone for any occasion! More...


Dustin N.

5 March 2014

I live in the neighborhood and from time to time pop in on my way home. They are willing to put together excellent arrangements on the spot while you wait. I would highly recommend Bunches to anyone looking for quality flower arrangements at a reasonable price. More...


Kelly G.

10 January 2014

I had a wonderful experience with Bunches. I called Jason in the morning and asked if he could have a bouquet delivered to DePaul that afternoon. He was busy with another client, but called me back shortly after I made the initial call. I gave him few ideas and my budget. The recipient loved the bouquet. I would definitely give this flower shop more business. More...


Abbey K.

24 December 2013

This place is great - I send flowers probably once a month for different occasions all over the US so I have had my fair share of conversations with florists. I called Christmas Eve to get a delivery sent the same day to a coworker that had surgery. Jason was extremely helpful, and got everything taken care of quickly over the phone. I look forward to seeing the pic of the flowers once they are delivered! I was also surprised that they have prices starting at $40. I went with an $80 arrangement. Places in the northern suburbs (of Chicago) start at $70!Thanks Jason! I will certainly use you again! More...


Josh S.

17 October 2013

Bunches -- specifically Jason -- did the flowers for our wedding. They were just amazing! He was helpful and friendly and filled with great ideas. He suggested lots of really beautiful flowers based on the colors that we wanted, and while I was initially a little skeptical (I had never seen blue thistle used as a wedding flower) the end results were fantastic. Our guests were gushing about how great our arrangements were. Also he was extremely flexible: we changed the counts for our flowers pretty much the week before our wedding, and he changed the flower order promptly and efficiently and all our flowers arrived on time.On the day of, he brought me and my husband our boutonnieres 15 minutes before he was scheduled to arrive. It was superb that he delivered them to us personally and helped us affix them to our lapels. He also didn't mind that we were running a little bit behind and kept him waiting a few minutes -- the patience of a saint! Later that same day, Jason prepared all the flowers and they were stunning. I had specified underwater flower arrangements, so beautiful collections of flower inside enormous vases filled with water, with floating candles above them. Jason immediately understood what I wanted and did an excellent job executing my vision. Also the nosegays for the women in our wedding party were just as good as our boutonnieres. And all this for what ended up being one of the most competitive quotes we received!I can't say enough nice things about Bunches. If you're considering a flower shop for your wedding, you can't go wrong with them. Their service and the quality of their products are amazing, and if I had another event I would unhesitatingly choose them to provide flowers for it. More...



14 August 2013

We worked with Jason at Bunches for our wedding. He was amazing and really helped us get a clear vision of what everything would look like. I don't have any clue about flowers, so at the initial consultation I went in telling him the wedding colors and that I like orchids and calla lilies. He took that and guided me step by step through the process. A few months before the wedding, we went in for the trial consultation. He had one example each of the three types of centerpieces we would have and a sample of the bridesmaids' bouquets. We tweaked one or two things, but really I just trusted his judgment and everything turned out beautifully! Bunches is very easy to work with. They are located downtown, so they may be a little more expensive, but they are totally worth it! More...


Amy W.

1 July 2013

I chose Bunches for my wedding flowers - I am so glad I did. I worked with Jason W. and he was amazing. When I met with him, I knew I wanted to sign the contract right then and there - he understood my vision, listened to my ideas, and gave his expert opinions. When I said lets sign a contract, he told me that was not necessary until he showed me the samples. We met again and he made a few table arrangements and a bouquet to ensure I was confident in their quality and service - I was beyond impressed by this!  The samples were gorgeous and they were even better at the wedding! Throughout the process I would change my mind, or ask Jason questions, get his opinion and he was so patient and professional with everything! The value is amazing and they are willing to work within my budget. I don't think people typically compliment flowers but I am still receiving compliments on how gorgeous the flowers were! I would highly recommend Bunches and be sure to work with Jason - he's a true expert! More...


Debbie F.

5 May 2013

Easy to find on the street, with flowers lining the shop exterior, I was a little surprised when I walked in. It's a small place, with a few tables of plants and various buckets of flowers around, and 2-3 fridges/coolers at the back. Many types of gift wrapping and decorating materials line the walls; good for delivery or interior decor options.I was looking for roses ($4.50/big stem), and while Bunches A Flower had a good variety of colour (pink, peach, ivory, yellow, red), there wasn't much variety in size (I wanted big; they had mostly small blooms). I found a stock of 8 - 10 gorgeous garden roses, ($5.50/stem) in a magenta shade that fit the bill. Added $1 for a fistfuls of their leftover flowers.Staff service was what really wowed me, though. At least two people offered to help me from the moment I stepped in, and checked on me occasionally without being overbearing. Their kind tones despite busy in-store activity was hospitable. Preparing the flowers to go was also treated delicately. They provided instructions on how to preserve the flowers, based on my timing. It's been two days... and the blooms are unfurling slowly! More...


Jennifer D.

19 April 2013

We used Bunches this past weekend as our wedding florist. Marc was so friendly and patient and easy to work with. We held our reception at Salvatore's and they were the ones that recommended him to us - I'm so glad they did! Thank you Marc for making everything so easy and beautiful! Our flowers were stunning!! More...


Ric V.

12 February 2013

We rarely keep flowers at home because often one of our birds will eat them. So when my sisters' daughter was born and I saw Bunches on the way there I had to stop in. I found the place to be slightly higher priced than other florists in the city, but the service was incredible. They even tracked down my sisters hospital room number! More...


Lauren N.

31 December 2012

I thought a wedding florist would be one of the easiest things for me to find. I had a relative idea of what I wanted and a hard budget to make it work within. Three florists later, I was frustrated...enter Bunches. Marc was patient and kind and made me feel confident. He was realistic about what we could do within my budget and provided alternative options to save a few dollars. He was sincere and helpful - listening to my changes of heart on color, applying his own interpretation on the end result, and even sending my mom a Christmas ornament.The results were fantastic and the flowers were backed by a team of sweet and generous employees. I absolutely cannot recommend Bunches enough. Thanks again to Marc! More...


Jane M.

11 December 2012

Marc from Bunches did my flowers for my December 1st wedding, and I have to say, they were above and beyond my expectations. Marc was truly a pleasure to work with, and was extremely patient with me throughout the process. He really listened to what I wanted, and on the day of, I was completely BLOWN AWAY by how gorgeous they were. Everything was taken care of - flowers were delivered to both my hotel and church, free of charge, and the arrangements at the reception were perfect. Marc was always so polite to me and did an amazing job - I would completely recommend to anyone! More...


Wendy F.

5 October 2012

I am a little embarrassed that this review is taking me over a year to write. Marc did the flowers for my wedding last summer and completely blew away my expectations!!! I would recommend Marc and his shop for any Bride-To-Be. When we first met Marc, I was not initially sold on using him as my florist. My fiancée and I (alright, my mother and I) had some grand ideas on what we wanted the flowers to look like; specifically, around the use of chocolate Calla Lilies. Our budget, while generous, was not grand. Marc plainly stated that I wasn't going to get what I wanted for what I was willing to pay. Let me tell you, the last thing a bride-to-be wants to hear during her wedding planning phase is that she is not going to get what she wants. Instantly, I decided not to use him. However, he did tell us he thought he could do some amazing arrangements that I would love within my budget. Not only this, but he was willing to build a sample center piece and bouquet for us to see, at no cost to us. Every other florist we spoke with charged for these sample builds. We decided to come back and see what he could do. In addition, we paid one other florist to build samples. THANK GOODNESS WE CAME BACK AND HAD SAMPLES MADE. We had a wonderful first meeting with the other florist, but were appalled at their representation of our vision. Marc's was amazing! I had never seen anything like it. More than that, it really captured the theme of what we wanted the wedding to be. Even my fiancée, who was trying his hardest but is not a flower guy, was in awe. We opted to hire Marc. The day of the wedding, we were not disappointed. Marc and his team delivered all of the ladies flowers to the hotel we were prepping at exactly on schedule. He had even made a baton of flowers and ribbon for my 18 month old flower girl as an extra surprise. Then, he went to the church, decorated and helped my fiancée and the groomsmen get ready. We had Marc design two large flower arrangements for the front of the church, which would be transported to the hotel after the ceremony and be used for decorations at the cocktail reception. Understandably, the only thing I saw for the first 10 minutes of my ceremony was my now husband. However, halfway through the service I looked up to the front of the church and looked at the floral arrangements. Marc had found a way to include my chocolate calla lilies into the arrangements and they were beyond beautiful.  In addition, he had added them to the centerpieces at the reception. Working with Marc was a dream. He was always honest with me, he worked to understand and embrace my vision, and he was prompt, reliable and professional. Most importantly, he found little ways to pleasantly surprise my husband and me on the wedding day.I would recommend Marc and Bunches to everyone! More...


Scott S.

18 September 2012

I called from out of town to send flowers to my daughter at a nearby university. I was a little concerned since I had no previous knowledge of this shop and i picked them randomly from a google search.I was blown away by the helpful and friendly service. Since my daughter is a student and always on the move they suggested they make the delivery time based on what was best for HER schedule. Wow. They can expect continual business from me for the next 4 years! More...


Jonathan R.

27 July 2012

Great service! In and out quickly. The staff was able to pick out an assortment that made my girl smile. That's all that matters.....


Anne G.

24 May 2012

We used Bunches as the florist for our wedding last month and they were absolutely wonderful.  Marc and his staff did an amazing job on all the flower arrangements, from the centerpieces, to the bouquets, and everything in between.  When I started wedding planning, I was initially very overwhelmed with the high cost of florists in the Chicago area - but Bunches was reasonably priced, and Marc was budget-conscious, he worked very hard to make sure we were comfortable with the product and price.  He was also very generous with his time, he was more than willing to have us come in to his shop multiple times to view practice centerpieces and he was incredibly flexible with my last minute changes.  I also really appreciated how he and his staff were there at the beginning of the ceremony to make sure everything was set up correctly, and everyone had the right corsage, etc.  I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process and would highly recommend Bunches as a wedding florist! More...


Jeff S.

27 February 2012

Got my Valentines Day Flowers from Marc, and realized I gave a 4 star review...well, I'm upgrading that.  This place is the best!


Becca D.

14 December 2011

I have had a couple experiences with Bunches, and every time has been AMAZING. They are very nice and extremely knowledgable. They have a beautiful selection of fresh flowers in arrangements and "a la carte". I have come here over the past few years to get flowers for my sorority sisters, and now they are one of the few flower shops that carry mistletoe for the holidays, and at SUCH a reasonable price. Even when they wrap the flowers, they listen to exactly what you ask, even if you are extremely picky and detailed. Bunches is my go-to flower shop! Especially when I need something last minute. More...


C L.

19 September 2011

Hired Marc and Bunches for my wedding. While it was a simple wedding, they did an outstanding job on wedding party flowers and reception centerpieces. Above and beyond what I expected. Simple elegance. PERFECT!! The beauty of this business was they actually listened to what I wanted. As a bride, that is what you need! I have done many special events and been disappointed with arrangements, from now on, I will recommend Bunches, guaranteed beauty. More...


Eileen P.

7 May 2011

Just found this charming flower shop while visiting the dentist across the street.   What a gem!  So lovely inside and the staff couldn't have been nicer.  I found a great hostess gift to take to a dinner party the same evening and treated myself to a beautiful, nicely priced bouquet of flowers.  I think I'll actually be looking forward to visiting the dentist in the future! More...


Sophia L.

25 August 2010

I can't tell you how much I love this flower shop! You will never want to purchase flowers anywhere else after you have been here. You may not even want to leave the shop!Marc and his crew created the most flowers for our wedding party.I also purchased flowers the day before the wedding because I wanted to put something together myself for the reception. We purchased victorian roses which are miniature looking. They smell wonderful! I went with my sister in law who is having her wedding in Boston next year. She has now chosen her flower of choice since seeing it at the shop.Marc also brought the flowers to the church and while my wedding party and myself were late, he waited to pin all the flowers on everyone and give the bridal party their bouquets. All the flowers were delivered in a lovely presentation.Marc, thank you so much to you and your staff. You have a great shop. I will purchase my flowers from Bunches from now on. I highly recommend stopping in to see for yourself. More...


M M.

22 June 2010

I worked with Marc at Bunches for my wedding in May 2010.  He was absolutely fabulous!  He had so many creative ideas and was organized and professional to work with.  He did a mock-up of my centerpieces so I could see how they would look.  My flowers turned out better than I could have dreamed and I got so many compliments on them. More...


G S.

24 May 2010

I went to Bunches to buy a funeral arrangement.  I gave them a price and told them what type of flowers I wanted in the arrangement and what I did not want.  I also told them that I wanted to see the flowers prior to sending them to the funeral home.  I wanted to be sure that they met with my expectations.I was floored.  They were absolutely beautiful.  I could not have been happier.  The flowers were extremely fresh and vibrant and beautifully arranged.  I will definitely go back when I have occasions that need something special. More...


Missy H.

3 May 2010

omgosh, if you haven't been here, go!marc is the owner, and he's about as fabulous as they come.the only thing *more* fabulous are the flowers, and the way hearranges them.  it makes you want to buy his entire inventoryand smother your every square foot of home w/flowers.  no joke.i live in the neighborhood, so i like to stop in on my walks (mylittle dogs are always welcome, which they love - so much to smell!) and get something colorful for the house.my very favorite, though, is when the hubs wanders in.  usuallyto be sweet, but even if it's to say he's sorry, i won't lie: the fightwas usually worth it when i get the beautiful flowers from bunches@ the end.  and, he feels like a pro because he picks out theflowers he likes, and marc or one of his awesome florists turnshis choices into the most beautiful bouquet ever - a win for all.i'll say it bunches of times - go to bunches! More...


N Z.

26 April 2010

Don't bother going somewhere else for flowers.  I have been using Bunches for my floral needs for years.  Phillip is an amazing person that really helps you get the most for your buck by creating the most beautiful arrangements.  They specialize in whatever you need as well from wreaths to corsages. More...


Susan R.

2 April 2010

Stopped in yesterday as a friend and I were walking by. The place is beautiful and we were lured in by the GORGEOUS $12.99 bouquets on the sidewalk. I will be thinking of a reason to use them in the future! More...


Sharon L.

7 February 2010

Marc is fabulous to work with, we got our wedding flowers from here.  He worked within our budget, and had a huge book of suggestions, and tons of samples available.  I wanted something classy, elegant, but with a little edge, and the bouquets and arrangements were unique and perfect.He is also very friendly, knows the local area (spice shops, etc), and stayed at the venue to make sure everything was set up correctly, even showed me the best way to hold my bouquet!Thanks! More...


Colin L.

22 January 2010

Marc of Bunches is one of the best florists in the city!  I have photographed his work at several weddings and it impresses everyone.  This bride named Sharon shopped florists like crazy and she ended up with Marc. More...


Cara S.

25 October 2008

Bunches is the cutest little flower shop! The florist is super nice and very helpful. There are so many beautiful flowers. If you are not sure what to mix with what they have some great ideas. More...


Tina C.

28 March 2008

By far this is the best floral shop in Chicago. The staff is wonderful, and Jim is a delight to work with. He is going to do the flowers for my wedding this October. Everything I have seen is so beautiful. It's worth the trip into the store. Update...the flowers for my wedding were awesome. They made the room look so wonderful. All of my guests commented on how long the flowers stayed alive long after the wedding. And I might say, ask for the monkey tails, they were a huge hit, and add a great touch to a fall wedding!!! Best place to get flowers in all of Chicago!!! More...


S Z.

14 December 2007

I love their flowers and the owners are great.  They have a gift for colorful, unusual floral creations and I think their prices are reasonable as florists go.



10 May 2007

I couldn't be happier with the customer service. I needed to have a single long stem rose delivered to my daughter. Customarily a florist will not deliver such a small arrangement. But I spoke with Philip and he agreed, with a smile in his voice, to do this for me. You can bet I will be using Bunches in the future. More...

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