Buca di Beppo Excalibur

Buca di Beppo Excalibur

Buca di Beppo Excalibur locationParadise, Nevada

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Buca di Beppo Excalibur Reviews

Buca di Beppo Excalibur Reviews

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Trace Newton
5 03/07/2018 Trace Newton

My husband and I have always had a special love for Valley of Fire. Naturally, it was our first choice for our wedding. A choice we are so glad we made. Our wedding was beautiful from beginning to end! The location Shawn picked for our small gathering was perfect. We were shaded and secluded so people couldn’t simply walk up and observe our celebration. Shawn and Brie were so patient and kind amidst the chaos that is our families. Our ceremony was sweet and reflected us beautifully. The unexpected treat of having our first dance amongst the exquisite landscape that we have come to love, was possibly my favorite part. We are still digging through all the pictures Shawn took and they are fantastic! I would absolutely recommend LVWC for your Valley Of Fire wedding!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Sally Francis
5 03/06/2018 Sally Francis

This was perfect! We wanted something unique, and intimate. We weren't looking to plan a wedding and entertain; we wanted something special for just the two of us to get away, and marry each other without worrying about coordinating or planning anything. From contacting and scheduling, to the day of, everything was simple and I didn't have to think about anything! I was contacted to confirm a few details, we showed up, were married in a quick ceremony that was perfectly worded for the two of us, and we got some beautiful photos in a really unique location. I'm so happy we browsed the idea of a Las Vegas wedding and it led to this. It was the best day, and a great start to our new chapter as husband and wife. Thanks for everything!!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Julie Marie
5 11/05/2018 Julie Marie

Las Vegas Weddings created a dream wedding for my husband and I in a matter of days.

They took care of everything to make getting my dress, hair and makeup and transport to helicopter seamless.

I truly felt like a princess that day, the photographs were stunning and LVW made this dream come true.

I hope I get to post pictures. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to get married in Vegas!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Samantha Pechart
5 29/04/2018 Samantha Pechart

Absolutely excellent expierence! Would recommend to anyone looking to get married! Service and wedding package just beyond expectations!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Katrina Jeffreys
5 10/04/2018 Katrina Jeffreys

LOVED our helicopter wedding!!! Highly recommend Shawn for photos and video. Laila was a fabulous officiant. Such a great wedding and great memories!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Jason Daniel
5 27/02/2018 Jason Daniel

We did a last minute wedding and Las Vegas Wedding did a phenomenal job making it the perfect night, everyone was so helpful and nice. Highly recommend them if you are wanting to do something extra special and different. Once the limo picks you up it is all hands off, absolutely fantastic.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Samantha Dunn
5 24/01/2018 Samantha Dunn

I couldn't have been happier with our ceremony and the ease of working with LVWC and Shawn! The price for everything was extremely reasonable and the location choices were unique and beautiful. They answered all my questions and made sure everything was perfect on our big day. I will recommend them to anyone heading to Vegas for a wedding!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Melanie Watson
5 10/11/2017 Melanie Watson

Las Vegas Weddings truly made our day memorable and special. I was nervous about how things would turn out because we don't live in Nevada, and weren't able to do much more than book the package online, and exchange a few emails. We had been to Valley of Fire State Park, so we knew the backdrop for our wedding would be beautiful, but everything else felt a little up in the air, until we arrived for the ceremony.

We were extremely impressed with the ceremony and the photograph session that followed. Choosing Las Vegas Weddings allowed us to have an inexpensive, but beautiful wedding, and everything was planned for us. Our pictures are amazing, and we will never forget our wedding! Thank you Las Vegas Weddings!!!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Makenzie Martinez
5 03/11/2017 Makenzie Martinez

These guys absolutely nailed it! I called only 48 hours before we wanted to get married and they were able to make it even more special then we ever imagined. We did the Valley of Fire Helicopter package and couldn't have been happier. The spot they take you too is absolutely perfect and the photos turned out amazing. The team was so nice and a joy to work with, they handled everything! We even had to add an extra limo pick up stop last minute for the groom and they made it work. I can't wait to come back and renew our vows here with our family in the future!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by kristin Baca
5 29/10/2017 kristin Baca

My "Big Day" went super smooth because of Las Vegas Weddings. They did an awesome job from my transportation to the ceremony. (We did the Valley of Fire package.) My photos were ready in about 5 days and were about 300 in total. They answered all my emails and questions in a timely fashion. They really deserve 6 stars!! THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME DAY!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by J S
5 28/05/2017 J S

Wow! Huge thanks to Shawn and his crew! If you want an unforgettable experience Book your special day here! They take care of it all, and you get to sit back and enjoy the ride! No worries and No stress! Awesome coordination, They keep in touch and guide you through the whole process, they take the time time answer your questions (AMAZING customer service) !!! Great photography and video!!! your wedding is well covered, Great officiant!!! All pros here, there were no cons, I cant think of any! It all went down better than I had imagined it. We are looking forward to book a Grand Canyon tour this fall with you guys! I would Highly Recommend LVWC! Amazing! thanks again. Jeff and Jesus.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Cheri Feeney
5 Cheri Feeney

We got married in March 2017 at the Valley of Fire. We live in NH, so having someone local to take care of the details was so helpful and took the stress out of the planning. We simply booked our date, selected a couple details and then showed up! It was amazing and made our day stress-free and that much more special! Our officiant and photographer were great!! Our marriage license was filed quickly and our photos and video are stunning!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Melissa Dorcemus
5 Melissa Dorcemus

I can't even begin to explain how amazing the experience was. We went from spontaneous idea to happily married with ease. The photos are beyond beautiful and we couldn't be happier. We checked out other places with 10-15 posed photos but this company sealed the deal for us with over 100 candid photos. If we could do it all over we would still pick them.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Josh Vanderhoof
5 Josh Vanderhoof

We had a wonderful ceremony and photo session in the valley of fire. It was peaceful, serene, and beautiful. The officiant did a wonderful job and our photos turned out very nicely. Easy to set up and work with as well as genuinely nice people.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Stephanie Black
5 Stephanie Black

One of the most amazing experiences of our lives. My husband and I wanted a unique experience and it was truly the best day of our lives. The video and photographs were amazing and allow us to re live the day over and over. The staff was excellent and incredibly accommodating. We were able to select songs that were meaningful to us for our wedding video and we were able to create our own unique vows to one another.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Lindsay Begala
5 Lindsay Begala

My husband and I did the Nelson Ghost Town wedding back in 2015 and it exceeded our expectations! Doing an out of town wedding could be stressful but the staff was helpful in setting everything up and helping us get everything together. We were more then pleased with the way everything turned out and would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and unique wedding!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Michelle Slinger
5 Michelle Slinger

So happy we decided to go with LVWC! They made our wedding day even more special than I could have ever imagined! They were so welcoming and made us feel very comfortable and enjoy every minute of it. We had our wedding at the Valley of Fire State Park and it happened to be very windy and sunny, but LVWC still managed to capture so many beautiful photos! The video they took also was a major plus, as it was just my husband and I eloping there so we were still able to share our special moment with our family. They reserved our transportation for us to the VOF and I must also add that the limo driver Dale was phenomenal! He shared some photo ideas and brought plenty of smiles and laughter to all of us on our special day! Thank you so much LVWC for everything! It was so much more than my husband and I expected!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Robert Lank
5 Robert Lank

It was an absolute great experience, flying over the strip and getting married. We can't thank you enough....

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Kati Mann
5 Kati Mann

LVWC made my whole experience absolutely perfect. I just received my pictures and video and am absolutely blown away at how stunning they look. I would recommend them hands down to anyone wanting to get married in Vegas. It was perfect, unique, beautiful and fit us exactly. Thank you All at Las Vegas Weddings for making my wedding everything i dreamed of and more.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Kara Winkler Smith
5 Kara Winkler Smith

Great price, pictures were terrific. Made our day special! Took care of all details. Didn’t have to worry about a thing!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Chrissy Bowman Monhollen
5 Chrissy Bowman Monhollen

I cannot say enough good things about Shawn and Bree. Our Valley of fire wedding was a dream. Everything was lovely and they were so helpful with my mom and the slightly dodgy path getting to where the ceremony was. Thank you !!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Melanie Dawn Parkinson
5 Melanie Dawn Parkinson

My husband and I chose the Valley of Fire wedding and it was phenomenal!! We are so glad that we went with Las Vegas Weddings because they took all the worry out of wedding planning. All we had to do was show up. In addition to the planning of the wedding being stress-free, we also had a beautiful and unique ceremony. It is truly a day we will never forget. We loved every minutes of it!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Kimberly Shannon Driscol
5 Kimberly Shannon Driscol

My sweet Husband and I got married June 2015 with LVWC and OMG it was amazing. We had a flight over the strip at night and it was sooo awsome. I recommend them 10 stars. they treate us awsome. My husband was on crutches at the time but we didnt want to postpone such a wonderful day. and the great folks at LVWC were so awsome to accomodate and help out any way needed. THANKS AGAIN.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Samantha Pechart
5 Samantha Pechart

I could have not been happier with the service, my wedding package or the service I've still received 2.5 years after being married! Will always recommend LVWC for anyone looking to get married!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Kimmie Raymond
5 Kimmie Raymond

My husband and I chose to get married at Nelson Ghost Town on 1/8/18. It was absolutely perfect! The ceremony was short and sweet, just how we wanted it. The flowers were gorgeous. The place is an absolute dream for a photographer. Shawn did an excellent job with our pictures, he took over 400 plus all of the pictures that friends and family added I'm having a tough time picking the ones I want!! This was so stress-free I would recommend a Vegas wedding with Las Vegas Wedding to anyone inquiring. Thanks for making our day perfect and preserving the memories for us. Kimmie & Tim Raymond

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Lexie Wallace
5 Lexie Wallace

We got married in the Valley of Fire just last week and LVWC made the whole experience (from booking to day of to receiving our photos and video) incredible! They answered any questions we had leading up to the ceremony promptly. The ceremony was everything we could have wanted. Our officiant took the time to ask us a little bit about our relationship before the ceremony to incorporate that into it as well. Our photos turned out great and Shawn made sure that we got all of the photos that we wanted. I can't say enough great things about LVWC, but we were so glad we chose LVWC for our stress-free and perfect valley of fire wedding.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Rhian Haf Hibberd
5 Rhian Haf Hibberd

We had our wedding at the Valley of Fire last week and had a fantastic time! The setting is beautiful and the organisation was great - all we needed to do was turn up at our hotel door, everything else was taken care of.
Shawn took 400+ photos, he clearly knew what he was doing and took some great shots for us - and so many to choose from!

A fabulous experience we'll never forget, we would definitely recommend this company when planning your Vegas wedding!

Thanks again Shawn!

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Sarah McGinn
5 Sarah McGinn

Wonderful service, everyone was so friendly and really made our day special. We flew to The Valley of Fire by helicopter where we were married and our day was everything we hoped for and more. LVW were very accommodating when we had to reschedule our ceremony after our flight into Vegas was cancelled due to weather. Our day couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Ged Ronan
5 Ged Ronan

Wow! The whole experience was brilliant, from start to finish.
Shawn was extremely friendly and helpful, but also proffessional, from the moment i booked it, right till the end, and made us both feel very relaxed.
The photos and video were great, available to view from the link, only a few days after the event, and plenty of them.
All in all, a fantastic experience, just what we were hoping for.

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Charles Wilson
5 Charles Wilson

You guys are AWESOME! That was the most perfect wedding in every way. From the time you picked us up it was all FIRST class and you made Victoria and I feel very welcome. I will definitely recommend your wedding services to all my friends in Denver. Thank you Thank you Thank you again for the most perfect and beautiful wedding!! Charles & Victoria

Review of Buca di Beppo Excalibur by Angela Melvin Barnes
5 Angela Melvin Barnes

We got married at The Valley of Fire park. What an amazing experience!! Bri the officiant took the time to find out about us before performing the ceremony. She was so nice and very professional. She performed a beautiful ceremony. LVW did an awesome job of putting everything together for us. If you want a stress free wedding, you need to use their services. The photos are amazing!! Shawn is an amazing photographer and made sure we got all of the shots we wanted. He went above and beyond! We received our photos and video very quickly. I cannot say enough about these people. It is well worth the money. I feel like I should have payed more.

Buca di Beppo Excalibur

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