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Bubbly Booths are an inflatable photo booth hire company and we pride ourselves in being able to tailor any event for exactly what you want!

Based in Essex, our photo booths are big enough to hold a small crowd of around 6 to 8 people (this can stretch to 11, literally!



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Anyone can take a photograph which is great but do they make an event special?

Our booth offers what a photographer can't and that's a lively place where you make the photo rather than just 'appearing' in it!

We offer a huge selection from wigs, stick props, glasses, face mats, masks, hats and many more!

That every event is different... yeah we can have consecutive birthday parties that are the same age but the people are different and it's great seeing as many people as possible in our booths having a great time!

I used to work for a previous photo booth hire company but after a while I gained experience and thought I want to create an option for people that's different than the norm!

We are different than everyone else and we are passionate about our clients and making sure everyone has a great time! No matter who you are, we'll cater for anyone and everyone!