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Brow Expressions by Cynthia

Belmont Heights, California


Brow Expressions by Cynthia

Belmont Heights, California


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Donna A.

12 November 2019

After about a year debating and finding the courage to get microblade done. Cynthia was recommended to me by a friend. I observed her work over and over, I finally decided to make the appt with her. I'm still in the healing process but I'm beyond satisfied. Thank you so much Cynthia More...


Mike M.

13 October 2019

I brought my wife here on a recommendation from her friend, what a great recommendation it was. Cynthia is amazing.my wife had her eyebrows done, and she looks amazing. Very natural and full looking eyebrows. She looks 10 yrs younger now. And she didnt look old before. Now I'm the one that looks old, but that's cool. Now my wife wants her lips done. Definitely will be making that appointment very soon.Thx Cynthia, happy wife, happy life. More...


Jennifer S.

18 September 2019

Cynthia is amazing! I have my eyebrows back since high school! She is professional and is very talented at what she does. You're in good hands, trust me! I was super nervous getting my eyebrows done in the beginning, but that all went away when I saw the final result of my fabulous eyebrows! I love them! More...


Brisa G.

30 August 2019

Just got my brows done!! I was nervous going in but Cynthia was awesome!! She has a good eye for everything down to the smallest touch. She made sure I had the perfect shape something I was 100 percent happy with.  She definitely makes you feel comfortable and makes sure she explains everything which is good especially when you are a bit nervous about it, I mean your eyebrows are a big thing you know. I would definitely recommend her not to mention her studio is super cute i loved every single decor. Thank you Cynthia!!! More...


iggy stewart

16 August 2019

This is the first time I've gone and enjoyed it very much. Comfortable and relaxing environment. Cynthia did an amazing job on my brows. I will be going back for other services!! More...


Amber H.

8 August 2019

I was looking and looking for the perfect place to have my eyebrows done for years..Ever afraid of all the places ive seen with horrible photos of botched brows and dark colors. I finally came across Brow Expressions by Cynthia. I am soooo extremely happy with the outcome. I went from nothing to beautiful brows in just a couple hours time. Thanks Cynthia for my no smudge brows....lol. More...


Olivia H.

3 August 2019

Dear Yelpers,Do your research, call professionals, and make an appointment with Cynthia because she's a graphic designer, pays attention to detail, is a perfectionist, has a lot of patience, is clean and puts you at ease. And she's super sweet. My 2 hour appointment went by quickly and towards the end, I asked her to retouch a couple areas and she did it with a great attitude. She went back as many times as it took for me to feel happy. That's so important because some artists feel like they know best what you should like. She drafted the most complimentary and natural looking eyebrows for my face and I couldn't be happier. After years of reading about this procedure and envying perfect eyebrows, I can now say I love mine! I let them grow for over a year, but they still didn't look right. There were bald areas, they were too light and uneven and it took too long to shade them in every morning. After seeing Cynthia, I wake up with the most beautiful, ready to go out eyebrows. They took about a week to heal. The 7-10 day healing process was the most inconvenient part of this, but well worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Friends told me my eyebrows looked great even when they were super dark before scabbing. They've since lightened to the most natural brunette color (thanks to Cynthia's great eye and color mixing), and even though I haven't retouched them, they're fine the way they are now. Cynthia is my eyebrow artist from now on because she has proven to be trustworthy! More...


Giselle G.

19 July 2019

My mom had always wanted to get her eyebrows done but never actually followed through with it. I convinced her that she should get them done for my wedding and she is so happy with her new brows!! Cynthia is simply amazing! Her booking process was so easy and when we arrived at her studio she was welcoming and so friendly! She is truly talented! My moms brows look amazing and she is so happy with her results! More...


Shelby M.

18 July 2019

Amazing! From initial message, to consultation, to final product! Love love love. She's amazing at what she does and walked me through the whole thing! If you're considering microblading, talk to Cynthia! She will help you decide on the right route and color to make your brows perfect! More...


Lindsay M.

12 July 2019

Cynthia was awesome! I found her on Instagram and observed her work for a bit before moving forward with an appointment for my microblading. I am not a super picky person but as this is a permanent tattoo of eyebrows on my face I was also a little nervous about making this permanent change! She was very responsive and her studio is clean and cute. She explained the whole process and what to expect during the healing stage. Cynthia has a great eye for detail and it was clear she knew what she was doing when mapping my brows. After chatting with others who have had their brows done from other people I also realized what a good deal I got as my follow up appointment (just as important as the original one) is included in the cost and that is usually extra for other studios. I waited to write this review for my brows to totally heal after the follow up appointment (it is a several month process) but I am very happy with them! They look incredibly natural and I have received a lot of compliments- including my brow waxing gal who obviously knows brows! More...


Stephanie P.

13 June 2019

This was my first time getting microbladed and I was extremely nervous. Cynthia answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. Through out the process she kept me informed on what she was doing and made sure i was not in pain and I had enough numbing cream. She got my input and made sure I was happy with her work. The eyebrows came out amazing. This is life changing, my eyebrow were so thin and uneven, and now they look amazing!! Thanks Cynthia! She is definitely detailed oriented and takes pride in her work! I would definitely recommend her! More...


Neesha K.

1 June 2019

I had previously gotten my eyebrows microbladed years ago but it was so painful that I told myself I would never get them done again. However, I found Cynthia through Instagram and after reviewing her work and raving reviews, I decided to book an appointment for a touch up. Cynthia did an INCREDIBLE job, I am shocked at how well my brows turned out and the best part of all was that it was completely painless as she numbs the area multiple times. I would highly highly recommend coming to her for your eyebrow needs! She has earned a customer for life! More...


Perla O.

27 May 2019

Cynthia!You are a Gem!!When I saw your work I felt so lucky to have you so close to me!!You have the most beautiful work I have seen in the microblading world!I did my research before I decided to have the permanent make up done, and no where did I find such an amazing and stunning work such as yours!You are a beautiful person inside and out, And I feel very privileged to have met you!Your work, your skills, and your talent as an artist is very unique!!Everybody that's seen me, loved the work you did on my eyebrows and I keep getting compliments on them!! More...


Sylvia A.

26 May 2019

Cynthia was Amazing!!!! She took her time did all the measurements ask me if I was ok with the way they looked before she started. She also color match with your skin color. And I was super excited the way they turned out.  Cynthia was very professional I would recommend her to friends and family More...


Nichole A.

21 May 2019

I am so incredibly happy with my results after coming to Cynthia. I had very thin almost non existent brows and I spent a lot of time drawing them in every day and constantly being worried they were smudged, agonizing over outdoor and water activities and I was even afraid for my boyfriend to see me after I washed my face because of the fact that I barley grew any eyebrows. I have wanted micro blading for years now but was afraid of being unhappy with the results. I found Cynthia here on yelp and felt hopeful due to her positive reviews and I tell you it was the best decision! She was very patient with me, I never felt rushed, she redrew the outline until I was satisfied, she was incredibly professional and knowledgeable and very calm and kind. I highly recommend Her and I recommend blade and shade it has changed my confidence and my life More...


Xelly V.

20 May 2019

I had very thin eyebrows, I had gone to a different location first but did not feel happy with the results or comfortable with the artist. I waited about a year before looking up a new place and then I found Cynthia! The top picture is before any microblading, the middle one is my eyebrows healed after the first session with Cynthia, and the bottom is right after the touch up! I absolutely love my brows now, thank you Cynthia! She is very dedicated, she made sure I was completely comfortable with the shape and shade, and the whole process was just easy and pain free. Trust this person with your brows! More...


Erin F.

12 May 2019

Legitimately the sweetest person ever. I had so much fun talking to her while she did my blade and shade. She was fast, kind, and is SO talented. I love them. They came out great. I've showed everyone that might remotely care to see my face. I'm looking forward to the 8 week touch up just to hang out with her again. More...


C E.

28 April 2019

Cynthia did an amazing job with my eyebrows. This was my first time getting them done before and I had so many questions. Cynthia walked me through everything step by step. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She also uses numbing cream through out the whole process so it barely even hurt.  I am glad i found her add on Yelp, i definitely recommend her services. More...


M M.

9 April 2019

My brows were over plucked and patchy from the 90's skinny fad and I couldn't leave my house without drawing some on. The thought of actually tattooing my face freaked me out but then I found Cynthia on Instagram. Her work looked truly amazing so I went and I couldn't be more happy. Sometimes I just look in the mirror just t look at them. They look so real! And so perfect. I would highly recommend getting your brows done by Cynthia!  Marisa & Rocky More...


Pam M.

25 March 2019

Cynthia is a true professional. She was so patient when designing the shape of my brows. She didn't give up until I was 100% happy. I am very pleased with the final product. I am so glad I chose Cynthia for my microblading. More...


Mariah C.

18 March 2019

Eyebrows, The only thing that couldn't be bare for me when I stepped out to the outside world. It was time consuming doing my brows everyday so I decided to start doing my research on Microblading/Shading, I yelped, Googled and read bios of a lot of Microbladers and decided on Cynthia. I was that nervous gal but Cynthia put my nerves at ease. She was professional, informative and attentive. I love how she maps out your brows with you based on your facial features and structure.I would highly recommend booking her! More...


Justine B.

14 March 2019

I can't fully express how happy I was to have found Cynthia! Contemplating microblading isn't something to take lightly or shop around for the cheapest price. You want someone talented, caring, knowledgeable, clean ... and Cynthia is all of these plus she's beautiful and sweet and funny and makes the entire experience from start to finish enjoyable. I searched for months through yelp and instagram and then when I narrowed it down to just Cynthia ... I stalked her for a while :) Flip through her pictures and you'll see the quality of her work and also how everyone is so happy with what she did. The whole process from setting up an appointment to walking out of there with brand new gorgeous brows was simple! She walks you through everything, her facial mapping and color swatch.. she numbs you up perfectly and don't feel a thing. I was so happy I cried when she handed me the mirror ... I just love her, she'll be seeing me and whoever I can bring along for years to come :) More...


Rachel A.

7 March 2019

I'm so happy with my brows! Shape and color is perfect. She's real and sweet. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and let's you check everything out before starting. Her new shop is beautiful! I recommend her services to friends and family and anyone looking for pretty brows! More...


Monica K.

6 March 2019

Cynthia is amazing. She's super friendly and makes you feel comfortable. Not only does she know her stuff, she's a perfectionist and takes pride in her artistry. She was just as excited as I was about my transformation which made me feel confident that I picked the right artist (on top of her reviews and before/after pics of course). I had her infamous "Blade and Shade" procedure done. My brows were over plucked, uneven and I had a tail on one and not the other. For years I would overdraw them, use the wrong colors, arch wasn't right, etc. After a full day of make up, my brows looked greasy and would basically melt off of my face (all bad). I never really mastered the process and I have been self conscious about them for many years.I am one week out of my first session and I have received MANY complements already. Cynthia creates the perfect design taking into consideration your preferred style, face structure and natural brown line. I cannot WAIT for my touch up to see the final results. I can't imagine that it can even get better than where I'm at now! Thank you Cynthia! More...


Ana W.

5 March 2019

Very good job .... she's very attentive and does whatever you request her to do.... at the same time gives you her best professional opinion


Amy Maetche

25 February 2019

Cynthia is an amazing Microblading artist. Her work always looks so beautiful and detailed! Highly recommend her!


Dama De Hiero

28 January 2019

Amazing work . Prizing reasonable


Sierra M.

26 January 2019

My mom is currently getting her microblade + powder done & lemme just say Cynthia is truly amazing! She has been very considerate of my moms comfort & preferences. She has amazing bed side manner, is super polite/caring & very passionate about what she does. She is very informative & always makes sure to check in on her client often while at work. My mom was both very excited & nervous about having her brows done however since the process began has been so relaxed & even fell asleep during some points lol. Cynthia usually ensures the privacy of her clients by having them in the room alone with her behind closed doors however because of my mom wanting me present, allowed me to be apart of her experience & even let me see her progress throughout the time. Cynthia you have definitely changed my moms life. Thank you so much for your services! To the public, I HIGHLY recommend brow expressions by cynthia if ever you are looking into getting your brows slayed. Pictures will definitely soon follow because my moms brows are fleek! I will definitely be scheduling MY appointment NEXT! More...


Vanessa C.

25 January 2019

Honestly BEST decision I've made! I started following Cynthia on Instagram a couple months ago (you should too @browexpressionsbycynthia) and I was very impressed with her work! I emailed her with some questions and she was very responsive and extremely helpful. I finally pulled the trigger and made the appointment! She has a real talent and even more important, she made sure I was completely comfortable with the look before the procedure! She's very forthcoming with what to expect as they heal which I appreciated very much. Thank you so much Cynthia, you gave me eyebrows!!! More...


Amber E.

18 January 2019

Look no further if you are thinking of having microblading. Cynthia is professional, gentle and a perfectionist! I hardly felt a thing while she worked on building my brows to a lovely shape with balance and fullness to boot! People, this lady knows her stuff and listens to what your goals are for your brows. I wanted a natural, polished look for daily wear as I don't use a lot of makeup. I love them already and would recommended Cynthia to all. More...


Darlene A.

8 January 2019

I'm so happy I decided to get my eyebrows done. I kept putting it off but I have to say Cynthia makes you feel so comfortable. She explains what she's doing through the whole process. I love that!!! Now I can go swimming and not worry about my eyebrows rubbing off. Ha ha I have hair but it wasn't full enough. She made them look so natural. I highly recommend...such a great experience. More...


Wendi T.

3 January 2019

I just had my eyebrows done and I'm in love with the results! Cynthia does amazing work. I wanted to get microbladed so bad but was hesitant and did lots of searching for a great artist. I am so happy I found Cynthia. I'm on day 3 and so far so good! I can't wait to see the final results. Thank you Cynthia! More...


Ediee P.

4 December 2018

I highly recommend Cynthia. I was impressed with her skills from the pictures she posted. I am so happy I scheduled an appointment and had my brows Blade & Shaded. I appreciate how clean the salon is and how kind and smart Cynthia is. I couldn't be happier, Thank you. More...


Dena H.

1 December 2018

It was a very good experience getting my service from Cynthia.  She took the time throughout to explain the process.  She is very conscientious about the creativity of her work. Any doubts, nerves, or hesitation was gone once she was done.  If you are on the fence about having this service done or selecting Cynthia, don't be, you'll be very pleased with the results. More...


Benny A.

27 November 2018

I've always wanted to get microblading for the longest time but i'm always skeptical until my friend went to Cynthia and I saw what she did. I encourage all of you to go see Cynthia. It's worth the trip and the money that I spent. I am so satisfied with her work and her professionalism. She took her time with me and I really appreciate that. Today I had 2 stangers who told me that my eyebrows look good and they asked for Cynthia information. Thank you Cynthia aka my fairygodmother!!! Tim&Tam are so gorgeous More...


Sammie L.

13 November 2018

Love my guybrows. I was Cynthia's first guy client and looking at her work, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I didn't feel no pain at all and I couldn't believe it. Previous artist made my eyes red and I felt everything. I love the shape, density, and how natural it looks. You have a loyal customer now. I love it. Brows look amazing, above and beyond service.  Her price is very competitive and for the quality, it can't be beat. Thanks Cynthia I'll be back! More...


Andrea E.

5 November 2018

Cynthia was amazing! She walked me through the entire process and always made sure I was comfortable during the entire procedure. She even followed up afterwards to check on my progress. So happy and thrilled with my results. I can't say it enough. More...


Fili Cuevas

29 October 2018

Love her patience kindness and willingness to do her best for me, to make sure I’m happy & comfortable. I love looking at my eyebrows. Haven’t had my touch up yet but I can’t wait. More...


Romelda A.

12 October 2018

If u want natural looking brows u must come to Cynthia thanks to her she fixed my brows the first place I went to charged me so much but I was in so much pain that she was greedy with the numbing cream that everytime she did it my head would move up with her and she did a half ass job, I knew I should of came to Cynthia in the first place her cream was awesome I barely felt anything and she was nice enough to stop and apply more numbing cream and she literally made my brows look natural that I don't need brow makeup and lessens my time of getting ready also since I didn't know where her shop was she literally walked to my car and met me to follow her mind u this was my first time meeting her I am deffinately recommending her to my friends and Family thanks again Cynthia


Pepper B.

11 October 2018

I was lucky enough to find this lovely lady via both yelp and Instagram on a search for a microblading professional when I first moved to Long Beach. As we all know finding a professional without a personal direct reference can be nerve-wrecking!...Cynthia is warm and welcoming and made me feel very relaxed about the process. Before coming in, she was quickly responsive, with an accommodating and flexible schedule. She has a background in graphic design so is plentifully experienced with line work and accuracy which is a huge plus!It was the beginning of the summer and I had a friends wedding coming up, and a whole slew of summer activities. So  i decided to give her a try after a great and simple consultation over text. I'm obsessed and hooked. I have uneven brows and always filled one in kind of funky and longed for thicker brows so I'm very pleased and receive compliments on a regular basis. If you're a bud afraid and hesitant, fearful of "Munster" brows:Fear not. She will work with you to ease you in with as little hair drawn in and softer color options that can be customized even in tone to be warmer or ashier. You can choose to go bolder and saucier during a touch up appointment which should only be needed a few weeks after the first round to achieve your exact goals.Pain was relatively low, I'd say 1 out 5 being only a slight discomfort. (Remember to schedule around your menstrual cycle if you're sensitive during that time). The healing process is also fairly simple with no awkward phase. I saved about 10 minutes + from my morning routine, and feel confident makeup free as it brings a lovely symmetry to the face, and swimming, hiking, camping trips and sick days have one less thing to be worried about.Highly Recommended and very affordable pricing for the quality of this service. My brows were initially very sparse and very different from each other. Love the symmetry!Sorry about the photos it's hard to photograph but the first one is immediately following the service and the second about 4 whole months after with no brow makeup on. More...


Alexandra E.

10 October 2018

From start to finish my brow transformation was easy peasy. Cynthia made me feel cool, calm and comfortable, and I'm obsessed with the final product! My brows look so amazing, I've had 10+ people reach out to book her! She's a true artist and such a sweet person, I HIGHLY recommend her! More...


Kathy R.

29 September 2018

I am so glad I chose Cynthia to do my eyebrow Microblading. I couldn't be happier. The process was new to me and so I thoroughly researched it to know what to expect. (Thank goodness I experienced none of the issues some reported). I then read all the top Yelp reviews for the service and picked  Cynthia because of her 5-star reviews and overall background. Her photos sealed my decision though because I was struck how she definitely didn't have s "one size fits all" approach. All of her brows looked so natural and the color and shape seemed to fit each face perfectly. I had mine done Tuesday evening and I wanted to wait a few days to post a review. As I write this late Saturday afternoons, I can honestly say the process has been much easier than I thought. Cynthia was liberal with the numbing cream and I had no pain. I've followed her dry heal protocol and everything looks good and even the itching from scabbing (which I can't see) hasn't been too intense. Finally, I'll have a follow up visit in 8 weeks and if anything needs touching up, it can be taken care of then. I'm confident I will be 100% satisfied. More...


Edith H.

18 September 2018

Cynthia did an amazing job Microblading and shading my old and faded tattooed eyebrows. She gave me natural looking eyebrows. She is great at what she does, and makes the experience as comfortable as possible. More...


Kara L.

28 August 2018

Cynthia did the most amazing job on my brows! First off I have to say I'm super picky and have very little/sparse brows to begin with so I was super nervous going in. Cynthia made the process painless and she was very precise! She took her time working with me, maping out my brows and didn't start the procedure until I was 100% confident I loved the shape. I just got my touch up done and I'm blown away More...


Sandra F.

26 August 2018

Had my eyebrows done today by Cynthia. I have always wanted nice eyebrows to complete my look, especially when applying make up. Now thanks to Cynthia I have the perfect natural eyebrows that I have wanted for years. Cynthia is an exceptionally sweet professional who makes you feel comfortable. She spends enough time going over the procedure. The procedure was completely painless, actually feel asleep. I 100% recommend that you go to Cynthia for the best eyebrows. More...


Andrea R.

17 July 2018

Stop what you're doing right now and book your appointment with Cynthia! You will not regret it! Having uneven, sparse eyebrows since I was a young girl, I finally had enough. Naturally, I was hesitant to alter my face in a semi-permanent way, but I am SO HAPPY that I did. Cynthia is a true professional. She gave me the natural, even eyebrows I've been dreaming of. Cynthia changed my life and I couldn't be happier with the results! More...


Natalie H.

1 July 2018

I had the blade and shade done with Cynthia a couple of weeks ago. I am now completely healed and my results are amazing! I was afraid my pigment would fade and look patchy but that was not the case with Cynthia's work. I am so happy I trusted Cynthia with my brows. I was very nervous at first, but she made me feel very comfortable through out the process. She is very professional and lets you now exactly what is going on every step of the way. Can't wait to see her in a few weeks for my touch up appointment! More...


Jackie M.

16 June 2018

I love my new brows! I was so tired of the threading and tinting with little to no results. When I decided to try microblading I did my research. I definitely chose wisely. Cynthia did a fantastic job. She assured me we would work together on the shape and color. She delivered exactly what I asked for, natural looking without looking too glam. I love the arch and the fullness. The discomfort was minimal thanks to the numbing cream. And Cynthia is super personable! I highly recommend. More...


Lorena F.

28 May 2018

I searched high & low for someone to work on my brows.. I live in South Orange County but as someone who has driven to LA for good tacos of course I'll drive to Long Beach for AMAZING brows! Cynthia was amazing talked me through everything, she was super receptive to my feedback and allowed me to pick a color that we both felt would work with my skin tone & hair color. I had one brow that had a great arch & was much fuller and asked her to match up the other.. She did a perfect job, they are all healed up and I am insanely HAPPY. I've already had so many compliments & colleagues that have already booked with her.. She is that good.. best IG find ever! More...


Jenny F.

21 May 2018

I had my eyebrows Microbladed by Cynthia last week. I did not know what to expect out of the process, but Cynthia was very patient and answered all of my questions. Before she started the procedure, she explained the process to me.  She also kept me informed of what she was doing each step of the way. Cynthia also ensured that I was happy with the outline of my new brows before she started the actual procedure. Cynthia did an amazing job on my brows and I continue to receive so many compliments on how great they look! If you are looking for someone who is professional, friendly, patient and has a passion for brows, then contact Brow Expressions by Cynthia! More...


Melissa C.

16 May 2018

Absolutely love my new eyebrows!! Cynthia did an amazing job I highly recommend going to her!


Marisa P.

14 May 2018

If you want your brows done RIGHT, go to Cynthia! She is incredibly talented and has the patience to take her time until your brows are just the way you want. So thankful to have been recommended to her and you will be too! More...


Jessica G.

4 May 2018

Cynthia is sweet and makes the experience very pleasant. She's easy to talk to and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the process. Plus, my brows look great!


Valerie H.

3 May 2018

Ok, I have to gush about my microblading results! I am in LOVE with my new brows, the shape is perfect and the color match is spot on. Cynthia's attention to detail was way beyond my expectations. She took her time mapping out my face and measuring to a 'T'. After she finished the procedure she made quadruple sure I was completely satisfied with the shape/length/density and everything was to my liking. Cynthia went back multiple times to add the tiniest strokes to make sure I was 100% pleased. I am SUPER picky with my brows and researched many brow specialists before deciding on Cynthia. Well, it's safe to say I am extremely happy I made the right choice! I am a customer for life! More...


Scott M.

28 April 2018

Fantastic! This lady is taking the Brow industry by storm!!! I took my mother and aunt to have their brows done up a couple months before my wife and I got married and they were extremely happy with the outcome. Cynthia was very courteous, professional, and went the extra mile to make sure my mom & aunt felt at home. The touch up was amazing and the way Cynthia communicates leaves no surprises throughout the entire microblading process. 10/10 would recommend again and again! More...


Dianne A.

27 April 2018

I've always dreamt of a beautiful set of brows and to be at work before 6:30 AM, I'd wake up extra early just to have time to tame my unruly brows. I knew Microblading would be the best solution for me but I can't seem to find and trust any random artist to touch my brows until I saw one of my friend's outcome and it looked so amazing, she then referred me to Cynthia and spoke highly about her. I texted Cynthia and was nice enough to accommodate me within the same day. At first I was really nervous, I don't have any tattoos for the sole reason that I'm scared of needles (coming from a nurse myself that sticks needles to her patients all day long lol). But Cynthia was very reassuring and walked me through the whole process. The numbing cream that she used on me was legit, barely felt any pain at all. But what i really love about her was that she was very patient with me. She made sure I was happy with the shape of my brows during the brow mapping which took almost an hour because number 1, I was nervous and 2, I wanted it to be exactly how I wanted even if it means remapping my brows all over again. During the entire Microblading and shading process, I was completely relaxed and at the same time excited for the outcome. And yes, my brow turned out to what I expected and more. Cynthia is such a sweetheart, a great artist. Finally I'll have few more minutes to sleep in before going to work knowing I'd wake up like this with amazing brows all day. More...


Chelle M.

27 April 2018

Its my first time to do my brows by a professional, and choosing Cynthia was a good choice.. Im really loving my brows.. Thank you so much Cynthia..


Marcianni B.

22 April 2018

Let me just say that eyebrows are so important! I initially got my microblade done by Elliceskincare and was very unhappy with how they turned out. She did a free touch up and she still left me with fucked up eyebrows. It took a long long long time for me to search for someone to fix my eyebrows. After my first horrible experience it was definitely scary to even let someone touch my eyebrows but I am so happy when I found Cynthia. I almost started tearing up when she finished with my brows. She listened to every detail that I wanted and she most definitely delivered. Her talents and skills are amazing! More...


Terri M.

19 April 2018

I HATED having to draw in my brows! They always wound up uneven or just looked terrible! And then came Cynthia. :) I was a bit hesitant about getting micro loading done being that its semi-permanent and all, but I looked at Cynthia's portfolio and she walked me through the process and she eased my worries! The first couple days your eyebrows look INTENSE, but then it mellows out and looks PERFECT! Now I just use a bit of brow gel and done. :) Thank you, Cynthia! Will definitely be recommending your services! :) More...


Nicole V.

18 April 2018

When you get any kind of service you hope that your service provider enjoys what they do.  It is more than evident that Cynthia LOVES what she does. She did an amazing job on my brows; being sure to walk me through every step of the way.  She also is a class act so she can give you a solid opinion that you can trust. More...


Peggy D.

2 April 2018

Cynthia is amazing! She was very professional and has a great eye for design. She did a great job explaining the entire procedure and making me feel comfortable. I was expecting to feel some pain, but it was VERY mild. Cynthia made sure I was 100% satisfied with the results and I will definitely return for touchups! I'm telling all of my brow-challenged friends to see Cynthia! More...


Emma V.

16 March 2018

I never write reviews for anything but I believe this experience of mine deserved one!I decided to book an appointment with Cynthia without understanding the process of microblading. I must say I was a little nervous at first but once I met with Cynthia and she explained the overall process - my nerves subsided. I must admit for having no tattoos or piercings Cynthia's microblading powers made sure I experienced very minimal pain. Thirty days later, I returned for my touch-up. Since my touch-up, I have had many compliments. I will DEFINITELY be returning to Cynthia for my yearly touch-ups. Thank you Cynthia!!!!I was recommended to Cynthia by another one of her clients and I highly recommend to anyone who is reading this to GO TO CYNTHIA! More...


Nikki S.

11 March 2018

I love my brows! Cynthia is professional, patient, and she made me feel very comfortable. I am happy with the results and definitely recommend!


Susan G.

4 March 2018

It's so hard to express how fantastic this young lady is at doing eyebrows. If I could give her 10 stars I would. She transformed my eyebrows. She cared, she was professional and  she was excellent, she's an artist. A perfectionist.  My eyebrows were pencil Eyebrows and she made beauty out of an old  poor tattoo job . They are absolutely stunning.  She has a great personality her place is clean and professional and more important than anything ,she did an amazing job. If you're hesitating to get your eyebrows done, go to Cynthia , you'll be glad you did. Thanks Cynthia so much for being who you are and being true to the professional artist you said you were. More...


Dan S.

25 February 2018

Cynthia was great. I've gone through the first round, can't wait to see the final product.


Corinne S.

25 January 2018

I've been wanting to get my brows done for years but never had the guts to do it. A friend referred me to Cynthia and after checking out her before and after pictures and the affordable price, I went for it. I was really nervous but she made me feel super comfortable and continued to check in to see how I was feeling throughout the whole process. She was very detailed in the design phase and double triple checked that I was pleased with it. I'm so so so so happy I finally did this. My eyebrows look amazing! The healing process also was nothing at all what I expected. I know everyone is different but my skin is usually very sensitive and I had no issues whatsoever. She was very thorough in what to expect after and that definitely put me at ease. Love love love my brows!!! Thank you Cynthia!! More...


Susana Morales

5 January 2018

I had very flat horizontal eyebrows and Cynthia transformed them into a beautiful natural arch. Just what I wanted! She spent time and was detailed with my eyebrow drawing before starting, and made sure I was completely happy with the shape before she started the procedure. I was nervous about the pain but it only hurt for a little bit in the beginning. Best of all, my brows look like fancy $800 eyebrows I've seen when I got them for $350! More...


Paige M.

10 December 2017

AMAZING!!!!! The salon suite is so clean and cute. She was so amazing, kind, patient and funny! She mapped out my brows and was so patient when I made her adjust little things back and fourth. The process itself was not nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. She was so sweet talked me through every step about what she was doing how it would feel, asking if I needed more numbing cream etc. the results came out AWESOME. Seriously so perfect I don't know what I was expecting but she surpassed my expectations 110%   I go back for my touch up in about 4-5 weeks and I can't wait to see how they look all healed. I have and will continue to suggest her to everyone I know!!! Thanks so much girlfriend! You were amazing! More...


Veronica R.

27 November 2017

I was hesitant to do my eyebrows, and I was scared they would not come out the way I wanted but I did allot out research and bugged poor Cynthia with many questions. Thankfullyshe was super nice, she answered my questions and put me at ease. So I made my appt. And walked in with thin mismatched brows, she was very clean and professional. I hardly felt any pain or discomfort.  She took measurements and after I was satisfied with the shape she started working on my brows she explained the process step by step as she was doing it.The results are amazing...This has been the best thing I could've done for myself. I look amazing I love my eyebrows, everyone says I look youngerI recomend Cynthia 100% More...


Katherine Monteleone

27 November 2017

I came to Cynthia for my lashes. I have a decent amount of eyelashes but they are straight and blonde, not very visible without a ton of mascara! I love the lashes Cynthia applied, they make such a noticeable difference in how my eyes look! She was very friendly and professional. She gave me instructions for keeping them looking good and lasting longer. I have already gotten a ton of compliments! I will definitely be a repeat costumer for lashes or if I decide to improve my blonde brows! More...


Kat C.

26 November 2017

I came to Cynthia for my lashes. I have a decent amount of eyelashes but they are straight and blonde, not very visible without a ton of mascara! I love the lashes Cynthia applied, they make such a noticeable difference in how my eyes look! She was very friendly and professional. She gave me instructions for keeping them looking good and lasting longer. I will definitely be a repeat costumer for lashes or if I decide to improve my blonde brows! More...


Cynthia Jacqueline Barajas

26 November 2017

Loved the service from start she explained the process and made sure I was comfortable to the results!!! Absolutely love my brows!!! Would definitely recommend mircroblading with Cynthia � More...


Lissette Barajas

20 November 2017

First of all I was very impressed with the location and space. The space was very clean, super cute, and inviting. I was able to relax throughout the entire microblading procedure.
More importantly I was very appreciative that Cynthia was able to accommodate my careless scheduling. I had accidentally double booked for the day, and she was understanding. She allowed me to come in two hours earlier, so that I could make it to my second appointment.
Throughout the procedure Cynthia did an amazing job explaining the whole process. She took in my wishes to the tee and also provided her expertise to shape my eyebrows they way it will suit me best. She was also very attentive to my comfort level. After knowing that this was my first time doing anything remotely close tthis, she was constantly checking in with me making sure I wasn't in any pain.
Overall I great experience. I loved the end result. I can't wait to get my touch up.


Susana Morales

21 October 2017

This was a pleasant experience! I never thought I'd do anything like this, so I was nervous at first. The procedure is very simple, and it almost feels like they're plucking your eyebrows. I am satisfied with the professionalism and the results! More...