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The secret to keeping a party dancing all night is vibing off the crowd and keeping the people involved. We recognize what it is that everyone is enjoying and continue to do that. Obviously providing an upbeat feel and good music will keep the party alive and the people dancing all night long.

The style of The K.O.S.S & Da K.O.L is a reggae rock fusion, a surf rock style. However, we work with all types of music, there’s really no discrimination to any style. You bring it, and we’ll make it happen. Whether it’s a recording vocals, beats, mixing, mastering voiceovers, rehearsal session or an event to be booked, we provide all.

What I love most about my job is being able to work in my passion which is music. I create music and help others get their message out. I get to be part of not only my creative process but my teams and clients creativity and love seeing my clients leave happy with a well produced production in hand and eager to return. Everything I do in this job is relative to making people around me enjoy their time. There really isn’t one thing I don’t love about my job. It’s all about the art of music and how it effects each individual.

I wanted to build a creative environment where people strive. My passion for music and the need to get my message out is what inspired me to start BLES. If there is one thing that every person can come to agree on, it’s that we all have something to say in our own unique way. Not only do I wish to spread my message but help others do the same.

Brooks Life Entertainment Studios differs from our competitors for many reasons. For starters, we have the one thing that absolutely no other studio has and that is the ability to work with Koss. He has been in this industry for 22 years with growing experience. From his multi-musical/instrumental ability to create the perfect party ambiance, Koss offers it all. We have an amazing team of people who work beside us at BLES. We’re all about learning and growing. This is made possible for many reasons, one being our top of the line equipment. We work with an Apollo 8p interface. We work with an array of DAW’s like ProTools, Abelton, Logic and FL studios. We also work with excellent top of the line microphones(AKG C414 SM58s, SM57s, Spark Blue, Sure S55, etc). Every person part of our team is strong in knowledge and passionate in what we do. Guaranteed, you will not find a team more interested, dedicated and capable in making your musical ideas become reality.