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Lisa Kerr

1 August 2019

There are not enough positive words to say about Brooke Shehan Events! She is so on top of things (ALL things) that you just feel totally at ease with everything to do with a wedding. She did our daughter and son-in-law's wedding in May 2018, and the minute we started working with her, we knew that we would hire her for our son’s wedding as well. Our daughter and son’s engagements overlapped, so we have worked closely with Brooke for about 3 years. She just coordinated and planned our son and daughter-in-law's wedding, which was on July 13, 2019. Our daughter-in-law and son thanked us over and over again for securing Brooke to take care of their wedding. She was there every step of the way and made my daughter-in-law feel so at ease. Many people find that the final week before a wedding to be stressful and pure chaos, but that is certainly not the case with Brooke. In fact, our son and daughter-in-law only had to worry about what they were packing for their honeymoon! I was even shocked at how our daughter-in-law was not in any kind of panicked state a week out. This speaks volumes of Brooke Shehan Events! All brides, EXCEPT for Brooke’s brides, are stressed a week before their wedding! Not only did Brooke help organize everything, we witnessed her pour her heart and soul into the wedding. No matter the task, she tackled it with such grace and with a smile on her face at all times.We will always have a special place in our hearts for Brooke. She will never know what it meant to our family to have her take care of two of our weddings. She not only takes care of every little detail, but she becomes a part of your family as well. Her kind heart and amazing organizational skills are a win, win! Thank you Brooke Shehan for EVERYTHING! As I said in the review I wrote last May....YOU are AMAZING! More...


Brandi Clark

16 July 2019

When my now husband and I first got engaged, we truly didn't think we needed a wedding planner. I have a very Type A personality, so I thought I could handle everything myself. It wasn't until my sweet mother-in-law surprised me with hiring Brooke that I knew this was the best decision we could have ever made. To put it simply, Brooke is the BEST in the business. She was there for me every step of the way and always supported every decision I made regarding the wedding. She always offered her advice and gave suggestions but never pushed for us to do things a certain way. Our happiness remained the forefront of her concerns, and even when things didn't go as planned, she remained professional and respectful. Brooke went above and beyond to ensure our wedding day went as smoothly and as perfectly as possible. She even took on jobs that she did not have to do, but she did them because she has a heart of pure gold and helping others is always her priority. Brooke often says she is a small part in your big day, but quite frankly, she was one of the biggest parts in ours. From late night emails, to meetings, and everything in between, Brooke provided us with nothing but the best service we could have ever dreamed of having. She not only was our wedding planner, but she soon became our friend, and for that we are truly thankful. More...


Christi Mayo

26 December 2018

I can't say enough positive things about Brooke! She is professional, attentive, timely, detailed, and FUN! She truly makes you feel as if you are the only bride she is working with. She made sure that every detail was exactly as we wanted and she made you feel so supported, even in the most stressful of bridal moments! I would happily recommend her to anyone :) More...


Hillary Camden

27 September 2018

Brooke Shehan Events is nothing short of Fabulous. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but not with Brooke Shehan. Throughout the whole wedding planning process Brooke was organized, attentive, and resourceful. She is very easy to work with and really works hard to make your dream wedding comes true. She thought of every little detail and was so helpful with everything throughout the planning process. I will be forever grateful for Brooke's hard work, commitment, passion and enthusiasm that she demonstrated for our wedding. I HIGHLY recommend Brooke Shehan to any bride and groom who are looking for someone to help make their special day perfect. More...


Jonni Reuther

27 September 2018

Book Brook Shehan Events!! Brooke is the sweetest person ever and she is so professional and responsive. She helped us months before our wedding and made the whole process stress free. I instantly connected with her and felt like I knew her forever. Brooke is on top of things! Our cake maker bailed on us THREE weeks before our wedding and she sent Brooke and I a text around 9/10pm. I started having a bit of a panic moment but Brooke calmed me down and instantly started posting on blogs to help me find a new cake maker. The next day she sent me a list of available cake makers and I had someone booked that day. There's no way that would have happened without her. Brooke knows what she is doing and has the best advice. My dad dropped off the wedding decor at our venue the day of the wedding and Brooke and her assistant, Hilary, took charge and decorated and make the venue look amazing! There were a few issues with our rentals that morning but Brook took care of it and didn't tell me so I wouldn't worry. Everything was perfect through my (and my husband's) eyes and we owe it all to this wonderful woman. I feel like I can't say enough nice works about Brooke Shehan Evants. I would recommend this service to all of my friends. You can not go wrong with this lady and her team :) They for sure have your back. More...


Brittany Kerr

27 September 2018

Brooke with Brooke Shehan Events is everything you need and more when it comes to planning a wedding and ensuring all the details are carried out for wedding day! I admit to being the bride who thought, "i probably don't need a coordinator or planner. I have plenty of time, and I can certainly do this on my own." Looking back, I literally can't imagine what my wedding would've been like without Brooke. She was there every single step of the way, and she provided the perfect amount of support with the perfect amount of nudging to make sure we were staying on track with things that needed to be done along the way. And when I say "perfect amount," I really mean it. After my first meeting with Brooke, she had figured out exactly the amount of hand holding I was going for, and she nailed it. She works with you to find out exactly what you want in your wedding and exactly what you want from her as your planner. She listens and absorbs every detail thrown her way! I still don't know how she managed to keep up with all of my crazy requests! On the day of my wedding, she was willing to jump in and do anything and everything we asked. She was even doing stuff behind the scenes before we even thought to ask for it. She was always a few steps ahead of us, and she still managed to check in with me throughout the day to see if there was anything she could do for me. Not only was Brooke a key piece to our wedding puzzle, but she was also a joy to work with! Her smile, her readiness, her helpfulness, her thoughtfulness -- I could truly go on and on. Brooke is hands down the best, and I guarantee you that she will make all of your wedding hopes and dreams come true in whatever capacity you'd like her to! More...


Sam Davis

29 July 2018

Where do I even begin? Brooke is an absolute saint. She made my wedding day run seamlessly. She was on top of every little detail (especially things I would have never even thought about) and made the day EASY not only for me but for my vendors. My vendors adored working with Brooke and had so much to say about her. My biggest fear going into the wedding was not sticking to a timeline [staying on time] and potentially having a list of things to say went bad after but when reflecting with my husband, we cannot come up with a single thing that went wrong and we credit that to Brooke and her team. I will forever be indebted to her for making my wedding day the best day of my husband's and my life. More...