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Bright House Solutions

Weltevredenpark, South Africa

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Bright House Solutions

Weltevredenpark, South Africa

2 hires on Bark


Bright House Solutions’ main focus has always been website development and for the past 11 years we have been perfecting our skills. We have defined key website design and development principles such as user friendly, interactive, harmonious content and picture layout and carefully integrating your company's corporate image, focus on your colour schemes, designs, logo, slogan and words used.


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24 July 2019

Phenomenal service and outstanding creativity, I am super happy with my ultra professional easy to navigate website. Thank you Bright House!

27 February 2019

Matthew of Bright House Solutions is one of the most pleasant persons to work with. To construct a new web site, (http://www. japanafrica.jp) , pretty well from start and with Japanese text, was quite a handful but he handled it in a very professional and creative manner. The updates are executed quickly and accurately.
We wouldn't hesitate to use him again and to recommend him to anybody requiring a good web site.

19 February 2019

Bright House Solutions is a great one-stop website and design shop for a small start-up business which requires an online presence fast. They offer professional services at excellent turnaround times against affordable fees. Matthew gives a personal service and goes the extra mile to complete instructions to the satisfaction of clients. I will also gladly instruct them for my next start-up venture’s website. More...

18 February 2019

Came across Matthew at the right time when two other service providers had given us such poor service for so long and it has been an awesome experience ever since.
You ask for changes on your Web...it's done immediately and correctly!

keep it up!

18 February 2019

Working with Bright House Solutions has been stress free and painless. I am delighted to recommend the work that Matthew and his team does and I have enjoyed nothing but excellence in all aspects of my interactions with this business.

16 February 2019

It has been a pleasure . Matthew and team are always prompt in answering queries and I think they do a great job.

15 February 2019

I wish there was a higher star rating. I have never met a business that is so willing to help and give ideas. Above any other Web design page we as church will recommend Bright House Solutions over and over. They are great. All of their work is excellent, they settle for nothing less. More...

15 February 2019

Friendly, professional and on time

15 February 2019

Dear Matt,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my beautiful website!

As an artist it is sometimes hard to get across a more corporate image to our clients You have managed this by combining our artwork and a professional image to create an amazing website!

I want to thank you very much for your friendly,understanding and prompt service!

I am extremely happy.

Warm regards
Elaine Jansen van Rensburg
Commercial artist

14 February 2019

Thank you Matthew and Bright House Solutions for your outstanding service and prompt friendly and professional assistance to design and deliver my website for Black Rock Home Loans. ..I will always refer you and will be back soon to do more business with you
Best wishes..... Bazil Naidoo
Cape Town

14 February 2019

We have being with Bright House Solutions for a long time and it has been a pleasure working with them, there quick response on requests is remarkable, truly recommend there services to anyone like myself whom is not to jacked up where IT is concerned and needs babying

14 February 2019

An absolute pleasure to work with Bright House Solutions. They excel in providing professional and friendly service and are extremely well versed in what they do.

6 February 2019

Since I founded the company in 2007 we have assisted many different companies with their web presence.
Having a modern relevant website in today's' digital world is becoming more of a necessity than a nice to have.
Search engine optimization boils down to one key ingredient: having lots of relevant content that people are searching for.
It's that simple. Yes we employ all the search engine techniques in the design and setup but by far the most relevant is CONTENT.

6 February 2019

Bright House Solutions believes that an awe-inspiring design will be the first key to representing and managing the image of your company.
Through the design the browser will be made to feel that you are a unique company, which always goes the extra mile. The saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” applies to an attractive yet professional design. The idea after successfully creating an ideal design is to make the users want to browse the entire website, refer the website to friends and colleagues and of course re-visit the website to see what is new.

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Bright House Solutions has assisted many companies, organizations and small businesses with the development of their websites. We believe that a company’s website is a powerful communication tool. If correctly utilised, it will add tremendous value to the company as perceived by the fastest growing target market in the world. To design and develop an effective website for your company we consider:
• Company image
• Industry and Target Market
• Competition
• Marketing After doing a brief but decent analysis of these aspects, Bright House Solutions will consider:
• The look and feel of your site compared to the image of your company.
• What qualities are your target markets looking for in a website? Graphically enhanced, quick download speed, easy to navigate, etc.
• Where will your website be positioned when compared to your competition?
• Search Engine registration. Your website is automatically registered on search engines, but there are also some key principles of web design and content selection that influence the success of your website on search engines.

There is really a lot more information on what makes a website great. Give us a shout to know more...

We like to ask potential customers which of the reasons below apply to them. This helps us ascertain what they need from their websites.

Reasons why your business needs a professional website:

1.) Can save you Money in more than one way.
It can help you automate some of your processes. Like when you have to
continuously email customers a business profile when you can simply refer them
to your website which will save you or your staff time and therefore saving you money.
It’s one of the most cost effective forms of marketing out there. There is a
reasonably small setup cost and then just a very small monthly hosting and
maintenance cost.

2.) It’s a really simple and cost effective way to keep customers informed
about new products and information. Simply update your website with new products
and news and send out an email inviting your customers to take a look. There are
zero adverts and printing costs and it’s much easier to update than a final
printed product.

3.) Your website works for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
When you go home at the end of the day, and your staff shuts down all of their
PC’s your website is still running. And will continue working for you for the
rest of the day. If one of your existing clients is working late and needs some
information on a product, service or technical manual, they can simply grab it
from your website. Or a new client comes across your website while surfing
the internet at home for one of your products you are selling. If done
correctly, a website will never let you down.

4.) Can target a wider market.
Since e-commerce shopping and shopping carts have come into existence,
companies potential target markets are only limited by the reach of the
internet. And that is practically limitless. This amazing tool can give
your company the reach to target customers all over South Africa
as well as the entire world. And all from the comfort of your
home and or office.

5.) It provides a user friendly and interactive platform in which to exhibit
your products and services. Potential customers like to see what they
are buying through galleries of photos. They want to see intricate details
on services and products. And by having a professional website, you can
demonstrate exactly what puts your company ahead of the competition.

6.) It will help you improve customer service.
By sharing with your customer, tips on how to successfully achieve certain
tasks, you not only add to your websites search engine optimization, but add
value to your customers experience when dealing with your company.
Say a customer has bought a pair of brake pads from your company.
Why not have a tutorial on your website explaining how to bleed your cars
brakes for example? Or if you are an architect, you could share specific
information about certain pit falls to avoid when designing a new home.

7.) Generate new business.
And last but not least, your website can be used as a tool to generate
new business for your company. By either through creating a search
engine optimized website or by setting up and maintaining a carefully
planned adword campaign, you can source new clients from the internet
using your website.

I know this might sounds cliche, but what gives us the most satisfaction is seeing our clients happy at the end of the day. 2nd to that, we enjoy
pushing the envelope in terms of new design and functionality ideas.

I initially worked for a website company for a few years never being completely happy with how things were run. The company gave poor SEO for clients websites and poor customer service. So when the company moved to Cape Town I could either find another job or Start my own company
and do things right. I have not looked back since.

Our company philosophy says it all i think:

– We present solutions that are unique and tailor made ensuring our clients’ needs are met.
– We always go the extra mile, delighting our clients as we deliver beyond ‘industry standard’.
– Using cutting edge technologies, we at BHS remain a step ahead of the competition.

We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. This is our mantra. Service in SA is lacking to say the least and we strive
to always give 100% service.