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Brice Le Roux is a Los Angeles based hypnotherapist and coach, with a passion for the art of helping people overcome challenges, find balance and realize their greatest potential. Brice works with entertainers, athletes and business people to redesign the subconscious part of the mind — the one that drives behavior, emotions, and performance.


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Sophie T.

17 May 2019

I could not recommend Brice enough to my friends, family and colleagues. Brice has helped me through rough and stressful times in only a couple of sessions. He is able to build a trust and comfort that I haven't found anywhere else. He is warm and understanding, I always feel more empowered and more confident after meeting with him. The best part is, that feeling stays with me for a long long time and I'm constantly able to build on top of what we had worked on in each additional session. I highly recommend Brice to anyone who is looking for someone to support them through their life journey, no matter the age, the point in life or the reason. More...


Emmanuelle Girard

3 May 2019

We first came to Brice with our daughter who has ADD looking for anything that might help. After only a few sessions, Brice was able to help her maintain her focus and implement specific routines in class to really make a difference in how she pays attention and remembers things. Truly amazing work for such a short amount of sessions. We highly recommend hypnotherapy and Brice in particular. More...


Auctavius B.

14 April 2019

Brice knows what he's doing and knows how to get you results that stick. If you're looking for a hypnosis in the Los Angeles area I'd highly recommend his services.


Shabnam O.

4 April 2019

Brice is hands down the best hypnotherapist! I recommend him to anyone from anything minor or major. I've struggled with eating disorders, ptsd, childhood issues, abuse and trauma since I can remember. After seeing Brice for almost a month now my ptsd is completely gone, 80% of my childhood issues are gone, not only I feel very confident and more connected my real self, but I am becoming who I always wanted to be. I used to do so many positive affirmations for so long and none of them would work. As Brice explained to me there was no link between my conscious and my subconscious mind. His work is indeed very powerful and unique. Brice is very pleasant to work with, he creates a safe and friendly environment which gives the client space to be themselves. Most importantly you get results right away. I felt different in our first session, there was an instant shift and a sense of release. Since our hypnosis sessions, I am SO much more relaxed and happier for no reason. As in my external life hasn't changed, but my inner world has....I am happy and content without the 'need' for external sources. I went to nutritionists, psychologists, spiritual healers, for my eating disorder that I've struggled for years, yet nobody could help me heal this issue! Brice healed my relationship with food and myself, in less than a month. I am so thankful to him for that. I can eat like a 'normal person', without dieting, starving, binging, yoyoing or over exercising. I had a major sugar addiction when I first came in for the session, now I  can't eat anything sweet/processed cause I'm repulsed by it (which is what I wanted). I enjoy what I eat and truly love my body. People around me are telling me how I have changed in a positive way and this is all in one month. His suggestions in the hypnosis are very vivid and well structured. I highly recommend Brice, even if you don't have any "issues", just see him once with anything you want to change, his work is amazing! The skill set of a great hypnotherapist can reprogram your entire personality to heal and become your best self. Thank you so much for your amazing work Brice, for coaching me and healing major life long issues I struggled with. It is very appreciated it! More...


J B.

20 March 2019

Brice is simply terrific.  He has a way of immediately making you feel super comfortable, and that is very helpful in allowing you to share exactly what you are struggling with, or what you would like to work on.  He then asks questions that get you thinking even deeper than you knew could.  All of the time he is explaining his process in great detail, creating even more comfort about everything you are experiencing and will experience throughout the session.  It's been a few days since my first session with Brice, and I've found myself in a few situations which would normally trigger the emotions and feelings I came to Brice to work on.  The amazing thing is those feelings were completely absent.  I am extremely happy I made the decision to go see Brice and I know his method will serve me very well moving forward.  Thanks so much Brice! More...


Thomas Anderson

22 February 2019

Best sports hypnotherapist in Los Angeles.


Thomas A.

8 January 2019

Brice is my partner in well-being. It's been an incredible journey that I embarked on with him last summer. Hypnosis has been an absolute blessing for me and the crippling anxiety I suffered with for such a long time.Before discovering hypnotherapy, I was hardly able to function. I could not sleep, I couldn't keep a job, I moved to Los Angeles from a small town which didn't help, and basically found myself spiraling out of control.Brice was recommended to me by a co-worker and I'm so grateful for the introduction. I've had a few sessions with him which from the get-go helped me overcome something I never thought I could. Even upon leaving my very first session I felt like a weight had been lifted.Five months later, I feel back to myself and for the first time in a long time I can say I have hope. My whole outlook on life has shifted and I'm now able to function and even plan for the future with no anxiety whatsoever. It's like I'm experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough, both personally and professionally. I feel in control of my thoughts instead of them controlling me. I'm having the best night sleep in years, which probably contributes to my overall well-being.I would go out of my way to recommend Brice as a hypnotherapist to anyone in Los Angeles suffering from anxiety or depression and seeking a long term solution to their mental well being. Thank you Brice for all your support and guidance. I couldn't have done it without you. More...


Brian B.

26 December 2018

Wow!...it's hard to put into words the work and the help Brice has put into me, but I can promise you this, Im confident i wouldn't be having the success in having now without his help. He's now a friend and mentor.I've only gone to Brice for two sessions thus far, and wow, both have been exceptionally rewarding and life changing. I wanted to try hypnotherapy because I had seen someone successful previously spiral downward but later gave a lot of credit to his transformation to hypnotherapy. He said he was "hypnotized for success". I had heard we could be getting in our own way subconsciously, basically without even knowing it and I didn't want to be blocking myself from my own goals, destiny and dreams. He really helped me understand myself in ways that I didn't even know; my true value and character as a man; my true wants and desires out of life; certain negative thinking patterns that I didn't even realize I had because I saw them as truth (Mostly, because of childhood trauma); even negative and limiting habits I often did that I never even realized. I'm truly grateful for his patience and his work and I know I wouldn't be in the place I am today without him. I've read tons of books about healthy mindsets, watched lots of modivational videos, and this really helped me break through the barriers of myself to get to...myself. My life is much much more fruitful and focused now. I'm driven and I know who I am. My relationships are much much better (and I thought they were already good). But mostly, my perspective of my self worth, which I did not see could ever change, has grown so much; leaps and bounds. The success I'm having now came out of that. My dream job, the work I'm getting...it's starts with dealing with your mind, perspective, belief. Everything comes from that. Your the only person standing in your own way and Brice will help you sort it out. More...


Nancy M.

6 November 2018

Searching for a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles can feel overwhelming, especially for someone who's never done therapy before. A therapist I talked to recommended I call Brice, which I did. I had tons of questions for him and he answered each one of them in great detail, which really sold me. Brice has helped me on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. I was initially seeking hypnotherapy for a fear of flying that started last year. Brice helped me reconnect with a sense of comfort and even got me excited about flying, which I didn't think would ever be possible. I will be flying to San Francisco in December and thanks to this work I already know that everything will be just fine.Brice also helped me with a speech I had to give at a major film festival a month ago, and once again Brice's hypnosis worked like a charm. I felt so confident during my speech that I'm now genuinely looking forward to my next speaking opportunity in January.So many things have clicked for me over the past few weeks that I've now decided to tackle my sugar addiction, which is something I've been struggling with my entire life. It's almost hard to believe for me but I've been catching myself passing on more and more unhealthy food choices lately. It's like I just don't crave sugar any longer. I know I could have it but I just don't want it. Hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind are so fascinating. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm having results. At 56 I feel unstoppable and I know that I really can do this. Such an empowering experience, thank you again Brice for helping me create so many breakthroughs in my life! More...


Megan R.

15 October 2018

Brice is the most empowering person I have ever interacted with. The man just radiates kindness and positive energy. Without even talking about hypnotherapy, his knowledge of the forces that drive the human behavior is beyond measure. In just three sessions with him, I figured out what was holding me back and how to "unlock myself". Crazy how just a few questions and a bit of reframing can unveil a whole new world of exciting possibilities. I strongly recommend Brice Le Roux Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to anyone looking for answers and a way to reconnect with what they believe to be their true potential. As far as I'm concerned, I have found my hypnotherapist for life! More...


Letizia S.

27 September 2018

From my first meeting with Dr. Le Roux I felt very comfortable, at ease and relaxed. His approach was confident and professional whilst being responsive. I noticed a switch in my approach to life and problems almost immediately after the first visit.Diligently listening to his recording every night helps so much: it is my safe space when I need it, and always available to me. Much quicker results than going to therapy for years. I would recommend him to anyone who is faced with a situation they feel is insurmountable ... to empower and rid yourself of old demons. I love his positive approach: it is all about focusing how you want to feel, no digging into painful past. I am blown away by the results - his treatment exceeded my expectations. Dr. Le Roux is also incredibly empathetic and a great listener.  I takes his time with me, I never feel I am on the clock. After just three sessions, I feel I possess newly found courage to quit my extremely stressful and demanding job, and pursue my life long dream of opening my own business and I am embracing it with inspiration and sense of purpose. I will never thank him enough for that!I feel good, relaxed, calm, happy and I will still continue to go visit him every now and then, for continuous personal and professional growth. More...


Kary Mcmullen

25 August 2018

Love and light to the best healer in town


Elisa Travis

25 August 2018

Had my daughter with a body that's clean and pure from the poison of cigarettes thanks to Brice. Forever grateful!


Emily Van Tranh

25 August 2018

Hands down, Brice is the best and most caring hypnotherapist in the Los Angeles area. Forever grateful, Emily


Mark Lemmond

25 August 2018

It has been a privilege to consult with Brice over the past year, and I trust that those I refer to his practice are in extraordinarily capable hands.


Olivia Demouy

25 August 2018

Hi Brice and thank you again for everything you did for my brother. My mom says he is doing doing better every day and even started looking for a new job today :-)


David Portman

25 August 2018

I am a fellow health professional and have had the pleasure of working with Brice recently. He is extremely talented and certainly knows his stuff. Highly recommended. Dave


Bradley Steinberg

25 August 2018

I met Brice during a workshop in Paris where he shared some of his amazing tips that have helped with some areas I had been struggling with. I highly recommend him to anyone who may need some help with life management. More...


Chloe Peterson

25 August 2018

This is the most profound work you can do if you are ready to completely shift your life. I go in one way and always come out feeling so much better. I would sit in that comfy chair everyday if I could! More...


Ozkar Gorgias

25 August 2018

Brice was incredibly patient, understanding and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. He taught me skills which I can carry with me everywhere and in any situation. Go on, create some magic in your life and know that with Brice, you are in great hands :) More...


Michele Da Costa

25 August 2018

I met Brice at a medical networking event in January. I remember his positive energy and how everybody in the room wanted to chat with "the French hypnotist". What I remember best is how passionate Brice was about his work. I think it stuck with me as it matches my own work ethic. I have since referred some of my patients to Brice, with issues ranging from chronic anxiety, weight loss, and pain management. A few months later, all of them have reported significant progress and have nothing but amazing things to say about the work they did with Brice. I will continue to put my professional and personal trust in Brice as a premier hypnotherapist and trusted colleague. More...


Jonathan Maher

25 August 2018

I'm not a big review poster, but I bad to post something about Brice and his work. Long story short, I initially approached him seeking to get rid of a growing phobia that was starting to interfere with my professional life. Brice was amazing from the get-go. He gave me hope that he could help me...and he did. The feeling of understanding and conquering this irrational fear was truly remarkable, let alone the unexpected benefit of achieving a much healthier approach to life in general. Well deserved five stars for the best hypnotherapist in Los Angeles! More...


Laura Meyers

25 August 2018

Hands down, Brice is the best and most caring hypnotherapist in West Los Angeles. I previously saw two other hypnotherapists in Santa Monica but didn't feel cared for the way I felt with Brice. I think that's what makes Brice so special: he truly cares. I've worked with him for over a year now and what he helped me achieve far exceeds any of my initial expectations. I just can't recommend him enough!! More...


Frankie Brooks

25 August 2018

I went to Brice for my chronic stress and anxiety and found my hypnotherapist for life. I highly, highly recommend his treatment and services.


Rebecca Johnson

22 August 2018

Working with Brice has been an incredible experience. Having been asked to give a speech at my best friend's wedding, I decided to give hypnosis a shot to help me with a fear of public speaking. Luckily, I found Brice and he was able to completely eradicate the anxiety I had built up before the event. In just a few sessions, Brice took me from being a nervous wreck when addressing a crowd, into a calm and confident speaker. I have now given my speech, and I'm delighted to report that the result of Brice's work was so dramatic and effective that I barely recognized myself that day.

But, it doesn't end there. While I went to Brice to help with this specific event, I've since had to address large groups at work and, instead of butterflies, shaking hands and a dry mouth, I have found that I'm now actually excited to have the opportunity to address an audience. I've had a lot of feedback from people on how natural I sound, and even engaging when I talk.

Brice is a wonderful teacher and I have found him to be personable, encouraging and motivational. In addition to providing hypnotherapy that was tailored to my specific anxiety, Brice also took the time to talk to me about my speech, and even gave me direct feedback on the words I had chosen as well important details such as eye contact and how I would address the audience. Brice also suggested breathing exercises that I have since used to overcome general stress and anxiety in other areas. Overall, this has been an invaluable experience with tools that I'll use for life. My only wish is that I'd sought out hypnotherapy sooner, but I'll definitely be back to Brice for help in other areas of my life!


Rebecca J.

21 August 2018

Working with Brice has been an incredible experience. Having been asked to give a speech at my best friend's wedding, I decided to give hypnosis a shot to help me with a fear of public speaking. Luckily, I found Brice and he was able to completely eradicate the anxiety I had built up before the event. In just a few sessions, Brice took me from being a nervous wreck when addressing a crowd, into a calm and confident speaker. I have now given my speech, and I'm delighted to report that the result of Brice's work was so dramatic and effective that I barely recognized myself that day. But, it doesn't end there. While I went to Brice to help with this specific event, I've since had to address large groups at work and, instead of butterflies, shaking hands and a dry mouth, I have found that I'm now actually excited to have the opportunity to address an audience. I've had a lot of feedback from people on how natural I sound, and even engaging when I talk.  Brice is a wonderful teacher and I have found him to be personable, encouraging and motivational. In addition to providing hypnotherapy that was tailored to my specific anxiety, Brice also took the time to talk to me about my speech, and even gave me direct feedback on the words I had chosen as well important details such as eye contact and how I would address the audience. Brice also suggested breathing exercises that I have since used to overcome general stress and anxiety in other areas. Overall, this has been an invaluable experience with tools that I'll use for life. My only wish is that I'd sought out hypnotherapy sooner, but I'll definitely be back to Brice for help in other areas of my life! More...


Bert McCoy

7 August 2018

Sports hypnosis at its best, highly recommend to any athletes!


Alex Shriver

16 July 2018

I've finally found that person who's able to help me take a different look at myself and take accountability for my life and actions. Session after session, Brice provides a safe framework that helps me identify the changes I need to make and narrow down the areas that need to be worked on first. His common sense and upbeat personality make each session a pleasurable and stimulating experience. So grateful for Brice and always looking forward to my next session with him!! More...


Keith C.

12 July 2018

Brice is the best! He's helped me take so many steps towards a better me. I loved how he let me take my time to open up and took every aspect of my situation into consideration without ever rushing me. His business experience surely helps him understand where entrepreneurs are coming from and how we can get in our own way without even realizing it. My sessions helped me delve deep and punch my old limiting beliefs in the face, until I felt like I could conquer the world; which I literally can since my Los Angeles based company just opened a site in Sanghai :) Not sure I could have done it so fast without Brice's support.Brice is great at what he does and so passionate he could help anyone move mountains. He is so good at picking up on your body language, posture, tone of voice; but most importantly he knows how to push you to try your best each day if and find the words to motivate you whenever you feel hesitant.I can honestly say that my anxiety level is now close to zero and is about to go into the negatives :) I know I can continue to grow fearlessly and that I have the strength to overcome any obstacles and turn them into opportunities to learn and prosper. "It's not the market, it's what you do"! Well, I'm now doing more than I've ever done and the results are showing all across the board. Thank you Brice and hypnotherapy for opening my eyes to a world of endless possibilities!! More...


Jodie L.

25 June 2018

Brice Le Roux is a first class hypnotherapist and coach. I'm so grateful he decided to establish roots in Los Angeles! Without entering into too much detail, Brice helped me achieve two major things career wise that I probably would have never been able to accomplish on my own. As driven as I may be in my day job, I knew I needed some extra support to give myself permission to become more visible and start generating more opportunities for myself. Brice helped me shift my mindset in a very supportive and consistent manner. He used a variety of techniques that gradually helped me crush any self doubt and limiting beliefs. Brice's peak performance coaching and hypnotherapy sessions truly are a gem and I highly recommend them to anyone who demands the very best from themselves. More...


Mark L.

5 June 2018

The way Brice mixes coaching and hypnotherapy is brilliant. I have never seen anything like it in my 15 years of working with coaches. One thing I love about coaching is how it opens your eyes to a lot of things you can do differently to be more successful. But one thing it doesn't do is help you follow through to make sure you don't let your old way of life take over. That's where Brice's method shows its superiority. The personalized recordings he made for me to listen to in between sessions were incredibly helpful to help me stay on track and eventually make progress on my own. It was like having another session each time I listened to a recording.I strongly recommend Brice to anyone in Los Angeles looking for a talented coach and-or hypnotherapist. He knows how to talk to people but most importantly he knows how to listen and reframe things to give you a brand new perspective on them, which truly is a gift. His ability to make challenges look and feel like exciting opportunities, his contagious passion for what he does and the care he puts into his work are truly one of a kind. Five star service all the way! More...


Ratatouille B.

1 May 2018

What a valuable accidental discovery! Brice runs his business with class. After seeing Brice for 4 sessions, I trust him completely to touch my inner soul, by creating and sculpting the best self together. Knowledge is power; compassion is a virtue; intellect is a blade. Brice connects and serves his clients beautifully in these three elements. I believe in his guidance. He truly is a sharp listener, very passionate of his profession.  He loves people and different cultures. I was entertained exchanging conversations with him. My heart sings on the way to his office, and left enlightened each time with a long lasting effect. More...


Grace Kim

3 April 2018

I you feel stuck and want to start feeling better about yourself and your life, do yourself a favor and call Brice. He truly is the best!


Keith Claborn

12 March 2018

I needed to feel at the top of my game and Brice's coaching sessions have helped me do just that. Grateful for the experience and even more grateful for the results!


Laura M.

13 February 2018

Brice has coached me through a difficult change with the utmost patience and understanding. His ability to gradually guide me toward the light combined with his masterful use of hypnosis made each session both a learning and a deeply healing experience. I couldn't recommend Brice enough to anyone in Los Angeles seeking not only a talented hypnotherapist but also someone they can comfortably share their most personal challenges with. One year exactly after my very first session with him, I can honestly say I've never felt that bold and driven. Thank you Brice for helping me feel like my badass self again!! More...


Oscar T.

4 January 2018

From the first time we met I felt he was going to help me get where I wanted to be; he truly cares about your well being. His process goes deeper than any other one I have gone before; I have recommended him to my closest friends. More...


Ashley M.

23 December 2017

I've always been a goal-setter, but I reached a point in my life where I needed to change in order to meet the goals I had set for myself.  I didn't know how to change in order to achieve the goals, though.  A friend recommended I try hypnotherapy. I did some online research, which led me to Brice and The Change Method. His website was a good representation of who Brice is and how he works. It explained hypnotherapy and how it can be utilized to overcome a range of bad habits, fears and subconscious mental blocks.My first session with Brice was a phone consultation. I shared my goals with him and he explained how we would address them through hypnotherapy. The most significant takeaway from our first conversation was when he stated that progress occurs very quickly if you are committed to truly making changes in your life.  I remember being surprised, actually 'shocked' might be a better word, when hearing this.  In my experience with doctors, therapists, dentists... no one is comfortable confirming timing on results, especially results yielded in a short amount of time. I think this speaks to the genuine and well-deserved reviews here from Brice's past and present clients. Brice shows up for his clients. It is very clear that he is not only invested in their success, but truly cares about their well-being. He listens, takes comprehensive notes, asks the right questions, describes the hypnosis techniques; if you ask him a question he does not know the answer to, he'll follow up in your next session or email his thoughts or a recommendation after educating himself on the topic.  With that, though, Brice is one of the most knowledgeable people I've had the opportunity to engage and converse with.  He's helped me see the world, and my place in it, from an entirely different perspective, which is a gift.  I cannot recommend working with Brice enough; it has helped me plot a new course in life, and for that, I'm extremely grateful. More...


Bastien C.

18 December 2017

If I were to recommend a life coach in Los Angeles, it would be Brice Le Roux. I've worked with two coaches and one hypnotherapist in the past but none of them had the spectrum of tools that Brice has. The fact that he incorporates hypnosis into his work makes every session feel like a supercharged coaching session. The shifts you experience are so much faster and stronger than with any other form of coaching I have experienced. If you're having a hard time getting motivated, I strongly recommend you give Brice a call. You'll be glad you did! More...


Emmanuel S.

7 December 2017

Strongly recommend!I've heard about Hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try after a change in my career. Hectic schedule and lots of compromises resulting in a loss of energy, it was not fading away despite all the efforts. I went to see Brice Le Roux after a recommendation from a friend, was curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and it became one of this decision your future-self would thank you greatly for making.Brice makes you feel comfortable and is so focused on everything you say, it feels like he's reading your mind. After a serie of sessions, I learnt how to work on remapping my own brain with the alliance of the body and the mind and Brice's guidance and explanations are super effective and memorable as you become a lot more aware. I can see my career from a different perspective, which makes me more productive and most importantly happier. Thank you so much Brice! More...


Alexandra R.

27 November 2017

My first review ever, that's how much I enjoyed my sessions with Brice. I did some hypnosis therapy a few years ago with another hypnotherapist in Santa Monica but didn't get much out of it. My boss told me about Brice and how much he had helped her at some point in her life. She convinced me to give hypnotherapy another shot, and I'm so glad I did. Brice has been nothing short of amazing since my very first session. First, he is so nice. He instantly creates a space of trust that makes you feel safe and genuinely cared for. Second, the work I did with him was totally different from my experience with the other hypnotherapist, both during and between the sessions. My sessions with Brice have been the most healing experience, and the customized recordings he sends after each session have helped me stay on track in between sessions, especially when I'm not able to come in for a week or two. Change is all about follow through, and that's why Brice's method is so efficient. It's not a walk in the park, it sometimes feels like homework, but it works and that's all that matters. I've had just five sessions with him over the course of two months and already feel so much more confident. The shift I'm experiencing is just incredible. My boss noticed it and we now joke about "our little secret" :)If you're considering doing hypnotherapy in Los Angeles and are determined to make a change in your life, I highly recommend Brice's treatment and services. You'll be in great hands with him. I've sent two close friends his way and they're both loving it. Worth every penny, times ten. More...


Zaehringer L.

22 November 2017

As an artist, I was going through a rough patch creatively, mixed with other life troubles, cause we all know, all problems come at the same time!I went to see Brice, and first of all, I must say he is the best listener. He cares about what you're saying, he cares about you, and really wants to help you. He has a great analysis of things, and great knowledge of human minds, behaviors, and psychology in general. You know, some psychotherapists learned what they needed to learn to practice the profession, but they don't have the common sense that goes with it. With Brice, it feels like he was born to help others. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy really helped appease me, clearing my subconscious mind of all the blocages, questioning, fears, and anxiety that I had. He really made me dig deep in myself to find those keys of happiness. I would really recommend anyone looking for a life change, to go see him.And I mean... all the comments here speak for themselves...! More...


Sam B.

19 October 2017

After years of living in Los Angeles with constant stress and tension, I finally rediscovered what it means to feel calm in body and mind. I can't say enough good things about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The physical symptoms of stress I used to experience on a daily basis are pretty much gone, which has a positive ripple effect on so many aspects of my life. It is wonderful to get to experience first hand this inner peace self-help books constantly refer to; to realize with your own body and mind this is a state you too can achieve when provided with the right guidance. I honestly couldn't go back to my old way of life. What I have now, the way I feel, is just priceless. All I want to say is THANK YOU Brice for giving me my life back. You helped me reconnect with the person I am meant to be. I still count my blessings and you are one of them. More...


Jen W.

12 October 2017

I can't recommend Brice enough.  Through meeting with him once a week this year, my entire life really did shift in so many ways.Brice has a special skill of really listening.  This gives him the ability to rapidly pinpoint what he needs to put his focus on during the actual hypnotherapy process.  In other words, he is and does exactly what a great coach or hypnotherapist is supposed to be and do.I've seen a few coaches in Los Angeles and San Francisco over the past years and I am so relieved I finally found Brice.  His arsenal of coaching techniques is just incredible.  Hypnosis is a powerful one, but it is just one of the many tools he uses to help you get unstuck and quickly get on with your life.I guess meeting Brice was meant to be as thanks to the path he helped me open in my life, I am finally giving myself permission to take some much needed time off work and fulfill a lifelong dream of mine: a family vacation to France! More...


Oliver C.

11 September 2017

Life changing experience. For those of you who suffer from intense stress and anxiety, there is a way out of it. Hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy is such a powerful therapeutic tool. It doesn't magically work overnight like some people seem to think but I've been feeling so much better since starting this healing journey with Brice. It's like a weight has been taken off my chest and I can breathe again. Literally. Am I anxiety free for good? Only time will tell. What I know for a fact is how much better I feel now that I've done this work. I highly recommend Brice at Brice Le Roux Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Like I said, life changing experience. More...


Rachel A.

8 September 2017

Brice! Thank you again and again and again for everything you've been doing for me and my daughter. You've been helpful beyond compare and these few words are just the least I can do to express our profound gratitude for you. Like I said, you are so much more than just a coach or a therapist to us. I wish the world had more lights like you, Brice! Love, Rachel and Claire More...


Aubrey M.

28 June 2017

Brice is a gift.  Along with moving to Los Angeles when I was 17, doing hypnotherapy with him has been one the most empowering things I have ever done for myself.  In case you are wondering, therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy is nothing like the stage hypnosis that is commonly seen.  It is simply a state of focused concentration which helps make changes at a subconscious level.  And Brice is a master at it!I initially contacted him to work on my public speaking skills, but after a few sessions I realized I was getting so much more from this work.  As weird as it may sound, I literally felt like I was developing superpowers.  I have worked with a few coaches and read my fair share of self-help books over the past few years, but nothing compares to the work I have been doing with Brice.  Feeling more bold than ever and that is thanks to you, Brice!  Merci tres beaucoup and see you in two weeks! More...


Frankie B.

30 May 2017

Natural born coach! Brice is probably the most encouraging, energizing, motivating person I have ever come across. Aside from a genuine passion for what he does, his knowledge of the human mind and behavior makes him a one-of-a-kind coach. Three sessions with him and I feel like I could climb Everest. Looking forward to what's coming next! More...


Richard G.

25 April 2017

If you're seeking hypnotherapy in Los Angeles and want to work with a great professional who will do his absolute best for you, go see Brice. He's been nothing short of amazing for me, putting me back on track like no one was able to do before. I wish Yelp could allow their users to make a distinction between the usual five stars they give to a restaurant and the FIVE STARS (all caps intended) such a life changing service deserves. If you're in Los Angeles and looking for a great hypnotherapist, you'll be in great hands with Brice. More...


Elisa T.

21 March 2017

Brice is a true gem. I've experienced so many shifts in my life since I've started working with him. His knowledge of how the mind works never ceases to amaze me. So does his kindness and dedication to help his clients reach their goals. I love how he always makes sure I am keeping up with him when he starts explaining the subtleties of the human behavior. I wish I had started this work way earlier in my life but one thing I've learned with Brice is not to have regrets about the past. And that it's never too late to start being your best self and live the life you truly want for yourself....which is exactly what I am doing now!! More...


Sean Laurie

13 March 2017

I have been to Brice for hypnotherapy and more recently mindfulness. Both have been brilliant. Hypnotherapy to get rid of some limiting beliefs and mindfulness to help center myself and elevate my frequency. Cannot recommend Brice highly enough for both. More...


Jill T.

9 March 2017

Brice, wow, where do I begin? I'll start by saying he is one of the best listeners I've ever met. He is so easy to talk to, right from the get go. You can sense he is so understanding and non-judgmental. Also, he TRULY LOVES what he does and wants to help you get the quickest results possible. And very professional. He's absolutely wonderful.Why did I go? I suffered from lack of self-esteem as a child and it effects me today. I am confident overall but sometimes, deep down, in certain settings and situations I'm not. And I feel it effects my life more than I realize. I felt drawn to hypnosis and thought I'd give it a try.  I was right with my decision in choosing Brice. And he delivered more than I expected. He also makes you a nice recording which he edits with alpha beta (I think that's what it's called) music in the background for you to listen to before bed so the 'new you' really sinks in. And with his relaxing voice you drift off while soaking the reprograming in. More...


Susie L.

22 December 2016

Brice ticks all the boxes for what a therapist should be: friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, and compassionate. He helped me and my daughter navigate through a rough time and saying that he went above and beyond for us would be an understatement. I can't say enough wonderful things about Brice and highly recommend him for any anxiety-related issue or for whatever it is you're going through as I'm sure he could assist pretty much anybody facing life challenges. More...


Sean L.

16 December 2016

I was looking for a hypnotherapist in Los Angeles for my anxiety and found Brice online. I went with my gut and I'm so glad I did. I've been suffering from panic attacks for years and have tried a lot of coping mechanisms including prescription medication, talk therapy, meditation etc. It helped but nothing really stopped the anxiety attacks from coming on. Brice was able to give me simple techniques to stop my anxiety before it even presented itself. I've integrated them into my daily life which has helped tremendously. Long story short, I haven't had an anxiety attack in a couple of months now and I'm so grateful. Thanks for all your help, kindness and infinite patience, Brice! More...


Mark L.

1 December 2016

My therapist recommended I try hypnosis in the form of hypnotherapy for my anxiety. He helped me find Brice and I can never thank him enough for that. Brice is a talented hypnotherapist whom I recommend to anybody suffering from stress and anxiety in Los Angeles. If dealing with the symptoms doesn't get you anywhere, try hypnotherapy for yourself and start working on the root cause. One thing I've learned working with Brice is it is well worth taking a step into the unknown to see what you might get! More...


Chloe P.

26 November 2016

Not sure I'm comfortable talking about my "issues" here, but I really wanted to leave a glowing review for Brice for all the support he gave me throughout this year. No matter who you are or what you do, I really recommend speaking to him whenever you need help to move forward in life... No matter how stuck you feel, trust me, you'll be glad you did! More...


Lauren S.

21 November 2016

Brice has helped me on so many levels. Actually, pretty much everything in my life has gotten so much better since I've started working with him! From my weight, to my sleep, to my mood in general. I won't mention here every detail of the work we're doing. All I can say is that after too many years of semi efficient cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy was clearly the missing link for me as my mind and body are responding so well to it. So grateful for everything you're doing for me Brice and for always trying to accommodate my crazy schedule! More...


Michele D.

21 October 2016

Six months after seeing Brice for the first time, I am proud to say that I've dropped 21 lbs and completely shifted my outlook on life.I'm not sure what to start with as I feel that so much has happened in the past few months. From the get go, Brice was so easy to open up to. He helped me identify the underlying causes of my weight and it's probably why he so effective in addressing them. On a practical level, I started noticing results about two weeks into the process. One month into it, I had already dropped 6 lbs. Definitely a great start but I wanted more. Fast forward to three months later, I had dropped another 9 lbs. That's when I reached a plateau and started doubting myself. Brice was very supportive and understanding and really went above and beyond to help me overcome my frustration. And it worked, as I've since dropped an extra 6 lbs!Hypnotherapy did wonders for me. It helped me figure out so much about myself and achieve results I never thought I'd be able to achieve. Now my challenge is to maintain the weight but for the first time ever, I'm positive that I can do it. Thank you Brice for being so patient and encouraging along the way. In case you don't know it, you really are an amazing hypnotherapist and human being! More...


Tom S.

9 August 2016

Brice is one of the most supportive people I have ever met. One of the most knowledgeable and dedicated too. No matter what you're going through, he has a gift to make you see things from a different perspective and give you the strength to power through basically anything. I am talking from experience as I came  to him after a series of major setbacks with a very negative mindse and a self esteem level close to zero. I even remember wishing him good luck at the end of my first session as I sincerely thought I was a lost cause. Long story short, Brice has helped me rebuild my self confidence in a way that I would have never thought possible. Patiently, he helped me put one foot in front of the other and trust myself again. One day, one week, one month at a time. Unless you've experienced it yourself, it is hard to realize how challenging it is to rebuild self  belief when you've lost pretty much everything you had. When you look at your past successes and can't even believe you're the one who achieved them. Even worse, when you end up thinking that you didn't even deserve them and that your current situation is probably the one that describes best who you're really meant to be. That was my mindset, up until a few months ago. And here I am today, writing these words and being in the process of writing a book about my journey to hopefully help some who may undergo similar dark times.Although I'm well again now, I still see Brice once or twice a month and think I will for a long time. I wish everybody could experience what Brice helped me see: no matter how lost you feel, no matter how low you may have sunk, there is always hope and amazing people out there to help make a big difference in your life. More...


Loren M.

29 July 2016

This review is for Brice helping me get over my fear of public speaking. I have been looking for a hypnotherapist in the Los Angeles area close to my Santa Monica office and Brice had great credentials and a normal and modern looking website which was important to me. I had a good initial phone call with him and thought I would give it a try since it was impairing my ability to do my job at the highest level with a new promotion which required that I now lead a bunch of meetings and presentations - something I was not comfortable with at all.I have hated speaking in public for as long as I remember - my hands shaking uncontrollably, my voice cracking & trembling embarrassingly in front of everyone, and forgetting some of the major highlights of what I was prepared to say. This has haunted me from grade school all the way through college & grad school and continued to haunt me in my career until now. I'm not even a shy person, I just for some reason freak out when I am scheduled to speak in front of a group. Brice has helped me to not only get past the uncomfortable part of what I used to experience, but actually thrive and enjoy speaking in front of a group. I have gotten comments from colleagues and bosses who have complimented me and noticed a stark improvement to the way I used to perform.The "anchors" and prep tips Brice has given me work like a charm every time. I noticed results only after a couple of sessions and, after a few more sessions, I felt like a new and improved version of myself, confident, in control, and thoughtful in my speaking and presentations.On a practical note, Brice was extremely caring and patient with me, and he always tried to work around my schedule to make a time slot work. I am proud and truly grateful to have conquered something I thought I would carry with me for the rest of my life. Thanks, Brice! More...


Charlene Mae C.

23 June 2016

I can't express enough how grateful I am to Brice.  Although I was doing ok in my life, I knew it wasn't where I needed to be. There is a fear that held me back from me  being my best self. I have performance anxiety and it has really slowed my career in comedy. I have tried everything. All performance is 80%mental.  Since seeing Brice I have truly seen a change in my performance on stage. I don't shrink back like I used to. The truly amazing part is how much it has helped me in other areas of my life. I am lighter and happier since my sessions with Brice.  I never write reviews but feel I am truly grateful. I thank Brice for finally seeing results instead of just being frustrated. This truly has been a liberating experience. More...


Trevor W.

8 June 2016

If you're looking for a great hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, go see Brice.Having recently moved with my wife from Amsterdam to LA, it took us a while to adjust to the Cali way of life. The sun, the ocean, the mountains...that was the easy part. Adapting to the lifestyle...wayyy less easy, especially when you're coming from Amsterdam. And here's why. Q: What do most people do after work in Amsterdam? A: They have drinks at the pub and smoke all kinds of cigarettes. Q: What do most people do after work in Los Angeles? A: All sorts of things, but going to the pub and chain smoking between drinks is definitely not one of them!After a few months of smoking shamefully out the window of our condo, we started getting tired of it and decided to do something about it. A neighbor told us about Brice and we decided to give it a shot. That was three months ago.Since then, Brice helped the two of us to quit smoking and reduce our alcohol intake to only weekends. My wife saw Brice first and quit smoking within a month. I really commend her on that as I was still a smoker at the time.That's only when I saw how good she felt after quitting that I made my first appointment with Brice. Aside from helping me quit smoking, he helped me create all kinds of healthier habits. He gave me a follow-up plan to make sure I would be taking baby steps every day and it did (and still does!) wonders for me.For those who wonder how it feels to be in hypnosis, I would describe it as a state of relaxation so intense that you end up letting go of everything and focusing exclusively on the goal you're willing to achieve. At least that's the way my wife and I experienced it.If you want to experience it for yourself, you know who to call. As far as we're concerned, we love the state so much that we still listen to some of our recordings once or twice a week when we need to relax after work. Yes people, that's how good it feels! More...


Mike L.

2 June 2016

Finally writing an overdue review for Brice's performance coaching services. I have sought out performance coaching for my high-pressure, high-stakes job which demands a lot from me on a daily basis. I wanted to try something different from the traditional business coaching I have been enrolled in for a couple of years. It just wasn't getting me the results l needed. The hypnotherapy aspect of Brice's coaching intrigued me and rightly so since it got me quicker, more effective results after just a couple of months of working with him.I look forward to coming in every Friday to review my progress and plan my mental game for the following week. And also relax on this amazing reclining chair!My career and performance has been on point and improving week by week thanks to Brice. Recommend highly to any professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in their career. More...


Kary M.

30 March 2016

I am taking the time to write a detailed review of my experience with Brice, as I feel it deserves so much more than just a few words.Of course, Brice can help you lose weight or quit smoking, like most hypnotherapists do. I know that 1st hand as he helped my own brother stop smoking last year, after 15 years or so of smoking and vaping like a chimney. But he can do SO MUCH MORE than that. I met Brice as I was going through an extremely challenging time, both personally and professionally. Since the very first session I had with him, Brice has proven that he was not only a skilled hypnotherapist, but also a wonderful guide. He always found the words to help me reconnect with the best part of me. With the person I am meant to be. Including in between sessions, where he always took the time to answer my messages and send me some supporting words when I needed some reassurance.One thing I was not aware of when I first got started is that hypnotherapy (at least the way Brice practices it) is not only about the work you do during sessions. It is also about what you do IN BETWEEN SESSIONS. And that's where Brice's method makes a huge difference. Not only does he make an audio recording of each session, but he always has new tools and techniques for you to practice in between sessions. By far the most valuable "homework" I've ever had!I am a living proof that if you do your part, Brice's protocol will provide you with spectacular results. Life changing ones as far as I'm concerned. My colleagues and my usually highly critical family members have all noticed the change in my behavior, and I can't even tell you how good it feels to hear their encouraging words.Nothing had ever clicked for me the way it has since I've started this journey with Brice. If you want to get better at making things happen in your life, it may be time to give him a call. That may be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself. More...


Marine L.

14 March 2016

If there is anything you've ever wanted to shift in your life, just sign up with Brice immediately! No idea what hypnotherapy is? I guess we've all been there. Including myself before I met Brice about a year ago. One year later, there's one thing I know: if you're willing to make the change (and do your homework!!), hypnotherapy will get you fast and solid results. All the things I wanted to change, from the little ones to the big elephant sized ones, I did. "The secret of change is to focus not on fighting the old but on building the new." If those words resonate with you, I suggest you go and see Brice as he's for sure one of the absolute best at helping people build the new!Marine More...


Maggie K.

9 March 2016

Doing hypnotherapy with Brice was one of the greatest gifts I've ever been granted. He enabled me to clear of my subconscious mind and get to the root of my blockages, fears, insecurities that were in the way of my dreams manifesting. I had never done hypnosis before him and had my reservations, which were squashed immediately upon being in his presence. Brice is professional while very personable and relatable. He genuinely cares about his clients, which is something to be valued. I would highly recommend Brice for anyone and everyone. Whether you're at the beginning of your soul journey or the end, he is the gift you've been looking for. More...


Benjamin G.

5 February 2016

I'm a very stressed startup founder who needs to keep a confident and determined face in front of my investors, partners & employees.The story being always different that the reality, I've a high level of anxiety.Brice is a true fixer. He helped me overcome my doubts and be even better at my job.What makes him different? He just cares. But more importantly, he's excellent at what he does- He got a deep understanding of what I needed and used that knowledge to give me answers to questions I didn't dare to ask to myself.My friends HIGHLY  recommended him, and now I understand why.Since I started to have sessions with him, my motivation and ambition are back to maximum, and the result in my personal and professional life are impressive.Just call him and see for yourself! More...


Dharam D.

22 January 2016

Hey, if you are looking for an awesome and incredible hypnotherapist, I found one in LA who is amazing! His name is Brice Le Roux and the results are amazing!!! Epic progressive relaxations and ecstatic post-hypnotic suggestions!!!I've not only experienced the power of his soothing and healing voice, but I have seen other clients of mine who have seen him experience phenomenal results. I do Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy and Brice referred me a few clients. I must say I've seen all of them go off and do amazing things like travel and tour the world after letting go of fear and anxiety. Brice has an understanding of the human psyche and the subconscious mind that surpasses most of the hypnotherapists in LA who have just a passing interest in the practice of hypnosis and healing. I know that this is Brice's true calling in life and his dedication to continuing his education in the field is at the highest level. I respect Brice's universal approach to understanding the human condition and compassion for all human beings. Brice will put your mind at ease and teach you how to feel comfortable in your own skin. I recommend Brice in full confidence for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. You will be pleasantly surprised and happy you called him to set an appointment. More...


Alex D.

20 December 2015

Let me start off by saying that this review is long overdue. I went to see Brice last spring because I hit a roadblock while I was supposed to be studying for the bar exam (happening in July). I just couldn't focus on studying and felt pretty rundown after 3 years of intense law school. I knew I had to put in a few hours every day but just couldn't bring myself to get going. I was procrastinating and doing everything possible to not study.I found Brice online (while I was procrastinating) and figured it couldn't hurt to invest in a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with him and see if it could help at all. I spoke to him on the phone and made an appointment at his West LA office. The location was super convenient for me and parking was easy. I was really surprised at how relaxing the session was and at how comfortable his office was - he even let me take my shoes off - haha. After a couple of sessions I woke up every day with motivation to study that didn't exist before. I really apreciated the recordings he sent afterward and found them to be really helpful. The long and the short of it is that he really helped me change my study habits and I probably wouldn't have been able to pass the bar without this help. Thanks, Brice. More...