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I offer in home personal training, triathlon coaching, run coaching, virtual fitness and nutrition coaching and am in the process of expanding to include one on one and small group yoga sessions.

Recent projects include helping a client lose 20lbs in 3 months, coaching two athletes with no triathlon experience for an Ironman in 35 days ?


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Steph W.

8 September 2018

I did a 3 month virtual training program with Briana... and it was awesome!! It was everything I was looking for plus more. I have a very busy/unpredictable work schedule, so doing group trainings or consistent personal training simply does not work. I wanted virtual workouts so I could do them from home or the gym whenever I wanted - whether it be 5am or 10pm. After 3 months with Briana's workouts, my physical fitness level was noticeably different; it increased significantly. I was able to run longer, do more pushups/sit-ups, and I lost some weight. Briana's workouts were challenging but doable. I always got in a good sweat and felt a little stronger each time. Briana did daily check ins with me, and was understanding of my likes/dislikes. She kept me motivated, and helped me with my diet. The workouts were tailored to MY abilities. But most of all, having the workouts kept me focused in the gym instead of using random machines/doing random exercises. I would highly recommend if you have a busy schedule (like me) and you're trying to get into shape. More...


Alicia C.

30 August 2018

Briana is a true pro. While she put me through the paces, when she left I had a smile on my face (with shaky legs). As crazy as as it may sound I can't wait for my next session.


I believe eating a healthy diet is contributes about 80% to your health and wellbeing. Regardless of how much physical activity you do or do not do, eating a healthy diet is crucial for results, overall wellness and health.

I help my clients achieve their goals by providing custom workouts, text/email support, and encourage small changes to daily habits that add up to big results.

My secret is to love your body as it is now, move every single day, and be kind to yourself in your words and actions. For me it's not about looking a certain way, but having the ability to run with my dogs, go on hikes, swim in the ocean or ride my bike for a really long time.

I love that I get to help others achieve their goals, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a client run their first 5k, complete their first triathlon or complete a tough workout.

Fitness can be intimidating for some, I was terrified the first time I stepped into a gym. I want others to know that you are not confined by the walls of a facility or limited by your equipment. Great workouts can happen anywhere with little or no equipment and results can be achieved with a little bit of effort everyday.

If you're looking to start a fitness routine, want to shed a few pounds, looking to build strength, or training for an event, I can help you reach your goals.