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Breville Media Solutions is the marketing arm for Breville Media Group, a company whose focus is in the development and promotion of reality-based concepts paired with money-making digital sales funnels designed to establish a viral-friendly completely branded asset that can be sold to networks for profit.


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2 August 2019

Call them up pitch them my idea they liked it, but its almost impossible to get in contact with these people you can try there 800 number and no one picks up. I spoke to one of there guys name will, who never calls back or answer his cell phone doesn't even return text. I even tried to email them and the never do that as well. They dont even have the courtesy to say there not interested. I pitch them, they wanted to move forward but not sure what happen very very unprofessional More...

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Comprehensive content that speaks to the needs of your audience and offers compelling, immediate and easy-to-follow solutions is what makes a website good. However, a website with a built-in strategy to optimize the user experience and explore and exploit opportunities to present new offers and bring more added value to the marketplace while increasing your revenue is what makes a website great!

What is the structure of the business? How is your mousetrap designed?
What are their goals? short term and long term?
What is their brand and USP?
What steps are they currently using to build awareness and reach prospects?
What is the current customer feedback?

Our creative process is simple, we learn and understand the current process for your business and identify what is working from what is not, expose the low hanging fruit, and begin strategizing, developing and testing.

The result?

A magnetic message about your product or service strategically designed to intrigue and attract a wide audience of ready-to-buy customers, as we present your brand-new highly attractive, hard to resist or refuse, message through only the most responsive forms of media.

Details on their business: Product or service?
USP: What is the unique selling point your product or service offers?
Type Medium: Online, Physical storefront, or both?
Current E-mail sequence?
How they follow up with customers?

Creating win-win situations for the most amount of people.

We love strategizing and establishing mechanisms through the creative process that cause people to take immediate action. Watching a campaign come to life and seeing orders and repeat orders from satisfied, happy, customers in real time gratifies us tremendously.

After years of industry experience, It was a combination of multiple factors that include but is not limited to, seeing unfulfilled areas in the marketplace, and knowing how to create interest as well as how to lead people to come to the pre-determined conclusions we want them to have about a specific product or service that will ultimately cause them to take the necessary actions we want them to take which will ensure our success.

Coupled with the Zig Ziglar notion that you can have everything you want in life if you simply help enough other people get what they want and know ing the critical importance of value and opportunity. The trick is not to just know what people want, but in knowing how to present it to them so that they make the right decision for themselves that your product or service is perceived in their minds as THE absolute WANT OR NEED, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, MUST HAVE, RIGHT NOW product or service.

Earning money through the exchange of creativity that offers value and establishes life-long trust and loyalty from customers is the most inspiring thing to witness in any business.

Any brief consultation with us will result in the question being not why your clients should choose us? But when they see, feel and carefully consider all the monetary benefits they'll reap from the experience of working with us... then the question will then become; can your clients afford not to choose us?