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If you're a Business Owner or Entrepreneur who wants to scale your business wiser, faster, & with less stress then I'm here to champion you!

My proven system based on my book, Let's Talk Strengths will help you grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer.


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James McCaleb

27 December 2018

Awesome page and posts. Must share with everyone.


Beth Chapman Kaufmann

15 November 2018

His experience, insight and passion to see his client's succeed is the incredible value he brings to each person. Two thumbs up!


Greg Gomel

21 March 2018

Brent has a great heart for helping others and has been paying it forward for some time. Please reach out to him and he'll be glad to chat with you about your goals and how to see if he can help you with reaching them!


Sherri Osterlund

8 November 2017

I’ve had the privilege of coaching with Brent since 2/16. His style is focused and encouraging and sets a high standard for growing a coaching practice. He also meets people where they are and helps them move towards where they want to be , at their own pace. #somejourneystakelonger More...


Anthony Morsella

27 September 2017

Brent O'Bannon's, Strengths Coach Masterclass was an impactful and empowering learning experience! Brent is a world class coach and it was evident as he mentored us through the foundational essentials to launching a lucrative coaching business. Great resources were shared as well! I can truly say it was well worth my time and financial investment. Grateful for the experience and look forward to applying what I learned to get off to a great start! Thanks Brent More...


Craig Trombly

19 September 2017

Brent is an outstanding coach. And, the Strengths Coach Master Class has been fabulous. I have so much helpful information for launching my coaching and workshop business, that I highly recommend the class.


Eugene C. Taylor

18 September 2017

Brent is truly a coach. He uses coaching tools effectively, helping you to see your capabilities and bringing them into play. He challenges you to be at your best by providing eye opening ideas and concepts. More...


John Maloney

18 September 2017

Just completed week eight of Brent O'Bannon's nine week Strengths Coach Masterclass. All I can say is, "Wow, I have learned so much!" Brent's willingness to share with the class his in depth knowledge and best practices for building a Strengths Coaching business has been excellent. In fact, Brent personally coached me through my first proposal for an organization with 750+ employees. My proposal was accepted, and I now have my very first client. Without Brent's wise counsel, I would not have had the confidence or know how to move forward so quickly. More...


Mary Proctor

18 September 2017

Brent is a superb Coach. He is a great listener and really tunes into your needs, strengths, and goals. I leave our calls inspired, motivated and feeling supported. As an entrepreneur who is starting my own coaching business, I took Brent's Masterclass and it's proven to be INVALUABLE. I feel it would have taken me years to learn, through hard experience, the things I have in just a few months. He's incredibly generous with his expertise, tools of the trade, as well as his coaching. I can't recommend him (or the Masterclass) highly enough. More...


Claudette Peterson

18 September 2017

I learned a lot about StrengthsFinder Coaching and Builder Profile 10 (BP10) Coaching from Gallup. But I am learning how to establish our coaching business from Brent O'Bannon in his Strengths Coach Masterclass. Brent shares his experience regarding the nuts and bolts through a series of 9 weekly Webinars. I enjoy the handouts that Brent shares with us. I look forward to the live sessions, but I can review each session by listening to the recording. This Masterclass has been well worth the money and the time that I invested in my participation! More...