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Jennifer Saloom

21 June 2018

Mark is fantastic to deal with!


Lisa Graber

21 June 2018

Mark is excellent at what he does for a living and he will take care of your duct work needs. He is honest and fair and if your Ducts don't need cleaning and they are fine he doesn't charge anything for coming to check them out!! :) if they are completely filthy like mine were (previous homeowner was here 50 years and never had it done) he will show you by camera and tell you exactly what needs to be done and make it happen! Mark and his team are helpful in every way and I will refer them to clients who need his service on a regular basis. More...


Jackie May

6 May 2018

They did a great job! The air smells fresher and the four men were so nice. I usually feel uncomfortable with men I don't know working in my home but I did not feel that way at all with them! Would highly recommend them!


KP Plummie

9 April 2018

Everyone professional caring individuals. Did a fantastic job. I can now “breathe cleaner air” because of them! Thank you for helping me take the best care of my family!


Courtney Stilley Morgan

4 April 2018

Mark is top notch; transparent, super flexible, and very conscientious. Highly recommend!


Ted Riggs

22 March 2018

Before calling mark to come out to work his magic, our home had a dusty old smell. We notice that dust was collecting on furniture and other things. I had actually caught pneumonia twice in the past 4 years. My wife had bronchitis on numerous occasions as well. One day, we just had enough and called mark and his fantastic crew. They arrived on time and please let me say, these guys are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable about their job. Mark explained everything to us exactly what was going to take place. They were very careful in moving their equipment around furniture. After everything was done, my wife and I notice a 100% difference in the air quality in our home. Even slept better then I’ve slept in a long time. If youre experiencing some of the same problems, call mark before you call anybody else. Mark, from my wife and I, we say thank you so much and may God bless you Ted&Pam More...


Elizabeth 'Elibby' Harrison

5 February 2018

Called on Saturday & scheduled appointment. They were able to come before. Cleaned out my vent and replaced only a portion. Thanks!


Bill Debbie Laughinghouse

25 November 2017

Had the air ducts cleaned in our house. Could not believe how much of a difference it made !!! No more allergy problems !! Without a doubt, would recommend this company ! More...


Patricia Dixon

24 October 2017

Absolutely the best. There was a musty smell coming from our vents. Since Mark and TJ came to clean and sanitized the duct work, the smell is gone. I don’t wake up in the morning all stuffy in the sinus. I honestly think this was the best money we spent especially when it comes to health and well being. I would highly recommend them. Thank you Mark. It was really a pleasure to meet you. More...


Sherri Randall

7 June 2017

Awesome service! Quick to contact and set up appointment. They went above and beyond on great customer service. We knew the dryer had not been working well but had no idea how bad the situation was. After Mark came to our house it was found the hose had come undone from the back of the dryer and their was a lot of lint behind the washer and the dryer. They also checked in the attic. This could have caused a fire and we can now rest easy knowing our dryer ducts are clean and safe. Thank you for such a professional job. We would recommend you to anyone! Great job More...


Steve Little

1 February 2016

This is an excellent service , whether you have a new home or one with some age get the vents cleaned ! It makes a huge difference ...Mark Berry has an excellent service ! More...


Marsha Spain Fuller

9 February 2015

Breathe Cleaner Aire came to Richlands this morning to take care of a problem with my dad's dryer vent. Ryan and TJ were extremely courteous and knowledgeable and went above and beyond to take care of the issue. Afterwards, they gave us an excellent view of the ductwork (my dad's house and mine) at no charge, then an estimate of what it would cost to have the ductwork thoroughly cleaned. Breathe Cleaner Aire has fair prices and excellent service. I highly recommend this company! More...

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