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Belltown, Connecticut

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Belltown, Connecticut


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1 June 2018

This gym is *it*. I drive an hour in 95 traffic just to get here. BreakThru has literally everything to offer. The trainers are beyond incredible and understand people of ALL different needs. There is so much offered at this gym, beyond equipment. I was never one to be caught in a gym before I walked into BreakThru but now I found a place I really fit in. More...


Jen Lord

6 February 2018

Awesome gym! Such friendly people and the Krav Maga classes are great!!!


Anastasia Pryanikova

5 February 2018

I first came to Break Thru when my daughter was about 2 years old and I wanted to join a yoga class. Now, 10 years later, I am still there. I have been doing Krav Maga for several years now. It is a great self-defense system and an intense workout. Tom is an amazing instructor. It is a serious training in a friendly and supportive environment. I also do group training with Kim. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring personal trainer, who gets results. The workouts are always varied. Kim even provides customized meal plans to keep us healthy and energized. When I go the gym on my own, I like that the machines always use your own body weight in addition to regular weights - I feel, they are more effective. The biggest asset of Break Thru though is its people - they are family, they listen and care, and truly want you to be healthy and happy! More...


Suzanne Morgera

20 January 2018

What can I say about this wonderful place; the owners - Kim and Tom - are two of the nicest people and very accommodating. I initially came to try Krav Maga (Groupon purchase) and was a bit hesitant but Tom (instructor) Is a welcoming and patient teacher! I also do small group training with Kim (very knowledgeable about fitness and health in general) and on my own time, I can use their gym equipment and infrared sauna (total destressor)!
They offer many other classes for kids and adults of all abilities!
This is not your typical gym; it’s a family of friends and I’m so thankful I found them.


Christina Genc

15 April 2017

Great gym. Good instructors. Clean and quiet. Awesome!


Cynthia Lupo

29 November 2013

I've been going to this gym for coming up 2 years now, and it's become a family. Sure, some people have come and gone, but the moment you arrive, you're one with the group. :)

It's insanely good at inspiring confidence, everyone's there to help one another, and there has never been a moment where I wasn't having fun or working hard.

Here's to many more years of BreakThru!


Kevin Williams

8 October 2013

Break Thru is a true hidden gem. Tom and Kim are very welcoming and kind, but dont let that fool you! Tom is The Man when it comes to Krav Maga in CT. I have tried many martial arts and felt i would need to dedicate years of my life to get to a level of confidence. One lesson of Krav Maga will leave you sweaty, tired, and hungry for more. Krav Maga is a very practical defense technique and you will leave each class feeling that you can apply something of what you learned to a real life defense situation. Your confidence will soar, and you will have more control over your body then ever before. I wish I studied Krav as crosstraining when I was a younger, competitive hockey player.
The workouts are intense, and if you like to work hard they are amazingly rewarding. The members of BreakThru are all great people from many walks of life. There is a sense of family in the gym as everyone is there with similar goals. They have a ton of classes to offer in yoga, boxing, Krav Maga, great classes for the kids and more. Kim will work with you to find a plan that works, they couldnt be more generous with their pricing matrix. If you are looking around for something new You gotta take a class at Break Thru Family Fitness!


Amira Chaghlil

21 May 2013

first impressions are EVERYTHING.. one class... that's all it takes for a person to know if they liked it or not... and i LOVED it. never done Krav Maga before, but i have always hated the gyms with their rows of machines that makes me feel like a lab rat. but not here.... here i worked out with people, got real time feedback from Tom and great advise from Kim, so worth the 30 min drive. I will be back for more for sure, and you SHOULD check it out. More...


Roberta Cohen

21 January 2013

We have had our son Andrew train at Break Thru Family Fitness for about six months. We love Kim and Tom. Andrew does personal training once a week and Krav Maga or Boot Camp once a week or so. Our experience with Break Thru has been wonderful. Kim and Tom really care about the kids and have really encouraged Andrew to get fit. He has great time whenever he goes and looks forward to it. We are very happy with Break Thru and recommend it to anyone who wants to get fit in an encouraging and supportive environment. I work out with Paul Sandalo in the same facility and have had a great experience, as well. Kim's dog, Valentine, is beautiful and well-behaved. It is a pleasure to be part of the Break Thru family. More...

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