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#BreakingRecords Fitness provides the services on one of the following

Strength and Conditioning Personal Training (1:1 only)
Express Group Training (Fitness Classes and Group Personal Training)
Athletics Coaching
Lorisian and Nutrition


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Shelly Pope

Friendly atmosphere.... mixture of all abilities in the group ... no one takes themselves to seriously... work out to your own ability


Zoe Birt

Been attending Necton bootcamp for 6 weeks
First few times I could of easily quit as I struggled and was very unsure
But I'm now completing the circuits set now , not giving up like I did
And the results been amazing already , I've toned up , feel so good & so much fitter
So don't give up keep going as it all worth it in the end :-)

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There is no secret or magic wands to dream the body that most people want. It's all down to hard work, determination and success. Or as i like to say differently is.... Power, Aggression and Desire!

Working with people that are passionate about fitness and like minded rather.

What inspires me is a movie called "The Pursuit of Happyness" which Chris Gardner pushed his own limits as a trainee stock broker by sleeping rough and looking after his own son single handed in the 80's to today what we know him owning his successful stock broker business.

As for me, I started out as a newly qualified PT and unsuccessfully finding myself full time work in the fitness industry for a few years, I turned myself to running my own business from scratch. After trial and error what works for clients, guidance from expert businesses and finding the perfect solution which benefits all customers. I created the one only service that doesn't separate communication between the two and focuses on all members as a group that I what to achieve and get the best out of the individual's potential.

Our clients choose us because they put the effort into their own fitness, health and wellbeing! Why not check our testimonials for a review of our clients on what they've said about us - http://www.breakingrecordsfitness.co.uk/testimonials