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We offer Brazilian Martial Arts self defense , personal training, group training for adults, kids and teens.
Through the Brazilian Martial Arts Capoeira I am able to get results to all my clients, no matter what are your goals. If you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, firm, build up muscle or a Butt lift, I will get you to work for every sweat that drops.


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Rachana P Shah

5 April 2018

I came into Brazilian Capoeira NY at a fitness level of “rock bottom”. I was worried I’d be out of my league, but that wasn’t the case at all. It’s an extremely welcoming environment and the instructor, Professor Anderson, adapts the exercises to every experience level in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable. Capoeira uses calisthenics, so after just 6 weeks since I’ve started, I already feel stronger without lifting a weight. I’ve gained more confidence as well, as we learn to fight and defend ourselves (which in my case is something I’ve never done before). We even spend a little time each class learning the music and culture around capoeira (using the real instruments). More than anything, it’s FUN!! It’s a community and most times I don’t even feel like it’s work. If you have an open mind and are up for challenging your body and mind, I highly recommend Brazilian capoeira with Professor Anderson! More...

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Based upon their goals , we help them to get there the right and thruthful way

To have a true commitment with your self and your trainer

Teach and see clients happy with their results . Also to teach and share the Brazilian Culture with the world

To have the ability to make my own hours and freedom to be with my family

I am not here to tell them what they want to hear, but yet to get them where they want to go