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Pinole, Contra Costa County

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Pinole, Contra Costa County



I am the DJ for the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium. I'm also a mix show dj / producer for the Radio Bassment show which is syndicated on 99.7NOW San Francisco, 104.3NOW Las Vegas, 93.9 TheBeat Hawaii, 97.7KRCK Palm Springs, 101.9AMP Orlando, and U97 Salt Lake City.

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Josephine D. Xiong

18 May 2018

Came here for the RSAC bash. Place was transformed with lights, dancing robots, mixologist demos, food stations, VR experience and more!


Paul Frields

11 May 2018

Company event here, with Weezer as the highlight entertainment. Sound was phenomenal, staff was kind and congenial, and the whole place was a great environment. Capped off a fantastic visit to San Francisco. More...


Villardo Marilao III

17 March 2018

This venue is amazing just wish they open the doors a little more earlier before a show so we don't miss the opening band from waiting in line to get in


Sara A

14 March 2018

Very cool place, went to a concert here last week and had a great time. Feels very open and spacious like a ballroom and it was the perfect setting to stay out of the rain. Also really clean and well kept from what I could tell, was impressed! More...


Ashley Delgadillo

18 February 2018

Security actually do their job which is great. No parking for this venue unless you want to get to the parking lot across the street early- when we arrived parking was $50. Ended up parking 20 mins away. They only let you exit out of one door? Even though the place is surrounded by exits, youd think they'd want us out faster. Think of a giant gymnasium, that's this place. More...


Marcos Garcia

30 January 2018

Very spacious and well kept. I went for POP NYE and had a blast. You just have to be okay with gender neutral bathrooms.


Louis Villa

11 January 2018

Excellent concert venue. Security is strict but not overly up tight. Usually has good DJs on their list


christopher lloyd

30 December 2017

Amazing! Huge! Historic! Professional events with all the amenities! Highly recommend catching an event here! You'll have has fun! Impressive.


Adam Crocker

20 December 2017

Great venue, location, historic building. Huge restrooms!


David Sabistina

9 November 2017

Awesome events, especially for folks over shows at the BGC


Daniel Basques

23 October 2017

Great atmosphere enjoyed watching boxing there.


Corey Strock

3 August 2017

Great Tour! Tons of awesome stuff to see and the stories are good as well. It definitely gets the imagination going ;)


Gabriel Farlow

19 April 2017

Sexy times... that's all I'm gonna say. kink you will be missed. They are still gonna be around, just not here. It's a complicated story. Basically they are losing money due to production costs. & the city of San Fran wants a change here too. It's no hard feelings or anything like that. I was here during the Folsom fair back in 2015. I met a lot of empowered independent thinking people of all kinds. I met so many amazing people, that was all before I got my first smart phone. If I had one back then, I would've taken a million pictures of all the places I went to, including of course kink. I can't say what I saw or what happened. All I can say is there are many amazing independent sexually empowered people who live in the bay area. That's all I can say about that. Cali is a great state, & the bay area is good too. Kink I say to thee...you will be missed. Peace & love for ever to you all. Oh and one last thing. The armory has amazing look & history to it. I just find it so strange that it use to be a national guard place. Given its recent history, I find that difficult to imagine. More...


Keith Lutz

21 February 2017

Had a fun time here. Very professionally done tour with a good mixture of history of the building, the story of the business, and the production facilities. One hour fifteen minutes for the tour was just about right, and they gave warning to use the bathroom facilities before we began. Pleasantly surprised they not only allow but encourage photography and interacting with some of the sets. If this is your thing it's worth the trip. More...


Gareth Gabb

14 December 2016

I mean what isn't to like about this place. Been 4 or 5 times and always have a good time. Know what its current use is before you go there otherwise you might be in for a surprise. That being said they offer a lot of great classes and support for the community. Keep it up Armory. More...

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