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Leslie S.

22 August 2019

Dr. Fallahpour  was a God sent. He diagnosed and treated my then 6 yr old son for absence seizures resulting from a concussion. For 2 years I  ran my son from specialist to specialist (neurologist, cardiologist,  etc) no one could figure out what was wrong with him until we met Dr. Fallahpour. The referral that changed our lives for the better.  From that initial phone call we had his full attention & care. Dr. F. himself took the time to hear the unsuccessful journey we had been on with all the other doctors. Without yet seeing my son he knew what his diagnosis would be, what I couldn't get in 2 years from any doctor. He gave us an immediate appt and was honest about what the treatment would entail and how long it would take for us to see results. He was pretty accurate although, I saw results sooner than he had promised! Now my son at 9 yrs old is pretty much seizure free. Dr. F. is brilliant, he & his staff are amazingly caring and attentive.  I have to mention that the neurofeedback treatment not only treated the seizures but there were other benefits ie: no more eyeglasses after 3 mos of treatment - Amazing! More...


Alexa Sklar

8 August 2019

I experienced a chronic pain disorder for years that prevented me from going to school, spending time with friends, and even sleeping. After visiting 70+ doctors, taking medication, and having surgery twice, no one could even diagnose my disorder. My mom found the Brain Resource Center online and took me in for the brain mapping and Neuropsych evaluation. After my first session, I remember walking home feeling less pain than I had in years. Several months later the pain completely dissipated. The talk sessions with Dr. Fallahpour were also incredibly helpful - he’s empathetic, an amazing listener, and gave me tools to help deal with anxiety, which was a side effect of my illness. I am now in college as a premed student, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to do this without Dr. Fallahpour and the incredible staff at the Brain Resource Center. I’m forever grateful to them! More...


Sarah B.

7 May 2019

I've been coming to see Dr. Fallahpour for almost about a year now. I can't put into words how much my life has turned around. I was seeing a therapist before for a bout two years and I eventually felt I hit a wall with that situation, so I came to Brain Resource Center, interested In neurotherapy and the brain mapping. I've done nuero, talk and hypno sessions with Dr. Fallahpour, the neuro has helped me with my generalized anxiety and my sleep. The talk sessions really helped me break through and understand myself and my subconscious behaviors in order to create new, healthy patterns in my life. The hypno sessions helped me with my issues of discouragement I have in my life, every time I have a hypno session here, I leave feeling on top of the world! Every session is different and we mix in neuro with talk or neuro with hypno, some days we focus on life goals, and future plans. Dr. Fallahpour is an amazing life coach and really helps get the gears moving for accomplishing my goals and knows a lot about entrepreneurship. I can't thank the team enough for the great things I've experienced the past year. More...


Sarah Rain

26 March 2019

Absolutely love Dr. Kamran, he and team are wonderful. He knows what he’s doing and has an outstanding treatment program. I’ve always left the center feeling way better and cannot wait to come back for treatment one of these days. You can trust him and know you’ll be getting the best care. More...


Guy Amster

26 December 2018

Highly recommended.


Lilly M

28 August 2018

A horrendous car accident left me with traumatic brain injury, which affected my memory, language, attention, and organization skills. I couldn't remember or learn anything new. Needless to say, I was in desperate need of regaining cognitive function so I could hold down my intellectually demanding job. After extensive research, I found Brain Resource Center founded by Dr. Fallahpour. He has extensive knowledge in psychology, applied neuroscience, psychotherapy, and hypnosis. The combination of computer-brain interface, talk therapy, and hypnosis has improved my brain plasticity immensely. It's the equivalence of working out your brain cells in the gym. I now feel sharp, witty, articulate and focused. Thanks to his care, my brain has recovered at lightning speed. What also kept me coming back to the center is the warm and caring staff. I work mostly with Jess and Kelly who are efficient and flexible when it comes to scheduling around my busy work commitments. I recommend that everyone (with or without TBI) visit Brain Resource Center to improve focus, get a sharper brain, and reduce stress. After all, the brain is the most important organ. More...


andres b

25 May 2018

Drastic improvement of brain function. Excelent Service.


Sheila P. Johnson

25 May 2018

I suffered from clinical depression with mood disorder, severe anxiety and insomnia for many years. Other therapy, including medication, yielded limited benefits. Neurofeedback training has stabilized my mood and my depression and anxiety are gone. My memory and focus have also vastly improved. It's as if my brain has been rebooted. My family and friends have witnessed my transformation and seen what drug free therapy can do. I owe my profoundest gratitude to Kamran Fallahpour, PhD. More...


Rownak Ahmed

25 May 2018

I am really satisfied. They are professional and excellent services.


David Bychkov

25 May 2018

Dr. Fallahpour is a brilliant, patient and thoughtful psychologist. I cherish the time that I have spent collaborating with him on projects.


Claudia Zajac

25 May 2017

Dr. Fallahpour has transformed my life.The staff at Brain Resource Center is very professional and friendly. After consistently coming to the office for the past year I can confidently say that I am in a better place in my life then I could have ever imagined. He was so genuinely invested in my progress and I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. More...

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