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BR Centre specializes in electrical wiring, automation systems (intelligent buildings), security, burglary, alarm and CCTV systems in single-family and multi-family homes, hotels, sports halls, office and corporate buildings.

We provide complete electrical wiring, automation and monitoring installations at the stage of building construction as well as during building expansion or renovation.



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We use only the highest quality components (wires, sockets, circuit protectors) as well as alarms (manufactured by Satel) and CCTV (Panasonic) components. Our team of experienced technicians works quickly and efficiently.

We don't use cheap, unknown brand products.
We have been installing complete wiring, security, CCTV and smart home systems since 2008 and we have a staff of experienced employees.

Why choose us?
Ensure a trouble-free installation for many, many years instead of systematically reporting defects and problems.


BR Centre offers repairs of all high-end, professional, broadcast, DSLR and CCTV equipment manufactured by Sony, Panasonic or JVC for UK and Ireland customers. Quick diagnosis, free estimates and quick repair turnaround. We keep a stock of many common replacement parts therefore some repairs can be performed in a few hours. Our UK workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform adjustment after repair, like lens collimators, adjustment software, dust -free tent for lens repairs, waveforms and vectoroscopes, digital oscilloscopes, etc. We use only original spare parts delivered directly from manufacturer’s warehouse and additionality we offer original Sony and Panasonic spare parts at exceptionally low prices. You’re welcome to visit us or you can send your defective equipment by mail or courier. Every repair is covered with warranty.

BR Centre specializes in automation systems (intelligent buildings). We provide complete electrical, control, automation and monitoring installations at the stage of building construction as well as during building expansion or renovation. Typical components of the control system and building automation are: Temperature sensors in rooms Humidity and barometric pressure sensors Sun and light condition sensor Embedded computer for archives (measurements of temperature, pressure, motion detectors) Standard light switches on the walls Integration with security and video surveillance systems Measurement and archive of electric energy and water consumption Control modules for shutters and blinds Modules for air conditioners and AV equipment wireless control Lawn irrigation control

Electrical wiring in private houses and commercial buildings is our favorite job. For new builds, we provide a complete electrical installation with the expert advice end excellent workmanship. For existing installations or when building an extension we provide a complete rewiring and update to the latest wires, earthing and sockets standards. Every installation is divided into multiple smaller subsections (partitions) like kitchen, floors, rooms, bathrooms, garage, exterior, both for lighting and sockets. In case of electric device failure in one section, all the rest of building is still powered and illuminated. We utilize only the top quality components and wires. There is no point saving on these devices as these are critical components in every installation. Everything is professionally arranged inside a consumer unit (fuse box) with easily readable labels. All our work meets industry safety standards and is completed with tests and certification.