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Windsor, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

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Boutiqo Events

Windsor, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

2 hires on Bark.com


I offer a bespoke mobile DJ service for:

Weddings ~ Private Parties ~ Birthdays ~ Corporate Events ~ PR & Fashion Events ~ Nightclubs

I am based in Berkshire, but cover all of London and the surrounding areas too.

Customer service and satisfaction really is at the heart of everything I do.


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27 May 2019

Stephanie was the DJ for our work summer party. She was excellent! Very organised, so easy to get in touch with and came early to the venue to set up. Everyone loved the music and had a great time. Thank you stephanie! More...

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Definitely be able to 'read' the crowd properly. Play what THEY want! So making sure I play their requests in a timely manner,
If no requests are being made, I have a very successful formula I call 'Music Mapping' whereby, I know the popular chart songs that will keep different people dancing, then I will mix it up a little, and get more people involved on the dance floor by playing a couple of classic songs (that I know they will like, because I noticed them dancing to similar songs half an hour before) Its ALL about reading the crowd in-front of me at that moment. Besides, I have played at many weddings and birthday parties for ALL ages, I KNOW what keeps a dance floor busy.

My style is extremely Open Format, as I DJ for so many different types of events and groups of people.
My history as a DJ (16 years I've been Doing) has been more nightclub based, playing predominantly House and dance music, and lots of RnB, Hip Hop.
But as a mobile DJ, I love bringing a fresh, modern feel to weddings and parties. I am always being told at weddings and parties that they love the music, and its nice to NOT have the whole evening being dominated by 60's and 70's music.

SIMPLY... I LOVE MUSIC. I love the way music makes us FEEL.
The fact I can 'go to work' and help groups of people celebrate such important moments in their life, doing something that I have a passion for, still overwhelms me at times. It brings everyone together. Family members, old friends (and new ones)
Music is just such a joyous thing to me, and plays a massive role in my life. The fact I can take it with me, use my creativity, and provide a sound track for the most important celebrations in a person's life.. well, there's no other feeling like it (for me, personally)

I have been DJ'ing via agencies across London for the last few years, and I quickly realised that actually, I was extremely experienced, and capable of doing it by myself. Agencies would charge quite a high fee from their clients also, so NOW working for myself, I don't need to worry about that side of things. I just charge ONE FEE... which is purely just for MY service only. I also was finding that when I was DJ'ing for clients though agencies, sometimes, the client would be waiting a little while for responses to their queries for example. Now I work for myself, I will always be on hand for my customers who book me 24/7

I know that PRICE is going to be a massive deciding factor when choosing a DJ to play at your event.
Looking beyond that though, I would say, that I am dedicated to my customers (I will ALWAYS consult with them via phone, Skype, or even face to face if logistics allow it!) I don't charge extra for consultations. I also don't limit these to just one or two either.
for example, If I am booked to play at a wedding, I will communicate by email, and telephone. I will ask if they'd like to meet face to face at some point, to discuss their music policy, or lighting arrangements etc. Once that has been done, if you wanted to meet up again, or you wanted to talk on the phone and ask me questions, or advice, then, that's free of charge.
I've had some wedding couples, email me different songs for their playlist every day for 3 weeks before the wedding, and that is absolutely FINE by me.

So I would say, I am extremely easy going, and accommodating.
I am experienced (and LOVE) putting together music playlists (if a client doesn't really know what they want)
Even though I have all the traditional and classic party music, I am a modern DJ, I am an experienced dance, RnB and Hip Hop DJ too, If you are looking for something more modern, or current, then I am your DJ!
I have worked in the DJ industry for over 16 years, and I absolutely love it.