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Boucher Brothers is a Hospitality Management Company that specializes in a variety of outlets including pool, beach, food and beverage, water sports and team building activities. We are a forward-thinking and proficient hospitality company expanding across North America.


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Fidel Cruz

27 July 2019

The best place to stay at the south beach top ratings very good customer service I love to visit there establishments number one on there service.


Cassie Lee

4 July 2019

Fantastic experience and great value. Big shout out to Johnathan and Barnard. Happy Fourth of July !!! ⛱


Kara W.

1 July 2019

Since I stayed at Casa Boutique, we were given 2 complimentary chairs which was a nice perk. The stand was easy to find and get to. Bernard was super attentive and we actually came a couple of times during our stay, he remembered us and got us set up quickly. The prices are a little steep and personally I feel like umbrellas should also be included not an additional charge. A bottle of water is $4 so be sure to stock up on drinks and snacks before hand. More...


Yessica I.

28 June 2019

I got a cabana bed from the Boucher Brothers at the Carillon hotel, but unfortunately a storm moved in SOOO quick!!! Marcus and his team handled the situation with urgency and made sure everyone was safe. They were extremely accommodating and professional, and I really wish we were able to spend more time out there. I will definitely be renting another cabana with them when I come back. More...


No C.

20 June 2019

Love it.  We became members of Boucher Bros when we moved to South Beach and was a great decision.  The team at our location at South Pointe are outstanding.  Alfredo and Demetrius are supremely professional.  We can't say enough good things about them. They make our visits to the beach all they should be: relaxing, stress-free and enjoyable. Like a day at the spa. Can't recommend highly enough. Visit them.  Or if you live near any Boucher Bros location, become members. We are very happy we did. More...


Zoyka Jannette Gonzalez Iglesias

13 June 2019

I had used the service and they are excellent


Elle w.

8 June 2019

Prices are steep but typical for south beach. Wanted to give a shout out to the polite and patient woman at their beach hut in between 11th & 12th. She explained that Hotel Victor broke their contract with BB and even called her manager to verify. I appreciate her taking the time to explain. More...


Cindy P.

28 May 2019

We stayed at the Gates Hotel, they partner with Boucher Brothers. Our experience the first day was great, we met Veondre who was very nice and helpful. He smiled and ensured we had everything we needed. This place is getting 4 stars only because the second day we went we met another gentleman who was rude and had an attitude. We did see Veondre the second time, but it was after the bad experience. Thank you Veondre! More...


Cam W.

26 May 2019

Monica and Donnell were so helpful and so accommodating! I thank them for the outstanding service and wonderful experience you provided for for my sister, infant daughter, and I.


Jackie Crump

22 May 2019

One of the best spots on the beach.


Sydney B.

17 May 2019

Chuck and Jeremy were excellent. Their service was stellar!  Mariam was very customer friendly. They all made our beach day amazing and worry free.


Jillian S.

5 May 2019

Jonathan Costa was such a pleasure to meet and work with today at the beach. He was incredibly accommodating and personable, and made our vacation experience even better. Thanks Jonathan.


Karen Z.

8 April 2019

Alex and Bernard are attentive, kind, faster, super enthusiastic and everything we could of ever hoped for on the beach. I don't even know how to use a beach umbrella so thank God for A & B! More...


Sophie Lefrancois

28 March 2019

Please avoid Janet the pest at 11th street kiosk. Super rude impolite and stupid. On the other hand the boys who helped us with the Chairs are super nice. We were glad to tip them. But Janet come on.... More...


Namita M.

27 March 2019

Second time using the team from Boucher Brothers and it's been an amazing time.  4 days in Miami at the Cadillac Hotel and Mo Morisset and his crew took incredible care in having our beds, chairs and umbrellas ready for us each day!  What was so nice is that Ray Martone from Edition Hotel helped coordinate food for us from Edition to Cadillac Hotel!!  That was incredible kind and thoughtful of him!  My friends and family, all had a great time!  Thank you again Mo and Ray for making out stay in Miami another memorable one! Hope to see you guys soon!Cheers!Namita More...


Dametreea C.

16 March 2019

The Boucher Brothers area of the beach was amazing!!! I traveled to Miami with a group of friends for my bachelorette party and they made sure we were well taken care of. We randomly ran into one of the owners (I think) at brunch and he arranged a golf cart escort to the beach for us, as well as two cabanas, a bottle of champagne, drinks, and offered wave runners, all complimentary. This was absolutely the best day of the entire trip and everyone was so nice! Javier was our beach escort and he introduced us to Carl, which is the manager that took care of us during our stay on the beach. Martin was out server and was fantastic. The last person on the team we interacted with was AD, who was very nice and took a group photo of us for memories. Thanks Boucher Brothers! We had a great time and are very grateful for your generosity. More...


Erin N.

10 February 2019

Christian on 9th street took great care of us! Idk how he remembers everyone's name, but it didn't go unnoticed. Thanks!


Chelsea Masterson

5 February 2019

I made a spur of the moment decision to rent a jet ski while I was in Clearwater Beach. Reasonable cost, friendly staff, and great equipment. It was so much fun!


Allen R.

2 February 2019

Christian and Monica were great!  We were only in town for the day so we rented two chairs and an umbrella and enjoyed the view.


Ann F.

21 January 2019

We have a place on Miami Beach and have been coming her since the 70s.  As a result we frequently take advantage of the convenience and comfort that the Boucher Company affords their renting customers at the Savoy hotel on 5th and Ocean Drive.  Today I had the pleasure of encountering Christian, who set me up and made an effort to be sure my umbrella was properly positioned.  Very nice guy who made my day pleasant and carefree! More...


Kara N.

18 January 2019

Christian took care of us for the day and was amazing! Always checking in on us throughout the day to make sure we had everything we needed. Definitely worth the money to rent the beach equipment. More...


Mar H.

17 January 2019

We were at the 9th street location. Sitting on Miami Beach enjoying the beautiful weather.    Rented a couple chairs and umbrella.  Very reasonably priced and Christian has been fabulous in making sure we are comfortable and well taken care of.  Thank you Christian ! More...


Dakota C.

17 December 2018

Wow, came to kill time in between a flight and Christian was nothing more than helpful!!!! Omg, he made this experience amazing. Super helpful and attentive and remembered alllllll of our names. Lol thank More...


Briana D.

17 December 2018

I was able to purchase the bed package. Christian that was at 9th st was absolutely adorable. He took care of me and my group. Very pleased with their beach rentals. Definitely would recommend. More...


Steve L.

6 November 2018

Second stay at Costa d' Este in the past 6 months where this company takes care of beach rentals. We get a cabana every single day we are here and the staff couldn't be more friendly. Chris and Paul make our trip here so enjoyable. Very personable and attentive. They are really good at what they do and I can't imagine the beach here without them taking care of it. More...


Steve Lehmann

6 November 2018

Excellent employees Chris and Paul manage the beach at Costa d’ Este in Vero Beach. This place would not be the same without them.


Meghan Davis

3 November 2018

We were in Miami Beach for our honeymoon, and got free beach chair rentals from Boucher Brothers through our hotel (Dream South Beach). We added in an umbrella for $20, which was well worth it! Everyone was friendly and went above and beyond (one of the staff members even wrote "Happy Honeymoon" in the sand for us!). We loved our beach time and will rent from Boucher Brothers again next time we're in Miami Beach! More...


Margie C.

23 October 2018

The HILTON Fort Lauderdale Beach location is the best service! The Wilfred Giusti family makes you feel appreciated and will pamper you with any requests. They are friendly,caring and very attentive. We have not been treated this way with any other beach service. More...


Crystal M.

6 October 2018

Very attentive and helpful. The service was great, they made sure we were comfortable and checked in on us throughly. Definitely people who made me feel welcomed especially the hostess at the booth. She was so friendly and nice.


Coti Lay

30 September 2018

Great service, Karen, Cedric and the other staff members have been so kind !


Shreya N.

12 September 2018

The staffs were very friendly and helpful. Cedric and Karen and Demertirus took good care of us. Would recommend them.


Dave W.

8 September 2018

Great service, great location, great customer service.....Keep up the good work Boucher Brothers, we will return on our next vacation.....


Ebony B.

18 August 2018

Fast and friendly. Ashanti and Charles were very attentive. The service was good and I enjoyed my day with my friends thanks to ashanti and Charles.


Iliana V.

14 August 2018

Great service, Cedric, Karen and Antone at 14th Street are great. Greet us with a nice smile and took care of us. They do a great job at taking care of their customers. Thank you we had a great time.


Jahzel M.

12 August 2018

Two Sunday's in a row.  First time enjoyed front row views in the cabana.  $100 a piece, with towels included.  Today we returned and decided to try two beach chairs and an umbrella.  $45 with set up.  However, what completed the whole experience was having BIG MIKE do our bidding! Extremely attentive, gave us personalized experience and I must say we came the second time around because of BIG MIKES hospitality... #1 team player on the beach! Thank you mike!!!! More...


Yadi M.

8 August 2018

Cedric was so wonderful with our service jaNet and Paul equal as well with their service also guys really come to boucher brothers on south beach


Reaves H.

7 August 2018

These guys are great, very friendly staff. Ask for Jean or Demetrius they will get you all set up! Full service on the beach with food and beverage, this team of guys work hard to accommodate everyone's needs. Highly recommend. We came several days in a row. More...


Wendy Unger Schapira

23 July 2018

Don't go to the beach without the Boucher Brothers you'll miss the fun and the service!


Elana Naman

23 July 2018

we went on your 1 hour jet ski tour
and had the time of our life!!!it was an amazing experience !!!!


Mandy Hauser Silla

23 July 2018

Excellent service guys are always there to insure great service and an exceptional beach experience


Candice Ficalora

23 July 2018

Did the 1 hour jetski tour from south beach and biscayne bay visited around star island to downtown miami to fisher island and back the tour guide (Jovann) was awesome and the service booking (Dana) was excellent ... highly recommended. .. ended my vacation right :) More...


Celia Magistad

23 July 2018

Super impressed with the staff working this past Sunday (yesterday 5/21) around the 12th street beach area. The girl working the stand was so sweet and prompt, and the guys setting up the chairs/umbrellas were great and had excellent customer service!


Bobby Kuse

23 July 2018

The Best! They have transformed our beach from ho hum to Spectacular! I wake up in the morning and the sand is raked, chairs & umbrellas are ready, sand castle with buckets & shovels... Oh yeah and the pool deck also!
Thank you


Kita Walker

23 July 2018

Remy Demetrius and Victeria was Awesome they had great customer services ... not too many time you will services when at beach they really made the experience fun and comfortable ..... I would most likely recommend this to anyone More...


Gabriela Catalano

23 July 2018

Amazing Sea Level Experience at Boca Raton Resort with the Bouchers Brothers's Team!!! Thanks to all!!!


Charlie James

23 July 2018

No better experience on any beach! I highly recommend visiting a beach run by the Boucher Brothers!


George Apelian

23 July 2018

I need to complement whoever is responsible for the beach staff at the 1 Hotel. Without exception, they are friendly, fun, responsive, helpful. They smile, they hustle, they have been a joy to be around for the past month. The great Nate, Jeffery, Hudson, Manny, Julio, and my little ACC basketball buddy are the best. I look forward to seeing Racquel and especially Sayida every day. While the weather has been �, you’re staff has made the beach a great and fun place to come to every day. Did I mention Nate the Great! Gotta go grab the hourly “amenity” and hop in the ocean. Best to all of you, George and Cindy. More...


Robin Anne Miller

23 July 2018

Outstanding service. Extremely professional. Highly recommend staying where they provide service.


Raiza G.

16 July 2018

I experienced their amenities on Hollywood Beach. My boyfriend and I arrived at 10:30am and decided to rent an umbrella. We decided in the queen size bed with awning (not sure if this best describes it). However it was great. It was private and comfortable. Most importantly the attention from the staff was amazing. The gentleman's name was Ryker and would make sure we had everything we needed and would guide us in the right direction when needed regarding bathroom facilities, food or refreshments. He truly made our runaway secret escape special and wonderful for a Monday. We were there until 6pm. Thank you Ryker for your great hospitality. More...


Clint W.

6 June 2018

I paid for the one hour jet ski tour this past Sunday, renting two Waverunners. My family had an enjoyable time as Jhann took us on the best tour of Miami Beach and even rendered quick assistance to my daughter when my daughter and son-in-law rolled over on their Waverunner. The staff are very friendly and professional and made our visit enjoyable. I would definitely recommend them! More...


Britney W.

28 April 2018

Great service!!! Jonas was the shit!! I got to lounge on my chair for at least an hour after 6pm!!! Rent from the Boucher Brothers!!!


Evelyn F.

3 March 2018

Janice and David were so friendly and  helpful. Thy were very organized, friendly, helpful. I live in the south beach and love coming to the lumpish park. The credit card/debit app you use should allow the customers give whatever they want for a tip. We should not be limited. Hope to Janice and David next Saturday!! More...


Dannah E.

24 February 2018

Professional and super friendly staff. We had a great kayak on the intercoastal around the Mondarin hotel. Highly recommend!


Kunzang J.

19 February 2018

I was in miami about 2 weeks ago.It wasnt too hot but warm enough for the beach especially visiting from NY. Beach wasnt in the plans, i had few hours to kill before meeting my cousin so i decided to sun bathe a lil.Luckily boucher brothers rented beach seats since i didn't have a towel or anything to lay on with me.  Emily and Elijan were really sweet. They helped me set my chair and were very polite.So I didn't feel bad paying for a chair. Lol i usually go to the beach prepped with everything i need so this was new to me. But i had a good day and got a lil color so all is well that ends well!!!! More...


Gabriel M.

4 February 2018

Great spot Demetrius and Antwon went above and beyond and made our experience amazing they were great. They answered questions and provided services and made our trip worth it.


Anne G.

1 February 2018

Donnie and Natalie were especially helpful and accommodating!! They helped us at the Betsy Hotel's beach location and helped turn our bad morning into a great afternoon. Thank you!


Sandra M.

1 February 2018

Love it.. They are so helpful. So cool so awesome checking on you if you need anything.. Love Miami and love the Boucher brothers.....they will hook u up so you can have fun in Miami... More...


Kim R.

31 January 2018

Me and my friends received excellent service from Demetrius, Donny, Kris and Nansy while we lounged on South Beach in Miami. I have three suggestions:1. You should sell cups of ice.2. You should start that foot/hand rub business Demetrius.3. Keep up the good work, because you guys were nice and had GREAT MANNERS. I give this crew 10 STARS, but the app only allows 5, so what's what I gave. More...


Lawrence A.

31 January 2018

A huge THANK YOU to ERIC, Demetrious and Janet!!  Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness and aptness today at the Besty Hotel beach section! It was a pleasure meeting you guy today! Thanks again for your generosity!! More...


Joel V.

30 January 2018

I Really Enjoyed My Day At The Beach  With Boucher Brothers , Donnie Was  So Pleased To Have Me Here Today , We held a really Good Conversation While He Show Me To My Chairs , He Gave Some Nice Places To Eat , Some Really Cool Things To Do While  Im  in Miami , I Really Appreciate Donnie Service Today , He Really Made me feel like ima at home


Robin V.

30 January 2018

Had a good day at the beach. It was very windy and the cabana broke but guercy fixen it. Very Nice service. I really enjoyed the day, gonna come Back soon.


Mary Ellen W.

14 October 2017

AMAZING 5 STAR Service from Boucher Brothers. We worked with Allen Porcenna Regional Director Operations for Boucher Brothers out of the Miami Beach offices. Allens  Staff in Naples, Fl,  at the Edgewater really was helpful in every way and were very engaging, thoughtful and had great conversations and genuine interactions with all my guestsThis really helped me because they were able to anticipate my guests needs and host them in a very special way. They truly fully satisfied their needs.  The staff was always present and wanted to make sure the guests were as happy as possible This talented well trained team exceeded my every expectation with every contact they made with us and service they provided. We also went to the Zota in Sarasota,Fl,  and the Staff arranged our daily beach set up so it  created such welcoming sensations for my guests that had never had a beach set up before. Thank you to Allen Porcenna and his team at the Zota in Sarasota More...


Christina G.

25 May 2017

Loved renting with them! Those saying prices were expensive...of course they are, it's South Beach, Miami- almost everything's going to be overpriced. We rented a cabana bed which came with two beach chairs and an umbrella. They gave us a spot right by the water, and service was incredible. Came by every 15 minutes or so to refill drinks or let us order food, and were kind enough to readjust our umbrella without needing to be asked as the day went on so we could stay in the shade. If you are looking for a relaxing experience and are willing to spend some money you won't be disappointed. Great experience. More...


Leo M.

21 May 2017

Boucher brothers were very helpful on the beach. George helped us out and was very professional. I would recommend.


nicky n.

10 January 2017

We stayed at the new plymouth hotel and a guy named Emmanuelle helped us all 3 days we stayed there. Super friendly and assisted us immediately.


Dee B.

4 September 2016

Louby Jean Louis is the BEST!! He made sure we were taken care of and made our time at the Diplomat extra special!! He made sure that service was excellent!!


Claudio P.

21 August 2016

We went jets skiing around Star Island w a tour guide named John. Great help!  The staff was friendly and in a great mood. That's what you need to see in a staff. Guided us and didn't pressure us into anything we didn't need. We had a blast!  Price is what you expected. Everything in Miami is expensive. Can't ball on a budget ;). Axel and Sol were great. We recommend the 1 hour tour for jet skiing for anyone. Make reservations to help plan out your day. Awesome crew guys. Thanks again. More...


C S.

8 July 2016

we were in town visiting and found this place on the beach.  They have great prices and great service.  I would recommend using them.


Klaudia G.

25 March 2016

I rented out Jet Skis through Boucher Brothers at the Mondrian Hotel. The staff was very accommodating and pleasant! It is a little bit pricey to rent out the jet skis from here compared to other locations; however, overall, we had a positive experience! More...


Shelley L.

28 February 2016

We have been coming to the Miami Haulover beach area for 8 years now. We spend a lot of our time on the beach & always rent chairs & umbrellas from The Bouche Brothers. They have outstanding young men working for them & they are always so accommodating to our needs. Awesome company!! More...


Sylvie Engel

23 December 2015

simply the best ! nice experience


John B.

9 August 2015

This is a review for beach chair rentals on South Beach @ 7th Street entrance. I'm not sure what all the hate is about. I pretty much walked up to kiosk asked for 3 chairs and an umbrella. It's  $20 per chair and $15 per umbrella. I paid my $75 cash not sure if credit/debit is available and was taken to our seats. The girl that I paid and the gentleman that set up our chairs were nice enough. Good location and comfortable chairs. More...


Janice C.

27 July 2015

We were on a corporate weekend with our company and rented jet ski's from Boucher Brothers.  Top notch operation from start to finish.  Sign up was quick and organized.  Safety information and jet ski operation was informational.  Jet ski's were in perfect condition.  We had an employee in the water with us at all times.  Will definitely rent from Boucher Brother's again. More...


Keri Lynda H.

5 July 2015

Excellent umbrella and chair service with Boucher Brothers at the Loews. Our service by Alex Cerda was great! We were very pleased with experience.


V S.

19 June 2015

Cash or charge...umbrellas or more coverage...nice guys, great service. Thanks for making my day at the beach so much more pleasant. Doubt that I would have stayed as long without your $15 umbrella. Worth every penny. More...


Christy O.

19 June 2015

We rented an umbrella and 2 lounge chairs with cushions for $55 for the entire day. Everything was great quality, including the service! We were at the 7th street location and the staff could not have been more helpful or friendly! They were excellent! More...


Andreina G.

17 May 2015

I usually go to the beach and I sit on the sand with beach towels, but this time we got 3 beach chairs and two umbrella and it was such a nice experience. I don't think I could go back to just sitting on the sand. I would really recommend them. More...


Jennifer C.

3 April 2015

Had an absolutely fantastic jet ski tour! Check in process was easy! We felt very comfortable with the tour guide. There was a place on dock to lock all of our valuables, shoes, etc. Life jackets were clean and in good shape, as were the wave runners. Jose was our guide and he kept a good eye on all of us. He let us ride at our own pace, while making sure we were aware of oncoming boats or no wake zones.Jose pointed out celebrity homes and different things along the Miami coast!Great day on the water!! More...


Bell A.

25 March 2015

14th street location. Very hard to figure out where the renting place was. Anyway, $25 for a cabana and fortunately they were already set up. Pay & lounge, simple as that.


Bonnie A.

4 March 2015

I don't understand the negative reviews about being scammed. I went to the 14th street location, and it's pretty straight forward. You go to the booth, tell them what you want, pay, and it gets set up.There are 2 types of lounge chairs. The one with a thinner mat is $12, and the one with a thick, cushy towel covered cushion is $20. I rented the $12 ones and they were great. The umbrella is $15. The boy setting everything up works hard and I watched him put up with a lot of ignorant tourists. More...


Gabriella D.

28 December 2014

$20 for a lounge chair rental and a complementary towel seems pricey. But I will say that I have seen the staff in action bringing out lounge chairs for a family, layered it with cushy fabric towels while grabbing them several beach umbrellas along with extra cushy white towels. They cater to the people and work tirelessly in the hot sun while maintaining a pleasant disposition. I had just finished a long jog and was out of breath as I gave my fiancee a chance to play in the water. I could barely talk and they were kind enough to allow me to use just a beach umbrella momentarily until I caught my wind. I needed the shade to recover quickly and I am grateful they were nice about and not beach Nazi's lol. It must be difficult to inform people of their prices but I did consider taking the lounge chair and complementary towel with beach umbrella for $20. Then I was like, nahh, soon as he finishes in the water we will be leaving the beach. However, it is good to know if you came unprepared they are available to meet your needs and will do so with kindness and professionalism. More...


Carolyne N.

1 September 2014

Rented two chairs and an umbrella for the day. The prices were reasonable, the service was excellent, and the chairs were comfortable. Carlos helped my friend and I set up our chairs next to two friends who had already rented chairs. Additionally, he came by and checked on us regularly. He brought us water and lunch, even going back and forth in the 95 degree heat to check to see if they had the particular drink in stock my friend wanted. I would definitely use them again. More...


Zety V.

15 July 2014

I'm a local, did a 4th of July jet ski tour that left from the Mondrian at Sobe and it was pretty awesome! We went to Star Island, Fisher Island, Government Cut, around the Brickell area and the most exciting part was going under a bunch of bridges! We had great weather even though the weather forecast said we were going to have 60% chance of rain with scattered thunderstorms that day lol.. my friend and I decided to take a chance and go for it anyways, it was a great crowd and the tour guy was very nice and pleasant. My cap flew off at some point and the guide worried about getting it back, well we got it back to say the least. Also, the tour guy took pics of us throughout the tour and emailed them to us that same day. Overall, had a positive experience and would definitely recommend them. More...


Julia K.

29 June 2014

$12 a chair and $15 for umbrella. Service was extremely professional. Right in front of Winterhaven hotel. Spent two days here for an authentic Miami beach experience.


Miranda C.

27 May 2014

I just stayed at the Shore Club, which is around 18th Street.  Isaiah and Anthony, at this Boucher Brothers location, were absolutely outstanding. They were friendly and provided excellent service day after day.  It was clear from Day 1 that customer satisfaction is their #1 priority. Their superior service made the beach an easy choice over a pretty swank pool area. More...


Miriya S.

16 May 2014

Renting a cabana and lounge chair on the beach is the way to go. They were convenient and affordable with great locations in south beach.


Teva Batani

13 April 2014

Best company I have ever worked for in Miami!


Carmela Mroz

12 April 2014

Awesome! Best ever!


U S.

11 March 2014

Great place on South Beach. Have been there quite often between November and March, close to the Loews Hotel, and enjoyed each and every time.  Service has always been absolutely great, and the staff is very attentive and friendly.  Food and drinks are high quality; given the place and the comfort provided, the prices are absolutely reasonable and a great deal. More...


Karen Paradowski Robertson-Jurczak

5 March 2014



Michelle L.

23 November 2013

Great for beach lounge chair rentals.  Once you get spoiled on a beach lounge chair,  you never want to lay on the sand again. Boucher Brothers has one of the better deals on the sand for beach lounge chair, queen sized cabana tents, umbrellas, and more.  You'll truly feel like you're on vacation, especially if miami beach is your own backyard. More...


Kaitlin M.

15 October 2013

I absolutely loved Boucher Brothers. On my recent trip to Miami the people working at the 14th St. stand were great. As a red head with freckles, I needed to stay in the shade as much as possible, and rather than dragging my chair around to chase the shade, one of the Boucher guys adjusted the umbrella. Also, I grew up on the ocean. I think putting an umbrella up is one of the hardest things to do effectively. South Beach is pretty windy. These umbrellas were so stable that I thought they were anchored to something in the sand. Impressive. I want to learn how to do that!The service was great. The guys were friendly but not invasive, the girl manning the drink stand was super nice. Highly recommended.I stayed at the Betsy Hotel, which has an agreement with the Boucher Brothers, so ended up not having to pay for the chairs and umbrella. (Other than a tip). More...


Patrick O.

31 August 2013

Beach side service by a private company on south beach.  No beer or booze but they do have chairs, umbrella and towels for rent.  they will also bring you soda and water for a price.Good service, they set up and take down! More...


Dave A.

5 August 2013

During 8-4-13, while down in Miami on vacation from Orlando,Trey, Charlie and Priscilla toke great care of our family. They were very friendly and customer oriented. I highly recommend renting a cabaña to beat that Miami heat if you don't want to carry one around on vacation. Not being from South Miami they directs us in the right direction, very friendly thanks again. Boucher brothers have some valued employees here. More...


Sandra S.

2 July 2013

After wanting some relaxation time alone on the beach, I inquired about their rates. I was shocked at the how reasonable the were. They were a delight to set up my chair and umbrella and offered to help with anything else I needed for my visit! Needless to say, I will definitely be a return customer as well as highly recommend them to anyone seeking a stress free day at the beach without having to lug everything from home!Thank you once again for making my relaxation a complete success! More...


Karla R.

8 March 2013

A few girlfriends and I wanted to have a "de-stress day," so we decided to hit the beach. To make it extra luxurious, we chose the Fontainebleau. Given the status of the hotel, we figure we'd have to spend a decent amount of money. When we arrived at the beach, there was just no way we were going to lie out in the hot sand and sun for the entire day. Because we were under the impression that the beach chairs and umbrellas would be in the hundreds, we were hesitant to rent. But, out of curiosity (and fear of death from the heat), we decided to inquire about the actual prices. To our very pleasant surprise, the beach chairs and umbrellas were more affordable than we thought! At $15 per chair and $20 per umbrella, it was WELL below our expected price range. Thanks to the Boucher Brothers, my girlfriends and I were able to truly enjoy the beauty of South Beach in style and at a very reasonable price! More...


Amabel D.

22 January 2013

I go to school at Miami, but I'm originally from Naples, FL. One of my girlfriends told me about Boucher Brothers when I first came to Miami. I love the beach, but I didn't go there until recently, and I wish I didn't wait so long!I was more than pleased by the way I was treated and how reasonable their prices were. There's also a Boucher Brothers in Naples, and when I went home for break I wanted to check it out and compare the service. I was happy to find out that they're just as good as the one in Miami Beach. It's nice to know that Boucher Brother's has great service no matter what coast you are on. More...


Tiffany L.

30 November 2012

For my friend's bachelorette weekend, we planned on a staycation type of getaway. We decided to stay at a hotel in South Beach ato act like complete tourists in our own city. We decided we were going to take full advantage of what South Beach has to offer.On Friday after work, the five of us met up at the hotel to check in. We had our mini pre-party in the room then went out for the night. After a night full of drinking and dancing, we were ready to unwind and relax the next day. We got our towels and suntan lotion ready for a nice, chill day on the beach. We planned on just laying out on the sand, but when we got there, we noticed the Boucher Brothers umbrellas and chairs and thought, "why not?" I never realized how affordable they were! $10 for a chair and $15 for an umbrella for the whole day. And we didn't even have to lift a finger! The staff set up the chairs and umbrellas for us, and even offered us lotions and beverages for a small fee. The bachelorette weekend was a complete success! The bride to be is now ready for her big day! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! More...


Erika C.

30 September 2011

We rented some chairs and umbrellas from them and they generously undercharged us for the few hours we went over.  They were polite.  It was quick and cheap, nothing to complain about. More...


Kareem C.

2 August 2011

We signed up for the Wave Runner  tour with this company near 9th and ocean on south beach.  We had a blast. Tour guide was great and got the wave runner up to 53 mph . . . Good Times!!


Wai H.

14 June 2011

At first I didn't know that they had a location at the Mondrian dock which I was staying.  Walked all the way to the corporate Office first to find that out;)Just walked back to the dock and rented a jet ski for 30 minutes which was perfect.  You'll allowed to ski anywhere within the two bridges, not sure what the names of the bridges were but it was enough room to go nuts. These things go fast went you let it go.  Was a blast!  The guys working there was nice as well.  I would go back if i have a urge to jet ski again.  they have a bunch of other locations too.  on the beach they have as least one that i saw when i was there too. More...


Kristen H.

17 October 2010

My mom and I parasailed with this company for her birthday.  It was a bit pricey, but we were able to take it down slightly with a birthday discount (same as the morning discount, which is before 11AM), so we parasailed for $60 each and paid $20 for a photo CD with 80 pics of the whole experience.  If I had the choice, I would pay it again because it was an amazing experience!We were flying high above the buildings and we could see Miami Beach and Downtown and we even saw some marine life.  The company workers said they saw a sea turtle but I missed it :(.  I did, however, see some other stuff.  I'm not gonna lie...pretty sure I saw a few schools of what looked like nurse sharks, which are harmless...  It's all good, though, you do not have to ever touch the water, but they do dip you for photo ops and after seeing what I saw, harmless or not, can't lie, I was still scared once we touched the water, lol.Anywho, the views and the nice breeze were breathtaking!  The photo CD was a nice touch.  We were only supposed to get 25 pics, but we got 80.  The guys actually gave us an extra 10-15 minutes of parasailing, too.  The average parasail is 10-15 min.  As far as the photos, most were wonderful and some were even like pieces of art, but on the other hand, the guys don't seem to have a refined photographic eye because if it were me, I would've zoomed in for at least a few closer pics to see the parasailer's faces, too.  Overall, I'd definitely pay for the CD if I ever did this again.As far as customer service, the guys who take you out to sea have a great sense of humor and really set a great mood for the whole experience. More...


Ruth Z.

2 October 2010

I stumbled upon 'TONY" wiho was in charge of the towels andbeach chairs at the beach out front of the Miami Beach Ocean FrontCourtyard Hotel and had  agreat conversation with him-everyhtingfrom towels and people t his 4 kids (!) and Tony himself i sonly 28.He is a hard worker I thought and friendly and did not seemfazed by the fact that i at 67-and had just spent l0minutesflirting with some gorgeous blonde male from Russia who hadbeen frolicing in the ocean.  Tony advised that the waterwas warm, which it was-and had i known I was entitled toa 'free towel' Iwould have taken one from him. More...


Christina B.

20 August 2008

We went jet skiing and it was great until . . . the husband tried to do donuts and flipped our ski sending us right into the water. After that I made him "cruise". But besides that it was very fun. Definitely a great adrenaline rush. Half hour ride was definitely enough time. When we got back to shore there was another couple who went out the same time as us. My hubby asks the guy "Did you get to go as fast as you wanted?" He looks over at his girlfriend and says, "Nope". Girls are speed blockers I  thought you knew! More...


cindy w.

5 May 2007

This place operates parasailing experiences, I found them on the web on a whim to  commemorate my boyfriend and mine's anniversary a few years back. They run a decent operation on the beach that aside from beach chair rentals include: parasailing, waverunners, banana boats, windsurfing, kayaks etc. I met them at the Eden Roc to do the parasailing trip and its cheaper to parasail as a couple, it ran about $150 or so for the thrill. It was hella fun though. I would call ahead of time to arrange your excursions and make sure the weather's good to go.Here's some beach info:Wave Runner and Other Water Activity Locations:- 9th Street Concessions Hut directly on the beach- 16th Street Concessions Hut directly on the beach- 22nd Street Concessions Hut directly on the beach More...

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