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Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks Ktown logo

Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks Ktown

Los Angeles, CA

Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks Ktown logo

Boo's Philly Cheesesteaks Ktown

Los Angeles, CA



Colorful sandwich joint with a menu of traditional Philadelphia-style comfort classics. Call (213) 388-1955 for more information!

Address: 3377 Wilshire Blvd, #103, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

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Marquis Herron

25 March 2019

AWESOME STAFF&EVEN BETTER PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS with a variety to choose from. The owner is very DOWN TO EARTH and treats every customer with RESPECT


Roberto Kim

20 January 2019

Best Philly Cheesesteaks outside PA


Devon Martin Pena

13 January 2019

Everything was delicious!


Jeffery Haas

24 December 2018

The Amoroso rolls!!! Nothing says Philly Cheesesteak like an Amoroso roll.


Susan Williams

9 December 2018

I'm from Philly. I just heard about this place and had to see for myself. It is the real deal, so tasty and good!


Jeffrey Scott Hendrick

6 November 2018

.... mushroom cheesesteak, onions, white American, I add the peppers. But that's just mine. You do you. They fly the amoroso rolls in from Philly , grill rib eye and have whiz as an option. Whaddya kiddin' me?!? It's legit! Go! Now! More...


Doug Henning Jr.

21 October 2018

very delicious food great price


Gerardo Avilés

13 October 2018

Always the best Cheesesteaks


William Feggans Jr.

2 September 2018

Saw on Facebook and had to go try ! Fire


Scott Stratton

29 August 2018

Best cheesesteak I've ever eaten!!!


Lai Hizon

20 August 2018

don't need to be in Philly to get a good Philly cheese steak.


Jenni Ferr

19 August 2018

Reasonable prices, delicious food and great service!


Andrew Mingura

19 August 2018

bomb af next time I'm gettin peppers & mushrooms but the cheese wiz is


Josue Hernandez

11 August 2018

Best Philly cheese steak


Veronica Vasquez Gonzalez

27 July 2018

It was really good. Made to order, piping hot when served. Friendly staff.


Jolene Mutchler

22 April 2018

I ate here twice in November and December 2016. Great fast service. The Philly cheesesteak is legit. I love your butterscotch cupcakes!


Abel Rott

31 March 2018

Absolutely Delicious!!!!!!!!


Mark Frausto

3 December 2017

It was really good and as good as I expected! The pizza fries were a nice surprise and the cheesesteak was awesome with 2 cheese types.


Marcel Giesecke

20 November 2017

Delicious, Awesome! Best Phillysteaks !!


Courtney Lamar Carroll

12 September 2017

This spot is soooo legit. As a pescatarian, I went for the tuna hoagie. It looked like home and tasted like home. The cheese fries were on point too. Thanks for making my day.


Edward Patrick Pedersen

17 August 2017

Best Philly Sandwiches on the West Coast - The Realest!


Bhella Bell

13 June 2017

Poor gluten-intolerant me, I couldn't help myself but I was SURE that it would be worth losing a day AND I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT!!! A Cali-Midwesterner, I grew up eating cheesesteaks, Italian beefs and tacos in Chicago and LA but I was left wanting for NOTHING after the beef and cheezewhiz cheese steak last night. Thanks, y'all made my NIGHT EPIC!!! More...


Bryan Mitchell

8 May 2017

better than geno' s Philly cheesesteak in Philly, can't wait to go back to try the Logan


Francois Sauls

1 May 2017

Was looking for this place for moooonths, just to find out it's 5 minutes down the street from my house! I am over satisfied! The food was amazing, the service was great, and the efficiency was perfect! My new go-to spot! More...


Andrew Chiu

19 April 2017

I had the philly cheese and my buddy had the original. Both were excellent! then we tried the chicken w/mustard and mayo that's off the menu and it was awesome too. Another friend had the fries and they were amazing as well. More...


Stephen Harris

11 April 2017

Delicious. From the east coast and these subs compare.


Ceci Moran

25 March 2017

Great service and the food was amazing & love the fries to


Richard M. Ducar

16 March 2017

Great food. The bread makes the cheesesteak. I go way out my way to eat at Boos


Eric Butts

9 February 2017

Best philly I have ever ate. Just make sure you get the cheese whiz and you will be in meat coma heven . Grilled mushrooms and onions are a must and they have peppers for free on the side.


Greg LG Hicks

22 January 2017

Best cheese steak I've had in L.A. parking is not that great but it was well worth those circles around the block.


David N Phillips

18 October 2016

Love it the fire food I can dream of I'll go back any time of day


Pres Donald

5 September 2016

I have to try this place great ratings. Boo's Philly


Phynessa McCurry Sewell

25 August 2016

Wow. I'm impressed! Even beyond my expectations!


Scott Nerdo

18 June 2016

Yes, I finally Taste Philly! These Amoroso’s Rolls are just like south philly rolls I'm used to tasting when I lived by Pat's and Geno's. I ordered 2 with Wiz and Fries on the new app Uber Eats and Arrived about 45-50 minutes on a Friday Night! Was Hot and So good!!!! Don't Hesitate. Order Now!!!!!! Cheers, from Hollywood. More...


Price Freeman Jr.

30 May 2016

Great Philly can not pass it up. Every week I must have one


Brianne Michelle

8 May 2016

Absolutely LOVE this place! Everybody are so polite & friendly. I recommend this place to everybody I know.


Howie Pince

14 November 2015

Best CheeseSteaks in the valley, prepared by local, Latinos! Boos is an awesome, great value!


Bill Trauger

8 November 2015

Boos was really good tasted just like back home in phillie they know gow to do it !! Awsome !!!


Theresa Alonso

29 July 2015

Love at first bite!!! Can't compare to any place that claims to make the best Philly!!


Hoang Do

16 June 2015

Best cheese steak sandwiches around! Must give it a try,


Shannon Warford Reilly

16 June 2015

A great local find, while visiting from South Carolina! Best Philly cheese steak I have ever had!


Tabatha Roy

14 April 2015

Legit Cheesesteaks so good, can't believe I've lived near it for almost 10 years and have never been.


Eric Bob Luckey

18 March 2015

I have come here enough to convince my body that phillys and hoagies are healthier than fruits and vegetables. I CAN'T STOP. I had yo cut down to once a week rather than three times a week.... The cheese steaks are awesome and you need to try the Italian Hoagie. More...


Joshua Ryan Carson

16 September 2014

The realest Philly cheesesteak in SoCal!


Jarrett Borba

16 September 2014

The only real cheese steak in LA !!!!!


Melinda Robinson

23 June 2014



Taylor Gold

24 May 2014

Best cheese steak in LA!


Veronica Hernandez

18 February 2014

The best


Adrian LA

8 February 2014

I've been to both. And they are the best Philly Cheesesteak I've ever ate.


Jermaine A Nelson

14 December 2013

I'm a VERY pickey eater and don't really try too many places because some spots find it impossible to just make a sandwich with just meat bread and ketchup. I had a plain steak with salt and pepper and marinara sause..... EPICNESS AT IT'S FINEST! Will definitely eat here again.... More...


Justin Nelson-Carter

14 December 2013

Just ate my first mushroom cheese steak and I felt like I was back home on 52nd street. The authentic philly bread and chips...all that was missing was a tastykake and a 20 oz pepsi. More...


Danny Fish

5 December 2013

Stupid, sick, bananas, etc. this cheesesteak is regoddamndiculous good.


Eric Kwon

5 September 2013


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