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I offer bookkeeping and tax returns for the self-employed and small business.

Accounts and control of your finances is the back office task that most people put off until the last minute because their speciality is the one they set up in business for.



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I provide the day-to-day bookkeeping and can supply you with monthly reports in a format that you will understand. I can explain any and all aspects of the accounts that you do not understand and can advise you when things need to change. This may be things like where your money can be best spent or informing you of trends that are likely to increase your business profile or profits.

It's usually best to outsource your accounts and taxes when business starts to increase. You set up in your business because you are great at what you do, the accounts - although you may understand them completely - usually take a back seat because you are busy elsewhere. This is when problems start. Leaving the accounts until the last minute can be costly. Lost receipts or other records can make you miss deadlines. This then adds penalties and fines to what you already owe.

A change in legislation may happen that you are unaware of. If errors occur because of this, HMRC will blame you for not keeping up to date.

As we do accounts for our profession, we keep up to date with these ever changing rules and regulations. As we do the books on a daily or weekly basis, everything is in place when the figures are needed.

The best thing about being a freelance bookkeeper is meeting different people and learning about their profession and how they work. The diversity of personalities and working methods keeps our minds active.

I decided to start my own practice to help the smaller businesses with their finances. This is the major cause of businesses ceasing trading within the first 5 years. This is mainly due to varying factors: they don't really understand the accounting procedures and 'wing it'; they leave everything to the last minute as they are so busy with building their business they forget or run out of time.

I am a fellow of and hold a practice licence with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers ensuring a professional standard throughout. I am also certified by Intuit as a Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor showing that I know the software very well. I am very well versed with Paypal transactions in multiple currencies. I am friendly to work with and I am on your side.



All your accounting needs for self-employed / sole traders, General Bookkeeping, Financial reports, Tax returns (VAT, CIS & Self Assessment), Payroll management, Credit Control