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My aim is to improve your financial performance, and save you money in the process.

I specialise in providing business administration and book-keeping services for small to medium sized enterprises. These are time and resource intensive processes which need to be carried out on an ongoing basis.


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Jane Allum

31 January 2019

Brilliant service and very professional.Highly recommend.


Katie Davies

23 July 2018

Outstanding service and a pleasure to work with!!

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I offer a full management accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services

It is important to hire a great accountant as there is nothing better than piece of mind

I love communicating and learning about many business in different sectors

I decided to go self employed as I wanted to work with different businesses in different sectors

I feel that I am a good choice bookkeeper as I am highly recommended from my current clients. I have a great sense of humour and I am great at communicating. My clients say that they feel they have 24/7 support from me.