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Boob Goodin Magic

Parkville, Missouri


Boob Goodin Magic

Parkville, Missouri


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Jason Dean

23 September 2019

The program makes superstars! The teachers are some of the best in the area, complete rockstars!


Chantal Bedell Savage Shorty

6 June 2019

Amazing program, supportive kids knowledgeable teachers, and hands-on music and band experience! They literally create the atmosphere of the music entertainment industry and give them the experience of young stars! My son’s skill and passion have gone to another level since enrolling! It’s made for kids who take music seriously, yet have a blast doing it! More...


Amy Sallee Gamble

3 April 2019

My kids had no interest in going to their traditional lessons and would never practice. After our demo lesson, they never looked back. I don't have to remind them to practice or strong arm them to go to practices. More...


Andi Wassmann

17 October 2018

My daughter has gained a significant amount of confidence in performing in front of others that I don't think she would have otherwise gained, had she not been going to SOR. Her private drumming instructor, Jason Dean, is awesome, and so are the other teachers at the school. We ❤️School of Rock! More...


Sean Edwards

23 May 2018

School of Rock is an amazing program. Every season we look forward to seeing our kiddo shine on stage with each new skill she learns. The team is very kind and structured and inspire kids to be rockstars in their daily lives. More...


Jamie Lynn

19 May 2018

School of Rock has gone above and beyond for my daughter! I tell EVERYONE how awesome this place is, and recommend it often! I love how they have the one on one lesson, then as a group, so they can get the band experience at their level! They are kind, really care about your child their experience & seeing them grow as a musician! This is my daughters first year! Can’t wait till summer camp!!! She has come further than I ever expected in 6 months! It’s something she looks forward to every week!! More...


Todd Ebelsheiser

29 September 2017

School of Rock is AMAZING! The confidence it's given my son has been in measurable! Every one of the staff members are extremely talented, professional and so amazing with the kids! If you haven't seen a School of Rock show it is a MUST SEE! What an incredible program! More...


Earline Stanford

28 March 2017

I'm proud to say that I am officially a student of The School Of Rock! I had my first guitar lesson with David on Monday � I really enjoyed myself! Everyone is so friendly and the lesson was so smooth! I learned a lot in one hour! Thank you David and I look forward to my next lesson. More...


Amber Lynn Bergen

18 April 2014

Keep up the good work!!