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Bonnie Brae Lighting & Repair

Glendale, Colorado

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Bonnie Brae Lighting & Repair

Glendale, Colorado


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Melissa krol

9 July 2019

I found a wonderful old chandelier and they rewired for me. Great price, great customer service. It was hanging in our dining room a week after I dropped it off! Thanks


David Kaul

8 February 2019

Visited Bonnie Brae to see if they would be able to help repair a 100+ year old fixture. They were very helpful. They have some really nice liquor bottle lamps that would be perfect for a home bar or mancave too!


Char Allee

10 December 2018

Took my hanging Turkish pendant light that need to adjusted and they did it right there! Great people! Thank you


Robert Phifer

10 December 2018

If you want something unique and special, this is the place! ���


Jim Conley

8 September 2018

Very good service. Vintage lighting - hard to find selection.


William Kiltz

21 June 2018

Nice old choices. Old sckool


Kathy Lee

8 June 2018

Great service.


Alyssa Lorell

8 June 2018

Very nice customer service, great selection of lights, the lamp repairs were great.


Cyrus Pines

31 March 2018

Owners are AWESOME with plenty of experience in the industry. They are the best repair shop in town for any type of fixture and have a large sales floor as well.



7 October 2017

Wonderful shop. The proprietors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Last month they were able to immediately fit an electrical base for an antique light shade that my handy man was to install the next day. Today they worked with me to fix an antique chandelier I had damaged using inappropriate cleaning materials (100% my fault). Needless to say, the owners are fabulous and the shop is filled with gorgeous light fixtures. Highly recommended. More...


Logan Ellett

8 June 2017

Mom and pop shop that offers quick and courteous service with lamp repairs and prices are affordable!


John Neumeier

1 May 2017

I came in just to ask a few questions regarding a DIY project. The consideration and warmth I received were such that I have decided to treat my thrift shop treasure for what it is truly worth, and have my friend's floor lamp repaired by a master


Stephanie Pagel

29 April 2017

We had a Ralph Lauren lamp that the toggle to turn the lamp on and off, broke off. We ordered the replacement part and brought it with to the store. Funny thing is there was another lamp exactly like our with the same problem only the owner of that lamp tried to fix it himself. (Bad idea) I was glad we took it here. They fixed it in 2 business days, it works perfectly and it was fixed for a reasonable price $40. If any other lamps break we will definitely go back to them to get it fixed. Pleasant, Fast, Reasonable and Local people we enjoy doing business with. More...

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