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My name is Jennifer Billot and I own and run Bone Ball Bark, a dog training business. I spent many years training Assistance Dogs at organizations in America, and have Masters degree in Canine Life Sciences.


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17 April 2019

I cannot speak highly enough of Bone Ball Bark! Working with Jennifer was fantastic, she made sessions so much fun and there was a huge amount of learning involved for me and my dog, sometimes I think my brain was working harder than his! I loved how she taught me to adapt my training to my dog in a way that he can understand best, which meant he was able to make progress in leaps and bounds. I can’t believe how much more he listens to me off leash now. Jennifer also made me feel more confident in terms of training my dog which I think he has picked up on and is now listening to me more as a result. You can tell that Jennifer really cares about you and your dog which is lovely and it doesn’t stop when the sessions end either. My dog was in an accident after our sessions ended and Jennifer couldn’t have been more supportive! To anyone considering getting a dog trainer I would 12/10 recommended Jennifer as you and your dog will love it! More...

Thank you for such a lovely review Lilly! It was a pleasure working with you and Kevin, and you both make a fantastic team!

8 April 2019

Really helpful session - Jennifer was superb and I would highly recommend her.

29 March 2019

Working with Jennifer is great. She went above and beyond to help us with our exuberant lab puppy coming up with idea after idea to work through our issues. She held my hand through the bad times and celebrated the wins. You can tell she genuinely cares about your dog and wants to help. More...

29 March 2019

Jennifer's positive training techniques resulted in my puppy learning how to behave appropriately in all environments and he gained many new advanced skills as well. She was patient and positive while guiding me on how to handle him, encouraging me as we progressed through training. More...

Thank you for the lovely review Sheryl! You and Wilson were a joy to work with:)

29 March 2019

I am so thankful for Jennifer's advice and depth of knowledge concerning training. She manages to make training fun and to create clever solutions for your dog's specific issues. My dogs took to her right away and it was evident that they enjoyed her presence, making training a breeze. More...

I loved working with you, Staz and Kova! Hopefully see you all soon!

29 March 2019

Jennifer was extremely calm, patient, encouraging and saw the humor in both my, and my dogs, antics and mistakes. It was always a joy to have her guiding me and she never made me feel uncomfortable.

We had a lot of fun in our training sessions and I can’t wait to check in again to see how you and Mags are doing:)

5 March 2019

Jennifer from Bone Ball Bark is such a gem! Not only is she highly experienced but also has a graduate degree in her field of expertise. For me, this really sets her apart and puts her in another league when choosing a trainer. What she does WORKS and I appreciate that it’s backed by science/her studies. On top of that, she has such a kind heart for animals, keeps their well-being as top priority, and is so patient while teaching us humans (I think it’s usually us that need the most help, haha!). I feel lucky Jennifer has worked with my Labradors since she has so much experience working with this breed. Plus, they loved her and responded so well to the positive reinforcement methods she uses. Give your pups the gift of this talented trainer. You won’t regret it. More...

Thank you for such a lovely review Erin! I really loved our sessions with your labs and you were a great student, always taking on board what I advised and practicing between sessions:)

6 February 2019

I have nothing but great things to say about Jennifer at Bone Ball Bark. She is so knowledgeable about all things dog; no question will go unanswered. Even from afar she was able to virtually personalize a training plan for me and my dog, Nova. She has stayed with me every step of the way and continues assist me with Nova's training. As a result, Nova has mastered several commands, behaves very well in the presence of people, and has gotten rid of her habit of jumping and nipping at people. I highly recommend her! She has loads of experience and it shows through her professionalism and her genuine love of dogs. More...

Thank you for the lovely review Deborah! I'm glad Nova is doing well, you have both worked so hard on her training plan:)

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Seeing both dogs and their owners connect! You can see the light bulb moment when the owner understands how to communicate with their dog and the dog responds. I love that!

I've always wanted to run my own dog training business so that I can better serve clients with my own techniques and skills. I have trained and learned from a lot of different canine professionals and to bring all that together and help others is really rewarding.

I not only have years of experience training Assistance Dogs, but I have my Masters in Canine Science. I think about the psychology of their dog, and combine that with positive training methods to get fast results. I also usually have the best treats haha!