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Bomi Orthopedic Massage

Aloha Mobile Village, California


Bomi Orthopedic Massage

Aloha Mobile Village, California


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Eunice N.

23 December 2018

Bomi is a miracle worker. I went to see him with a glute injury that had been causing me excruciating pain for over a month, making it difficult for me to sit or walk. With each session, I felt noticeable improvement, and within several weeks, I was completely healed.Bomi's engineering background is evident through his thoughtful and methodical approach to diagnosing the root of the problem. His commitment to the science of therapeutic massage is evident in his technique and his ability to explain what and why he's doing what he's doing. On top of that, he's a fantastic listener and incredibly empathetic. Beyond being the most skilled massage professional I have ever met, it's clear Bomi is also a wonderful and caring human being.I am crushed that Bomi is moving to the east coast. San Mateo is losing an amazing massage therapist, but I am confident Bomi will continue to help people find health, wellness and balance no matter where he is. More...


Abbie K.

14 December 2018

Bomi is not only knowledgeable and skilled at his craft, he is an authentic, good-natured, personable human being! I so appreciate how he really listened to me and my needs and never pressured me into buying a package--  he truly cares about my health and well-being. This isn't just a job for him, and that is clear. I've never had as effective of a massage as I have had with Bomi, with positive effects lasting much longer than just a day or two. Thank you, Bomi! More...


Melanie K.

30 November 2018

Bomi has been a tremendous resource for me for more than 5 years. He was originally referred to me by a well known chiropractor who does extensive work for the police and fire departments. I received relief from Bomi for tense muscles related to herniated disks. He gave me relief in all tightened muscle areas radiating from low back issues.  We will miss him in the Bay Area but are pleased for him for his move to the east coast. Be well, Bomi!! More...


Dolores R.

29 November 2018

I have been so blessed to have been referred to Bomi years ago by a friend. For years I suffered from sciatica and after a short time i had was tremendous improvement from his medical massage treatment. Since then I've gone to him for maintenance periodically and he always gives me relief. I've always said he has magic hands. My son, daughter and others I've referred to him have had the same wonderful experience.  I highly recommend Bomi. He's also a wonderful person. More...


Kevin M.

16 September 2018

Washed-up college athlete here. Went to see Bomi for an acute hamstring strain (desk job has done a number on my posture), and ended up doing a deep dive into all of my lingering neuromuscular problems from years of ankle sprains and general poor training discipline. There isn't too much I can say which the other reviews don't already cover, but I will just emphasize that Bomi is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely attentive. He listens very carefully to build an understanding of your issues and history, and he has an uncanny ability for uncovering problems you either didn't know about, or had been ignoring.I remember before my first session I thought the pricing seemed a little expensive, but I would honestly pay at least 2-3x for what Bomi provides, given the improvement I have seen over about a month and a half. Easy 5 stars, 10/10, A+, etc. More...


Anne T.

14 September 2018

Bomi is the best kept secret!After getting massages for my neck and shoulders from various masseuse, trying to find relief.. I wasn't convinced that anyone could help the tightness around my neck and shoulders from years of tension and hunching my shoulders while I work.Bomi is the first one who was able to "fix" me after the first treatment. I felt amazing and better almost immediately. He did warn me to ice it after our first session.. and boy, was it sore the next day! Like getting the best work out ever!Bomi was able to fix my neck and shoulders and really pin point the issues. Every time I leave a session with Bomi, I feel more relaxed and my muscles are like butter.He is so honest and will let you know how many sessions you'll need. I'm so glad to have found him and his magic hands.Thank you, Bomi!!! More...


Shane A.

28 May 2018

Hey all you athletes. I've been racing triathlon for 32 years and Bomi is the best sports massage therapist out there. If your looking for injury prevention, injury rehab, or "race ready massage, Bomi is it!  He knows all the muscle groups and he applies the right amount of pressure and relief to get your body feeling great.  I know this because Bomi helped me win a USA Triathlon National Championships and a top 3 finish at Ironman 70.3 WC. If there were 6 stars available on Yelp, Bomi would deserve it. Shane More...


Heather C.

5 May 2018

Bomi has been a life saver for my husband and I. We are triathletes who are consistently training so having someone work on us who knows the body is key. Bomi has helped us from head to toe (literally) for many years and I recommend him to all of our friends and fellow training buddies in the area when they complain of injuries. More...


Michael P.

3 May 2018

Bomi is excellent at healing massage therapy for all sports injuries. I have been using Bomi to help heal injuries for five years. He's even relieved a stress tension headache. I highly recommend Bomi for massage to help stress/strain injuries, knots, tendonitis, or muscle tears heal quicker. More...


Joe W.

3 May 2018

I've been going to Bomi for years...I'm an athlete in my late 40's and whenever I really need to be fixed, I go see Bomi. I recently had an ACL replacement, and Bomi was instrumental in my successful recovery. Bomi helped break up the scar tissue that was hindering my knee's range of motion....I would not have recovered as quickly or thoroughly without his help. When you're an active adult, there's nothing worse than the setback of injury and surgery... but incorporating my physical therapy with Bomi's ability to break up the scar tissue helped me get back on my feet and back into my daily routine...Thanks Bomi!!Joe More...


Shilpen P.

24 April 2018

I have been dealing with high hamstring pain for 1.5 years from a running injury. I had seen physical therapy, physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc to no avail. I was about to undergo surgery when I was referred to Bomi. He listened to my complaints, gave me an upfront assessment. and then based on our mutually agreed upon plan, we moved forward. After just three visits I was able to run pain free most days of the week. I highly recommend you see him for ay of the pains which trouble you. More...


Julie M.

16 April 2018

I have been in chronic back and hip pain from sports injuries for over 2 years. I had gone to physical therapy, seen doctors, and was unable to find an answer to my pain. Bomi has changed the course of my pain and life. He is infinitely kind, patient, and listens to my words and my body. After 5 sessions, I can say that I am finally leaving the world of chronic back pain. I have seen massage therapists before, however, Bomi's thoughtful approach is not so much a relaxing spa day as a relaxing targeted massage aimed at getting to the root of the problem (not just addressing the symptoms).I highly recommend him. More...


Scott R.

13 August 2016

I was referred to Bomi from my chiropractor, who works part time with Bomi out of his office in San Mateo.  Bomi i believe has a more full and week long practice in the south bay but comes to San Mateo to work with this referring chiropractor.Bomi is incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable, intuitive and an exceptional therapist professional.  He spent a great deal of time with me during our first session, trying to understand the causation around my summer back injury and to work in parallel with my chiropractor's treatments to get me back to 100% sooner than later.After only a couple of exceptional visits, I am finding my recovery time is much faster and the exercises he recommended in between therapies have helped tremendously.I highly recommend the guy for any sports injury or an area that is just needing attention that cannot be rolled out or self-stretched.  Magic hands, thoughtful practitioner and someone who truly loves the therapeutic arts.  I am really impressed so far.  The prices and the scope of recommended work is quite fair and communicated well, in advance. More...


Tim S.

18 September 2014

He has really helped me a lot with my headaches and back problems, highly recommend him.  Make sure you look at the 20 other reviews Yelp has filtered out, link at bottom of page.  Only because they are not regular Yelpers, it's too bad they aren't all visible. More...


Holly J.

21 October 2013

Bomi is a wonderful therapeutic massage therapist. He has helped me with chronic problems that doctors and other practitioners have been unable to help me with. He is both professional and friendly. Highly recommend him. More...


Margie T.

23 November 2011

I brought my 17 year old son to Bomi to help with his rehabilitation of a recurring high ankle sprain due to football. His injury kept him out of of play most of the season. After Bomi's complete evaluation, he was able to address the issue and explain to both of us a game plan. 2 visits later he was able to play an entire game!! My son was diligent on the home care recommended and I am sure after the season is over, rest alongside weekly treatment, he will be as good as new and ready for his other sports! I highly recommend Bomi. He is extremley polite, genuine and caring. He is also very educated in his field and you can clearly tell he loves what he does!! I was lucky to have found the perfect person to work with and plan on weekly visits to insure the best care for my son. 5 STARS!! More...


Nicole R.

22 September 2011

Amazing, Amazing and Amazing! Bomi has helped me with sciatic issues, as well as back, neck and feet pain. His treatments are truly fantastic. Just last week I woke up with horrible sciatic pain and I could barely walk. Then I went to Bomi and after the initial soreness from the treatment (he works the body, it's not your nice and soft swedish massage, although he does that too), the pain just disappeared. He specializes in orthopedic massage, retraining muscles to work the way they were meant to. Plus, he is an incredibly warm and wonderful person. If you are pain, go to Bomi!! More...


Ingela R.

5 January 2010

I have been going to Bomi now for over 1 year and he works wonders with my neck and upper back. Before Bomi I would usually go and get a deep tissue massage as soon as my neck and upper back got tight, these never really helped and I felt the same after a few days. Bomi works deeper into your muscles then I never thought possible getting into the core of the problem. Bomi  is also a truly nice and sincere person and I recommend him as soon as I hear anyone having any back or neck problems. He is the best at what he does. More...


Matt B.

2 October 2009

I look for a strong massage therapist who can help me work through various injuries I've accumulated over the years.  Finding someone strong enough and not a "resort massage" was a challenge.Bomi helped me get ready for my latest shoulder surgery.  He helped loosen it up going into surgery and the day before we did 2 hours and really helped me be as prepared as possible.  My doctors were amazed how fast I recovered and it was a pleasure to see Bomi again about 2 months later and work on keeping scar tissue from forming.He is very focused on what you need - especially if something is accepted as "chronic" but he thinks he might be able to help.  I find him invaluable and am very happy with the help he has provided.He is strong and can go very deep - if that's what you are looking for - he is the right guy. More...


Grace V.

30 September 2009

Like most of you, I have tried many massage therapists.  My search for the best healer stopped with Bomi.  For 15 years, I had muscle spasms in  my upper back because of a herniated disc in my neck.  Not only did Bomi relieve my discomfort, I have not had any recurrence.  I do believe in maintenance so that I can continue to practice yoga and be pain-free.  Besides, why would I turn down a chance to enjoy a wonderful massage from a genuinely kind and caring healer? More...



4 September 2009

I have seen up to two dozen massage therapists for various problems from hip joint arthritis to too much time in front of the computer.  Over the past few years I have "followed" Bomi to 3 locations because he's been able to help me more than other massage therapists.  He is very skilled in working on entrenched physical problems that require more than a feeling of relaxation as the outcome.  He has has had a lot of training and education about the body which makes me feel more confident about what he is doing. He is very respectful and concerned about my overall health.  If you want just a light spa massage, you might go to a different therapist.  For a real injury or chronic tightness or pain, Bomi would be great! More...


Karen ..

27 August 2009

Bomi is the best massage therapist around if you are looking for quick and long-lasting results.  His in-depth knowledge and expertise makes it easy for him to target problem areas and correct them right away.  You will be in very good hand with Bomi!  I highly recommend him. More...


Johann J.

25 August 2009

I have two massage therapists I go to.  For relaxing massage I go to one, and for injuries I go to Bomi.  It's difficult finding a good massage therapist.  Bomi is a wonderful find.  I first went to him when he was working at the Jansen and Jansen chiropractic office.  Now he's on his own and I've followed him to his new practice in Sunnyvale next to my favorite energy healing practitioner which makes it very convenient when I go to see him.He's always very concerned about my health and sometimes he gives me extra time than what is alloted because he cares about making me better.  He has a wonderfully warm personality that makes me feel comfortable and he goes to workshops to learn more skills to add to his arsenal which is unique.  Bomi rocks! More...