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Bombay Pizza & Kabob House

San Ramon, CA


Bombay Pizza & Kabob House

San Ramon, CA


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Steven M.

6 September 2019

Ordered the a small garlic Supreme and hot wings everything was good and my wife loved the wings I liked my pizza but they forgot to put Italian sausage but other than that I loved my food I think I will come back for a kabob for lunch to see if they are better than A-towns


Pallavi J.

4 September 2019

Happy to find this one in the neighboorhood. Cannot stop raving about how good the curry pizza tasted.  We ordered paneer tikka masala (gravy base) pizza and saag (gravy base)pizza and both were delicious. The saag gravy of the pizza was simply amazing!! Looking forward to trying some of the other pizzas as well. More...


Shariq I.

3 September 2019

Pizza and Kabob selection is great. We asked them to give us half baked pizzas to bake at home and they did it perfectly.


Kyle L.

28 August 2019

A good fb advertisement and special, basically brought me over here to try this place out. I've seen this place albeit different owners but generally a similar menu, minus their lunch buffet appears to be gone since I saw the new owners selling the hot tray cart. Anyways, the place itself has a nice clean overall look and feel to it. A decent amount of sitting areas for those who plan to sit down and eat. The cashier/pizza maker was pretty good in terms of customer service, but nothing that brought it over the top, just average (I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't do a half and half pizza though). The pizzas themselves were pretty good, the tandoori chicken had a nice little kick to it but nothing overly spicy imo. The pineapple and ham was good but nothing stood out. The crusts and overall taste and flavors were good to slightly above average, but I've have had eaten at better places. But still, this place is still pretty good and if you are in the area, you should try the new owners out! More...


Jim I.

27 August 2019

Had the chicken kebab lunch special for $10.99.   I liked it and couldn't finish it in one sitting. A very intriguing selection of Indian themed pizzas.  Kind service, I'd go back.


Sumi K.

25 August 2019

Bombay pizza and kabob house is the best. We had a chance to eat there last weekend. I liked their garlic chicken pizza. My kids also enjoyed the food. Service was very good. If anybody want to enjoy the halal meat, this is the place.This is our second time eating there.Love this palace!!!!! More...


David G.

23 August 2019

Had my first experience last night after the name change. My wife ordered what I think was called the Afghan style pizza. I have to say WOW one of the top 3 pizza's I've ever had. Looking forward to trying some of the other menu items as well. More...


Kev H.

20 August 2019

We got a garlic supreme pizza and a butter chicken pizza.  Both were delicious but the latter was to me slightly better.I loved that the garlic supreme was full of toppings and used lots of garlic; the only thing about the pizza was the garlic they used tasted like that from a jar that you could get from a grocery store.  I think it would've been much better if they had used fresh garlic and minced it.The butter chicken pizza, perhaps due to the sauce of the butter chicken, was definitely more moist than the garlic supreme.  The flavor was all there and it was delicious.  I got big chunks of chicken on each slice.My only complaint about this place was, when I called them to place an order, I asked them to not put green onions on the pizza cause my niece and nephew don't like them, and the guy told me over the phone they didn't put green onions on any of the pizza I ordered; however, I got my pizza with green onions on it.... grrrr....But overall, I really liked it and would probably go back to try their other stuff. More...


Ravi R.

29 July 2019

Ordered a large pepperoni pizza carry-out. Thin crust and light. Will continue to visit and try more of the menu.


Kati W.

26 July 2019

Their pizza is so, so good! They have quickly become a weekly tradition we all look forward to. To  mix it up a bit, we like to do 1/2 Indian style and 1/2 traditional. Tonight's pizza - chicken Tikka masala and pepperoni - did not disappoint! (Seriously, I don't know why their pepperoni pizza is so good. Super simple, but so delicious) Everyone in the shop is always friendly, too! More...


Manbir K.

22 July 2019

I stopped at this place while coming from Antioch. I have ordered garlic chicken pizza and it was soooo delicious. Best pizza in San Ramon. I wish they can open one in Fremont/union city area. Plus it's a Halal Meat. Customer server was very good. Overall food is really good and worth spending money there. Now every time I pass through that is MY SPOT to eat. Yum!!! More...


Nilesh P.

19 July 2019

Ordered the Desi Vegetarian Pizza and was blown away.  The thin crust and all the veggies were a perfect combination with the garlic and ginger.  Thanks Mohan, we'll be back!


Sushil K.

13 July 2019

We went to Bombay Pizza and Kabob House with family. We tried halal kabobs and Afghani style pizza. The food was so delicious and the new Indian owner is very friendly. The service was great and we will definitely go back there. More...


Brandon S.

12 July 2019

This pizza spot is the best I've ever tasted!! Such a broad menu you can chose from so all your cravings can be satisfied. The staff is super friendly and easy to talk too. Definitely recommend this spot if in the area! More...


Manna R.

10 July 2019

food is really very delicious. I also like the conversation with new owner . He is really funny and respected for coustomer. I like afghani style pizza, chicken kabob and butter chicken pizza. i love food of this afghani store. everything is ready on time. New owner add some new indian items . I love those items like butter chicken and their chicken samosa also very pretty . i want to back in More...


Gurbax S.

10 July 2019

I went there just one day agoI like there food and they also add some new Indian itemsI taste their saag paneer pizza which was very delicious and also their good service. I want to go there again soon . I love their pizza . Specially they add some new Indian pizza . I love it . Next time I wanna try there FIVE GUY pizza which one is very popular there. More...


Will I A m.

10 July 2019

Huge pizza slice for lunch special with a fountain soda.  Delicious as well. Will need to come back to try their Desi menu.


Jelly M.

10 July 2019

I try their Chopan kabob . It was very delicious they make well done and meat had good quality . It was so juicy . I like their kabob and rice as well. They are still serve halal meat . Next time I will go for some new Indian item . I love their food . More...


Dax J.

15 June 2019

All I can say is WOW - drove all day from Las Vegas for a family members memorial service -and Father's Day - we were in the mood for Mediterranean and all I canSay is I couldn't stop drooling over the aroma and then sinking our teeth into the gyro and kabob meals was to die for - truly authentic family owned amazing food - highly highly highly recommendedWe will be back when back in townVey well made and the guys in there had such an awesome genuine happy attitude -


Ahmad S.

4 June 2019

Was in the mood for kabobs and this was the closest place. After trying it, my first reaction is Wow! I honestly wasn't expecting much but this place blew me away. Their chicken and beef kabobs were tender, juicy and full of delicious aromatic spices. So tender that my plastic knife cut through the meat like butter. Although they are a pizza shop also, It sounds crazy to say this, but its better than most kabob restaurants I been to. If I am ever in the area I will definitely visit again. Portions are generous as well. More...


Love K.

4 June 2019

I heard this pizza place from everyone in contact and was out for lunch today at a town pizza and kabob. Truly is the best pizza I have eaten in a while. Fresh veggies and meat was just great. Clean and friendly place to have good food on the go or for a  special evening, it's a great place. Many choices to choose from veggie to meat based pizzas. I will definitely be back to taste kabobs I have been hearing about!  Definitely recommend this place to eat out. More...


Razaa A.

1 June 2019

I ordered a 1/2 butter chicken 1/2 pepperoni pizza. I love that they are halal, because it lets me get creative and mix all kinds of toppings. Also, I was surprised at how good quality the pepperoni was. The pizza was really fresh, and the veggies on the butter chicken pizza gave it a nice complement. This was my first time ordering from here, and I decided to do take-out. Some pizza places are hit or miss, but this is a really good spot to check out. The customer service here is really good, and you can tell they take quality seriously. I highly recommend getting a 1/2 butter chicken and 1/2 pepperoni if you can't decide. Can't wait to finish leftovers today! More...


Meezy S.

15 May 2019

Great pizza. Lots of options, halal, and very tasty. Their kababs and lasagna are good too. Nice to see them in the neighborhood. I like how they cater to all crowds. I noticed they now have a buffet but have yet to try it. Hopefully they stick around for a long time More...


A J.

14 May 2019

Great. Buffet pizza been good deal only $7.99. New owner made it. Enjoyed being at the pizza. Awesome!


Brandon T.

14 May 2019

Today I tried the Onion Rings with a Meatball Sub sandwich that was lightly toasted.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!


Neloffer E.

19 April 2019

My husband picked up kabobs from here after work for dinner and we loved our meal! We had ordered the lamb kabob which was enriched with delicious spices and the meat was very tender. The rice and salad perfectly enhanced the flavors of the kabob! I'd order from here again!!! More...


EJaaz A.

19 March 2019

Love everything on their menu. Ive tried everything from their appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and afghan food. When people randomly show up to my house and I need to feed them I can always count on A town supplying satifying food.


Colleen L.

27 February 2019

Pleasantly surprised.Ordered via Yelp and fulfilled through Grubhub for delivery. Was initially concerned about the bad reviews about the orders not being ready, but my ordered arrived just as described; between 50-70 minutes, arriving just under 50 minutes.1) Tikka Masala Pizza, with extra cilantro and jalapenos. Loved that the pizza was thin crust. Good flavor. Cooked to perfection (veggies and chicken weren't dry). The favorite of our two pizzas.2) Palek Paneer Pizza, with Jalapeno. I was expecting something creamy and more spinach-y but was still good. Thin crust, crispy goodness. Not soggy. Good flavors, could taste the ginger. More...


Maita S.

17 February 2019

We really love this restaurant!  We haven't dined in here but have ordered twice and had food delivered through Door Dash.  I love their Chopan Kabob and Samosas!  I have ordered it two days in a row now.  The Rice Pudding is also very nice.  Since my husband and I can't eat too spicy foods, I order the food mildly spiced and it comes out perfect!  We would like to visit this place sometime and have our meals here.  Glad to have discovered it in Door Dash. More...


Asif K.

14 February 2019

I had a chance to have the new buffet, and it is also great. The butter chicken is fresh as well as the salad! If you're in the mood for pizza as well, you'll have multiple choices of pizza toppings. Bread was also delicious! Rice pudding was also great! Highly recommended! More...


Robert F.

7 February 2019

I have eaten at all the pizza places from Danville to Dublin and beyond. Some of them make a good pizzas. A few need to just go away to make room for a different dish. However as for A-Town Pizza.  Simply the best! More...


PB02 S.

3 February 2019

I use to go here all the time when I worked up the street about 3 years ago. But after transferring to another location I decided to stop by for lunch with my wife on a Saturday afternoon.The parking is still a challenge in the plaza especially on a weekend but we managed to find a spot by 7-11. Once we walked in I noticed everything in the restaurant was the same but the menu had some additions and two new guys working behind the counter. The menu had more of an Indian flare now with India themed pizzas and samosas now being offered.We each got a lunch special(yes they offer the lunch specials on weekends) with 3 topping slice each and a drink. I also got a chicken kebob plate to go. The drink machine sucks lol go for the bottled drinks in the cooler. The pizza was amazing just like I remembered with the giant slices that take up an entire pizza box! The chicken kebob was also good(just a little over cooked).Service was still great and food was amazing! So next time I'm in town you know where I'm going for lunch. The amount of great food you get for under $10 cannot be beat by anyone in the entire area! More...


Mike S.

27 January 2019

This is my new go to for fresh delicious pizza either by the slice itself which are ginormous can feed two people, but who would want to share! Just got there 20 inch combo tonight and wasn't disappointed fresh ingredients and light and crispy crust.  Will definitely be going back to try some of there traditional entrées if the pizza is out of this world I'm sure the other dishes are extremely mouth watering! More...


Pamela N.

21 January 2019

I tried this place because it was within walking distance to the pool hall where I was having my birthday party and I wanted pizza. I got a large combination and a medium protein pizza. The crust was very tasty and I liked the pizza sauce. The prices were a little high (4 stars), but the pizza was delicious. More...


Sophia K.

26 December 2018

We don't eat pizza a whole lot but have ordered from here many times. We usually do takeout but have also dined in. This pizza place is pretty small but does have indoor tables and booths. It's located in a small shopping center in San Ramon fairly close to the freeway. AMBIANCE/DECOR-Outdated but clean, looks like a typical pizza joint. The pizzas are baked in the kitchen area (behind a counter) but faces the tables and booths. There's a couple of tv's and some memorabilia on the wall. Only pizza place I've been to that had magazines to read while you wait! We ordered-Garlic Supreme- this is our favorite pizza here. We order it every time and has fast become my families favorite as well. Thin crust pizza not overloaded with cheese but loaded with meat. Garlic is not overwhelming, it's sooo good, def a must try. Hawaiian- it has Canadian bacon and pineapple with red sauce. I hadn't tried this one, I prefer white sauce pizzas but this was good! They def don't skimp on the meat here. SERVICE- We did takeout on Xmas Eve 2018. Called in our order and picked it up. Quick and easy, staff was friendly. I just read that owners are different for this place now and I admit, I'm a little weary of places I enjoy that change ownership BUT the pizzas were great and tasted the same as when we ordered with previous owners. They don't just offer pizzas here, there is a whole kabob menu as well! I've never tried any of the kabobs, every time I go in wanting to order them, I change my mind and go for the pizza, lol. The kabob menu has a variety of different kabobs, I believe they are afghan style kabobs. It's awesome that this place is halal (kosher), always a plus in my book. The party we hosted dug into the pizzas before I could snap a pic. Will update next time we order. If you're around the area and craving pizza, check them out! More...


Marla B.

16 December 2018

I would give it more stars if I could!! Wow! I ended up with the chicken kabob plate...wanted  the lamb but they were out. I'll definitely be back!! It's late Sunday night...most places are closed. Thought I would give them a try and wasn't expecting much. Ordered togo and came home to find a huge portion of chicken with rice. Salad...with some tomato, onion cilantro mixture and yummy dressing plus bread! The chicken is out of this world. Super tender/juicy and flavorful. Highly recommend coming to eat here...can't wait to try the lamb! More...


Aqdas L.

10 December 2018

I dig it. As someone who only eats halal food I'm glad there's this great place for the Danville/San Ramon community. It's more convenient to go here than Mirchi's in Dublin. So far I've tried their pizza and the chicken burger. I am a BIG fan of the chicken burger. It's nice and simple, like the McChickens you on see from McDonalds (not sure if it tastes like a McChicken since I have never tried it). Because it is chicken and it is simple I'm not sure if $11 is a reasonable price point but I guess in this area that would be the average price. Regardless, it's a great place and I know they are trying to live up to the Danville/San Ramon standard. More...


Haris K.

6 December 2018

Moved to San Ramon over a year ago and we only eat Halal so we were very happy to find this place. Great customer service. Great quality of food and selection. Just saw they have a new Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza! And it is officially my favorite pizza ever! Can't wait to come back for more! More...


Tye J.

6 December 2018

We were looking for dinner last minute on a week night.  Everyone in the family wanted something different (ex: healthy, spicy, Indian, pizza, burger,...).  We decided to try A-Town, now we have a new favorite restaurant. It is rare to find a place that does 1 food style well, (much-less 4 styles)1. Afghan (kebabs over rice)2. Indian (the best Tikka Massala in the East Bay)3. Pizza (my daughter loved the pepperoni)4.  Burgers & hot wings  Everyone in the family was happy (How often do you hear that?)Thank you A-Town, we will be back (since I have your take-out # in my favorites). More...


Patty L.

3 December 2018

Best lamb Kabobs in the area!  Their marinade is exceptional and lamb is flavorful and tender juicy. Their white rice is delicious too! They cook the Kabobs to order so plan on a 25 minute wait time.  We usually call in the order in advance for pick up or delivery. More...


Al Emi ..

29 November 2018

Pizza was bomb. Could have been a little crispier but I just threw it in the oven at home and it was perfect. White sauce with chicken was on point and they were not stingy with their beef pepperoni like other halal pizza shops ha!


Deep S.

29 November 2018

A-Town Pizza And Kabob was Delicious. I love Kabob And I always tried kabob some other place. A- Town Kabob And pizza is really good. I never had ever like this kind of Delicious food Presentation of food And Customers service More...


Sen S.

21 November 2018

Great food for the right price. Many veg and non veg food items to choose from the menu . Halal options available too . Had vegetarian pizza with superb crust and abundant of toppings. Just loved it. My partner had chicken wings and was very impressed, Perfect place to enjoy delicious food, mingle with business partners/friends for lunch and hang out with family and friends for dinner. Certainly a pizza place to keep going back. We are locked in to this Pizza place and looking forward to our next visit. More...


Jaswinder G.

17 November 2018

This is my favorite pizza and kabob place. I am very addicted to their chicken kabobs and newly introduced samosas. They uplift their standards since new ownership. Customer service is great and great quality of food. Very authentic and delicious pizza as compared to great pizza places in the San Ramon. Will keep on visiting and refer to family and friends. More...


Silas M.

16 November 2018

This Place is Amazing! They have it all! Burgers, Lit Pizza, Pastas, Fries, Chicken Tenders, Jalapeno Poppers, and Chicken Wings! They even have Kabob and an assortment of cultural dishes specialized by the people who work there! And the icing on the cake...it's all 100% Halal! For those who don't know what that means, it basically means that the food is Healthier! My friend and I ordered food and we unknowingly were down a few bucks. The super kind guy taking our order smiled and said that it was ok! It's service like this is what we need more of in the Food industry...and even more the World! More...


Ramona Denise M.

16 November 2018

i love this joint. Friendly staff and the food is very good. The all meat pizza is my favorite but the cheeseburger and fries are very good too.


Jose C.

16 November 2018

i come once a month and the food is always great and i love the pizza there it's VERY good, if i lived in san ramon area i would be going there everyday


Maria S.

9 November 2018

This is my favorite pizza place in San Ramon! Their ingredients are always super fresh and their pizzas just taste amazing. We always get the All Meat pizza and Hawaiian (with extra pineapples)! TO DIE FOR. The All Meat has the perfect combo of meat, saltiness, and deliciousness  They also have a bunch of kababs and Afghan cuisine items that are an added bonus, if someone in the family isn't up for pizza. Just amazing all around! Definitely give them a try and see for yourself how delicious their pizzas are. More...


Alex S.

9 November 2018

LOVE HALAL PIZZA!Too bad it's a little further away and parking is hard to come by.I usually pick it up when i'm passing by.Loves are the meat lovers and the garlic chicken. More...


See M.

29 October 2018

I occasionally eat here because they are close to my office. I have never tried the pasta or pizza but their Middle East food is amazing. Great beef and chicken kabobs, with good rice and green salad and they also will give you bread. They are clean and polite and fast which is great during lunch time. Try the beef kabob, it's by far my most favorite. More...


Sidney H.

26 October 2018

My 1st Time ordering from them and I'm impressed. I ordered the lamb, garlic twists and chicken wings. My food was delivered within 35 minutes and piping hot. Everything tasted delicious and I can't wait to try their pizza next time. More...


Steve J.

2 October 2018

Great pizza. Lots of options, halal, and very tasty. Their kababs and lasagna are good too. Service is a little slow but the food makes up for it. Nice to see them in the neighborhood. Hopefully they stick around for a long time. More...


Zalmay S.

25 August 2018

Ok very good. Kabab and Pizza I never ate any places as good as along as good for the Muslim people


Jina R.

16 August 2018

Best halal pizza in Bay Area hands down! We always get the garlic supreme with beef and it's THE BEST so give it a try!


Joseph C.

27 July 2018

Very good Kabob's here.  I got the chicken & tekka kabobs that were delicious, although the tekka was cooked to well done and everyone knows that beef overcooked is chewy, I still ate them anyway.  They were that good!  I also love their rice and salad.  Definitely will come again. More...


Jon G.

21 July 2018

Well. Let's start it. First the pizza it's 8.5/10 which is really good. I got a slice of 3toppong pizza. For me personally it tasted good. I was looking through all of these reviews and thought this place is messed up. But overall this is some good a pizza. Definitely would recommend it. For those of you who trying to the best pizza I would recommend to go to some overrated "Neapolitan" pizza spot if you one. Because this place is affordable and delicious. About the service, this not a restaurant. This place is random neighborhood pizza spot. And whoever is expecting their A$$ to be licked should go to some overrated place. This place is for foodlovers, not really for a high end gourmets. Have good day!!! More...


Robert A.

17 July 2018

I play billiards next door at Crown Billiards often and have ordered pizza for here a few times.  The pizza is always delicious.  I highly recommend.


Gina Y.

6 June 2018

I tried your gluten free pizza vegetarian... it was delicious. Thank you I'll definitely be ordering again . I'm glad I found you on yelp.


Sean P.

22 May 2018

Great pizza. Consistent. Nice staff. Excellent kabobs.  My go to place for pizza in the east bay


Atif J.

17 May 2018

Got a huge slice with pepperoni, mushroom, sausage. Around $7. Everything is halal4/5 because portions are large but the taste is bland. Would return if in the area but not make a special trek. More...


Josh Z.

12 May 2018

Got the King Kong size pizza. Great service and excellent pizza! What else could you ask for. 4 stars is for pizza quality and service combined. Will definitely be a return customer. More...


George F.

24 April 2018

Received a coupon in the mail for two 14" pizza's for the price of one. $19.99 Its only good on Tuesday's so I decided to give A Town a try. The Warriors are on TV tonight so I timed the pizza dinner at 8 pm. The pizzas were ready for pick up at when I arrived.  Ordered the chicken pesto pizza and the all meat pizza.Chicken Pesto Pizza is excellent 5 stars all the way. Toppings include sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, zucchini,  olives, red onion, artichoke hearts with pesto sauce. Might be my new found favorite in San Ramon. All Meat 4 stars Toppings include pepperoni, salami, ham, sausage, ground beef and linguica. The restaurant has TV's with the NBA games on. Only one occupied table. A Town also serves Kabobs and Afghan food, a strange combo. Located in the shopping center that includes a 7-11, Nations burgers and a Taco restaurant its always busy but there are plenty of parking spaces. More...


Bryan R.

4 April 2018

First time ordering delivery off yelp! The staff gave me a call to clarify my order since I free-typed comments. I appreciate how they gave me a call to understand what I specifically wanted for the garlic bread. Delivery was prompt, foot was hot. The kababs were very tasty and had enough spice to them. Might have to try their pizza next time! More...


Allen J.

23 March 2018

Pizza was costco size and some and the kabob dishes are solid, however during lunch hours expect pretty slow service.


A P.

18 March 2018

3.5/5.  Pizzas were a bit on the salty side, but the service is good. Got the Garlic Chicken and Pesto Chicken. The Pesto Chicken has a bit more going on (and arguably saltier) with its feta and artichokes. The Garlic Chicken wasn't as garlicky as I thought it would be, but still good. I don't like too much cheese on my pizza; the amount of cheese on these were to my liking. More...


Glenn L.

15 March 2018

Still the place to go for kebabs and pizza!    The workers are really nice and the food is as expected.  Solid pizza (not your super gourmet pizza, but good crust and traditional toppings), good price point.


Tax B.

14 February 2018

We ordered the Greek Pizza, Margarita Pizza, and the Greek salad. The Greek Pizza and Greek Salad were a big hit in our office. The Margarita was basically a cheese pizza, but a tasty cheese pizza. It had no fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, or fresh water mozzarella on it, which would make it much better! We will be ordering from here again. Food was good. Awesome crust. More...


Erin J.

2 February 2018

LOVE their pizza & Kebob! You know a pizza place is excellent when just a plain cheese pizza is off the charts good. I almost a weekly for my house.


R S.

6 December 2017

Just went back again. The pizza was great, the bbq sauce drizzle was also great if your into bbq pizza. Their Kabobs were so tender and juicy. The presentation was nice and the rice was good. Had some weird spices(purple) on it that complimented the flavors. Will be back again for sure. More...


Sadaf K.

27 November 2017

I honestly never Yelp, but I had to leave a review for this place. I ordered take out and I was so surprised to see how good of quality their food was.. this place is amazing!!!! There pizza is off the hook!!! Must try the meat lasagna and the combination kabobs are to die for!!! I'm so impressed with how good there take out is, I haven't ate inside yet but I'm sure it's even better!! Best Afghan place to go to in San Ramon area!! More...


Rishi S.

24 November 2017

Update:  Lamb chops, chicken tenders, saffron rice are all really good!  Pizza slice is large and I like the thin crust. ----------This review is for the pizza. I ordered a single slice which was above average in size and it hit the spot. I will definitely come back to try the kebabs and other items. More...


A T.

16 November 2017

Such a good place and their pizzas are huge! Worth every penny! Family owned and very pleasant! Delivery can take a little long, but well worth the wait!


Sumi K.

10 November 2017

I had a chance to dine in with my family. We ordered a cheese pizza with chicken kabob and some appetizer bbq wings and garlic twistes. My kids loved the pizza and specially chicken kabob.Pizza was well cooked .I loved their bbq wings. Service was great.Definitely going back there whenever i get a chance. More...


Bilal O.

8 November 2017

I come here with my sister. We got some bolani and the best pizzas in world.it was so good.A town thank you for delicious food.


Brian S.

21 October 2017

Best chicken kabobs I've had hands down! The kabobs came with rice, bread and a salad, which consists of cucumbers and tomatoes. The kabobs were flavorful and juicy and the salad was simple yet delicious. The menu has a wide variety for all your cravings! More...


Bobby S.

13 October 2017

5 stars. I love the pizza they made, I ordered pepperoni (my favorite). Would have the pizza almost anytime I can when I am here. It's a great place to bring family and just sit and eat. There are tv's on each side and it doesn't matter where you sit. The chicken kabob is very good, I don't eat kabob often but if I do it would be here. The workers are super nice and I accept their work. The owner is also a great person, he has owned many other places and has great experience with business. If you are in the San Ramon area I highly recommend you to go and eat here!!! If you live anywhere else it does not matter come here and order some food!!! More...


Dan D.

9 October 2017

Some of the best pizza I have ever had.  Crust is just the right thickness and the sauce is great.  The kabobs are healthy and delicious.  They are very nice people with friendly smiles More...


Brandon S.

7 October 2017

Fist time trying this spot, and it's is so good!! Super quick with the food and the store is really clean. Got TV's inside so you can catch the most recent news daily. Marina was an awesome employee and treated us really nice. They got so many different options of food. Definitely recommend this place to others to try their amazing food!! More...


David C.

25 September 2017

I just stopped by for kabobs.  They were delicious!  Simple side salad and really good flat bread.  The chicken kabobs were delicious!  Juicy and tasty.  I would definately recommend! More...


Danis L.

19 September 2017

My favorite pizza hands down! Great portion size, at a great value. Best pizza in town, especially when its hot. Quick tip, if you wait too long the bottom just like any pizza will get soft. Just heat it in an iron skillet and boom. Just like new. I freeze these pizza when i was away for college, and I had to get a padlock on the freezer! Try it you'll love it More...


ron d.

7 September 2017

Good  pizza , great  service ,  I like the kabobs too . The staff is very friendly and helpful . Close to downtown


Ed J.

25 August 2017

Good quality good at reasonable rates.  I ordered a couple of pizzas and mixed kabobs for a client luncheon.  They delivered ahead of schedule, got the order right and have solid service.


Mahsa A.

22 August 2017

We love love love them! Amazing people, very warm and friendly and they serve amazing food! We have tried everything in their menu! Very yummmyyyyyyyyyy


Renee L.

8 August 2017

Great kabobs, pizza and wings. This is a staple place for us. We eat here a few times a month. I generally get the chicken kabob which is always juicy, flavorful and delicious. Hubby gets the beef. We have also tried the spicy wings which are yummy. The pizzas are also good which many styles to choose from. You can dine in, pick up or get delivery. One of my local favorites. More...


Alicia W.

2 August 2017

Sunny the owner & manager is very down to earth and cares about his customers.Their pizza is some of the best darn pizza here in the Bay Area!


Theresa M.

20 July 2017

Really great balance of light, soft, and slightly crispy  crust (the deep dish) with sauce and baked cheese.  Would order again without hesitation.


Rachel G.

28 June 2017

We ordered Greek salad, chicken Cesar salad, chicken kabob plate, cheesy garlic bread. Delivery was quick. The chicken kabob plate came with a healthy portion of rice, bread and salad. The rice was a little undercooked, but the chicken was so flavorful and juicy. The salads were both good. Pretty standard. Overall, considering delivery was just what I was looking for, I'm definitely satisfied and would order again! More...


Paulyne C.

6 June 2017

One of the best pizza slices I've had.  The crust is thin, crispy, the pizza had loads of topping, not greasy, and the single slices are super huge.  One of my favorite cheap eats places, especially when in the San Ramon/Danville area. More...


Navo B.

20 May 2017

Generally not a fan of their pizza. But they have great Afghan food. Beef kebabs and boulani are stellar. The beef may be a bit tough for some, but it's seasoned REAL well.


Punchy ..

12 May 2017

Updating my original review. They must have been having an off day the first time I tried A-Town cuz tonight the pizza was really good. The crust was great. I got the chicken kabobs too and they were good. More...


Matt C.

10 May 2017

This place is great.  A nice family owned restaurant where everyone is so nice and polite.  We always order the pizza because it's so good but I really want to try all of their other kabobs and things.


Theresa P.

9 May 2017

great pizza and I love the flavor in kabobs. portions are good too


Cody R.

29 April 2017

This is the best pizza I have ever had! The pepperoni, mushroom, and olives were the only toppings I got on my pizza and I was dumbfounded by the explosion of flavors in the simplest of toppings! I don't flaunt saying so easily, but I absolutely adore their pizza! More...


Pedro D.

1 April 2017

Love this place! They sell huge pizza slices and it's cheap. Also the Kabob here is also great! Differently a place you wanna check out.


Jasmine D.

25 March 2017

Great place to eat and hang out with great staff who work well. Friendly staff, good customer service.


Xenia D.

20 March 2017

Great pizza and kabobs! We came because our brother in law told us about it six months ago and have been hooked since. The amount of pizza you get for the price is great and delicious. They do a good job with the kabobs as well. Everyone who works there is always friendly, it one of our favorite pizza places. More...


James G.

19 March 2017

This is exactly what pizza should taste like.  I second the vote for best pizza in town.  These guys have the recipe down.  Crispy crust, not too thick, good sauce and lots of toppings.  Way better than the trendy hipster pizza places that are fashionable these days. More...


Bro F.

9 March 2017

The pizza is really good, as good as any other in San Ramon. Good prices too. I didn't see any beer, would be nice if they has some good beer options.


Marissa M.

25 February 2017

I had lunch here with a friend who recommended after trying recently. We both ordered from the Lunch Specials. She had 3-topping pizza (which is huge) and I ordered the chicken kabob and salad plate. Both came with an included fountain drink. They brought out a pretty big salad for me and her pizza came out soon after. They said the kabob would be out soon. Took a while longer than expected, wasn't sure if they forgot about me.  When they did bring it out, there were large pieces of chicken and a good portion of rice. I ended up eating a bit and taking the rest to go.  It was really very good and I had enough to eat for lunch the next day.  I'm sure calling ahead to order would be better if on a lunch break and ordering kabob. Still worth it either way. More...


Tonya W.

22 February 2017

Food was so good, my entire group ordered from the restaurant over the course of the evening.  Thanks for delivering to local hotels!


Shumpert B.

27 January 2017

Delicious pizza with a great selection of halal toppings to choose from! My wife and I love this place.


Kyokudoperformance k.

17 January 2017

It's very hard to differentiate all types of Pizza for me because I'm always ordering plain cheese pizza wherever I go but this place is special and has a great variety of Halal meat pizzas, which makes this place one of kind in the area. We ordered a half combo and a half cheese pizza just in case I didn't like the combo part but all was good as I tried both :-) give them props for creating something different around here. More...


Adriana G.

7 January 2017

Best pizza in town hands down! If you buy by the slice, the slices are the size of a small child, they are huge and at such a great price. Everything is made to order and super fresh. They also have reeeaaaaally good kabobs and Afghani options. They also accommodate-- for example, I always ask for my kabobs extra spicy and it seems like they are happy to mix it up a little. Delivery is quick and food is hot and everyone is always really friendly when we come in as well. This was literally our first stop when we came home from having our second baby! We have been coming here for years, ever since they opened, and it is easily my favorite place for delicious food. Toppings are also halal which is great. Will not regret the food here!!!!!! More...


Shoaib P.

29 December 2016

Service was amazing and the food was spot on. I live in YC so having halal food restaurants is a rarity but when I come to the Bay I come here. The Afghan dishes especially the Mantoo and Beef Kabobs are hella good. Pizza is tasty as well and the portions are huge. Person who served me was really nice. More...


Anne W.

16 December 2016

Love the Chicken Kebab. !  Good Pizza Crust. Happy with delivery as well .Try them for a fast easy dinner for the family


Giang N.

19 November 2016

I'm a foodie, not a big fan of pizza (ate too much when I was in college) so how good can pizza be.  Seriously this place is the best pizza in the Walnut Creek/Concord/Danville/SAN Ramon area.  If you like NY style thin crust, this place is it. Make sure you say "thin crust" or you will get the regular crust. Its a piece of New York on California. Trust me and TRY IT!!! I don't write reviews much but I had to share the love here. More...


Carrie L.

8 November 2016

I ordered a calzone, picking 4 toppings, which was great! The bread was thinner, so if you like a thicker breaded calzone, it's not for you, but the flavor makes up for it! One tip: if you order from the Yelp Eat24 app and pay with Apple Pay, do include the tip when paying. The delivery guy brought me a printed receipt to sign rather than a regular printed receipt. Once I signed the receipt, he said "cash". I reminded him that I paid with Apply Pay, but then he pointed to the area on the receipt that says "tip". I apologized that I did not have cash on me to pay him a tip; however, he just looked away and left. I always tip a delivery driver, but I thought his reaction was a bit presumptuous and inappropriate More...


Nabiha A.

3 November 2016

I have been here multiple times due to the drawing factor that their toppings are halal. Ive tried both their lunch special slice and a full pizza and both do not disappoint. Sometimes the crust is a bit overdone but the overall quality of the pizza triumphs such a minor issue. One concern I do have is that their customer service is very wishy-washy. One time I had gone there, the man behind the counter was very easygoing and answered my "are you sure everything is halal" question multiple times. However if I order over the phone with them, whoever has answered seems to be in a rush and is rude. This specific time I called the man was very curt and snappy and abruptly ended the call after I finished my order. Usually I brush things off like this but some of my friends have also experienced this. I understand its a busy place during lunch but its better to be patient and nice with your customers if you want us back. Other than that, their pizza is great and hopefully service improves over time but Ill always resort to this place for halal pizza (that is HUUUUGE). More...


Wafa Q.

29 October 2016

Halal pizza and Afghan food all in one! Can't go wrong with ordering mantu and also a halal meat pizza slice.


Jimmy A.

16 October 2016

This is my definition of a hidden gem!!! Went to get a slice for the first time and all I can say is I haven't ordered pizza from anywhere else since. The slice are super big and they have great lunch specials ranging from pizza, lasagna, and kebobs... Toppings are always fresh and you will definitely get full... Lunch specials are everyday 11-4 More...


Donna M.

14 October 2016

I love this place! The pizza slices are huge and made to order with any toppings you like.. The service is great and the prices are great.. They deliver too! If you haven't tried it yet, you should!! More...


Mirwais A.

13 October 2016

Great Great Great service food...Bolani piza. Spicially kabab excellent service thank you guys.


Adrienne G.

6 October 2016

A-Town Pizza and Kabob House is all about the Greek pizza!!!Thin crust but had a nice chew-factor & I'm usually a thick crust girl so this is saying somethingLots of green olives, spring onions & a TON of feta.....so, so, so yummy!  Be forewarned it's also really salty from the olives & feta so you want to make sure you drink plenty - we found ourselves totally dehydrated a few hours later, after that salt had had its chance to work on us.....but it was so worth it!!!Ready in about 10 min & we were good to go More...


Zohaib K.

2 October 2016

This place is one of the best halal joints in bay area. We ordered garlic supreme pizza and lasagna and both tasted amazing. Me and my wife visit here all the time because of the quality and taste of food. Not only is their food really good but the customer service is great too. Chris who took our order was very friendly and welcoming. Its 5/5 for food and customer service everytime we visit this place. More...


Anna S.

28 September 2016

This place is great, because sometimes you do crave for afghan kabobs and pizza at the same damn time and this place is the perfect place for that reason. The service is decent and the pricing is affordable. Their green kabob sauce is the best, a lil bit tangy & a lil bit spicy kicking with flavor. I always get the combination kabob plate and that fills me right up. More...


Yaser M.

7 September 2016

Delicious Kebabs and Pizza! I've tried pretty much everything on the menu and all of it has been fantastic!The guys are fairly personable and I like to watch the A's on TV as well!I'll certainly keep going back!


Evangelene G.

3 September 2016

We found this by accident.   Our dog was at the vet next door and we walked around and decided to order dinner.   What a pleasant surprise! It turns out my coworkers go here too.  We're had the pizza and wings.  I'd love to try the kabobs one day,  but I happen to be here and just ordered the leek bolani. More...


V B.

24 August 2016

Gourmet veggie and cheese pizza are good. Always judge a pizza place on its cheese slice. Like that I can order via yelp. Quick and easy. Pizzas are really big so order one size down from the usual national chain size. More...


J B.

25 July 2016

Family agreed - our delivery pizza was excellent.  Used the Eat24 online ordering format.  Guys got the all meat and I got the veggie.


M. C.

23 July 2016

I love A-Town! This is my go-to pizza delivery place. Add to that kebabs! Come on! I can't say enough positive things.


Kamyar J.

20 July 2016

Great service, great food, and they deliver. KABAB delivered.I recommend them to all friends and family.


Ian V.

24 June 2016

Love this place. I get it delivered to work all the time. Great pizza, decent calzones, and really good everything else!


Holly L.

17 June 2016

Just tried A-Town for the first time. We are so excited to have found some really great food delivered for dinner. Plenty of options for our family of four. Calzone, meatball sandwich and chicken kabob meals were excellent. Lots of food too. Can't wait to try the pizza after reading all of these great reviews. Delivery person was very pleasant as well. More...


Howard F.

10 June 2016

I'm from New York, and this is great pizza. Got a half pepperoni half mushroom large, and it was delicious. No oily layer, quality cheese, fresh dough artfully made into a toasted crust (not burnt, just baked properly to give the right "bite"), buttery soft cheese, and fresh sauce. We also tried a Bolani (first time), and it reminded me of a polish style pierogi, in thin stuffed pizza form. Yum. The mashed potato filling was smooth and flavorful. It comes in regular and spicy, we chose regular this time...next time spicy.When you want something way better than chain pizza, and don't want to guess or mess around, give these guys a try. More...


Cathryn W.

8 June 2016

Well after finding out that my son frequents this pizza joint, I'm finally giving it a shot. I ordered the 20" thick crust combo to be delivered as I'm watching game 3 NBA finals...Go Warriors! The delivery was prompt and the pizza....Amazing! Although the regular pizza sauce has a bit of a kick to it and I'm a wimp for spicy food, very flavorful! Definitely recomend! More...


Kenwa F.

27 May 2016

Excellent Halal pizza place! We ordered a custom made pizza and it turned out really tasty. Our toppings were - beef, chicken, mushrooms, garlic sauce, jalapeños, onions, and olives. Definitely will go there again.


Aaliyah H.

26 May 2016

I am a very picky eater! I've been on a hunt for the best pepperoni pizza and I have found it. I've lost count on the times I've returned (haha). There's not many halal pizza places but this one tops it!! More...


Amanda J.

22 May 2016

Order delivery from this place once or twice a week for lunch. they are quick! and  Afghani food is fabulous. So is the garlic bread and the salads. I haven't tried the pizza but probably will soon! More...


Billy A.

11 May 2016

This place is right around the corner from my house so right off the bat it gets five stars for convenience, the pizza is great, and all the meats or halal!  I've been a long-term customer and continued to go here,  try their party size if you're hosting a boxing match or a MMA fight at your house! The guys here are all really nice as well. More...


Alice H.

1 May 2016

We've been coming here for years and love their Hawaiian pizza and pepperoni/ spinach pizza!  Friendly service and best pizza around!


Jamal R.

21 April 2016

Amazing kabob, pizza, fresh bread, great customer service. Highly recommend this place.


Nancy S.

17 April 2016

The best place for pizza. Thin tasty crust, just right on the toppings and sauce. I could really indulge; good thing my kids love it too so there isn't much left for me! Great guys working there, also. They are friendly and greet you with smiles.  It is a pleasure to walk into their pizza heaven! More...


Rate T.

28 March 2016

Took the whole family there and had no idea what to expect.  The place is cozy and clean. Food is very very tasty and portions are very generous. The menu is full of options. Kabobs are very good and the pizza is huge and very nice crust. Service is even better than the food, these guys will greet you with warm kind smiles and do their best to ensure your comfort. Highly recommend to everyone. More...


Alex C.

10 March 2016

Pizza is excellent, price is right. You feel relaxed and at home here. We got the combination pizza, the 14", and my fiancé and I each had 3-4 pieces and we took 2 pieces home. It satisfied the pizza craving. The nan bread is good, but it's all about that chutney. More...


Hamilton M.

8 March 2016

Best Lamb Chops Ever and rice is very light and fluffy! We're here at least 2-3x month :-)


Janelle V.

3 February 2016

BE STILL MY PIZZA LOVING HEART, THERE IS  A PIZZA GOD AND S/HE HAS ANSWERED MY PIZZA PRAYERS. Okay, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration - but I just want to be clear: Totally. In. Love. With. A-Town Pizza. My department ordered catering from  A-Town and we were all drooling over how delicious the pizza was, sometimes I feel myself still craving a slice! With that being said this review is strictly limited to delivery and the quality/flavor of their pizzas. 1) CUSTOMER SERVICE A LA DELIVERY.The delivery person had a little difficult finding our office, however, with all the different offices in the San Ramon area this is practically forgivable! I mention this because despite all of this, our deliveryman kept his smile and humor on his face even though he had to make multiple trips to get our pizzas up to our office (our office is on the highest floor of the building). 2) PIZZA FLAVORS.OHHHHH ME OH MY, MY PIZZA PIE. I had the opportunity to try the A-town Special & the Pesto Chicken Pizzas. So delicious. The flavors were oooozing out, they sure do dish out the goods here! The Pesto Chicken Pizza was a nice balance between the Pesto sauce, red onion, olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and chicken that was all piled on the pizza! Simple, yet so many layers of flavor! But I must say, my favorite out of the two? definitely the A-town Special! This pizza is LOADED with flavors and the combination of all the toppings on this beautiful monstrosity (in a good way) is mouthwatering. What's on it, Janelle? Come on tell us. Okay. Get this. This pizza is loaded with the following toppings: Fresh Garlic, Fresh Mushrooms, Fresh Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Onion, Italian Sausage, Ground Beef, Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Chicken, Black Olives, Linguica, Jalapeno, Extra Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese, Feta Cheese, Pineapple, Anchovies and Artichoke Hearts!!!! & this may be too much for some at once, but personally I found that A-Town executed this really well and they outdid themselves. Thanks for creating this beauty, A-Town. *Happy-tears*OVERALL THOUGHTS?A-Town, you definitely get an A+ in my book for ORIGINALITY & VALUE. Keep on dishing out these circle pizzas called heaven. Thank you times five stars! I'll definitely be stopping by in person next time for more!!! More...


Melanie L.

17 January 2016

Wow! Who knew?!? This place was recommended to me by a friend and I was "dude I have probably passed by there 50 times and never considered eating there."Wow was I wrong. I has the chicken and combo Kabab plate. The chicken was juicy and flavorful. The beef Kabab was soft and tender spiced perfectly. The rice was moist tender and perfect. The sale was fresh but the mint cilantro dressing was the best I have ever tasted. Must come back!!! More...


Chris C.

12 January 2016

What I love about this place is the kabob, salad and drink lunch combo for $9.99. The kabob is delicious and it's just enough to satisfy your cravings. They also serve single slices (huge) which is like having a persona pizza.My wife strayed from the combo so that she could get chicken and steak kabob. That was a big mistake. She may have had a few more pieces of meat, but she admitted that the steak was the best. Her meal was $3 more plus the drink was not included. The slice was well worth the price as it was HUGE! It was almost bigger than my son. He loved it because it was a thin crust so it was easy for him to chew.The steak kabob was NOM NOM. Seasoned just right, it hit the spot. The Chicken was good, but just wasn't as juicy or flavorful. Both meals came with a salad which was OK and some bread. My wife was longing for some sort of sauce to cool her tongue a bit like the yogurt based sauces you get in Mediterranean joints.Overall, I've been here many times with my co-workers but now I can take my family! More...


Saneta H.

8 January 2016

The best Tikka kabob I have had! I just wish the portions are slightly larger. The staff is extremely nice and delivery is always a plus.


Dmitry D.

6 January 2016

Good food for the money.Stick to specials and what most people get: pizza and kabobs.


Rebecca H.

2 January 2016

I've had their pizza before and it's OK, not great. The kebabs are delicious. The beef is good quality and it's cooked beautifully. The rice is moist and well seasoned. The bolani is huge and also will seasoned.  I'll skip the pizza here and instead eat the kebabs, they're great. More...


Onur S.

29 December 2015

Their pizza is the best I've eaten in Bay area. And they have a lot of delicious toppings. I recommend the Chicken Pesto pizza :)


Jason V.

29 December 2015

good food. had the kabobs, pizza, both were good...I will eat from here again. delivery services were fast, food came hot.


Alex S.

28 December 2015

Great Afghan food and Pizza!! Will definitely be on my places to stop at when I'm in the area out here!


Melissa T.

27 December 2015

Great variety, and everything we tried is delicious.  Great choice if you're with a group and can't agree on what to eat.  Or if you're like us and simply like trying many different foods.  We had a Greek Salad, a large pizza (Hawaiian and All Meat), a calzone with pepperoni and green bell peppers, potato bolani (flat bread stuffed with potato), and the combo kebabs.  Generous portion sizes and great flavors.  Everything was good, but the rice stood out (flavorful and fluffy), and also the bolani.  Also a good place to go if you want to stay on top of the Sunday night football game (couple of big TV's). And friendly staff.  Thank you! More...


Marouf A.

11 December 2015

Definitely the best pizza shop in town! The kabobs were mouthwatering delicious and the pizza was just plain perfection. The staff were really nice and the service was nice and quick. Will definitely visit again with my family! More...


Chris S.

10 December 2015

I highly recommend the steak kabob lunch special. For about $10 you get:- Green salad w tomato, black olives, cucumber, & croutons. Super fresh crispy lettuce. - Fountain drink- Nan (flat bread). Fresh-baked, warm w an awesome garlicky green dipping sauce- White rice. Fluffy & lightly seasoned. - Steak kabobs. 5 super-juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned & flavorful. The staff is great. Friendly & casual. Think Seinfeld's "soup Nazi" on happy pills. Seating is booths & tables. Parking can be a little tricky. Best to come before or after the lunch hour. More...


Haris Y.

6 December 2015

Best combination of pizza and kabobs hands down!!!!! If you thought the NY style pizza is good just wait till you try the kabobs and rice. 5 stars for the good friendly service as well. More...


Amin S.

4 December 2015

Authentic traditional cuisine with good service! Nice and friendly people and good food. It's not very clean though (e.g. they have red cups that you can't find out if they are not clean and shiny). In overall, recommended!


Kuditipudi K.

29 November 2015

Yummy...! Finger licking good. One of a kind pizza . various of  tastes in  one slice. Staff is friendly and have patience. They serve their food in a very passionate manner.i loved it.Best speciality  pizza i ever had. More...


Amit B.

23 November 2015

I recently had a pretty amazing pizza and kabobs delivered from this place. A transplant from the peninsula, I hadn't had this good mediterranean food in the east bay in a long time. Very highly recommended.


Ashiana K.

16 November 2015

Okay, this place -- is a DREAM COME TRUE for me! First off, they have halal meats. Secondly, they have gluten-free crust. Third, the owner and workers are super friendly. Lastly, their pizzas are so delicious! My husband found this spot as I haven't had a decent meat [halal] pizza since no one cares to carry gluten-free crusts. I was impressed with the quality, size, and flavor of the pizza. I will definitely be back because they are worth every penny! More...


Julien M.

9 November 2015

I was really debating whether to give this a 3 or 4 stars. Yet again a time where I wished there was a 3.5 stars rating...but it was worth 4 star simply b/c where can one find Afghan BBQ and Pizza under one roof and being decent at the same time.My friends and I went there on Sunday night to hang out and we weren't disappointed (except maybe for price see my tip below).We ordered both their Beef and Chicken kabob dishes and two pizzas. The kabob came first and I must say they were delicious. The chicken was extremely juicy as other reviewers commented and it was well spiced. We enjoyed each succulent pieces! The beef was pretty good too but not as flavorful as the chicken. Regardless both were juicy. Next the pizza, I really like the fact that they have a commercial pizza oven rather than a belt oven (a la Costco). it's cooking right in it. it's hot and it crisps the pizza! I love my pizza thin with a nice crust and that's what we had. Also we ordered 2 large pizzas and boy, they were huge! huge!!! They aren't by any means the type of gourmet pizza you can get at a specialty shop but definitely a step above the chains. So for that we enjoyed them as well. So for San Ramon, if you grave both kabob n pizza, this is a good place to go. If you simply crave pizza, you may want to cross the freeway to Zachary's.Tip: when using the coupons, please ask for a receipt. My friends and I used the coupon but when we added things up we felt like we were short changed $8. So worth getting the receipt. The cashier was the father. so i'd watch it next time. More...


Gary F.

31 October 2015

GREAT!Seriously, Yelpers, these guys are great.Great food.Great service.Great, customer focused, "we appreciate your business" attitudes.Great smiles. (Yes, smiles.)Great flexibility to mix together any kind of pizza toppings you want.Did I say Great Food and Great Service?Seriously, G-R-E-A-T, GREAT. More...


Dominic V.

24 October 2015

True  Italian Pie the way it should be. Best slice  ever and BIG size. No more trip to City for my pizza fix Dominic


Victoria A.

20 October 2015

A-Town Pizza is continuously excellent every time I order from them. Tonight I ordered a hawaiian pizza and the kabob combo. It was all super fresh and super delicious! I usually don't eat Afghan food, maybe every once in a blue moon and I ordered my self the combo plate and mmm, mmm, mmm so yummy!  The chicken tasted great, along with the beef. The rice was cooked perfectly! Keep up the great work guys! I am definitely a repeat customer! More...


Sadaf S.

6 October 2015

Came here for some pizza and wings. The pizza was good, they serve per slice as well as full pizzas. I got the meat lovers slice and it was so big they cut it into two for me to eat. The wings however were just okay, they had more fat than meat. The service and management were awesome though! Zaire and Umaid (the chef and waiter) personally came and checked how I liked the food. Both asked my name and were very friendly. I'll be back to try their kabobs! More...


Rana R.

26 September 2015

The Best Pizza hands down! I love this place. Order from them all the time. I order the Afghan style pizza which is veggies with ground beef, cilantro, and jalapeños. It's outstanding!! The beef pepperoni pizza is great too!! More...


Alissa B.

19 September 2015

Chicken kabob is always on point whenever I order it!  My co-worker and I always order for delivery and we have no complaints.  This has become a "go to" place for us to order from because of their consistency in taste and service! You won't be disappointed. More...


Taymur A.

14 September 2015

Love this place. Been coming for a long time even before it changed their name. Still excellent food. The slices are great because they are absolutely huge and pretty good for the price. We also order their large pizzas for our family when we are to lazy to cook. It's our go to place for delivery and pizza. Their kabobs are good too. My parents love their lamb kabob. Great place, great food. More...


Linda T.

6 September 2015

Best kabobs and pizza around!!!The chicken kebobs are cooked perfectly!The lamb kebobs are wonderful!!Family owned and run.


Huda S.

3 September 2015

Excellent pizza choices with excellent customer service. Not a fancy place but they treat you just right and their food is really good quality especially if you cook you can tell the ingredients are really fresh.


Trina C.

25 August 2015

This place is one of my favorites for pizza. I always came to this place when it was New York pizza but then got new management and changed to A-Town Pizza and Kabob house. I was expecting it to not be as good since they got new owners but I was totally wrong. It's just as good as the place before if not better. Their specials for a slice of pizza and a drink are cheap as well as whole pizzas. Slices are HUGE! Super good and filling!! I always get pepperoni when ordering slices or whole pizzas and have never been disappointed. Recently I just tried the Garlic Chicken Pizza and it might just be one of my new favorites!! It was so good and tasty. Pizza is ALWAYS fresh out of the oven. The service is great and the owners are nice. The employees make sure the tables are clean and always nice when they serve or clean the table you're at. Although I haven't tried other items on the menu besides pizza I'm sure they're just as great and will try them soon! Overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend this place!! More...


Jane F.

19 August 2015

My co-workers love this place, because cheap, delicious PIZZA. But I just can't do pizza at lunch or I will go into a food coma, and all productivity will cease because I will need a nap stat. (For the record, this is any pizza, not just A-Town.) So when I ordered the Greek Salad with Chicken (give me that protein) I was really hoping that it would be awesome, hit the spot, and fill me up (because again, the co-workers really like this place), and you know what, it did. This isn't just any old Greek Salad, it comes with awesome extras like sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green olives, and more. And it's delicious. So happy to have found this lunch saver. More...


Gene L.

15 August 2015

Pizza joint was big and clean but on my first visit is was all about takeout. Phone order was easy with the owner. A real easy going guy.Used the coupon and got a great deal for two medium pizza. my kids at home tore into the pizza. They loved it.It was also nice to support a local business. More...


Elyas W.

11 August 2015

I live near the restaurant and I go every so often. I love the food, if you're looking to get full and have some great kabob or pizza then I highly recommend this place. I love the pepperoni pizza and the teka kabob isn't so bad either. Definitely try this place out, one of my favorite places More...


Nancy B.

27 July 2015

This place is sooo good! We often order from here for staff lunches. We usually order the chicken kabobs, rice , Greek salad and garlic twists. Everything is to die for.I've also had their gyros and pizza and those are also fantastic. Everything is always fresh and the servings are generous. I highly recommend this place! You won't be disappointed...:-) More...


Ron R.

27 July 2015

Awesome options, great pizza at really good prices. Can't miss.


Afsaneh J.

22 July 2015

It's to die for!!!!! Super fresh... Super tasty.... And yummy! And they are greatly nice people! Price is great... Service is awesome and personable. We love it here! And it's all Halal meat tooooooooo! More...


Sarah L.

13 July 2015

This place is so good! Their pizza is the bomb, especially when they cook it a little bit longer and the crust is extra crunchy. For parties I like to get their largest size pizza which is a way better deal than getting like 3 Costco pizzas! Beware though, it's HUGE!! I gave four stars because service can sometimes be not super great....however, I did call them on 4th of July and they were closing up, but the guy working said he'd take our order since everywhere else would probably be closed, and they were going to be there for another hour. Super nice because everywhere else was closed!! More...


David G.

11 July 2015

I moved back into town. First place I went to eat was A-Town. Still excellent food, excellent service, for an excellent price. You just can't go wrong. I was in last night and every booth along with several tables were filled, so I picked a table myself. The word is out, apparently. This place is not a secret, and now you're in on it. More...


Katherine C.

21 June 2015

I dig this place. Very casual. The pizza is very good and made punctually after you've made a phone order for pick up. The afghan food is solid- particularly the bolani. Service is friendly, parking is easy. More...


Kay R.

12 June 2015

Came here after a tiring day, ordered two chicken sandwiches. The food was really good and the service was exceptional!Will definitely be coming again!


Rachel K.

9 June 2015

I'm indecisive when it comes to food, so I want everything. Sometimes I may want pizza. Sometimes I may want kebabs. This place has both and that's awesome because I can totally get both. And yes...at. the same. time.But seriously, everything I've had here has been great, whether it's the pizza, kebobs, garlic twists, salad, calzones...whatever, I'm at the point where I trust that everything's good. My favorite is the chicken and beef over rice with a salad. More...


Justin S.

6 June 2015

Get the chopan kabob and eat it with your hands, or if you have some time the pizza is great too.  Beers!


Jon C.

30 May 2015

Food: I got the Kebab special with a salad and drink.  I had the chicken kebabs, and they were great: flavorful and cooked right, and I will go back for them.  The salad was fresh.Service: I was the only one there on a Sunday at 11:30am, and they didn't seem too happy see me, and that's why I deducted one star.Atmosphere: typical hole in the strip mall kind of place; open, tables and chairs. More...


Deepak S.

27 May 2015

Just have to say try the chicken pizza it's amazing we ordered a large and were greeted with friendly staff. Would defiantly recommend this place great job guys!! We will definitely return


Silvana S.

20 May 2015

This place rocks! Their pizza is phenomenal :DI can't go one week without having a slice (the slice is super big) of Garlic Supreme pizza. Also the kabob is pretty good, I don't like chicken but I like their chicken kabob.Never had a pizza that I could compare to their pizza!!! More...


Veggie C.

18 May 2015

Love this place, one of my favorite local delivery places. How can you not love the options of both Pizza AND Kabobs?


Bob K.

18 May 2015

When you see a coworker having a case of the Muhnndayys and he's Persian, where else would you treat him for a lunch besides A-town Pizza and Kabob House? :P  Ok really, that's what happened.  My poor coworker has been feeling kinda down b/c of his projects not going so well, so what better time to take him out to lunch right?  So I told him we're going for the best/closest pizza and kabob place I've found in the area and off we went to A-town.I told him what I had so far and he decided to not keep it real and went for the pizza.  I followed suit and so we both got the pizza and drink special.  I usually don't screw up so early in the week, but hey, it's the sacrifice I made for my coworker! :P  Hehe.  I warned him how big the slices were and he didn't believe me.  So the pizza deal is a 3 topping thin crust pizza.  I'd have to say they make some very delicious crispy crust pizza.  And its thin like I like it.  I got pepperoni, sausage and black olives.  He got the same w/o olives.  Pizza was just as good as last time.  And since we got it right out of the oven and we were the first patrons there, ours were especially nice.  Here's a shot of the pizza I had.  Its about as long as my forearm.  In comparison, its about 2 slices of Costco pizza, but not as doughy.  Though I like Costco pizza, A-town is much better in my most humble of humble opinions.  The sauce is very good I wanted to add too.  Not too tomato-ey and sour, but not sweet like some places like the chains. More...


Joe M.

10 May 2015

Best pizza in town ! I love the " afghani slice " pizza. And the bolani is also amazing.  Low key atmosphere but "lambardi style NY pizza" level of taste. Highly recommend.  ( slightly pricy but I guess it's what you expect from San Ramon location ) More...


Ryan M.

9 May 2015

Good pizza AND kabobs. I Get the chicken kabob platter and my wife gets the single slice, which is huge. Friendly staff. Definitely a regular stop for us.


Eastbayking R.

8 May 2015

I love their Garlic Chicken and Combination Pizza  with thin n crispy crust, guys working there are awesome and make better pizza then any gourmet place out there


Ash Z.

7 May 2015

Great pizza and better prices, their pepperoni isn't pork based either and all their meat is high grade. Owner is a cool dude as well.


Omed B.

3 May 2015

Being new to California and having so many afghan places to eat is a nice change. This cozy place was the first on my list to try out. Inside is rather small but what pizza places aren't. They have outdoor seating which is a plus, considering the weather over here, I eat outside a lot. The menu is pretty straight forward and the prices are great as well. They have a mixture of huge pizzas and combination platters. I decided to go with the platter but those pizzas look huge which is a plus in book when it comes to food! I ordered a combination platter which came with a salad and amazingly toasted afghani bread! The meat was so tender and perfectly cooked that it reminded me of home. The staff is very friendly which is a plus in my book. I'll be coming here often once I make the official move to the area! More...


David G.

16 April 2015

You have to wonder how a place that does pizza and kabob has such a high rating.  I wondered too, for years, and then gave it a shot.  It's bonkers.  There is something about the sauce and the cheese that is really special.  The crust is a bit thin, by default, but I'm told that it can be made as think as I want.  I asked them why their pizza is so good and they said that their food is "Halal".  If you aren't familiar, it's a Muslim version of Kosher.  Organic meats and local produce from Windmill Farms.  Amazing place.  The kabob happens to be outstanding as well. More...


Trevor S.

15 April 2015

Great pizza, hand tossed crust is always fresh.  Amazing Afghan food.


Karla A.

14 March 2015

I love this place!  very good pizza, and beef and lamb kebobs. Great service, especially Shaun and Asifi who took good care of us. We will surely be back!


Gerald R.

11 March 2015

INDIVIDUALIZED (PERSONALIZED) SLICE OF PIZZAThe concept of a slice of pizza at a pizza joint doesn't really jive with me as at times the slice can have doughy crust, hardened cheese, or dry toppings. Usually people who crave a slice of pizza are those who are stoned or desperate, neither case I am both of those. Late Friday night after shooting pool with my friend at Bay Crown Billiards we were looking for a quick bite to eat. One option was Nation Burger's. My friend found this place by accident when he was walking around. When I entered there was no pizza in a glass view heater-like oven. There was a sign stating the special that cost $6.99, which includes a 3 topping slice of pizza and a soda. You choose the items from the menu. After choosing the items the personalized slice is cooked for you. The toppings I requested were shrimp, mushroom, and Italian sausage. The slice pizza takes about seven minute to cook. When I got the pizza I noticed there are "two" slices that form a huge triangle. What made the pizza great was the blackened crust. It isn't burnt, but blackened crust that made the pizza had that crunch. The cheese was piping hot and toppings were moist. After eating here I finally found a slice of pizza where it's not a typical stale pizza that has been sitting in a tray for hours. More...


Lia M.

24 February 2015

Please try CHICKEN KOBAB && BBQ CHICKEN! Theyre very good!Friendly staff. Fast Delivery. && Good Food!


Chris L.

19 February 2015

I would definitely eat here again. I had the mantu. It was certainly tasty. The rest of my party also had offerings from the Afghan cuisine portion of the menu (kabobs, etc.) and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. More...


Arman A.

8 February 2015

A little late on this review, but ordered pizza from here on Superbowl Sunday. Pizza was ready on time and delicious. The garlic chicken was Legit! I love this place!


Karen L.

21 January 2015

I used to go to this pizza shop in Alameda but now they have a San Ramon location. I don't know if that location closed, great pizzas and good food. The prices a little above average here More...


Christa V.

12 January 2015

This place is really good! My boyfriend and I got there 10 mins before they closed and they were so friendly and didn't mind putting in our pizza order. The owners and the workers were all very friendly and ready to serve. We ordered the All Meat pizza and it was delicious! Pipping hot, thoroughly cooked, delicious crust and toppings. We will come back again! More...


melissa n.

5 January 2015

This place is so awesome. First off, they deliver. This is a God-send on busy days at the office or days when I just don't feel like facing the world lol. I always get the same thing which is the chicken kabob(and sometimes mozzarella sticks because this place is awesome and I can do that!!!!) which comes with rice, salad, really yummy bread and this amazing green sauce. Their delivery has always been very quick for me and the delivery guys have always been super polite and sweet. The food is delicious and always hot when I get it. I definitely recommend this place. I've never been to the actual establishment but just based on the delivery experiences I've had, I'm sure it's awesome too :) More...


Stewart D.

30 December 2014

This place has good food at reasonable prices, a good selection of pizza,  kabobs and gyros, a must visit place.


Mikey K.

27 December 2014

Their service is amazing, they are always so nice to us and we have become good friends with them and my 5 year old brother calls one of them his buddy. They always serve us pizza fresh out of the oven with perfect amount of toppings and crispy AND soft crust! Their pizza and service is absolutely amazing. It is a must try. We go their regularly because it is such an amazing place! More...


Deb P.

24 December 2014

Wow.  What an unexpected pleasure!  Looking for an open pizza restaurant on our road trip on Christmas eve.  Stumbled on this place...Afghan and pizza  Really?  Oh my gosh. Definitely want to come back on the way home if possible.  The lamb kebab was amazing.  Perfectly char grilled with a spice sprinkled rice.  The Greek pizza was delish.  Chris was a real highlight...young guy took the time to chat with us about the food, culture, history of his family's cooking.  Wishing the whole family and staff a very happy holiday season and I look forward to coming back!   And I rarely say that about a casual stop in for travel food! More...


Saad A.

22 December 2014

I really like this place. I can only eat halal and this is halal! Their pizza is really good and their lasagna is excellent. I also usually get the BBQ wings and those are excellent. It's moderately priced. Oh and if you buy just one slice of pizza THEY ARE HUGE/ENORMOUS. I love this place and come once a month as it is 30+ miles away. I love it! More...


Tony B.

21 December 2014

I think the pizza is decent here, but the real attraction is the kabob! Can't speak highly enough about it, the beef tekah and chicken are excellent! Prices are reasonable and there's a real mom and pop feel to the dining experience, very family friendly. I recommend add I would eat here again. More...


Ilana S.

20 December 2014

We ordered for our first time delivery and was very pleased. It was here quickly, fresh, tasty and SO MUCH FOOD. Definitely going to be our go to spot from here on out.


Amit S.

29 November 2014

This is now one of our favorite pizza places. Perfect crust. We normally order gourmet veggie.


Alexis M.

12 November 2014

These guys are great for parties. They have a King Kong sized pizza was is huge!! Like, they must have a giant oven because this thing is huge. They also have good salads that you can order with your pizzas to make it a well-balanced meal ;). We haven't tried the kabobs, and we haven't eaten in. We only have ordered for parties, but  everyone seems to love it.We will be in soon to try the Afghan cuisine too! More...


Jasmine V.

29 October 2014

Combining two polar opposite types of food in one restaurant  typically results in epic failure.  However, these guys NAILED IT. First, the Afghan Cuisine.  Kabobs, Bolani, Mantu etc, marinated & cooked to perfection. I have no idea what they put on their special sauce but it is tangy & tasty as ever.Now the Italian. Yum.  Pizza is delicious & HUGE.  Highly recommend these guys for any party or business function. The lasagna is incredible as well.  Haven't had the chance to try the other items but I'm assuming that I won't be disappointed.Customer service was friendly & genuine & I can't wait to go back :) More...


Bill G.

17 October 2014

Nestled in one of San Ramon's anonymous-looking strip malls is a restaurant serving an odd combination of food: Afghani and pizza. On one visit a colleague and I split a combination pizza. It was generously sized and tasted pretty good. On another visit I was by myself and ordered the lunch combination with one slice of pizza and a salad for some great price like $7. The slices here are HUGE. Unfortunately they're nowhere near as good as the whole pizzas. The slice was flavorless and came on thin, overcooked crust. Hey, so some of their stuff isn't great. But some of it is. Next time I'll try their Afghani food. More...


Johnny W.

11 October 2014

If you're tired of dining at your generic chain pizza restaurants, this is a nice unique local place to go to for pizza.  I came here to dine in for lunch and had their food delivered to my house too.When I dined in, I had their lunch portions.  The price was very fair, but the portions were on the small size.  At least the flavor of the food was pretty decent.  When I ordered delivery, I finally got a chance to order their Kabobs.  My friends and I ordered about $100 worth of food.  Similar to my lunch experience, the food was good, but the portions were small.  My friends & I ate everything, but could have eaten more.  I will definitely come back here, but probably just for dine-in. More...


Dee K.

8 October 2014

A town was at the fair grounds for the Eid Prayer and let me tell you the food was delcious and the service was great.There was a long line but they were trying to move it as fast as they could. There were 3 emplyees, a nice young man at the register and 2 ladies handling the food. Their pizza slices were really big and it was only $6. They also had some delcious desserts. WE really enjoyed the food and are happy to have stopped at their booth. More...


Dean Z.

6 October 2014

Came here once again and was not disappointed. Not only great food, but consistently great!  Had the lamb chops and they were amazing.


Colleen T.

24 September 2014

A -town? A-mazing!This is the go-to place for solid, huge slices of fresh pizza. Unlike other pizza-by-the slice joints, A-Town makes your slice fresh to order. For 4.75, I got a freshly-cooked one topping slice that I could have easily shared. It's huge!For the price and taste, this is my go-to pizza for San Ramon and Danville. More...


Ross J.

22 September 2014

You're looking for a pizza place that will satisfy that empty place in your stomach that only the sweet taste of cheese, pepperoni, and crunchy crust can fill. Boy do I have the place for you. This place used to be New York Pizza but the name was changed and now they're called A-Town Pizza and Kabob. I have no idea why the name was changed but the quality still exceeded for me. You know how big Costco slices of pizza are, and if you don't you've been living under a rock. They are big. But once you've had A-Town Costco slices look like their samples. Their slices are huge and fill even the hungriest of guys I would know I'm a pretty big guy myself. Can't say much else about the food since I only eat there for the pizza but in sure it's fantastic. More...


Sarah M.

12 September 2014

I did take out through yelp here and it was a really nice process. This was my first time eating their food and I have no complaints on it. Only suggestion is to have a system to tell you how long before going in to pick it up. I guessed 25 mins but it was more like 30-35. (A Friday night 7:30ish) So I had a short wait, which was fine. But if they had a timeline that'd be great! More...


Jon F.

3 September 2014

Got the lamb kabobs and was the best lamb I've had. Sister ordered the patio bolani and was tastey and huge!  Pizza was great as well. Highly recommend this place along with the friendly guys there. More...


Megan I.

2 September 2014

Love their pizza! I've been coming here since I was in high school and I stop here every time I travel home. Their lunch special is the bomb...seriously the biggest slice of pizza I've ever seen.Would give them five stars but a couple of the guys who work there are not exactly the friendliest. More...


Kalid A.

31 August 2014

We came here to eat pizza and kabob and we were not disappointed.  They have an excellent service and great food. I highly recommend this eatery and they deliver as well.


Marshall R.

25 August 2014

Highly suggest trying this place! Deep dish pizza, bbq wings and garlic twists are my new fav


Babor A.

11 August 2014

I've tried many pizza places as well as kabob and gyros places, I always come back here knowing that I will be more than satisfied. I recommend them to everyone!


Blake G.

3 August 2014

My first time going here and it was an amazing customer service experience and even better pizza! I would highly recommend coming here.


Saudi C.

18 July 2014

Great pizza and really good Afghan food. Customer service is amazing.  We recently moved into the area and have become regulars.  Highly recommended!!!


Shafi A.

7 July 2014

After a long day of work we ordered pizza, kabob, bolani, and mantu to be delivered to our store. We requested the food be delivered before 8:30 and the delivery guy was here at 8:26 on the dot. Everything we ordered was delicious and our order was delivered perfectly and on time. Nothing more we could have asked for. Thank you A Town for the food and service! We'll surely order again soon. More...


Edward N.

26 June 2014

I got introduced to this place through the colleagues at work in our San Ramon office. There would always be aroma of fresh food coming out of the lunch room. One day,  I got to taste the food. That particular day they had ordered Chicken Kabab. Meal consisted of tender pieces of grilled skinless chicken along with rice and a piece of Afghani bread. Green chutney was mouth watering. Little bit if salad was also thrown in on the side. Food was great and  the beauty is that they also deliver. Since then we have ordered in or gone to the restaurant many times. Definitely recommended. More...


Mick P.

25 June 2014

I've personally uploaded every food picture that is on the Eat 24hr app for this place! Firstly, they deliver all the way to Walnut Creek: FOR FREE! I was super skeptical ordering kebabs from a place that sells pizza however I decided to anyhow. The pizza honestly was meh, very thin, cheesy but I wasn't impressed and actually only ate one slice. The kebabs though were amazing! The guy who delivered the food was Afghani, which further solidified my belief that this place is totally legit. I will continue to order from the as the delivery is on time every time, the food is always hot, and the driver calls me 'brother' which is pretty cool. More...


Christopher V.

20 June 2014

this is like the fifth time here.... (from Ohio otherwise it would be more)  I find it funny of those who don't like the pizza here.  I've eating pizzas literally all of the world.  even comparing pizza from italy pizza this is an equal match.  in the United States we are use too pappa John,  domino's and any other fast food electric oven pizza.  this place is a true artisan in pizza.. I will always come here. More...


Clarence B.

7 June 2014

The best pizza joint in the 94526. Coupons make this already reasonable place a steal. They deliver just like most pizza places but they also do sandwich's and kabobs. Also the individual slices are huge. More...


Mark S.

1 June 2014

I started playing pool nearby in walking distance and I saw A-Town. I love Afghan food so I tried the beef / chicken combo kabob and it didn't disappoint! It was so flavorful. The rice and veggies were cool and fresh too. The only small thing I wanted more of was more rice! I'll be back and ask for a little more rice next time (polynesians need more rice!) More...


Tim Y.

10 May 2014

They were one of the few places open past 10pm. Ordered a half gourmet veggie and half all meat gluten-free pizza tonight. Online ordering is available but we called it in this time. Placing the order was a quick and easy process. They are very generous with the toppings. The pizza was tasty. I can't wait to try their other speciality pizzas. More...


Paul B.

30 April 2014

This place is a find! Coming from Fremont I couldn't find a good clean kabob place. A town makes great kabobs and everything is fresh. The pizza is also very good and their chutney is off the charts! More...


Dee T.

27 April 2014

Delicious Kabob plates! Reasonable prices! And they deliver! We use them for our office meetings! Everyone loves them! Warning! The garlic twists are highly addictive! More...


Haithem I.

23 April 2014

Wow!!! Old school gigantic slices of pizza.  Had a slice with pepperoni and pineapple and it was awesome. It was cripsy, and cheesy. Also I love that they have an old school gas oven that cooks the slice to perfection. All the new school places have conveyors which never get that crispyness like an old school place.Also got an order of chicken kabobs which were also on point. Juicey and spiced just right! Will definitely be coming back to this place and its also so close to 24 hr fitness so you can for sure get a good kabob plate with salad and rice to get those carbs and protein after a good work out. More...



23 April 2014

This place is so very good. The Beef kabobs are excellent, as is the Lasagna, and wings.  we have food delivered to our place of work as well, all the time.  We hope this restaurant keeps up with their fine quality!!  I am a fan!! More...


S C.

12 April 2014

I have been getting pizza here for years, and it has always been outstanding. With the addition of the kabobs, and other choices it is now even better. Everything is always delicious, and the customer service is excellent. Thanks A-Town! More...


Annabelle S.

1 April 2014

This place is actually pretty good. Their pizza and kabobs are tasty. The staff is also very nice, I called at 9:30pm which is past their delivery time but they still delivered to me which was very nice. Thanks A-town!


Bernadette C.

9 March 2014

My husband and I love this place, it has the perfect combination for both of us. He loves pizza and I love kabobs so it's one of my favorite places and is conveniently located down the street. The staff is always friendly the service is fast and the price is awesome. Hard to complain about this place :) More...


Darwin S.

25 February 2014

The pizza here is amazing and the kabobs are great too. The kabobs and rice are on par with a high end restaurant, surely won't disappoint. I order exclusively via the Yelp App and my order shows up perfect every time. More...


Christina V.

24 February 2014

Love this place! Great pizza, great kabobs, and awesome customer service! The place is clean and affordable as well. I have been here many times and I am always happy with what I order :)


Stephanie H.

19 February 2014

Dude: Large slice of 2 topping slice pie, a salad, and drink for under $6 bucks? That's what I call a lunch special. I come here for lunch during the week and it's amazing. While you can beat the lunch rush if you come in before 12, its the service and price that can't be beat here. The size of one slice, is actually 2 slices cut in half. My co-workers have had the spaghetti and meatballs which is also legit and a HUGE helping which comes with garlic bread. And did I mention they do a "everything but the kitchen sink" slice that is also super delish and amazing A must try for anybody looking to go beyond their comfort zone. YOu won't be able to finish it, which means you'll get a nice snack for later. :)Be prepared to spend little, eat a lot, take food home, and leave HAPPY. More...


Basil A.

16 February 2014

Third best pizza in east bay IMO. That says  a lot because I have had a lot of Pizza. I tried the beef kabobs and they were excellent as well. The staff was very nice


Neha B.

11 February 2014

Food is great! I love the meat lasagna! I always order delivery and I order it through their website. I don't even have to call in! Makes my life easier. They're always on time and that's all I really need! I love that there is so much variety, pizza, pasta, afghan food. You name it. There's not enough places in San Ramon that deliver and the few that do, you're stuck with the same old boring stuff. A town is the way to go for me. Hassle free good food right to your doorstep. Nice job guys! More...


Patti G.

11 February 2014

For a quick grab and eat, not fancy but delicious! Fun, great selection, yum! I loved my lamb, kids loved the pasta:) I'm glad we stopped!


Food S.

31 January 2014

My review is for the delivery service. They are right on time and ordering on Yelp makes it so easy and convenient.I catered from here for a Pizza Party and at least 4-5 people were asking where I got the Pizzas from.


Kurt J.

26 January 2014

As good as it gets over in tri-valley.  Usually when you have a restaurant that specializes in 2 things they do neither very well.   This place is the exception -- they have impressive pizza and Afghani cuisine.  When it comes to delivery, there is no one who can compare, and you have a truly broad choice of food to choose from.   Their kabobs are excellent as well as their Gyros.   But their Pizza is just as good -- if they only had that, I would rate it 5 stars.  Lately I go for vegetarian gourmet (they have an excellent white sauce), but all types I've tried are delicious.   You really cannot go wrong here.   Further, their delivery folks are excellent -- prompt and polite.   They also stay open later than most delivery places. More...


Mags W.

25 January 2014

Hands down the best pepperoni and cheese pizza I've had in a long time! Delicious! My kids agree it's the best around. With all the pizza joints in our hometown of Castro Valley, we leave our city limits to have a pizza that tastes as good as it looks. Perfect amount of sauce, perfect amount of cheese and just the right amount of care goes into making these pies. You can taste the love in each bite. I thought, "pizza and kabobs? That's weird". But it works and thank goodness I found it. More...


Efe E.

15 January 2014

This has been the third time i am coming here. My favorite dishes are tikka kabob and lamb chop kabob. The meat is very soft tender and juicy. I can tell the way they marinate the meat is better than others. I do not know the name of green sauce that comed with the kabob but it is awsome. I love it when i get the seat right accross from the flat  screen tv. More...


W A.

12 January 2014

The best pizza in town! The service is great. The owner is there a lot, so it's always a great meal. He's always willing to do what's necessary to make every individual happy. All the meat served is halal. It's great cause I can't eat the meat at other pizza places. What's great though is that it's actually really good!! It's obvious the ingredients are fresh and high quality. The service is high quality. It translate to the best pizza in town! More...


Bradly M.

6 January 2014

Great pizza at an affordable price. We got a large extra pepperoni & mushroom and a family size salad for just about about $20 using a $4 off coupon from a local magazine. Pizza was BIG and delicious. As another Yelper mentioned, it's nice to have a locally owned place here in San Ramon where everything seems to be a chain. I'll definitely be ordering from here again. More...


Joe C.

2 January 2014

Had the steak kabob lunch special. Excellent steak! 4 stars because you don't get a free drink with the special, so it ends up over ten dollars. Very good though!


C C.

30 December 2013

Great local place with local owners. I love supporting local business, but this family makes great pizza and kabobs!  My kids always devour the pizza and the adults enjoy the kabob plates and some wine.


Desirae K.

15 December 2013

Ok, the pizza was amazing! I was nervous to try it, but after reading reviews I decided to try it. So worth it, and the people were so friendly!


Scott B.

14 December 2013

Killer kabobs and some of the best NY style pizza in Northern California.  Super nice staff and owner.  Good value.  One of my favorite lunch spots.


Aarron W.

28 November 2013

This place is awesome!! Turkey dinner is delayed so we needed something to hold the kids over. I seen the other great reviews and gave this place a shot. The pizza was perfect--- not too much cheese and grease, and plenty of pepperoni! I found my pizza place for when I'm in town:) I recommend this place! More...


Nate H.

14 November 2013

this review is strictly for the pizza. This place is probably one of my go to spots for affordable and quality pizza. The $6 slices look like they came from a 4xl pizza and the owners are hilarious and always jolly. The TV is always running with some sports or news. The crust is thin but doughy and the pizza is slightly crispy because it is so thin. They also deliver with a minimum charge and I've heard their kabobs are awesome! More...


D C.

11 November 2013

I do not know what I would do without A-town- (Probably cook more, haha). Once a week I order from A-town. We have tried the pasta, pizza, wings, garlic bread and Kabobs! Oh and don't forget the Chocolate cake. The chocolate cake is the extra $3+/- you need to put you to the $15 delivery mark. Oh did I mention they deliver to Danville! Winner Winner kabob/pizza/pasta dinner! Fresh, flavorful and affordable. Plus the delivery people are always super friendly- and i like that I can order online. Sometimes I will even order to the office for lunch because it is so easy. More...


Kyle R.

31 October 2013

This place is awesome. Unfortunately, in San Ramon, we're too often stuck with crappy chains and not enough mom and pop type restaurants that make actual quality foods, much less anything remotely ethnic. This place does. Being a place that sells kabob and pizza, the menu has a lot of variety. The first time I got beef kabob and a slice of pizza. Both were excellent. The sauce that comes with the kabob is awesome, the meat was well cooked and well spiced, and the salad was perfect. The pizza itself was crispy and chewy in the right places and had fresh ingredients. Not to mention that the pizza "slice" was huge and was actually two slices. I've since ordered delivery from here multiple times and the guy that comes to deliver is extremely friendly and gracious. The restaurant itself is a little small, but it's always clean, has a huge TV, and is pretty friendly. A little hard to find though cuz it's tucked in the corner of a strip mall so I hope these guys survive. If I had any critique, it's that ordering by the slice can be a bit expensive depending on your toppings, but considering how huge it is, it's still worth it. More...


Elizabeth D.

16 October 2013

I've only had the pizza here, but the pizzas are much tastier than your average casual pizza place. They have lots of fresh ingredients and excellent options for making your own combinations. In my personal opinion, the only downside is the television set, which I find unpleasantly distracting. More...


Curtis S.

15 October 2013

Thanks to Yelp I found this place and decided to five it a try because of the quirky combo on pizza and kabobs. U just had to try both a pizza and a kabob and they both were very good.  The pizza had fresh ingredients with a crust that was soft inside, but crunchy outside...just the way i like it. The kabob, actually kabobs (ordered the combo of chicken and beef) were very flavorful and well cooked. The kabob dish came with basmati rice, salad  and flat bread. The service was excellent and friendly, the restaurant was clean.  I will definitely return. More...


Pat S.

18 September 2013

First Yelp review ever, I used to go here years ago when it was NY pizza.  A friend recently told me about their chicken kabob which didn't really do much for me.  Then she sent me a picture, they really looked good and she swore by them.  I finally went to try some, got chicken kabobs and a slice (giant size) of pizza for take out. Just tasted the pizza ( I am a pizza snob from the EC ) and it looked and tasted very good.  Will have for tomorrow dinner.  The kabob, rice, salad and bread was delicious!  I will definitely be back.  And not a rip off price for the quality and quantity.  And I have leftover for lunch tomorrow. More...


Liz B.

17 September 2013

This place is great! We wanted to try a new pizza place so we called and had a order delivered.  We got the 2 med. special for 24.99 3 toppings each. Got sun dried tomato, zucchini and shrimp. It was awesome. They put white sauce which went perfect. Other was pepperoni, xtra cheese and garlic. Also good. Quality ingredients. Try this place you will be glad you did. More...


Lorenzo O.

30 August 2013

I just recently started going there on a recommendation of a friend and haven't been disappointed yet.  I have been there 3/4 times in the last 2 weeks.....I've only had their pizzas n they make good NY style pizzas.  As a teen I used to go to this pizza place in the Fremont/Union City area and they used to make me this awesome  custom pizza and since I've moved away from that neighborhood and that pizza place closed I've always craved that taste n flavor so on a recent visit I told these guys the ingredients of that pizza and they have done a great job bringing back that taste to my palate! =}*  Pretty decent guys run the place, clean dinning room from the looks of it and they go above and beyond to make sure your order is right.  I've yet to try their afghan kabobs n bolanis but they look good.......it's a good neighborhood pizza joint! Hope they keep it up and don't disappoint in the future but as it seems so far they are on top of their game! Keep it up A-Town....... More...


Daniel C.

29 August 2013

Wow - this place cranks out excellent chicken kabob rice plates and unbelievably good pizzas!  The key for dinner kabob is to be there within 15 minute if ordering to ensure the food is piping hot.The Chicken Kabob are smoky, spicy, and juicy - exceeding Emeryville's Pamir in quality.  They also include a side salad, rice, and a nice piece of seasoned grilled bread.I also tried their small veggie gourmet pizza on thin crust.  At 12" diameter it can feed two.  I enjoyed the balance of sauce and toppings - lots of artichokes, spinach, mushrooms, and tomato all sliced thin and perfectly distributed.  Crust was crispy and not oily at all.  Definitely one of the best executed pizzas I've had.Definitely recommend this place - hard to go wrong with either the Afghan or Pizza menu.  They also offer pasta options and appetizers like wings along with salads. More...


Sam C.

22 August 2013

Hands down, the best pizza I've ever had. Their kabobs are pretty damn slammin' too!  Try the house made chutney. If you're ever in the San Ramon burbs, this is a must try. Forget about Zachary's (although that's a totally different beast). Come here for a slice and more! More...


Michael D.

16 August 2013

Found A-town as a "near by" on a Yelp restaurant search. Went with the hunch. Wow! Score! Best lamb kabob ever! Amazing pizza! Also, my girlfriend can only eat gluten free and I usually don't like it. Her GF pizza was by far the best pizza she has ever had. I was so surprised that I loved it too. Great food. Great place. Great people!! You gotta try the lamb kabob! More...


Greg F.

14 August 2013

The pizza was proper NYC style, and they have a huge TV on which to watch ESPN during lunch. Ding ding dijng, winner!


Michael W.

7 August 2013

I can only speak for the pizza, never tried the Kabob. The pizza is pretty good with nice large slices and good ingredients, great by California standards. It is more like New York style which I prefer. Fairly priced, definately recommended. More...


Pauline O.

5 August 2013

OMG - hubby and I love, love Afghan food and when we read the Yelp review, we were encouraged to try A-Town for dinner tonight.  We ordered the chicken kabobs and Tekah (beef) kabobs.  Both were absolutely delicious!  They were perfectly cooked and seasoned.  The beef was tender.  When the Afghan bread was brought out, it was piping hot.  Great local place.  Everyone was very friendly.  This will definitely be one of the restaurants we frequent a lot! More...


Sohail L.

30 July 2013

I LOVE their Chicken Kabob plate...... It comes with rice , bread and salad with choice of dressing. It's so Yummy I return for the pleasure at least 5 days a week. They also have a Lunch menu that will save you $$$$ and if you work at Bishop Ranch you are minutes away from GREAT FOOD . A real relaxed setting that totally makes you feel welcome . Its clean, modern and even has a nice big screen. Mr. Ed / Mr Shah.  are without a doubt customer oriented and will make your visit a pleasure and all the rest of the staff are trained well and follow in their foot steps and will make your visit memorable. A great menu that pleases old or young. And even Beer / Coca cola for thoseYou who like to enjoy a Cold one a hot Summers day.. To polish off my review if you cannot make it in and get away from work or home........ They will Deliver with a great Smile...... Please ENJOY. More...


Farah J.

19 July 2013

Yum! My husband's family introduced us to this place. I ordered the chicken kabob, which was sooo good, words cant even describe it. My husband had the chopan kabob which he loved as well. The pizza was with halal pepperoni and it was THE BEST i have ever had. I would recommend this place to anyone who likes their pizzas to be NY style and afghan kabobs that are authentic to the T. Loved it and have become regulars after jumaah prayer! More...


Christine K.

13 July 2013

From Modesto and we have our favorite Gyro place, but in the area for a while and wanted some different take out.  Yelped this place, and we were not disappointed.  Had the combo kabob and Lamb dinner. Soooooo good!  Plenty of food.  You would not think this kind of Middle Eastern food would come out of a little strip mall Pizza joint.  Got a cheese pizza for my 12 year old as he is vegetarian.  That would be my only suggestion is to have maybe some vegetarian options, but other than that, it was amazing More...


Danielle D.

7 July 2013

The pizza here has been consistently great the 4-5 times we've ordered it on a lazy night for dinner. I've been wanting to try their kabobs, but the pizza is so good that I always stick to that, though the herbal flavor of the pizza sauce is a little different for some if you aren't expecting it. They usually give us coupons for next time, which is why we tend to go here rather than Round Table or Mountain Mike's...we can get a large pizza with 2 toppings for around $22, which is cheaper than both other options and helps to support a local business, which is always cool to me. Service is usually quick - they say 20 minutes for the order to be ready, and it's 20 minutes when you're leaving the door with a hot pie in hand - and friendly. Check A-Town out the next time you want pizza! More...


Melissa R.

6 July 2013

Hot as Hades in here!  This was my first time here and it was easy to make the decision to take my kabobs to-go.  It was definitely too hot in the kitchen for me.  But I'm thankful for that "kitchen" because it produce the tastiest, juiciest kabobs eva!   I tried the steak kabobs and it came with a fantastic piece of bread, some better than average rice, and  herb sauce.  Next time I hope the AC is on so I can dine in and try their pizza.  Those ovens look promising. More...


Jenn H.

5 July 2013

I'm so lucky that this place is right down the street from me! Best Kabobs and Pizza. Their individual slices are ginormous! I've tried all their kabobs and love each and very one. Wasn't a big fan of the lasagna but oh well. Their customer service is great and the best part is that you can order online ad they deliver. If you haven't tried this place yet, DO IT! More...


Jessica C.

5 July 2013

This place looks like your typical, cozy pizza parlor...until you notice the owners and staff are Afgani and the restaurant serves up some delicious kabobs. (The lamb kabobs come highly recommended!) Everything is extremely tasty, and at an affordable price too. Also, the staff are extremely friendly and provide the environment for your party. Since my parents and I were the first of the dinner guests to fill the place, our server noted we wanted a special meal so he seated us (typically you order at the register) and offered us wine. He also turned down the television. Ali (our waiter) made the evening special for my parents (who are visiting the area) by checking in regularly, toping off our glasses, and providing light banter throughout the meal.Some recommendations: go for the dessert (the cakes are actually quite good), get a  salad with the special green herb dressing, and mention this is your first time at the restaurant (you may get a surprise) More...


Jason G.