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A new form of full body workout that is transforming the world of fitness. It’s all about super-charging the natural effects of exercise.

How does Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?
In everyday life, your body stimulates muscles naturally by sending bio-electrical pulses down the spinal cord and into your nerve fibres.


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Moe Makaya

20 August 2019

amazing studio. staff are great and i love this new way of working out. i totally recommend it


Govind Barhey

18 May 2019

Fantastic staff and studio. Great workout


Kurran Barhey

18 May 2019

Great training, feel the results coming, can't wait to go again


Jag Barhey

18 May 2019

I did the 8 week course with 1 session a week. I found that my muscles felt a lot stronger than when I have done traditional weights and cardio sessions. Especially my quads and core muscles.
As a busy GP, 20 mins training once a week is ideal.
The personal trainers were very knowledgeable and motivating.
I would recommend the sessions for anyone as the training is tailored to your individual starting point and fitness goals.


Cot Adrian

25 September 2018

lovely studio and great staff , can't wait for my next session


Kurran Barhey

1 September 2018

top stuff, feel good while youre working out and after, just waiting on the results


Rupi Lal

23 August 2018

A brilliant way to reach your fitness goals with a great supportive team - tune into #PTRL for more info #BodystreetSuttonColdfield


Jagtar Barhey

14 August 2018

Had my first workout yesterday at Bodystreet Sutton Coldfield.
Nice clean studio, friendly and informative team.
They tailored the type and intensity of the workout to my fitness level and goals.
As a busy GP, this is ideal for me - 20 minutes workout once a week replacing 3 hours of gym!
Got the post workout stiffness today, so my muscles have definitely been worked. I'll keep going once a week after am looking forward to getting my shape and tone back!
The science and research makes sense, so I'm sure it will do the job!


Yasmin Danae Lakhan

14 August 2018

Such an addictive workout ! Absolutely love it
Highly recommend you give it a try for the full experience !


Govind Barhey

10 August 2018

fantastic work out..can feel it working your body...great service!

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We listen, plan and set goals together with client.
Offer weekly personal training using our amazing 20 minute session per week.
During a full body workout with EMS in a Bodystreet fitness studio, over 90% of the muscle fibres are contracted at the same time. Unlike with conventional strength training, the deep-lying muscles are also stimulated. This improves coordination within the muscles themselves and also between different muscle groups, making this form of training particularly intensive and fast. EMS is brilliant for general muscle buildings, but also works wonders when targeting specific areas of the body, such as the buttocks, abdomen or back.

With EMS training, electrodes are placed directly on the body, which means all the impulses reach their target and stimulate the required muscle fibres. This helps to build muscle, resulting in improved body shape, stamina and strength. It also speeds up your metabolism, which is key in transforming the way your body uses calories. This makes it an effective tool for reducing body fat and losing weight.

Everyday is different.
The smile on a clients face when they stand on the body analysis machine and see they have hit their targets.

Passion to help many people reach their fitness goals.

At Bodystreet we specialise exclusively in EMS, meaning all of our staff have a very high level of expertise. We know our stuff and put our heart and soul into helping clients achieve the results they want. Every client is assigned a dedicated personal trainer, which is essential in helping you achieve your goals, but also means our studio environment is very personal, friendly and supportive. There are several different types of EMS training available, but the Bodystreet system stimulates all the muscle groups simultaneously and can also be adapted to meet your individual needs, which makes it much more effective.


Experience the amazing once-a-week 20-minute Bodystreet workout for your self. As well as getting expert advice and training from one of our trainers you will also receive a Body Scan that will highlight body fat %, muscle mass as well as metabolic age.