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Clair Kelly

15 September 2019

I have been training with Michael for a long time now and I really enjoy his classes and PT sessions. The fitness classes are always fun and I have seen huge improvements in my strength, stamina and attitude towards exercise.


Angela Cahill

8 September 2019

I came to Michael over a year ago after a period of illness, I was totally out of shape, had poor balance and I was weak with knee, hip, back and shoulder problems. Now, I love going to the gym, I'm rarely in any pain, my posture has greatly improved. I have clearly built good muscle, increased my balance, coordination and flexibility, and with Michael's continued guidance and encouragment I can challenge myself to lift heavier, get fitter and I'm often surprised with what I can now do. If you want to workout in a friendly, spotless, well equipped gym with a great PT who provides good advice, positive encouragement, pushes your self-imposed limits, and brings some fun into the equation, then I would highly recommend Michael. More...


Anna Stapleton

27 August 2019

I started with Mick in October 2017 and can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I started by going to three small group PT sessions a week as I was a complete gym novice and have now moved on to just one PT session and two classes a week. Mick is extremely supportive while pushing you to be your best. I really look forward to my time in the gym now and always leave having worked hard and laughed a lot! I’d recommend Mick to anyone looking for a PT. More...


Tara Uí Adhmaill

25 August 2019

I trained with Michael this summer. After having 3 kids I had lost confidence in how I looked. After only 4 weeks I went on holidays and wore a bikini something I hadn’t done in years. Most importantly I feel confident and strong and have a newfound love for boxing. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you! More...


Cathal lenihan

16 August 2019

I started out with Michael 4 months ago without ever have been to a gym before and no idea what I was doing but he helped guide me through it all and help me get into much better shape. He was very supportive through it all and really helped me push myself to work harder and improve myself. Starting out with him was a great decision and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I am now way stronger and fitter than I ever thought I could be and I look forward to continue getting even stronger More...


Amy Hendrick

23 July 2019

I was apprehensive about going to the gym again after a long break from it. After my first session I straight away began to look forward to it and now it is an enjoyable part of my weekly routine. Michael shows you how to perform each exercise correctly and pushes you when you need the motivation! Seeing great results and definitely getting stronger. Would recommend the Bodycoach for helping to achieve all different types of goals. More...


Laura O'Connor

9 July 2019

Michael is a great personal trainer. Hugely supportive of your goals and takes a personal approach. Teaches you the things you want, how to use the machines, achieve goals and makes sure your form is always spot on. Would highly recommend to a friend! More...


Dominika Szymanska

4 May 2019

This is way overdue but here it is. Over the years I have tried so many different gyms, classes etc..., but after about 3-4 weeks I would drop off because I would either loose interest or just get bored of the same thing. When I started training with Mike earlier this year I actually really got into it. Although it may not have seemed like it while training, but I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions each week and Mike was so easy to get on with. He tailored the classes to my needs and made it a bit more fun. He was very helpful, extremely accommodating and let’s not forget encouraging and motivating. Just after few weeks I started seeing results and noticed I am getting much stronger and toned. My fitness level is probably the best it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Mike! Unfortunately I had to leave his PT sessions, as I moved away, but would strongly recommend Mike to anyone that is looking to get in shape. Thanks Mike! More...


Linda Keohane

25 April 2019

The Bodycoach is the best personal trainer I have ever had. Michael helped me in the run up to my wedding. He was a fantastic support and helped me to achieve my goals. He mixes it up and always pushes for more, which I really enjoy! More...


Claire Fennelly

25 April 2019

Great training with Michael over a year, makes sure that you are using the equipment correctly and progresses with machine weights at a steady pace. Great group of people to train with too. Thank you Michael :) More...


Claire Colohan

25 April 2019

I done personal training with Michael for a couple of months. I have to say I found him great to motivate and help me achieve some of the results I wanted. I really enjoyed my workouts and felt great while I’ve as doing it. Unfortunately I had to leave due to some personal circumstances. But I would highly recommend Michael as a personal trainer. Thanks for all ur help Michael. More...


Philip Campbell

27 October 2018

I started training with Michael last year just before Christmas in a short space of times, I achieved some really great results in terms of weight loss and building muscle. I would do 1 PT session a week and then attended his HIIT classes which has increased my fitness dramality.His approach is straight to the point no BS and he has given me some great nutrition tips & tricks which have had a massive impact on accelerating my results. I highly recommend Michael Geraghty Bodycoach to help reach your goals. More...


Ursula Kenny

28 August 2018

Please, do yourself a favour, pick up the phone and book your first session with Michael. You will not regret it. I went to Michael to tone up and slim down for my wedding. I had 2 sessions with him per week for about 5 months. I have tried all sorts of exercise classes, slimming worlds, boot camps, gym, and never stuck at it. With Michael's PT classes I never hesitated about showing up, and crucially for me, I never checked the clock during each session. Michael really takes the time to build a strong rapport with all of his clients and gets to know them and their goals. He is incredibly supportive, but you work hard. He tailors every session, so it never gets boring and the chat and banter makes it fly by. For me, the 2, hour long sessions each week not only helped me to achieve my goal, but helped to alleviate stress and anxiety. Can't recommend this highly enough. More...


Laura Rock

28 August 2018

I went to Michael after a trip to States as I was feeling sluggish and wanted to get back into a routine of eating properly and also training. I had always wanted to do personal training and figured now was the perfect time. I do two sessions a week in a group and honestly love it. Michael has been great, very supportive, takes the time to get to know you and what your goals are and never makes you feel under pressure. I had a goal to lose 10 pounds and ended losing 12 since the start of June. This was all down to Michaels training and encouragement. Would highly recommend him to anyone! More...


Maura Ashe

29 June 2018

I recently trained with Michael in his group sessions for a couple of months and I have to say it was a fantastic experience. To start with the group was small, friendly and supportive which was a great start and I really looked forward to the sessions and the fun we had there. In terms of the most important part, the training, I hadn't trained in about 6 months and was anxious about going back and regaining my strength. Michael helped me to build it back up in no time. The sessions were diverse, no 2 days the same and I learned loads of new cool strength exercises I had never done before which was a real buzz for me. He challenged me every week and pushed me to go as heavy as I could. I really enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend him to anyone looking to start training. More...


Kim Clancy

25 May 2018

When I first started training with Michael I hadn't a clue how to exercise properly. But with his help I quickly improved week by week. I looked forward to my classes with him because he has the ability to make exercising fun. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a highly qualified personal trainer. He gave me the confidence I needed to join a gym and he showed me that a healthy lifestyle can be interesting and fun. More...


Rory O' Donnell

25 May 2017

I have tried various gyms and training classes over the years and Bodycoach is by far the best one yet. The classes are always different and very challenging but they are rewarding and are very effective. Michael is a true professional his knowledge, confidence and attitude are second to none . I would highly recommend trying his classes whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit or tone up . Don't worry the classes are always a laugh and the people are great too. More...