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Craig Radford

29 July 2019

Delicious food and superb customer service. really helped us out on a visit to Cork when we were taking part in a competition.


Peter Downey

2 May 2019

Great food and great prices , great that there's different meals every week good to mix up .


Wayne Mullins

26 March 2019

Top notch grub


Adelaide Keating Corcoran

28 February 2019

Great service,food is amazing(and im a fussy git!!) Great choice of meals every week. Highly recommend.


Max Sheridan

24 February 2019

Nice food and quick service


Keith Winters

28 November 2018

Started using Bodychef about a month ago and it has been a revelation. I’m self employed and tried it mainly to cut down on time spent shopping, cooking and cleaning during deadline season, but the quality of the food and service are on another level. It’s saving me about 15 hours a week and works out about the same in money spent with none of the waste. Don’t think I’ll ever cook again. More...


Y Marti Broderick

14 November 2018

Thank you so much for the gorgeous food would highly recommend


Kevin O'Sullivan

18 October 2018

unbelievable service and quality. 5 stars


Jason Pierce

15 September 2018

Great selection of food and ever changing menu. Can’t beat the value


David Murphy

7 September 2018

Today i had my 3rd day of the 3 day Breakfast & Dinner package and all i can say is Yum. Excellent food and quality and so filling. I will definitely be ordering again for next week. More...


Sam Toulouse

7 May 2018

After a few weeks getting my food from them, I think it is time to give an opinion. I am getting the 3x5 meals plan, adding an extra main course per day, which ends up costing me about 100 euros, which isn't more than what I would spend on take away from other places. In about a month getting food from BodyChef, I have lost some weight (about 2 holes in my belt), I also feel much more comfortable and less bloated. I had to add an extra meal per day. While I do not feel particularly hungry after a single meal, the calories cut would be too drastic for a big guy like me and while there might be other factors involved, I felt a bit weak and tired at the end of the first week, which is why I ended up adding an extra meal which seems to do the trick. Taste wise, it goes from good to amazing (that feta turkey burger...), the breakfast soups are one of my favourite meals. They are also quite accommodating regarding deliveries which is something I appreciate. More...


Valentina Gambardella

16 March 2018

Very good value for money and very good service!


Mark Kelly

8 February 2018

Great quality food � Top quality service � Fuelling champions �


Wojciech Lange

12 January 2018

brilliant. food is great, deliveries always as planned, good value for money. what else can you expect?!? highly recommended


Clodagh Horgan

17 November 2017

The sweet n sour chicken and Thai salad this week were amazing nicest yet would love to see them repeated!


Joy Sheehan

17 November 2017

Excellent food! Excellent service!


Dot Constable

14 November 2017

Awesome, healthy food, helpful support, great delivery times. Highly recommended


Mike Zingston

5 November 2017

Absolutely wonderful meals prepared with such variety with a perfect balance of freshness and flavour.


Shauna Daly

19 October 2017

Body chef is amazing here's why: I won a gold package from body chef (three meals a day for a working week) I chose from a mixed menu online and picked out what I wanted (if you don't like something in a meal you can ask for it without it) They have lots of places you can pick it up and get it delivered too and they were really accommodating to me. When I got the food I was amazed by the freshness and quality.. my partner gets bodychef regularly and he also loves it..he gets it deliver to his workplace. Honestly give it a try it's amazing � More...


Andrew Rea

19 June 2017

Great food made easy. Delivered to your door. No hassle or fuss. Healthy food in proper portions!! Highly recommend.


Dillon Manning

17 June 2017

The food is unbelievable and really tasty ! Really easy to deal with and would tell anyone atleast try it out


Audrey Kenny

2 June 2017

All my girls in Debenhams loved their lunch today delicious BodyChef thanks so much ��


Tony McGrath

18 May 2017

Great service and product. I have used this for over 6 months and could not be happier.


Amy Hickey

20 January 2017

The food is delicious and its dropped right to office every morning. Id highly recommend it!


Susie Baily

25 November 2016

I had Body chef meals for when I was working late shift this week and I'm hugely impressed! I particularly loved the Taco Fries and the Chicken Creole meal but all meals were very good. I will most definitely be ordering them again for when I'm on late shift and will recommend this company to family and friends, thanks Body Chef! �� More...


Rhona Gerrard

21 November 2016

King Creole is devine!!!! Can't wait to try the rest


Stacey Warren O'Donovan

2 November 2016

Huge thanks to bodychef for our food this week! Can't recommend highly enough. Food is top quality, tasty and so fresh!!Fake way week just topped it off taco fries were unreal!! Thanks again � More...


Alison Desmond

27 September 2016

Starting up with Bodychef is a great idea for anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or basically just looking to eat a more healthy well balanced nutritious diet! I myself am very strict 6 days per week with my nutrition, I always meal prep my own food and have never trusted anyone to cook my food for me but Bodychef! All meals made with the healthiest and freshest of produce and both macro and calorie counted so you know exactly what you are eating for each meal! 100% would recommend And it helps that all the staff aren't a bad crowd either!� More...


Jason Shootsy Busteed

26 September 2016

Made the switch to body chef and haven't looked back .. portion sizes are perfect.. exactly what you need and stayed full so wasn't picking, clean eating with none of the hassle of prep and delivered to your door


Aaron O Callaghan

6 September 2016

Unreal food, helping great with my training and prep


Norma Culleton

10 August 2016

Bodychef deliver to us at work every week. The food looks & tastes amazing. You can clearly tell its made with fresh clean produce but it does not lack in flavour.


Úna O'Brien

11 June 2016

Tried it for the first time last week and loved it! So convenient and tasty! Highly recommend!


Ann McCabe

3 June 2016

Bodychef is amazing, the food is delicious and healthy. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for healthy food and who needs help with preparation. It Takes the stress out of meal prep and you know exactly what you're eating. Damien is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks bodychef More...


Billiejean Duggan

3 June 2016

Food as fantastic, we love it here in the office!!


Syma Ar

21 April 2016

I am nearly done my 1st week, it really suits me and my busy schedule perfectly!!! Love it and I have my nxt order put through! Well worth it x


Cillín Ó Briain

20 April 2016

First week trying this, and I'm impressed. Tasty, healthy food, and the deliveries are perfect if you're too time-poor to prep your own. Staff are also lovely to deal with. Full marks. More...


Siobhan Morrison

15 April 2016

Lovely food, very healthy delivered to your door and no home prep what more could you ask for! bodychef food helped me loose weight coming upto my wedding couldn't have been happier with the results which I started to see after week 1 highly recommended for anyone looking to shape up and feel healthy


Holly Walker

12 April 2016

First time trying the meals this week thanks to my boyfriend winning a competition and I have to say I always lick the containers clean .. food is beautiful and will definately be ordering for myself in the future. unreal More...


Sheena O'Connor

21 March 2016

Body Chef rocks. The food is top notch and a great service.xx


Julie Aherne

16 March 2016

The food is amazing, I wasn't expecting it to be so nice, being so clean and healthy! It's so filling I don't need to snack between meals and I have so much more energy. Oh, and I'm losing weight by the day!! More...


Laura Dorgan

14 March 2016

Body Chef has made life so much easier, in every way! Due to work commitments, finding time for food prep was a nightmare-9pm at night. Now I get to bed earlier, eating properly and my training has improved. All my problems were solved, I cannot recommend them enough. More...


Rachel Ní Lorcáin

9 March 2016

A week of Bodychef and I felt transformed! The portions were perfect, the food was tasty and I was constantly looking forward to the following day to have more. It opened my eyes to food which I wouldn't normally purchase,all the good stuff of course that tasted like I was dining out. Staff were a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely be doing this again ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More...


Gillian Neligan

9 February 2016

My husband & I started back in Oct. purely for the convenience element, but we've since lost weight, saved money (lived on take aways or ate out) & feel healthy! I highly recommend Bodychef.


Grainne Galvin

23 November 2015

Can't say how much I'm loving body chef! Week 3 this week and so far I am full of energy..never hungry. .hardly washing up and no food wastage..and down around 8lbs! Worth every penny..which isn't that much btw for what you get!fab!:))) More...


Jackie O'Neill

23 November 2015

FAB U LOUS 1st day down & really looking forward to the next meals. Keep up the amazing meals.


Dee Byrne

18 November 2015

Really tasty & they cater for my gluten intolerance which is a huge bonus!! Delighted with the variety, presentation and taste. It really does take the hassle out of cooking for hours ;-) love this service ***** More...


Diane Buttimer

18 November 2015

The food is just amazing and for me is super convenient. Have been doing it a few weeks now and there is no going back. The lads are so professional to deal with. Thanks Bodychef.


Nikki O'Connell

13 November 2015

Fab food. Really fresh n tasty


Celeste Lexi Larkin

28 October 2015

Started with body chef 2 weeks and I have to say food is georgeous and portions are really big for a great price service is a1 highly recommend really happy with this service i be a long time customer thanks


Sarah Shanahan

20 October 2015

I'm on my second week of body chef and I have to say I love it. I get lunch and dinner delivered 5 days a week and cook healthy for myself on the weekends. The food is amazing and never boring, also I'm always full never hungry for snacks or naughty treats. The customer service has been great, they have answered all my questions and given me all the info I asked for. Also I weighed myself after the first week (as I'm hoping to lose a few lbs on this food delivery service) and I'm delighted to say i have lost 4.5lbs in the first week of body chef. I would recommend to anyone especially if your have a busy lifestyle and are looking to eat healthy and/or lose weight. Thanks body chef. Sarah More...


Darren Geoghegan

7 October 2015

Best meal preps around for taste and quality nutrition


Conor Ó Caoimh

27 August 2015

Super service.... meals outstanding 10/10 recommended highly :-)


Fionnuala Kenneally O Riordan

19 August 2015

Delicious and top quality healthy meals , am loving it. Fast, efficient and super delivery service. Perfect for anyone who wants to eat healthy


Michael Maguire

4 August 2015

2 days of body chef done ! Just had Tomorrow's dropped off looks gorgeous ! This is the way 2 go thanks body chef!!!...


Aindriú O'Cronín

3 August 2015

Delicious food. Super healthy. So easy to order. No excuses not to eat healthy with body chef! Professional and friendly service too


Kate Sarah Colbert

3 August 2015

Iv been using body chef for a few weeks now & I find it absolutely amazing! I don't have to cook anything as I have all the meals prepared for me. I was spending double the amount on shopping every week. The guys are superb too, so helpful & friendly! I would recommend this service to anyone More...


Robert Pálnok

3 August 2015

Im really happy with my first two meals 5 stars


Dee Deane

10 July 2015

Great service. Really good food. Have placed another order for next week.


Glenn Williamson

2 July 2015

Excellent service, quality food, macros counted and calculated and delivered to my gym


Kate Sexton

22 June 2015

Delicious recipes


Gary DelGardo Downey

15 May 2015

This is going to be fool proof for people to get fit and healthy with prep free proper nutrition !! Outstanding.