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Kat A.

7 September 2019

I have been attending classes with Master Kim and his colleagues for over two months now. I have attended a workshop and a healing session. I wanted to share that this practice has greatly impacted my life for good. I have never felt better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I highly recommend the bodynbrain programs for everyone. Try it for yourself! More...


Sally V.

7 August 2019

Amazing loving atmosphere! The manager is very sweet, caring and knowledgeable! Love all the instructors too! The classes are helping me every day - to increase my energy, to manage my emotions and have a positive outlook on life in general!


Don H.

3 August 2019

I was interested in Yoga and Tai Chi separately.  What a nice surprise to find both under one roof-with so much more.   It's a business, so you've got to look at the bottom line.  And the bottom line is they are reasonably priced and appear to have an excellent program.  Erica is a competent professional and her initial session was thorough and compelling.  I came to improve my flexibility and balance, as well as strength, for my Tango dancing.  I'm confident that Inchose the right folks.  I do have a background in Tai Chi.  I'm anxious to update my readers with my progress More...


Dana C.

4 July 2019

I've struggled with chronic pain for over 2 years, and in the past month of working with Master Kim I am feeling drastic changes in my body and mind. You may be wondering why the term 'master'? What's beautiful about this practice is that it means he has become the master of his own life (not the master of others), and is teaching me how to do the same.This isn't the only healing work I'm doing, but as it becomes a daily practice it feels the most transformational. As I attend classes several times a week at the Body and Brain center in Tempe, I am finding a new level of connection with my body and my true self. The practice involves yoga, tai chi, qigong, body work, energy work, and meditation among other powerful practices, and Master Kim is truly gifted in teaching. I love working with someone as kind and genuine as this man. But make no mistake, he can be assertive and will quickly help correct my postures as needed and ensures that I am giving my all each class. My life and my body are changing, and it makes me so grateful that my journey guided me here. I highly recommend body and brain tai chi and yoga to anyone looking to improve their life in any capacity. More...


Danny A.

29 May 2019

Alex has been my Yoga and spiritual mentor for years. His unique approach brings a great balance of mind and spirit. He is a very funny guy too and I can always count on him for a great session. I look forward to attending his retreat this September in NY. Highly recommend to anybody who needs a solid motivator and mentor More...


Emperatriz Melo

23 May 2019

A place to be healthy, happy and peaceful......


Deborah Pegher

1 May 2019

I have learned how to stretch, balance, breathe and most important, manage stress. So grateful for Karen, Marjory and others I have met along the way.


Kristin M.

19 April 2019

I can't believe I'm writing this review only now after having joined Body & Brain Yoga 20 years ago! I have taken many different variations of yoga classes but this is the best one by far.  Due to my overwhelmingly intense work schedule, high level of stress and not being able to exercise regularly, I got diagnosed with hyperthyroid 2 years ago, then developed frozen shoulder on my both shoulders (back to back).  After realizing how stress and a lack of exercise can take a toll on my body, I was determined to get my health back on track. I went back to this yoga center and maintained to go to classes at least 3 times a week. I have also taken private healing sessions/classes with Master Geum to treat my frozen shoulder in conjunction with my physical therapy sessions.  Over time within last 6 months, I continued to go to yoga classes and phased out PT sessions gradually.  As a result, my right shoulder is completely cured and my left shoulder is almost recovered.  During the course of recovery, it also helped managing my shoulder pains without taking pain medication.  Also, my recent lab results came back completely normal with excellent TSH, T4 level.  Furthermore, with the help of regular practice of yoga, I know how to handle stressful situation better with breathing techniques and meditation.  I am sharing this review to genuinely help anyone who needs to improve their health condition or just to maintain a healthy life style.  I am very grateful that I found this yoga when I needed it most. More...


Chris H.

17 April 2019

This is way more than your standard "let's just do poses" yoga studio! That's why I started attending. It's energy yoga. They encorporate all kinds of Asian healing techniques for a full mind and body transformation. I've talked to members who said they've had illnesses healed since attending, and I've got to say, my experience has been amazing. What other yoga studio serves tea after where everyone sits down and shares how class went? Or offers wellness courses as part of your membership? They are really dedicated to not just to strengthening the body and mind, but to cultivating compassion and purpose for a life changing experience! So much more than a typical yoga studio. I highly recommend! More...


Keyan J.

21 March 2019

I am an individual urgently seeking to understand and learn more about existence, and what I've recently come to understand is that self discovery is the foundation of this. - Brain and body yoga tai chi is not about appearances and simply getting in shape, we are learning about our own inner confidence.  Master Geum said to me, "There are 24 hours in a day;  how much time do you actually spend for yourself"?She can truly see that I've been focusing my efforts on what is outside of me, and not taking the time to cultivate my own soul.  The dear apprentice Tetyana conducts class every Sunday, and the environment that she generates is so fun and accepting. She's an energetically humble spirit - It is clear that they both care very much for the people in the class.  Let me openly tell you, I am willingly paying for these classes and driving an hour each way, because I truly want to support the institution and it's good people.  The culture of this studio is a proponent of acceptance; acceptance for both ourselves and for one another.  I will also highly recommend the vibrational class,  you can feel the strength of your energy levels being enhanced greatly - In fact there's an underlying emphasis on energy with everything they offer.  Last week I had the privilege to meet another very kind instructor named Leeta; she had such a genuine demeanor.  So in retrospect, it has now become very clear to me that they all work as a team and they wish to share their strengths as needed in order to bring about the best conditions for our growth.  Lastly,  I am very grateful for my dear friend Terri who invited me to join... It's been an honor. More...


Pamela Clifford

27 February 2019

Karen is very knowledgeable and helpful.


Juan M.

11 February 2019

From the moment I walked in into the studio/temple, I felt the massive circuits of positive and healing energy that floats around the space and its masters. Definitely it has been a life changing experience and practice for me, my friends and family, I strongly recomned anybody looking to enhance their energy capabilties or to add on to their healing power tools! More...


Tetyana S.

21 December 2018

I have been coming to the center for years. After trying many different kinds of yoga I find Body and Brain is the most beneficial. It keeps my physical body in shape but most of all it reduces my stress level and keeps my anxiety under control. I learnt how to breath properly and relax in minutes. Amazing workshops helped me to find myself and my passions. Energy meditation and tai chi became a big part of my life. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u More...


Lolita A.

21 December 2018

The Manhattan Body&Brain center has been an essential place for managing my health, flexibility, and energy levels. It is the most comprehensive and effective practice I have ever experienced. Through the physical exercises and meditation I am able to find the balance I need within, to also balance what I need in my everyday life and relationships. I feel happier and peaceful knowing how to recover myself and well-being with movement and Body&Brain principles. I'm so grateful and hope many people discover the benefits. More...


Tetyana S.

13 December 2018

I have been a member of Body&Brain for years now. After trying many different types of yoga, I find it  the most beneficial for stress relief and tension in my body. It helps me to reduce my anxiety, to keep my stress level under control and the training keeps me fit and weightless.Energy meditation and tai chi became a part of my living. Thank u More...


Heather Hebert del Cuadro

8 December 2018

Through Body and Brain Yoga I have been able to get rid of taking medications to manage pain. I do daily deep stretching, breathing, vibration exercises, body tapping, brain wave vibration, and energy healing that I learned through Body and Brain Yoga. No more migraines, no more pain, no more anxiety, and I lost 11pounds! More...


Sanya Henderson

6 December 2018

Teaching mindfulness, increasing energy, improving body flexibility, strength,and balance through easy-moderate-hard exercise depending on the level of the student/practitioner.


Rocio Alvarado

3 December 2018

It is a beautiful class that helps not only your body to be strong but also your brain and soul


Chris Flanders

26 November 2018

Dahn Yoga you can't hide. This is Dahn Yoga under a new disguise. Google Dahn Yoga Rolling Stone article "the Yoga Cult" and decide for yourself


Ashley A.

5 October 2018

This is the place for you! People of all ages and all physical levels can benefit from practicing yoga here. Additionally, whether you are looking for relief from aches and pains or deeper healing and metaphysical connection you will find it here. Come and try! You will not be dissapointed! More...


Kathleen Ahearn Lelis

9 September 2018

I feel great when I go there. Karen is a wonderful teacher. The workout is incredibly helpful and yet low impact. I used to have a lot of pain in my knees and my back now hardly ever. I have also found that working out there has helped to relieve my stress. I highly recommend it! More...


Chris Calnan

14 August 2018

Lots of fun energy and well being in this location.


Olga P.

6 August 2018

I recommend for everyone to join body and brain it is a great place to practice yoga and the staff is wonderful and will assist you with anything you may need.  I have been  with the practice for about 4 months and I am now more self confident,  socialize more, am physically stronger, happier, calmer, and can concentrate better.   At the center you are not just a member you are part of a family. More...


Ruth-Anne Macaulay

1 June 2018

I don’t usually do reviews but I simply could not turn up this opportunity. The practices I am learning at Body and Brain Yoga have changed my life! Ruth-Anne Timmins When I first started at Body and Brain I was feeling tired, drained, and just like something was missing. One class later I was hooked. I knew I’d found that missing piece my body needed. I truly can’t say enough about it. The staff is amazing and so supportive. I highly recommend it. More...


Linda Salek

1 May 2018

I am just starting my journey and met with Master Jo yesterday ~ already feel the stress and tension letting go and I feel more 'awake' than with the introductory session ~ will keep everyone posted as I continue my path of enlightenment ~ thank you Master Jo


Kattylluv L.

6 April 2018

When my 83 year old mother got a bad case of shingles, this place saved her life. Seriously. I've attended classes too and it doesn't matter your age or your condition, you will feel better. You can call it yoga, tai chi, spinning, stretching, dancing....whatever you call it, if you move your body, you move your energy and you will feel better. Eddie and Maryann are kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable about health and well being. I highly recommend Body & Brain. More...


Vanessa Nason

20 March 2018

I have received an enormous amount of healing in the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual. The classes are gentle and challenging, and the instructors teach in a non competitive environment. Emphases on feeling your body and paying attention to your breath helps to bring in my focus to areas of my body that need healing. This type of yoga stems from ancient asian methodologies of healing by utilizing the meridian systems and acupressure points to increase the bodies natural healing ability. Please go and try a class! More...


Timi B.

2 January 2018

I was looking for a Tai Chi place somewhere between home and work and am lucky to have found Body & Brain. I have taken both the body and Brain classes and Tai Chi and liked both. Great if you have pain issues or if you are out of shape.  A lot of it is about energy and there is a lot of shaking/dancing to get your energy going - it is called "brain wave vibration" and is energizing and relaxing and the music is pretty awesome. I was so tired of other yoga places and their competitiveness, showoffiness and unfriendliness. This is a different form of yoga called Dahn Yoga which is Korean instead of Indian. There also is a lot of tapping on parts of your body and the belly to release stuck energy which I think actually works. It is so nice not to have to do 80 million sun salutations in a row and downward dog every two minutes.There is a "wooden pillow" class that I haven't tried yet but is more centered on the neck and my neck is killing me so Ill have to try that one soon. The instructors at Body n Brain make a point of helping you to feel a sense of belonging and there is always a tea gathering at the end if you want to stay which is nice. I'm not sure what is in the tea but it seems organic and healthy and has a very unusual but good taste.Susan, Talia and Rubel are all great and will make you feel at home.  They offer other things on the side like healings, aura readings and workshops. There are a lot of books for sale by a guy named Ilchi Lee who is the founder.Yoga mats are provided and they are clean and thick and cushy.  They have a $25 special where you get the first class and a one on one appointment where they explain the central ideas of this form of yoga.Try it out - I think you will like it:) More...


Alex A.

22 December 2017

I started Body & Brain about 1 year ago, at a different center, that had to remodel for an extended period of time. Alex and Kris, along with support staff and other members, received me with open arms. The vibe and energy of B&B Pinecrest is certainly unique - even after my center having reopened, I make the point of coming each week for vibrations class (highly recommended!), that sheds the stresses ond business of my week. More...


Lloyd L.

23 November 2017

Highly recommend body and brain it completely improved my balance and my fitness, the staff are amazing and the classes are great. The best way to experience their classes is to experience the best of the best. Thank you B&B!! More...


Allison Strong

3 November 2017

For me this has been a game changer, proximity was important but listening to my body has and is a priority in life. They, being part of this center and community have only given me insight into myself. Where you find spirituality and practice there you are. Being part of Body and Brain is likely one of those times where you have to invest in your life and this is a lot like when I invested in myself, out of that I grew and this practice makes me feel like I am finding my home inside me. Think of it like a deepness that overcomes our boundaries, I like the sharing and often go out side of what I just experience but how this practice makes me feel even outside of the center. Who we are is intrinsic to where we go, each step we make leads us to a sense of belonging. I am a very sensitive person and often get lost in my own thoughts and unaware of how deep that might go I realize that tea and hugs are just part of what is here. Your body will get gentle touch and gentle communication, why not come out and listen to your body its singing to be loved and here you can do that. I always say, "We are Spirit" and this place, says "We are Solar Bodies" what better synchronicity can there be find yourself. That's what I am Doing, finding myself here within my own body. Your body is a treasure, find a practice like this and you will start to unwrap things you never knew you had. More...


Anastasiia Inomura

15 October 2017

Great place to take a rest from daily routine ;) during the day hustle it is so easy to lose control over your body and emotions, but this BodynBrain yoga helps to reconnect and get new energy


Heather D.

15 October 2017

Body and Brain Yoga daily practice has helped me get off of prescription medication, Ibuprophen, and sinus medications. I have learned how to manage my body and heal itself naturally. I recommend this practice if you want to learn about your mind, body, and spirit connection. More...


Lynnette F.

25 September 2017

After a recent shoulder injury I started attending classes at Body and Brain. 2 months in and I can't believe what an improvement I've seen. This was my first time trying yoga and I love it, the studio and teachers. Thank you! More...


Shonny Kugler

24 September 2017

My favorite place to be...Karen is awesome! I appreciate her sense of humor!


Eileen Cooper Vandernoot

6 September 2017

I started Body Brain Wellness four years ago and have never felt better in my life. This practice has changed my body which is flexible and strong. My spirtual and emotional well being gives me a happiness never achieved before. I can only say, do yourself a big favor and take a class and you will have an amazing experience, not to mention a flexible and youthful body. More...


Zeke M.

29 August 2017

The Valley at times felt like a barren desert of lost souls like myself. Wondering searching craving and yearning. Then one day I came across a flyer leading me into an oasis hidden behind the usual jungle of glass and concrete structures. Like an ancient civilization awaiting to be discovered only by the most courageous among us. It was a troubled moment in my life. I was being abused by a roommate from whom I desperately needed to escape. This "yoga place" served in the beginning as an "escape pod" offering me sanctuary from the ravages of a failed relationship. At first it was just an air conditioned silent room whithin walking distance of my home, to escape to.  Then it became a place of hope as the concern of an instructor named Rosemary brought me to tears. Unveiling my circumstances I was offered a special prayer with which Rosemary promised my roommate would leave within a month. She actually left in a week. Here I felt I had died and was reborn with a new chance at life. It is because of a series of such blessings I have received here from Rosemary that I express here my gratitude to her, all the other instructors and students here at body and brain. But also to Talia, the owner who has produced the environment that has made all this possible. Within this prayer disguised as a clever yelp review. I wish to reveal a favorite Truth of life. Your True heart's desire is Gods will for you. Understanding this and learning to implement it  has served me well in my life. Allow life to unfold and it will give you what you want. The knowing 'what you want' is the key here. So is the 'allowing'. So what is the right thing to want?I have experimented living life with different goals to see what results are most favorable.  At times I have sought enlightenment above all else. Prosperity, career success, education, relationships, social life, and physical health are among goals that I have sought. What I now realize is that true health not only represents physical emotional mental and spiritual functioning but ALL these other aspects of life. All integrated together. Functioning as one. Having this as your goal, you are on your way to total actualization. The realization of your true potential an expression of your complete self. Part of getting here is with the attitude that you are already at this destination. Learn to live life with this attitude and feeling tone that all of your problems are solved and all of your needs are met. At body and brain the instructors are also well versed in all the energy fields of the body. Including the meridians and the chakras. All of which are actively worked on to assure that our energy is flowing throughout our body and all aspects of our lives. All integrated together, functioning in unison to express vibrant health. This is the birthright of all of us as children of God. Make this your self concept. Attain it for yourself then help others do the same. Body and brain is a gathering place for all varieties of body's and souls. Here I see people of all ages, all nationalities, at various stages of their lives and paths. All coming together in a spirit of unconditional love support and positivity. I feel no judgement or competition here. Every one is honored as an equal. Hugs come abundantly. So does an energy of love and optimism that rubs off on you. Preparing you to take on the world and all the challenges you may be facing in your life. Here you get the feeling everyone genuinely cares about your well being.  Here is also a great opportunity for meeting new souls, making friends and networking. The most fun I have here, I want to mention, is in the dancing phase of Rubol's session. At some point while we are dancing to well chosen music, Rubol says "Now do anything you want." The whole room goes wild and something about this makes makes me so happy I cry. One day message will come from on high:"Now do whatever you want."All will express their deepest desires.Yet no one will feel violated.And all will understand.thezekeshow.com theabsenceofsuffering.com More...


Tatevik M.

28 July 2017

Master Talia, Ruble and Rosemary are exceptional! Just go to the beginner's orientation, and I guarantee you will be hooked. Your mind and body will thank you for the investment and you will actually look forward to working out! The members are also as sweet as can be. More...


Laine P.

30 June 2017

This is unlike any other kind of yoga I've ever done.  The classes I've taken are each different and great!  Master Talia and Rubal are both knowledgeable and caring. I look forward to the benefits of my new membership! More...


Valentina H.

20 June 2017

I was excited to find such an authentic peaceful space to learn and grow. I hope to connect mind and body as a lifelong practice. This seems to be a fine place to  guide me in my journey. More...


Vincent S.

2 June 2017

i had another great time here i feel so much better and lighter. ive been going here for almost one month now and im addicted! thank you master Talia and Rupal! the atmospehere here is so nurturing and possitive it helps you grow. More...


Paul William Dyer

6 May 2017

My name is Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Grandmaster of martial sciences. Bama Kim and her students were absolutely amazing and most welcoming with their energies wide open. What a gifted place to study and practice the art of living. More...


Erin Gruber

5 May 2017

Body & Brain changed my life! I learned simple ways to stay physically healthy as well as mentally and emotionally balanced. Thank you!


Lini Sha

5 May 2017

This practice connects your mind, body, and soul. It changed my life for the better. I have become a more grounded and happier version of myself. I continue to grow 3 years in and can't say enough about the amazing team of Master Jo, Master Daehan and Master Bama! They are the best and go above and beyond for their members! I am truly grateful for my Body n Brain family!! Please stop in! More...


Moni A.

2 May 2017

My experience with Body & Brain Pinecrest was majestic, to say the least. As you walk through the door, you can feel the positive vibe and embrace the grass roots of the company. I went in because I needed some fine tuning, I wanted to achieve congruency between my thoughts and my body. The combination of Healing Sessions and Body Work has me on the path there. I can honestly say, that this establishment, is the perfect setting to discover your true self and learn to listen to the voice within. More...


Doug M.

6 January 2017

I've driven past the store front many times and finally made a mental note to stop in because I was looking for a place to help learn more about meditation and finding a way to compliment my work outs.I arranged an appointment with Joyce and was very impressed with their approach and her calm, supportive manner. I signed up for a month to try it out. The schedule was reasonably convenient and I went to several classes (the fellow members I met were invariably kind and supportive).Each class is an interesting blend of activities and I would strongly encourage anyone curious about living a healthier more peaceful life to give it a try.I ended up not continuing but only because I was looking for something more strictly focused on just meditation (and I simply didn't have the time to try and do both). This is a warm and friendly place that I think most people would really benefit from. But the only way to find out is to come by and try it for yourself. More...


Talin A.

20 December 2016

My husband and I joined the center a few months ago and we have been going regularly ever since. Apart from the amazing exercises that our bodies are grateful for, our minds are much calmer and we feel much more connected and balanced. Master Thalia, Susan and Rouble are wonderful people who genuinely try to help each and every member. My husband's chronic back pain is almost gone and he is off painkillers which is a true blessing. Having such an amazing center in our neighborhood is indeed a blessing. More...


Julie G.

15 December 2016

Joining Body and Brain Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done!! If you are looking for a yoga studio that is unlike any other, where you can really feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever shape, size, color, gender, age or anything else u can think of, then Body and Brain is THE place for u!!  Body and Brain is a unique yoga studio where the emphasis is on the true self, love, community, spirituality, brain education and the picture. I was delighted to see people of all ages, shapes & nationalities when I started. No one was dressed to impress. There was no competition and everyone was unbelievably warm, welcoming and friendly!! There are no crazy difficult poses to hold or do- everything is about stretching and strengthening the core and doing what one can. There are workshops one can do, volunteer opportunities if one chooses, in class challenges to become a better, stronger you and lots of love and support from Master Andrew, Master Eddie(who run Body and Brain Syosset), Jenny Do Nim, one of our fabulous teachers, and all of us from Syosset Body & Brain. So if u just want to do yoga and tree poses go somewhere else. But if u want to do yoga as well as find out who u really are and expand your mind and change the way u think and live a better life, then come to Body and Brain. It will be life changing, I promise!! More...


Faith Wollner

12 December 2016

I have been a member since April of 2016 even thou class is great an I enjoy it the workshops conducted at CGI in New Jersey are another story I attended a workshop this past weekend Finding True Self the content of said workshop was misrepresented I was very disappointed with the material and entire content class are worth while doing but workshop are another story stay away from them


Anthony R.

12 December 2016

I came to Body & Brain for a Tai Chi class and it was very awesome. We started with a solid warm up - and then moved on to some stretches and basic Tai Chi steps. The instructor is super nice and makes sure no one is left behind/everyone is doing the stretches correctly and taking the steps properly. The studio is big and has padded floors. If you're looking for an intro to Tai Chi and looking to meet some nice new people - this place is worth visiting. More...


Robert Croce

7 December 2016

I have been a member for almost 5 yrs. I have been active my whole life with exercise & sports but decided to join the center when I was going thru a tough time in my life. I also wanted to work on my balance, flexibility & stress relief. I am happy with the service I receive from Master Dae Han, Marni & Nicole. They all have a different energy & style but all in all, they are caring, helpful & professional.I look forward to going to classes & am grateful for all they do. More...


Mauge Penaranda Zebrowski

3 December 2016

I took Yoga classes for almost two years and changed my life, they changed instructor and no longer get the same results. I hope they bring another instructor to Champion center in Houston Texas. We had the best! Please bring YOGA and meditation back. More...


Marley V.

29 November 2016

Body and Brain is a great place that helps you to focus on yourself through meditation, breathing, and exercise.  These programs not only teach us to become aware of what we need to change in our lives, but to also find ourselves as a person growing from within. I thank Master Talia and the Staff for welcoming me. Thank you. More...


Julie J.

3 October 2016

AMAZING! WONDERFUL! LIFE CHANGING!!! This center has a beautiful, positive, clean, friendly, and relaxing energy. All the class are very fun and the instructors are very knowledgeable, positive, patient, and kind. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. I barely miss a class because I have noticed the positive difference it has made in my life and after I attend each class. I have more energy and yet feel more relaxed everyday after class and the days after. Everyday they offer something different which keeps you entertained and leaves no time for you to get bored of coming here. This is a haven of a spot. I fully and truly recommend this center to anyone searching for a life changing practice and seeking to become healthier both in mind and body! More...


Nicole Wasserman

26 August 2016

This is the most Zen and relaxing place In Westchester County!


Ula M.

21 August 2016

If I could give it 6 stars I would, just by walking in you feel like heavy burden was lifted off your shoulders! Love the classes and I feel at peace when I leave


Krešo M.

21 August 2016

If you are looking for a perfect match between yoga, workout and meditation you shouldn't miss this place. You will see the difference after visiting this place just once, while being a member would change your life. The staff is lovely, super friendly and they do not hesitate to share positive energy with every guest. Thank you guys for being there for us! More...


Marina H.

10 August 2016

This is an excellent studio and the teachers are superb!I started in November 2015. I feel younger,healthier and more energetic.My back problems are gone. I would highly recommend this place.It worth every penny! More...


Giovania P.

30 June 2016

I was so blessed to have been guided by Alex for my healing session. I was able to open my mind and allow positive thoughts. We did a number of exercises which helped me realize I needed to center my energy more. Eye opener. You won't regret your experience and the staff is WONDERFUL! More...


Zen M.

24 June 2016

I stopped in while driving through Jericho Tnpk and saw this little gem.  It's an oasis upstairs and the class was incredibly rejuvenating.  Andrew and Eddie, a father-son pair, run a smooth and loving ship, and it shows in every detail of how they take care of each person in class, even for a drop-in like me! More...


M O.

23 June 2016

Deeply relax your mind and body through mindful exercises. Highly recommended


Sandy Scheer

2 June 2016

Body & Brain in Rolling Hills is a dynamic and organic growth experience. The caring and sharing are truly heartfelt and purposeful in supporting each member in achieving a life well lived.


Melissa H.

26 May 2016

A secret gem everyone should know about! Everyone at the center is positive and helpful. The classes are really good, with clear instruction.Enjoy the calm environment with some tea and get to know new people.Master Kim is the best! More...


Jani M.

19 May 2016

The minute I walked into the studio, I felt a warm and comforting energy that made me immediately relax.  After my personal consultation with Andrew, I was reassured that I was in the right place to take care of my body and soul.  I have some serious back issues that Andrew works gently and affectively with.  I am grateful I found them! More...


Paul Liebert

11 May 2016

Almost every time I walk into Body and Brain Yoga Center Ravenna Park I receive a welcoming hug from one of the instructors. In a few short months it has become one of the communities in my life where I have connected with many of the students. They offer so much more for growth and health then just yoga and Tai Chi. Danielle, the manager, was selected as the yoga instructor of the year 2015 for Seattle. More...


Chandler B.

3 May 2016

I've been attending classes at the Tempe center for about one year. It is true that the classes are not yoga in the traditional sense, and are more akin to Tai Chi and energy practice. It did take a bit of adjustment and learning (Tai Chi can be challenging in it's own way!), but that being said, the benefits I've received from a year's worth of practice have been real, measurable and very much welcome. I've seen not only physical change but mental and emotional improvement as well. It's been a year well spent :)It's apparent that Jeon and the other teachers very much believe in their craft, and show up every day to help people. They are kind and generous and show a real interest in seeing improvement in their members' well beings. I certainly appreciate the help they've given me, and I see myself attending Dahn for a long while to come. More...


Robert H.

26 April 2016

From the minute you walk in there your mind will feel peace, this is what i was missing.the place is set up to feel very relax in this quiet and clean environment. Don't forget to check in in yelp prior your first visit to get a 50% off on your introduction visit. The entire room is padded so your feet will feel like your walking in memory foam all the time. More...


Peter A.

20 April 2016

Our instructor, Joyce, is a caring professional and she helps motivate our groups to learn new techniques and get the most out of each session. I really enjoy being a part of our community. More...


Yogi H.

14 April 2016

Love this place, was able to get rid of stress and get into a better place within myself.  A little mind and body work goes a long long way.  I can't say it was the funnest thing i've ever done.  But it was the most beneficial thing i've done for myself all year.  This is great for everyone and anybody! More...


Bassma F.

1 April 2016

At times I feel like I manifested Body & Brain Yoga into existence for myself.  I was dealing with ADHD, Anxiety, Insomnia, and other less than pleasant life events at the time.  I decided it was a good time for me to start exercising again to help manage my current situation.  I had practiced yoga in the past and thought yoga might be a good choice, but I was longing for a place that could benefit me in various ways including brain training while connecting mind, body, and soul.  One week later I found exactly that when I stumbled across Body & Brain Yoga.If you are reading this review then I'm sure you know of all the benefits of exercising and yoga, But Body & Brain yoga offers mindful exercises giving beyond just physical benefits.  This practice is based on a non-combative Korean martial arts and includes, Yoga, Tai Qi, Meditation, Meridian stretching, Vibrational classes, breathing techniques, as well as mental and physical strengthening.  The workouts are suited for all ages and all levels.  Whether you are a beginner and new to working out, or a seasoned athlete, you will find these workouts challenging and beneficial.  Within one month I was sleeping better, feeling better, getting stronger, and gaining control of my brain and thought patterns. Just so you know, throughout my life I have played sports, practiced yoga and crossfit, and trained with personal trainers several times a week, never have I achieved this amount of all encompassing progress in such a short amount of time.The studio is clean, warm and inviting and the community here is a breath of fresh air, loving and supporting.  There is a brief tea ceremony after each class where you can enjoy freshly brewed healing tea.  The manager, Alex, and assistant manger, Sandy are true gems who will welcome you with an open heart and a genuine concern for your well being.  They selflessly go out of their way to support you in achieving your goals while empowering your true-self.  All the instructors here are knowledgeable and passionate about the practice encouraging you to reach new heights in your personal progression.If you are looking for any or all of the following:  get fit, lose weight, strengthen your body, reduce stress, calm your mind, increase flexibility, reduce pain, self-empowerment, natural healing, improving your relationships, self-love, or just want to meet amazing people, then this is your place!  You won't regret it.  This place has changed, better yet, saved my life! More...


Lily G.

22 March 2016

This place is absolutely amazing. My body is so tense and tired when I come in but I leave so relaxed and much more energized. My stress has gone through the roof to almost non-existent. Such warm, loving, caring instructors here. No matter what condition you are in, anyone can do these stretches. Simple but have big effect. I recommend everyone to give this lovely place a try. You'll fall in love, how do I know? Because I did! Don't miss out on this little gem of a place~ More...


Susan Johnson

24 February 2016

So relaxing. I'm getting addicted! I've done yoga at five places so far. This place is the best


Tracy M.

18 February 2016

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The yoga, the meditation, the energy you get from these classes is so wonderful. I always feel so relaxed and energized after each class. Sumunjang, Susan and the other lady (I'm sorry I forgot her name) are so warm and friendly and are so willing to share all their knowledge with you to help enhance your life.  You sleep better, you get better flexibility and you learn different ways to meditate focusing on breathing. I would highly recommend this to anyone, no matter what your age or your physical limitations it is truly worth it you will not be sorry. Sumunjang has one-on-one meetings with you to discuss what you like about the classes what you want to work on, it's a very personal experience. I'm so glad I joined this particular center and location because they are truly wonderful people here. More...


Mary J.

18 February 2016

I love this class every one of the teachers are so caring and they help you with any moves that you have a difficulty with. They also take the time to ask you how you are felling and doing after every class, and it's very easy to talk to them I will definitely recommend this school to anyone that's looking to get back to there inner self. More...


Karen V.

11 February 2016

I give all the credit of becoming pregnant at the age of 50 to my dear instructor joyce from body brain in Mineola NY. Because of her knowledge as a Nurse Practitioner and this yoga philosophy,I was able to prepare both mentally and physically for the toughest challenge of my life. I am eternally grateful to this practice for helping me reach my goal with the only thing that evaded me for years.... I finally gave birth to a beautifull healthy baby last November... thank you More...


Kritsadaphan P.

6 February 2016

This yoga place is  EXTRAORDINARY.  There are plenty of  yoga studios in New york city but most of places lack the true mission to heal and uplift the true spirit of yoga. Brain and body yoga provides wooden pillow classes, self- healing, chakra healing , and plenty of great workshop. I really recommend Shim Sung or Finding True Self workshop. it costs you a little extra money  but i's worth for every penny.  Besides, The studio is extremely clean and holds good energy that you can feel immediately upon entering. I really love comfortable class that are not over crowded.  the most important thing is each instructors (masters) are extremely thoughtful and in-tune with each students needs during class so you won't feel neglected or lost. If you are looking to grow in awareness, peace and positivity so you can spread peace, positivity, and awareness .... This would be the place to visit. More...


Antonia Pena

5 February 2016

Is very power!!! I love it !!!! Me encanta es poderoso!!! LP for every body


Yelena Dan Mathis

2 February 2016

Even after over ten years as a member, each class and workshop I attend still awakens my inner energy, body and spirit as Body and Brain centers are more than stretching. The experience starts at the door with their warm welcome and leaves with you to share with others. It is not just yoga, or Tai Chi moments, it about who you really are, and want to remain. Currently participating in the Self-Mastery workshop with the best yoga master in Seattle. More...


Alexander R.

27 January 2016

I've been practicing with this organization for a while now.   They are all over the United States.  I will say it again and again. No matter where you practice, there is a certain quality that is commonplace of any Body and Brain Center.  Sincerity. Compassion. Joy. Always. Same goes for Valley. More...


Hélène Rieu-Isaacs

22 January 2016

After 11 months in "cancer mode", getting reconnected with my body, clearing my mind from worried thoughts, feeling the positive vibes and good energy among lovely people you get to share a cup of tea after the class. It felt so good. I am so grateful.


Rhett E.

16 January 2016

My job is stressful.  I usually leave work exhausted, stressed, feeling like I just want to go home, sit on the couch and watch TV, and go to bed early.  But I really don't want to live that way.  Body and Brain Yoga is helping me live a different, healthier, happier way.  After going to Body and Brain Yoga for almost one year and going 3-4 times a week, here are the benefits I'm experiencing: I've been going to Body and Brain Yoga for almost one year now  I'm currently going 3-4 times 1) I come to class stressed, but after the intense stretching, the mindful breathing, the meditation, I leave class feeling... like my true self!  I feel relaxed, my mind is calm, I actually have energy so when I go home I'm able to get stuff done around the house or spend time with friends.  The day after, I feel more centered.  2) My legs feel strong!  When I'm crouching and getting up, I feel very powerful in my legs.  Thanks for all the leg workouts we do in class.3) I'm sleeping peacefully!!  I used to always stress dream and worry about work all night.  But, after implementing a night time exercise/meditation routine recommended by my Yoga Teacher, I'm sleeping so much better.4) The teachers are very supportive.  If I'm ever having a health issue or even an emotional issue, they take time to listen and offer support and suggestions.  It's nice to have this extra support for my life.   This yoga is different from any other yoga I've tried... I highly encourage you to come try out a class and see if it's a good fit for you. More...


Dalilah G.

15 December 2015

I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks so I took up meditation and yoga and it's literally a miracle I will be doing this for the rest of my life .it makes you feel amazing and help you focus more on he positive ! Love it this location is amazing More...


Maria R.

2 November 2015

Warm and friendly staff, they really care about what they are doing, the new owners are especially engaged. I've taken a variety of classes including Tai Chi and more of the yoga focused ones. I plan to enroll my children as soon as they are old enough to help with behavior and gratitude. The facility is very clean and calming. Great asset to the community. More...


Monica D.

30 October 2015

I can't describe how much I love Dahn Yoga Tai chi in Tempe. I am a very physical person who loves bodybuilding and playing tennis. I have found these classes help so much with my strength, balance, and emotional well-being. Every class is a different fusion of stretching, strengthening, brain exercises and relaxation. Jeun-Jin and his staff are amazing, personable, and knowledgable  instructors. Do yourself a huge favor and give this place a try- it will greatly enhance your life!! More...


Marjorie Parker

16 October 2015

Body & Brain Yoga is the best. Karen is awesome. She is a caring and supportive instructor and adds a bit of humor to our classes. I always look forward to going to class and feel like something is missing when I don't. The classes keep me focused and makes me a happier me. Karen, thank you for bringing this yoga to my community. More...


Leslie Ray

25 September 2015

The only practice that consistently results in a quiet mind and open heart ; deep relaxation and joyful experience. Please try it! And experience this for yourself


Yusuf W.

21 July 2015

I scheduled a class at Body & Brain Union Square after getting a Living Social deal. I hadn't heard of this studio before and wasn't exactly sure of the type of yoga practiced here as the website showed "Basic" or "Advanced" yoga classes.I should have known it would exceed my expectations as the Universe tends to offer me magnificent gifts in unexpected packages. I arrived 15 minutes early in order to fill out the paperwork usually required for first-time students. After filling out the form, a gentleman who worked there gave me some context for what the class would consist of and begin to demonstrate a few exercises.The studio (not even sure if it's regarded as a studio) is gorgeous with a padded floor (yoga mats are not used for the class).The class consisted of a unique sequence of movements designed to circulate and accumulate energy in the body. The practice felt like a hybrid of Vinyasa yoga, Tai-chi, Kundalini, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). There was tapping, shaking, twisting, stretching, and even plate balancing.The emphasis of the practice seem to be on what is called the Dahn Jon (2nd Chakra) and the body's Meridian channels. I definitely felt a vibrational shift at the end of class. They even have decaffeinated tea for you to sip on afterwards if you'd like.I've been practicing yoga for over 7 years (off-and-on) and have some familiarity with Kundalini. I was definitely impressed with this practice and will be taking another class before the week's end. Stadium applause and strongly recommend checking out Body and Brain Union Square. Let me know what you think! More...


Jon M.

18 June 2015

First off wanna give a big thank you to Alex.  Being an avid gym rat, I have always avoided yoga and stretching exercises like the plague, even though I know the obvious  benefits to them I just never felt comfortable visiting a studio due to my lack of knowledge and flexibility.  Alex was a great mentor and helped me push passed my insecurities, and I couldn't be happier with the new techniques I learned to help mediate my mind and find my "happy" place.  Would recommend to anyone and everyone looking for a great yoga studio. More...


Adele H.

16 June 2015

I felt very relaxed and refreshed after taking class at this yoga center.  It helped me release the tension in my shoulders very quickly and I feel great. I will definitely return to take more classes. More...


Liraz B.

15 May 2015

All I can say is that I am different  person since I started Dahn yoga - body & Brian classes. It may sound like a cliche but the transformation I have been experiencing is priceless.I have learned how to live more in peace with myself and I'm much more relaxed.It doesn't matter what is the reason that brings you here.... You will find what you,exactly,need. Thank you Dahn yoga family!!! More...


Helen H.

20 April 2015

I've always wanted to try a yoga class...well I finally did! It's been almost three weeks since my first class. I am addicted to yoga at Dahn yoga, and the many benefits it provides on a daily basis. I have energy, tranquility, and a healthier body.At Dahn Yoga, you will be extremely satisfied with the excellent instructors, and their genuine interest they have for their students. More...


E O.

7 March 2015

It is really a good place if you are looking for more than an exercise.  Every time I take a class, I feel relaxed and comfortable.  I feel like my heart is filled and become calm and focused.  I was tired after class for a while especially first 2 months but I gradually became healthier and more energetic.  Now my body feels tired if I don't go to the class.  The center manager is really nice, thoughtful and caring to support all the members! More...


Tim O.

1 March 2015

Great classes! They really know their stuff. They really got me back in shape and taught me how to relax.


Kevin G.

16 February 2015

I have taking the same yoga classes at another center and it has helped me manage my breathing, stress, and has reconnected me with my spirit/soul. The staff here is extremely loving and wants you to succeed in every way possible. To be honest it is quite expensive compared to other yoga studios. However in return, you receive unmatched personal attention and care. More...


Yvonne D.

9 February 2015

I have been coming to dahn yoga for almost 1 year. I really enjoy it. I feel so much better after class and i can tell the difference when i miss a class. All the instructors are great and master Sumunjang is an excellent teacher. Thank you dahn yoga. More...


Naomi Boren

7 February 2015

Amazing practice that supports all aspects of life in this time on this planet. Deep and very practical for mind, body and so it it. Love it for almost 4 years and counting!!!:-) More...


Frani L.

6 February 2015

I have been going to the Valley DAHN Yoga Center in Reseda for almost a year.  I love it!  I feel awesome when I walk out.  The instructors are very well trained and we utilize every part of our body with stretching, exercise, meditation and more...I would recommend anyone who loves to feel good and stay well to try it out.  The music they play is lovely and meditative.  Master Sumunjang is incredible and he has so much energy to teach us what he practices.  I am very happy with my new found energy! More...


Rpd Dworkin

20 December 2014

This is my "happy place". Karen is a skilled teacher and an infectious happy person.


Marcela V.

3 December 2014

I've been a member for a while and I have experienced health improvement, weight loss, better circulation, I've been able to reduce stress levels which where extremely high and it impacting my overall health. Not only physically but emotionally I feel more stable, stronger and have peace of mind. I truly enjoy the classes and the personalized attention you receive. More...


Jeff Woiton

28 November 2014

I have tried several types of yoga, but this is far beyond any of those. They focus on creating a strong mind-body-spirit connection here, with a deep connection to controlling the brain as a pathway to controlling your own experience of the world around you. I have been doing this for a little over a year now and have experienced profound changes in who I am being in relationship to myself, people around me, and to the Earth as a whole. If you're curious, just sign up for the 10-session package and give it a try. I predict you will end up wanting more! More...


Adele H.

31 October 2014

This yoga studio is different from the others.  I had a preconception of what a yoga class is supposed to be and boy was I wrong.  First of all the studio has a welcoming and upbeat atmosphere. The energy in the room feels like sunshine on a spring day. Some of the exercises are different but have had a positive effect on my body.  Within three months, many of my health problems disappeared. Because of this yoga technique, I stopped drinking coffee and taking Excedrin to alleviate my headaches.  Through proper breathing, I no longer have stomach problems.   My neck and shoulders were as hard as concrete but by simply smiling while doing the exercises, it helped release the tension and makes me feel more relaxed. I attend two or three classes a week and if I do not go my body feels it.  I am amazed at the changes not only in my body but in my mind.  This yoga helped me release old resentments that I was holding onto but that my muscles were holding onto too. That kink in my neck that was there forever is gone. I have experienced the healing connection between mind and body.  I've seen it and I believe it. Through the energy meditation technique, I have become more patient and loving with myself and others. The benefits from this yoga are a hundred-fold whether you sign up for three months or a lifetime. It's worth every penny because I am worth every penny.  I used to spend a lot of money on family but not for myself.   I highly recommend this yoga studio to everyone, young, old, men and women. The classes accommodate the beginner and advanced member.  The focus of the class is to change your energy. It does not matter if you are flexible or not.  Stop by and check it out. More...


Denice Rothman Hinden

21 October 2014

Love it when I can make it to class. It offers a great balance of challenging and relaxing .


Kari H.

3 October 2014

I have really developed a love for this place. The instructors are truly genuine and dedicated to their students. I say students because you are not just learning yoga poses and it's a different type of yoga, not what most are familiar with when they take a yoga class at a gym, but they teach you little life lessons. Most of us forget to just take a moment and just be; we're too engrossed in the chaotic of the everyday. But here, you are able to get back to yourself and it's a beautiful experience. I've never met instructors who care more than these two do and you can feel that when you're there. They would check up on me when I wasn't able to make it to class to see how I was doing and were so happy to see me, welcoming me with big smiles on their faces. I strongly recommend Body & Brain Yoga for those who are open to a life changing experience for the better. More...


Sabah M.

6 May 2014

This is my second time writting an Excellent review ,I feel even better than last year ,most of my issues have been resolved ,because of Dahn Yoga practice & meditation .My friends and family now joined as well because they saw how it is effecting me in a positive way. I highly recommend it for all people who want  to get better , feel beter & look better!! This is a Place for all, Health ,happiness & Peace More...


Camila A.

24 April 2014

The best Yoga center in Bergen County!The instructors are amazing! Very caring and dedicated to the well being of all the students! This center is very clean, warm and peaceful! More...


Kristen S.

26 March 2014

I came here for a few classes (just for a week) and took a healing session with one of the instructors. I found that the atmosphere was calm and quiet (when not during a group class time), which helped me to relax more. During the private session, the instructor showed me valuable, EASY tips on how to relax myself in fast paced, stressful, business setting. I came away feeling relaxed and soothed. Even a few months later, I still practice the simple exercises shown to me, and my stress level has decreased.The group classes were fun and easy to follow. Given my lack of flexibility (and being overweight), it was challenging for me. However, I was never pressured to do anything that I was unable to. It didn't feel as if anyone was singling me out for not being one of those 'perfect fitness specimens' that always seem to frequent other yoga studios.I enjoyed myself and after a week, I did lose a few pounds (nothing drastic), and did become a little more flexible.Overall, the experience with the classes and the instructors made me feel good and encouraged me to give this route another try. Though it's too far away for me to drive there on a daily basis, I wouldn't mind stoping by for a class here or there when I'm in the neighborhood. More...


Srish A.

1 March 2014

More like 3.5 stars but I'll be nice. Interesting place for sure. I had a voucher to try out a bunch of yoga studios across the city and decided to drop by for their Vibration class. I always do my research before trying a new place and I'd read somewhere that this was a cult.. didn't faze me but I definitely came in not knowing what to expect. The class began with tapping our "dahn jaan" or energy center of the body and proceeded to turn into the weirdest, but also one of the most fun, yoga classes I've ever taken. There was a 15 minute period where the teacher turned down the lights and blasted sort of spiritual-techno music and we all just shook our limbs around and danced/jumped... after a couple of minutes of bewildered laughter I thought "what the hell" and actually ended up enjoying myself. It felt like being at a trance rave while surrounded by a bunch of old people. This was followed by somewhat more traditional meditation and stretching, which is closer to what I'd imagined. I left feeling pretty light and happy (not sure if this was because of the laughing and dancing) so can't really complain. It's definitely not for everyone but I had fun. More...


Marie Brantley

28 November 2013



Sjoerd H.

19 September 2013

For people that are looking for "exercise" type of yoga. This might not be you place. If you are looking for a transformation of your health this is the place. I had a frozen shoulder, injections and after 2 months a recommendation to operate. By coincidence ended up checking out Dahn Yoga and without the surgery had no more problems with my shoulder after less than two weeks. Oh btw also lost about 15 lbs in those 2 weeks. More...


Tara B.

28 February 2013

My friend and I were looking to add some exercise into our schedule, so we each purchased a Groupon for ten classes at Dahn Yoga.I was expecting some typical yoga classes--you know, downward dog pose and such...The experience ended up being completely different than I expected. At Dahn, they practice a traditional Korean style of yoga that focuses highly on meditation and affirmation. I did break a sweat during the first portion, although I am not very graceful and had trouble with many of the poses that were unfamiliar to me.During the second half of class, we had to do a few things I was NOT used to. For instance, we had to listen to strange jungle music and kick our legs up in the air for a good five minutes. I'm pretty shy about that kind of thing, so I felt really embarrassed and was wondering what I got myself into. But during the following meditation portion, I began to feel really relaxed. We were supposed to feel an energy ball between our hands, and it actually did feel like something was there.  I left the session feeling very relaxed, limber, and destressed.I've gone to about seven classes since, and am kind of hooked.  I always go in feeling stressed from work and life but leave feeling great! The exercise and stretches really help me to loosen up, and the meditation time is nice as I don't get a lot of "quiet" during the rest of my week. I'm becoming less and less inhibited about the exercises I find "strange." I should also mention that the instructors are SO nice. They have, on more than one occasion, spent extra time with my friend and I after class to make sure we have the poses down and feel comfortable. Since my Groupon expires soon, I went ahead and signed up for more classes. The instructor was really nice about helping me choose a membership that works with my budget.Overall, I wouldn't recommend Dahn if you're looking for typical exercise-focused yoga classes, or are easily embarassed. But if you want to try something new and have a great outlet for destressing, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. They occassionally will offer free classes for people to come and check it out.A few notes for new patrons: -Wear socks! The ones with the "grip" at the bottom work great!-You don't need to bring your own yoga mat--the studio's floor is a big mat.-Occasionally there are partner activities, so it's nice to come with a friend.-Don't expect "typical" yoga, but be open to something new! More...


Anne C.

5 February 2013

Went to Tao Yoga & Tai Chi for about a year. Loved the atmosphere and people there.


Pisces Q.

23 January 2013

Dahn yoga is very good at helping people relax their mind! It also helps stretch the body! Definitely recommend going there! Talk to any instructor after class. They are all very nice and helpful ! More...


Tamanna M.

9 January 2013

the space and instructors are very nice. Very friendly and helpful staff.But as with any other yoga, you will get what you give. You give it faith, time and effort and you will reap amazing benefits More...


M. K. D.

6 January 2013

I joined Dahn Yoga-Tempe Center in April 2012.  Since that time, I have more flexibility and have learned postures to relieve my back spasms.  I try to attend on Wednesday when we focus on Tai Chi, and have learned the inner-peace of meditation.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and accomplished in the art of Dahn Yoga and Tai Chi.  They make it fun and personally rewarding. More...


Tatyana K.

21 November 2012

I enjoyed my classes at the Scarsdale center. I definitely feel good about the energy here.When I first joined the Bronx center, I had some pretty good experiences for the most part. Over the last couple of years, things at the Bronx have not felt the same, so I started taking classes at the Scarsdale Center some days of the week. It actually works out as the location is on my way home from work. I still go to the Bronx center b/c I live so close to there, but not as often as I used to when I felt more comfortable. I'd like to go more frequentlyAnyway, the masters here  at Scarsdale are a totally different story compared to some horror stories I read (and experienced). My experience with the Westchester masters, so far is, 1-they are respectful, 2- they seem like happy people, 3-they do not impose, 4-they do no corner you in and prod you to upgrade a membership or join a workshop.  5- They tell you that if you're not strong enough for a certain move, do not overdo it, and instead they show a modification of that move so that you can gradually get stronger and eventually be able to do a move you initially had trouble with. They tell you that if you overdo it before you're ready, you can get hurt. You leave class feeling happy, not disappointed. The Westchester center definitely feels civilized:)In the Bronx, at times, I felt as if I was supposed to ignore if something didn't feel right. If I held off doing a move because I was worried I'd get hurt, i felt somewhat criticized for doing that in the Bronx.At time in the Bronx, if I expressed apprehension about a move because I was worried I'd get hurt, I've had masters and instructors allude that this is all "in my mind", and they would chant "my body is not me, but mine", as if I'm supposed to ignore if something doesn't feel right. I eventually distanced myself by being less talkative with the masters in the Bronx. And in the Bronx, at times if something didn't feel right, some of the Masters proceeded to try to convince me that I "have blockages" and need to sign up for all these workshops. If I told them that is was  way too expensive, they proceeded to try to convince me anyway. They talk to you (in the Bx) as if though you have no sense of your own. I'm definitely well versed and I have taken yoga, pilates, zumba at NYSC. The instructors there definitely do not patronize, prod, or excessively/disrespectfully push you to go beyond your comfort level. At Scarsdale, I find the classes both enjoyable and challenging enough, and the masters show a great deal of respect for their members. I noticed that the Westchester masters might suggest something, but they know their boundaries and they don't persist if you explain that you are not interested or you prefer not to.... in other words, compared to some of the previous masters in the Bronx Center (hovering end of 2010 through 2012), the masters in Westchester seem more respectful and seem more welcoming of your opinion. They don't talk down to you like there is "something wrong with you" if you don't behave like you worship their preachings. In fact, they don't preach at you. They simply teach great classes and run a center. They don't repeatedly tell you that you have "so many blockages" and you need to "spend money on a workshop".  There is no drama at the Scarsdale center. It definitely seems like a happy place, and I have to admit I get a good workout here, and I feel a much better vibe here at this time. In 2009 into mid 2010, the Masters at the Bronx Dahn were amazing. Then some things seemed to change. Being that I am a lifetime member, I continue going. I'm hopeful that the Bronx center will get better again. I live so close to there, and I don't go nearly as much as I used to, meanwhile the membership is not cheap. For a while now, my impression of the teatime discussions in the Bronx center have been feeling like brainwashing sessions about how people need to "live their life".  There are many ways to accomplish a goal, and I get a feeling as if they expect you to cooperate with their statements and impositions. I remember when I first became a member of the Bronx center in 2009, teatime was so much fun. The masters at the time would ask what you thought of the class and they welcomed your opinion.  It felt like awesome locker-room chat after a class. They focused a lot on the actual moves and discussions about moves and techniques during teatime.At the Westchester center, they focus a  lot of attention on the actual exercises, proper form, technique, and yes I smile in class because I naturally feel compelled to smile. Based on my class experiences  so far in Westchester, The masters in Scarsdale don't need to remind you to smile, because they are good, and the class experience is good, and you want to smile on your own. I feel like I get a good workout and am relaxed all at the same time after some of the classes I took at the Scarsdale center More...


Irene M.

16 November 2012

I was stressed out lately and was looking for some channels to relieve stress.  I heard that yoga or meditation will help so I searched on internet to find options.  Having reviewed the information on their website, I wanted to give it a try.  Maybe because I did not have much expectation I was more open to try what they taught me.  They explained about the energy balance in my body and asked me to start warming up by tapping the body.  Later I heard from friends that people practice tapping also in qigong and tai chi.  We did stretching, breathing and some sort of meditation in the class.  I was surprised to feel very different and light after the class.  My shoulder pain went away! More...


John T.

5 August 2012

Ridgefield Yoga and Tai Chi was the first studio I ever joined. From that first class, the other students were very warm, friendly and welcoming. And head manager Lee took such great care of me. I had a really deep awakening about myself and I was able to overcome some serious physical condition while training there. I have since moved on to other studios, but I still occasionally visit this studio and I still see some of the same clients that I trained with before and we will share a quiet smile together.To this day, the studio is always clean and neat. The changing rooms are specious and clean. The only downside here is parking--there is very little parking at this studio. But I always park on a side street, and if you do not mind parking on a steep hill, this is a good solution for  parking. And speaking of hills, the studio is right on the edge of the palisade, giving a glorious view to the west. The early evening classes are esp amazing because of the sunsets, and if the windows in the studio are open, then a very refreshing breeze comes through. Add the beautiful music that they always play, and your meditations become something very special.These days the center is managed by Chang Im and Ju Young and I have experienced the special care that they give to the clients at this center. And they both know how to really work their clients out until they sweat! Also, they are both very expert at tai chi training. So, if you are looking for a good strong stretch with deep meditation and expert tai chi, I can recommend this studio as being an A-plus facility! More...


Latonya W.

22 April 2012

Im sure I wouldve given them a 5 had I completed what I started but things came up I was very impressed with the place the people and the energy..Very clean and u feel so welcomed and important.A different  type of Yoga yes but I need different Im not flexible and have a very hard time concentrating so I needed something out of the world to grasp my attention I like the way the class is ran by Kim its like a work out and a energy releaser at the same time  connecting to the most high I cried during the first session (I guess I had a lot of tension built up in me but the class helped release it) the punching urself I dont really get but I feel like its something that would benefit u in the long run Its a shock to ur body which is always good...the body is smart.Im going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...


Rach B.

12 April 2012

This was the most relaxing experience I have ever had. It is a great stress reliever and I feel so much better after class. It is all about being positive. They have good hours and great tee in the waiting room. Its clean, nice flooring and great music. Master Kim and master Shavon are two very friendly people, they care for you and make you feel at home. Absolutely love this place and would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice yoga place. Prices are also good and reasonable. More...


Kristen S.

8 March 2012

While on a trip, I went to visit this yoga center. I'm a big fan of all kinds of yoga and really needed to relax that day. The instructor was kind and friendly, and the place looked pretty cool. I learned a few useful tips for breathing exercises on the go, and I was able to relax after some hectic meetings. I highly recommend going. Very good one-on-one attention. More...


Jenn L.

9 June 2011

I.love.this.place. Just really love it love it love it.I decided to come here because really, I felt like crap and needed a change. I was angry, stressed, and tense all the time, and I was tired from it. I'm not big on exercise at all, so the first couple of weeks were awkward because some of the exercises seemed silly and I just wasn't familiar with the routine of....moving my body? I would have normally quit from feeling so inadequate, but the people that work there were so incredibly friendly and helpful that I never felt embarrassed or bad for being so new to everything. I love coming here now -- this is the place where I can go to just let go of everything and stop to breathe! It is an incredibly freeing experience, especially if you are like me, where I always get tense and unconsciously hold my breath when I'm stressed (keep an eye out for that and you will see that you do the same too!)I've learn a lot about myself physically, mentally, and spiritually from Dahn Yoga - I feel so incredibly grateful to this place and the people that work there; they take such personal care for everyone's well being and happiness, what other place does that?Seriously, this is an awesome place! If you check it out just make sure to say hi to me, k? We can laugh and breathe together! :) More...


Edna C.

1 June 2011

I had a groupon here, and it was 5 classes for $20. I came here on a Sunday morning, and it was empty, no receptionist (turns out the instructor IS the receptionist) and I waited about 15min for the class before me to finish before I was spoken to. Filled out the normal standard paperwork, and admired the beautiful clean white atmosphere. It was very pristine & bright. There was one studio classroom, & my instructor was Ricky I think. Everyone was wearing a white robe with black loose pants & I was wearing a bright yellow tshirt. As the class started, the techniques got weirder & weirder. It wasnt your traditional yoga, or anything similar. the instructor took me outside to talk to me about the structure and basis of the practice & helped me feel comfortable. Anyway, the class was straight weird and definetly not something I'd get into, or feel myself get comfortable with. The music was great though, and the studio was so beautiful, I had to give it five stars. I guess if youre into this type of yoga, you'd love it but I prefer my downward dog poses. Sorry. More...


Dani S.

27 February 2011

I came across this place about 2 years ago, looking for some place to try yoga. It is very beautiful and clean - and while not what I expected (as in, there were few to no people in tight sweatpants and yoga shirts/clothes) and the exercises are a little different from most Indian based yoga styles, I was so relaxed after the first few classes and for the rest of the week, I felt it was a wonderful place. There are regular stretching classes, tai chi class and a non-violent energy martial arts class offered here. Among the members there is a great community feeling. It has been AMAZING how much my general health (and more specific health issue - seizure disorder) have improved since I started! I highly recommend this for anyone who is willing to keep an open mind and try something new, and/or is looking for a way to exercise and feel simultaneously energized and rested afterwards. More...


Aaron D.

7 December 2009

When you come to Tao Yoga and Tai Chi you receive world class instruction and training.  The practice here goes way beyond just yoga, and develops the whole body mind and spirit for perfect health.

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