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Salford, Greater Manchester

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Bode Clinic Ltd

Salford, Greater Manchester



We help people to a life without pain medication, become more active and keep you away from the doctors office.

Our specialist physiotherapists have broad knowledge and extensive experience in MSK medicine. We offer specialist treatment options and advanced assessment techniques to ensure speedy recovery.


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14 November 2019

Great treatment both when I have suffered injuries and wanted to get back to exercise as quickly as possible but also in more "routine maintenance" from posture issues etc. Very helpful that they can coordinate between treatment from physios and chiropractors in one site. More...

7 November 2019

Great Clinic and the staff are brilliant. I would highly recommend for any injury or rehab!!

30 May 2019

Very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Kristin has assisted with a number of my issues over the years. Cannot recommend highly enough!

28 February 2019

Kristen is top notch, she’s help me numerous times and is also a lovely girl.

30 December 2018

Lovely place and staff! Highly recommend!

30 December 2018

Couldn’t recommend bode clinic enough. I came to see Kristen last week with symptoms of sciatica where I then had some acupuncture treatment. It has CURED me. Can’t quite believe it. Never would have thought I would see such quick and effective results from the treatment. Kristin and the other therapists are so knowledgeable and such a lovely team!! More...

30 December 2018

Kristin was excellent. Would certainly recomend bode.

30 November 2018

Amazing knowledge, great experience, perfect treatment. Highly recommended!!!

30 July 2018

An excellent clinic with top notch physiotherapy care from Kristin! Not to mention offering so much more like fitness and nutritional advice! Highly recommended!

12 February 2018

Kristin is really professional, friendly and excellent at what she does. She has helped me personally and I am extremely happy to refer my clients to her. Definitely recommend Bode Clinic!

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All our therapist are extremely knowledgable and they all thrive to give our patients and clients the most exceptional service and care.
Our patients leave happy and with a difference made long term and not just a quick fix

The opportunity to handpick my staff and find the colleagues who value the quality of care you deliver to your patients.
Previous experience showed I had the ability to change a service to the better, and I gained a reputation for delivering above and beyond, which is exactly what you should do in private practice

We do not settle for average. With Bode Clinic you can be reassured you receive not just treatment, but a full assessment and diagnosis to ensure the problem does not reoccur.
We are not a budget clinic who go through patients on a conveyor belt, but we make sure the patients receive high quality treatment with our knowledgable practitioners.
Our knowledge, your reassurance



Our consultant physiotherapists are offering join injections of either Cortisone or Ostenil

Receive a accurate diagnosis and treatment from our senior physiotherapists

Sports massage by experienced physiotherapists. Available as 30 or 60 min treatments. Discounted treatment packages also available

AACP registered physiotherapists delivering western style acupuncture which is more scientifically proved than the CTM

Dr Jake Rhodes are offering chiropractic treatments at Bode Clinic. Dr Rhodes is a specialist on spine, joint and will use this to diagnose back pain, headaches and general joint ache

Legendary Bryan Jones has broad experience as a performance coach. His speciality is how to deal with stress, motivation and guide you to a road for promotions at work. Bryan works with everything from olympic athletes to large companies and general public to improve performance and progress and thrive.

Our physiotherapists has broad experience from top football clubs, icehockey, rugby, handball and athletics. We knowledge will help find a accurate diagnosis and rapid return to sports. We have a network of professionals allowing rapid access to consultants and specialists across the North West.

Our physiotherapists are qualified to perform workplace assessment to ensure your desk is ergonomically fit for purpose. This can be home visit aswell as in office

We specialise in occupational health, making sure your workplace eliminate sickness absence caused by musculoskeletal conditions. Prevention is the key. We can offer flu jabs, IV drips, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, prescriptions etc. Forget medicash and private health insurance...this is the new business wellness package.