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Kelly Eric Frigstad

16 December 2018

Dr Chadha takes such great care of her patients. Her focus is on healthy patients, not on stringing together appointments forever. Results that change lives.


John East

20 May 2018

Dr Chadha is incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly committed to the well being of her patients. I was having issues with my shoulder which was getting in the way of my training and generally causing pain. After a thorough assessment she took me through exercises that focused on breathing and restoring mobility. After four sessions, and a few weeks of diligently doing the exercises I was given all shoulder pain was gone. More...


Josie Trezona

8 March 2018

Dr. Monica is an excellent DC. Her knowledge and experience have helped me in so many aspects of my overall health!


Kathy Dooley

12 February 2018

Dr. Monica Chadha and her team are the best therapists in Vaughn. Do not miss an opportunity to be helped by this team.


John East

2 September 2017

Excellent. Just Excellent. If you have pain you want to get out of, or strength or movement limitations you want to get past then you should go to Bodability. Dr Monica Chadha really knows her stuff and really cares about doing her best for her patients. The atmosphere is very welcoming and positive and never fails to encourage. More...


Neemz D. Soulchild

25 July 2017

Dr Eric Ho is the real deal!! He has been my chiropractor for years and after every visit, my body feels so brand new. I am a fitness coach myself and I spend a lot of time in the gym as I am very active, and sessions with Dr. Ho are exactly what my body needs as part of my recovery. He will give you tips on how to better take care of your body in terms of improving flexibility, range of motion, or stretching for ex. and he will also take the time to demonstrate movements to you to make sure you are doing it right. I really recommend going to check him out, he really knows his human anatomy and he will leave you feeling brand new (you're welcome!). More...


Adriana Aviles

15 June 2017

My happy place. Wonderful atmosphere of professionals who truly care about the wellbeing of their patients.


Selene Mallone

23 October 2015

After experiencing an injury, BODability is the reason I am back to where I was before. Monica has shown me that change is possible as long as you stay committed and give it your all. I am so thankful for all the work she has done to help me More...


Tania Caceres

23 October 2015

After many years of varying success rehabbing various injuries and managing difficult issues with my back and joints I feel like I've found the right caregiver and solutions. The best part is that I get to be an active part of my recovery and Dr. C listens to what I know about how my body moves and feels. She's friendly, courteous, dedicated and passionate. She works so diligently in my care that it inspires me to do better. Monica is part of our family and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I bring my children to her. More...


David Basilone

22 October 2015

I love bodability they have helped me a lot from a bad shoulder and back to losing weight. I would recommend anyone to come here and try it out.


Jasmine M Parmar

22 October 2015

I met Dr. Monica Chaddha just under a year ago. She not only assisted me in my medical needs but was also one of my greatest motivators. She continously encouraged me to strive for better to reach my fitness goals. She is extremely knowledgeable and most importantly one of the most caring people I know. More...


Rani G. Brar

12 August 2014

I finally met my challenge in losing weight, getting back in shape, releasing the pains & joints I carried since my accident with all time Trainer 'Monica'. "Other gym Trainers, don't have a clue nor the license to teach what is right or wrong for you. Half of the time they aren't watching you" -> We'll let me tell you this, Monica works out with you to strive the motivation, she watches every lil step so that your focus the right way, and she treats you like your somebody, not like a trainer! More...

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