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Bockelman Illustration

San Luis Obispo, California, San Luis Obispo

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Bockelman Illustration

San Luis Obispo, California, San Luis Obispo


Nick Bockelman is an illustrator from California who currently resides in San Luis Obispo. He tends to specialize in editorial, technical, educational, and infographic illustrations. Additionally, Nick creates icons, logos, and brand specific assets.



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I begin by gathering and searching for relevant information. During this time, I try to fully comprehend the nature of the project and what it requires, possibly beyond what was originally intended. Next, I begin a process of conceptualization using words, images and drawings. After a number of rough concepts are created, I review this with the client to see which idea would work best in a finalized format. Then, I begin creating a high quality image (either on paper first and then through digital mediums). I use the latest graphics software to produce 2D imagery that meets the standards of the project. I review the close-to-finished work with the client before wrapping up the final images. I then deliver the finished assets in the form of JPEGS, PNG, SVG, or Adobe based files.

I prefer detailed emails that give clues to what the project is intended for, who the audience / customer is, and how I can help create graphics or visuals to help. I can also talk over the phone to gather more details. Specifically, things that help me figure out what might work best are:
- Photographs (source photos or examples)
- Images (graphics or illustrations that point to how you would like things to look)
- CAD Files (technical specifications with dimensions or specific views)
- Website References
- Project Report (the Who, What, Why, Where, and How's of your project)

I love being create something new and novel that attracts viewers to the content or a business. To create compelling and alluring illustrations and designs is what I live for. Moreover, I absolutely love the process of creating graphics that distill complex information into an easy-to-understand graphic.

The freedom to pursue the clients that I want, with my own style and process of execution. I love to help people doing the things a love to do.

I work hard to create high quality and thoughtful graphics. I dig deep, and search for visual solutions that go beyond what was required.