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Romford, Essex

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Romford, Essex



We provide creative design and marketing solutions across a wide range of services including the following:

Marketing consultancy
Branding and logo design
Company stationery
Design for print - leaflets, brochures, newsletters,etc


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Craig Mitchell

20 August 2018

I have been involved with Greenhouse Marketing Services Ltd. on various projects and have always been impressed with the total professionalism, eye for detail and high quality work they produce. I would not hesitate in recommending Bob and his team for any advertising/marketing projects to my network of professionals! More...


Juliana O'jemilua

20 August 2018

Gave me great idea for my new book cover. Great company, great people and excellent customer services �


Eoin Oliver

20 August 2018

Always coming up with fresh marketing ideas. Very creative which is ways important in a crowded market place


Vikki Stratford

20 August 2018

Our pop up signs look amazing and stand out when I do job fairs and presentation
A friendly and professional service as well thank you highly recommend


Mohammed Asif Patel Sarodi

20 August 2018

Greenhouse Marketing staff and the M.D. Bob Clarke has a very high standard of service and vast experience gained with FTSE 100 companies. Greenhouse Marketing can support small, medium and enterprise level businesses to grow. If you would like to get the correct image for your company, more awareness of your brand, or correct sales leads, Greenhouse Marketing can most definitely help you with this.

MAPTEC IT will be working with Greenhouse Marketing to developed our growth. As it is easy to believe you can do your own Marketing, or you have a current Marketing department who can gain extra value from outsource Marketing company.

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Our process is not just to create great designs to meet each client's needs but to make the whole process enjoyable and productive for both the client and us.

Effective work doesn't come out of conflict so before we even start we try to step back and ensure what we are being briefed to do will actually achieve their objective, whether the client is a raw start-up or highly experienced professional.

That's what we call marketing-focused design.

Very much depends on what service the client is in need of. For a branding project, for example we would start with:
What is the business?
If not a start-up what is the business background?
Designed position in the market
What are the clients expectations, do they have any personal preferences
Final output, e.g. logo files, brand guidelines, collateral artwork, etc

I enjoy working with new clients, achieving an end result that that didn't exist at the beginning of a project and then seeing it come alive as it helps a client transform their business.

Redundancy spurred me on to put my years of blue chip experience, both as a client and within an agency, to work for myself.

Because we are great at what we do whilst being nice, decent people to work with.