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Winchester, Nevada

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Winchester, Nevada


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27 April 2019

This was the first club we went to when we got to Vegas and we loved it! Our promoter Frank met us at the door and we were able to skip the line to get in which was awesome, we were also able to get three free drinks before 12. The atmosphere was very fun and you were able to get on the tables and dance. It is a smaller club so there isn't as much dancing room but we had a great time. More...


Pratik Tanna

27 April 2019

This is the best club in Las Vegas. It's beautiful dj are crazy, we had enjoyed like never before. We took the Vegas pass it's called as v.card. which allow you to many big clubs. This place is worth going. Guys be early to get an entry. It's get packed. There is a big Que to get an entry. So better avoid waiting long come early. We also got 1free drink for nice dressing. We order jack Daniel and mocktails it were really nice. More...


Antonio Carrillo

28 March 2019

An awesome place to have fun?


Adam Jacques

28 March 2019

This place was very interesting, not a bad experience just interesting more or less what I expected from a LV club. Huge line no one tells you anything we bought tickets to skip the line but we’re not told where to go or anything until we worked it out. We did manage to get a free drink out of it by sighing up for some mailing list. In this case rum and cokes were like $14 a drink $20 cad or so with tip. Bottle service and tables you should most likely forget about unless you ready to blow thousands of USD. It’s interesting to be there but get ready to spend money and dance! More...


Brittany Hinton

26 February 2019

We had fun once we made our way through the line at Hyde. We had an incident with the the promoter involved. One of the promoters for Hyde had someone on the side doing work for him. So when we got up to check in on the guest list there was an issue. It was resolved pretty quickly but they made us feel kind of bad asking a lot of questions. Once we got in we got champagne and enjoyed hanging out. You can get first row seats to the Fountain show too! One of of workers took a photo for us and used his flashlight to give us the best shot ha! More...


Britt K

28 December 2018

Was here back in October, I will most definitely be back! Great club, loved the atmosphere of this place. The view was even better. The DJ was just alright, same stuff I hear everywhere else. Wish it had a little more of a variety. Other than that, it was perfect. More...


Ivory Randall

29 October 2018

I had a good time when we went here. We were on the guest list and ladies in our party got free drinks. There isn't much room for dancing. It was soooo packed that's the only downside. Pretty much you have to be in vip in order to be comfortable. More...


Delaney Englert

10 June 2018

Fun time and good music! So sick of seeing bad reviews here and on other clubs. I went to another club earlier in the night and came here around maybe 1:30-2am. But me and my husband got in with no cover! This could possibly be because we were guests at the Bellagio, though. Either way, no line to get in and not overly packed with people. Definitely a smaller venue than other clubs but music was great and people were dancing and thats all I need for a good time. Drinks were like any othe venue and kind of pricey but that seems to be the norm here. More...


Michelle Cloud

21 April 2018

We enjoyed Hyde way more than Hakkasan. Good music, good vibes. We received free drink coupons from a host in the Bellagio lobby. The coupons were only for well vodka or champagne- didn’t love either one, but you can’t complain with free. More...


Joy W.

2 February 2018

Beautiful view of the Bellagio Fountains. Cozy seating arrangements; was fantastic for our corporate party.


Sam Cropp

1 January 2018

This night club was playing great music was classy and fun. It is like anything in Vegas pricey I think drinks were around 15$ tables 600$ and up. This club is more of a smaller place so if you don't buy a table you'll be standing all night also if you don't like being pushed around as people walk I would not advise this place. Girls get free cover from the times I've went and 4-5 free drinks(but only certain drinks). From my time at Hyde I had fun and I'd go again More...


Christian *

20 December 2017

Great nightclub and lounge with exceptional staff. It would get a complete 5 stars if there were more bottle service staff to keep the pours going. The spot opens up to a dramatic yet intimate full frontal view of the fountains. More...



27 November 2017

By far, this nightclub has the best view of the bellagio fountains, almost like a hidden gem. Good club for a drinks and fun in Vegas with friends. You can rent out the patio for private or corporate parties as well. More...



10 September 2017

Vegas is Vegas, you will see even what you haven't seeing... when people complain about expensive drinks and rude staffers and people lost personal items once again is VEGAS!!!!....Me and my husband stopped by to check it out because we were celebrating his big 50....we thought the service was what is supposed to be...we arrived around 11pm and we got free drinks in total of 8 maybe? At least i had 4 glasses of champagne!!! We saw a group of girls being kicked out of their table and at the end they didn't have the money to pay for the table( that's what we heard) the fountain view is the most positive from this place...yes, at least I will think is better to have a table and for me because I'm 35 and life changes. $30 2 drinks is freaking cheap!!! Most for this kind of clubs....people do not expect $7 beer or cocktails in Vegas unless you go to an outside restaurant ( haven't being in one )...maybe in the casinos But never in a nightclub...there were people from every age and music was great!...hands up for this HYDE we really liked it!!!... More...


Heather Brown

25 August 2017

A small and personal feel to this club. If you're NOT looking for a super wild super huge party and want a more intamate feel, come here. I've been twice this year and had a blast each time (both on Sat nights)! A promoter pulled my girlfriend and I aside back in April 2017 and said he could get us in with a couple free drinks. Had a good time dancing, even though the floor was A LOT smaller than most clubs in Vegas. They even rained down confetti at one point during the night. It was super packed so it was a little hard to find room to dance. My friend and I danced near a where a table was roped off and at one point, a member of the staff slightly pushed us aside to get his table drinks. Another moment, a snooty girl also acted as if we were doing a huge disservice standing near her roped off table. We weren't in her table area at all, but on the dance floor. Almost killed the vibe, but then we moved to a different area of the dance floor and had a great rest of the night. Some people say the drinks are pricey but the drinks I bought were only $9 a piece which is cheaper than the $60 I spent at Hakkasan for THREE drinks. LOL.

The next time I came was a couple weekends ago. My three girlfriends and I saw the line at Omnia and said, "No way!" I told them I knew a place (I had already put my name on a list for Hyde just in case and was happy I did). We got there and again was given a couple complimentary drink cards (THANK YOU!!!) and we were let in right away. It wasn't as busy of a night as the last time. When we got in, the dance floor was barren. We got in line to grab a drink. The area near the bar is usually crowded but it doesn't take TOO long to get a drink. Plus you get a view of the backside of the fountains there. I LOVE their vodka cocktails!! One lady bartender the night of Aug 12th was SO AMAZING. I had to tip her even though I had a free drink card. Like she was so nice!! There was another lady behond the bar who only helped us once I think who had he

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