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Hello my name is Judith Mason and I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor working in the Nottingham area in my own private practice, 'Bluebell Therapy'. I deal with many issues including anxiety, phobias, bereavement, and self-esteem/confidence work.


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James Jones

Couldn't recommend Judith Mason enough. Sorted my life long habit out for good.


Karin Santana

Very welcoming and reassuring. Has a wonderful energy about her that makes you feel at ease and capable to really relax and get all the benefits of the therapy. Highly recommended.


Julia Church

I have been using Judith on and off for the past year. She has given me hope in her methods. She has given me utter understanding and complete non judgment. I always feel great when I have had my hypnosis with her. Definitely recommend Judith to help with any subject or issues you are struggling with. More...


Alison Lawrence

Just to say I had the most amazing relaxed evening I've probably ever had. It was amazing as that hour of tranquility washed over me and continued for the rest of the evening and a peaceful nights sleep. Have tried types of relaxation in the past, but always struggle to switch off my mind. Thank you so much Judith and may further sessions continue to support my road to recovery and a more tranquil state of mind More...


I love helping people to reach their personal potential - whether that is re-framing negative self-beliefs, helping them to overcome limiting phobias or anxiety or simply helping to support them through some difficult times. Counselling and hypnotherapy involve building up up a two-way relationship between therapist and client - I aim to help people to develop skills of self-awareness and understanding so that they can be positive and pro-active - so that they can really enjoy life without anxiety and fear.

Having my own private practice means that I can be flexible for clients and steer my own professional development in areas that particularly interest me - over the past few years, for example, extra training, has included working with stress and anxiety, negative and intrusive thoughts, self-harming behaviour and suicide awareness. It also means that I can balance client work with lecturing in hypnotherapy for Chrysalis, an accredited trainer in talking therapies and providing mental health workshops.