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Hello, I am Helen Sewell. I am a qualified counsellor (Dip. Couns) and a full practitioner member of the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches. I offer holistic, person centred Counselling. Currently I offer online counselling. It is counselling to individual adults (not couples or groups).


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Sarah Richards-Gill

10 August 2018

Lovely shop, knowledgable staff. Nice independent music shop. Can't wait for my piano to arrive!!!!!


Hannah Dean

10 August 2018

I'm always a regular customer here and super happy with the excellent customer service. They offer a huge variety of piano scores.
Also an excellent collection of music instruments - I purchased a piano from Mike and he found what I want within my budget. Thank you! Highly recommend!


Oliver Bowles

10 August 2018

Top top customer service! Had an issue with an amp I bought, which had to be sent back to the supplier, however it was vital I had the amp by a certain date, and Colin made sure I had a replacement in time, with constant and clear communication about the scenario. Legend. Keep up the great work


Sookie Lalla

13 May 2018

Brought my Jackson guitar to get set up and have a fresh set of strings put on. They were super friendly, it took no time at all and cost way less than I was expecting :)


Eduardo Garcia

29 April 2018

Very good costumer treatment. Very specialized in pianos of all kinds. Limited options on any other imstruments. Quite good prices in general.


Stephen C

5 February 2018

This is a step back in time. Pretty much everything you need musically. A step back because it's just like Williams Music in Darlington where I used to work.


Dan H

3 February 2018

Great service and very helpful. Have all kinds of instruments. Would recommend.


Ashley Brookes

25 January 2018

The staff in mickleburghs are very knowledge and friendly. They have a big range of stock, a piano practice room you can hire by the hour. Good opening times. They stock a large selection of pianos, upstairs. A large selection of sheet music downstairs. I would highly recommend them to beginners, hobbyists and professionals. More...


Benjamin Stock

11 January 2018

Brought some good drumsticks from here. Electric kits set up. also bought a keyboard


Jenny Preston

25 May 2017

A kind, intuitive counsellor. Helped me through a rough patch


Mike Cottrell

21 May 2016

Bought a Trevor James ex rental tenor sax which was a student horn..I was able to try it out in a very friendly and helpful atmosphere before buying the instrument. Impressed with the excellent service I received I returned a few months later where I purchased a much more expensive tenor sax. Everyone was so friendly and helpful More...


It's a journey of discovery. That's why I named my company Blue River... it's never a stationary thing, but a flow.

Self confidence and a desire to put what I do naturally into professional practice.

I may have insights into your situation, which will in turn help you to see the light! But choosing a counsellor is a very personal thing, so I wouldn't like to tell you to choose me, but if you would like to try, I will do my best to support you in your healing journey. The ethics of person centred counselling allow you to make your own choices. If you need a bit of help along the way, then that's where I could come in to support you. :)