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Blue Box has been in business since 2018 making this year our second year in operation. We are a family owned and operated business located in the heart of the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO. We are inspired to provide the community with real ingredients, and healthier food for which we are able to elaborate a better bolder pizza.


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Laura B.

13 July 2019

In town visiting for a weekend trip. This was recommended to our family by the hotel staff. The menu is extensive and a little overwhelming at first, however it is all delicious!We enjoyed salads, a classic cheese pizza and the Mama Mía pizza. The table next to us had a burger and a wrap which also looked Devine.They also seem to have a great selection of beers and house cocktails. We can't wait to come back to St. Louis to enjoy another meal here! More...


Miranda B.

25 May 2019

I came home from work Friday night and had no intention of cooking - it was more of a pizza-and-a-classic-old-movie kind of night.I've used Grubhub on the Yelp app before and was quite impressed with it, so I decided to use it again and see what was close to my apartment.I came across Blue Box Pizza and seeing its high rating, I decided to look at their menu. I was even more impressed with their prices (reasonable in my opinion), so I decided to give them a try.I ordered a custom pizza with chicken, banana peppers, and a garlic sauce and it was delicious, really like nothing I've had before. I also ordered some curly fries - they were a bit on the soggy side. I would have preferred them a little crisper. This may be due to the fact that it was in a box, but the seasoning was quite tasty so I didn't mind too much. I ordered a chocolate chip cookie but instead received a slice of chocolate cake - now THAT slip up I did not mind. How tasty!I had the box of friends and half the pizza that night, then warmed up the rest the next day. It was still tasty even when warmed in the microwave.I topped off that serving with the chocolate cake. Again, I was impressed with Grubhub. My meal arrived about 5 minutes earlier and the driver was very kind. I didn't realize I had already tipped or I would have given her a higher tip!In short, I'm sure I will be ordering from Blue Pizza Box again in the near future. More...


Kyle G.

22 April 2019

First time here. On vacation. Great pizza! I had the swine and would totally recommend.


Becoming S.

28 February 2019

This is a great place to just hangout w/ the kiddos. Nobody likes the long wait for food but the gaming station makes it a good time  great pizza - the Termeatnator is amazing


Selamawit G.

31 January 2019

Went there for the first time with a friend. We both made our own pizza. And they're we're good! I would totally come back!


Leah R.

21 January 2019

Great crust. The pizza was great and service was quick! Awesome drink selection, cool venue with lots of TVs and places to play video games (old classics too like Atari). Highly recommend checking this spot out. More...


Macy J.

18 January 2019

This pizza is so delicious! The crust is buttery and flaky and unlike any other pizza around. The ingredients are so fresh! They have a full bar and tons of local beer options. We keep coming back for the amazing pizza! More...


Steph W.

20 December 2018

Pretty decent pizza, speaking as a NY native so I may be a bit bias! This place is x10 better than the doughocracy place that was previous to it. The crust is in between thin and thick so just in the middle. It wasn't very fluffy but I liked the taste. They accepted my restaurant.com in-person $10 coupon and also have multiple $10 off from grubhub promotions going on as well. I ended up opting for make my own 12" personal pizza. Whatever they put in the sauce or cheese was the perfect saltiness level. They also put a good amount of cheese on which I liked! Unfortunately they didn't get one my toppings right despite confirming the listing after I placed my order. I was eyeing my boyfriend's menu-based pizza and will have to come back and try one of those on the menu! More...


Jason V.

7 December 2018

Blue Box Pizza is a great new addition to the Delmar Loop, though it is much like Doughocracy...but with an upgrade! Pizzas are ordered with the same formula as with the place's previous tenant. You get all kinds of choices. Not only do they have pizza, they have sandwiches, fried foods and burritos you can customize. While you wait, or after you eat, they have retro video game stations at the place. I played some old school Atari after eating my pie! As long as you give them your debit card (also show them your ID), you get the controls to any video game system of your choice. They do have the Classic NES, Classic Super NES and Atari 2600 systems. Also available are charging stations. How cool is that?I had the traditional pizza, with the original crust, sauce, mozzarella, with sausage, onions and black olives. The dough tasted great, like it was also sort of sweetened. It tasted perfect to me - after all, I chose everything! Lol. They have fountain soda, but they don't have the "remix" machine that Doughocracy had. That's okay, as you get a lot for your money no matter what here. I will definitely come back and try some of the other menu items. Some time in the future I'd like to have pepper jack cheese and tuna on my pizza (don't ask me why...)! If you're strolling along Delmar Loop, be sure to stop in here. It will all be worth it! More...


Megan J.

6 October 2018

Super good food and great customer service! They have a special going on right now that if you follow them on IG you get a free drink or dessert!  oh & good prices too!!!


Maggie M.

23 September 2018

Best pizza I've ever had. In what is essentially the Chipotle of pizza, Blue Box gives you the option to make your own personal pizzas, letting you choose everything from type of crust to toppings to sauce. The best way I can think to describe Blue Box pizza is "cartoon pizza" because when you pick up a piece the cheese drips off like it does in cartoons. The crust is brushed with honey that caramelizes in the oven and leaves an incredible final taste in your mouth. Family-owned, high-quality, fast and casual restaurant. They've only been open a couple of months and I've already gone four times to this ideal lunch or dinner date spot. More...

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