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Gareth Thomas

25 May 2016

Admittedly I am biased since I am married to Danielle but the truth is that she got me in shape for a music tour when i really needed external guidance. Was having shoulder and neck trouble standing for long periods but we did some great shoulder stabilization work and I was fine. I can also testify that after being a strict meat eater my whole life that Dani's ability to create amazingly tasty dishes that are meat free has converted me with ease and happiness. I am enjoying a new palate of foods that I never had before and loving it. More...


Brittany Oliver

25 May 2016

Danielle is amazing in her ability to be simultaneously professional and personal, knowledgeable and approachable. She encourages and empowers each individual with whom she works!!


Cillard Benoit

25 May 2016

Danielle really helped me to realise the importance of the relation between the body and the mind, how one doesn't work without the other. She applies this to herself and from the moment you meet her you want to listen to her story and get as much advice as you can. She is great, she put me back in shape, made me feel stronger and full of energy ! More...


Mac M.

10 March 2016

Danielle is a wonderful trainer and human. She truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to educate herself on the latest and gives careful thought to each person, case by case. She really walks the talk, focusing on her own health and fitness as well. She has a great sense of humor to boot! More...

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