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We are a personal training/fitness company based in Chiswick west London. Specialising in fat loss, body transformations & sport specific conditioning/training.

We pride ourselves on achieving life changing fitness results for our clients, whilst also delivering great value for money.

Services include: 1 on 1 Personal Training, Semi Private Training, Sports Conditioning, Boxing & Bootcamp Training

Blitz Fitness Reviews

Blitz Fitness Reviews

Review of Blitz Fitness by Sap
5 05/07/2016 Sap

High rating because I initially went to see him for a bad shoulder. He gave a few sessions which eased the tension in my shoulder. I then saw he had a 6 week boot camp so I have it a try. With his motivation and nutritional expertise, I lost weight, kept it off since, toned up and looked great. Since then I have stayed training with him. My body strength has now increased, he has helped sculpture my body and always makes you feel good. With his motivation too, you just don't want to give up.

Review of Blitz Fitness by Prateek
5 04/07/2016 Prateek

Experience with rich is 11/10. Been training with him over three weeks and i can see the difference. Much recommended!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Mike Seager
5 04/07/2016 Mike Seager

Great approachable coach with the ability to motivate and get the best out of you,

Review of Blitz Fitness by Caroline L.
5 04/07/2016 Caroline L.

Richard is the best! His boot camp and PT sessions are perfectly designed to help you achieve your goals, and never repetitive. He knows when and how to push your limits, while keeping you super motivated!
I find myself very surprised to see how much I could actually do, and the changes in my body feel really good!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Clare O.S
5 04/07/2016 Clare O.S

Richard saved the day by getting me in shape for my wedding. After breaking my ankle I found trying to get back in shape myself was not going to get the results I needed in time. I joined the bootcamp and it was absolutely brilliant. Every session was different which made the three sessions a week enjoyable rather than a chore (ESP the boxing). Having had a few PTs in the past I found after some time the sessions get repetitive and the motivation dwindles, this is not the case with Richard, he keeps the work outs interesting and ups the challenge. He really knew how to adapt the work outs to my injuries and still get results. I'm yet to find a PT as good as Richard now I live and work the other side of London. Shame!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Chris Burns
5 04/07/2016 Chris Burns

Richard is a no-nonsense personal trainer who knows how to get the maximum effort out of his clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. He is also an excellent coach in correct weightlifting and boxing technique. Working with him is an enjoyable (if sometimes painful) experience. Highly recommended.

Review of Blitz Fitness by Phillip Sutton
5 Phillip Sutton

Generous person who motivates and makes sessions fun. Had a great time

Review of Blitz Fitness by Orella Aylies Osteopath
5 Orella Aylies Osteopath

Very good trainer. Every session is fun!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Michael Hudson
5 Michael Hudson

Amazing session today, excellent coach and a extremely knowledgable trainer.

Review of Blitz Fitness by Samantha Burrell
5 Samantha Burrell

Great pt !! Pushes you past point of comfort zone an into unknown !!!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Marina Lacueva
5 Marina Lacueva

One of the best Personal Trainers in London, possibly England I would argue.

Richard isn't a standards methods trainer, he is one with advanced skills and knowledge right down to accessing your movement using state of the art technology on your first session to analyzing your body before you start unlike my previous PT where it was straight in with exercises which turned out not to be suited for my body's quirks and issues.

You are given a bespoke service from day one from a custom goal related program that advances as you advance. As an advanced nutritionist he provides advise best suited for you and your specific dietary requirements meaning he is a PT who uses his own time to research topics for you.

He has a host of other qualifications/skills such as post & pre natal training, boxing coach, rapid weight loss, 12 week bridal boot camp training and soft tissue manipulation (some of which I look forward to experiencing in the future).

In addition to all that he is ahead in the industry with functional therapy & performance training which is essential for all especially sedentary office folk and then on the other side of the spectrum he has the knowledge and skills of performance coaching for top class athletes.

I can't begin to express how much your life will change by choosing Richard as your Personal Trainer, genuine interest and care from the start. He is not like those PT's who are "parading around showing off that they are ripped" or "in it for the money and glory", most definitely not, he is humble, and to a "fault" such as his About section on this page - it is great but I feel doesn't truly explain his capabilities (hence why I have!).

Proof is with his clients, like me, my body and confidence has changed so much that I will only EVER train with and recommend Richard Burrell.

Review of Blitz Fitness by Dan Wright
5 Dan Wright

Richard has been my trainer for a few months now, and in that time I have seen changes to my body and to my mental approach to fitness. He constantly pushes me and trains me to my strengths and weaknesses.

I look forward to my session every week.

I would recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to make a positive lifestyle change.

Review of Blitz Fitness by Brittani Bobowick
5 Brittani Bobowick

Richard is an incredibly motivating trainer, and overall fitness life coach. After training with him for just a month, I'm already experiencing noticeably positive results in a more lean, toned stature and feeling amazing energy! He provides a clear and concise fitness plan each week, including diet, exercise and physical therapy for long-term health issues. Pumped to continue my fitness journey with Richard and excited to see my results over time!

Review of Blitz Fitness by Melissa Matson
5 Melissa Matson

Richard has been my trainer for the past 6 months and in that time I've not only seen incredible physical results, but my whole attitude towards exercise has transformed. I used to pound the treadmill thinking that was the best way to burn those dreaded calories, but with Richards help I now understand the importance if weight training, metabolic circuits, nutrition and all the other tricks of trade.

Like a lot of people, I was initially worried that weight training would bulk me up, but Richard's awesome programmes have meant I've not only lost body fat and become much more toned, I e also lost 2 dress sizes and have loads more energy!

I'd recommend Richard as a PT to anyone who wants results quickly if you're not afraid to put the effort in too. He totally knows his stuff, cheers Rich!

Melissa, St Albans

Blitz Fitness

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No matter what your goals are, 1-on-1 personal training is for you. Tailor-made to help you get the most of your fitness programme, 1-on-1 training is perfect for individuals who want dedicated and focused workouts to ensure they achieve their targets and transform their lives. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle tone, burn body fat, increase endurance, or just improve your quality of life, opting for a personal trainer will put you on the right track. 1-on-1 training is also ideal for people with busy lifestyles who struggle to find the time to hit the gym. Your personal trainer will work with you to plan a schedule around your commitments, keeping you motivated and excited for your next session. Building a relationship with your trainer will also keep you accountable. There’s always going to be the temptation to put your training off till tomorrow, but knowing you’re in a fitness partnership with someone is great way to stay on track and not fall off course. You’ll get fitter, educated, feel great and empower yourself to levels you didn’t know were possible, all through 1-on-1 training. Make the change today.


Training with others is a great way to stay motivated and ensure a social environment for your workouts. Too many people in a group, however, can often mean your needs aren’t being catered for and your fitness goals not being reached. This is why semi private group training is a great choice. Training with like-minded individuals creates a great atmosphere for progression, and knowing that you’ll still get the attention you need in a smaller group - and therefore achieve the results you’re looking for - is an almost perfect blend. Your trainer won’t be constantly distracted because of the size of the class, and it allows you to progress with success in a fantastic environment. Semi private group training will give you a level of support you’ve not experienced before and, best of all, it comes from people who are just like you. An educated and knowledgeable trainer may be leading proceedings, but you’ll also have a network of friends that you can help and who will help you. What better way to burn fat, build muscle and reach the level of fitness you’ve always dreamed of?


If you’re looking for something more than a standard cardio workout, bootcamps are the answer. A physical training program that focuses on high-intensity exercises, interval training, weight lifting and a number of explosive routines, you will lose body fat, increase muscle tone and strength while getting in the best shape of your life. Bootcamps are great motivational tools. Giving you the opportunity to train outside, you’ll also be doing so with a group of like-minded people who are all focused on the same goal. Going to a gym by yourself and spending hours on the treadmill is enough to break anyone’s spirit. Having a team around you allows you to push yourself harder than you ever thought possible and achieve your goals in record time. As well as all these benefits, attending a bootcamp regularly will see a huge increase in your cardiovascular efficiency. You’ll be faster, fitter and more responsive, traits that can then be transferred across to any other form of training or sport. Throw in that many bootcamps will also offer some form of nutritional advice, and you can rest assured you’ll be on form 24/7, even when not training.


Have you always wanted to box without having to worry about being punched in the face? Boxing is for you. An effective form of crossfit based on the training concepts boxers use to stay in shape, it’s a fun, challenging and safe workout that will also improve your rhythm and and burn calories. Most classes will ask you to shadow-box, skip, pad hit, press-up, shuttle-run and sit-up, a group of exercises that will improve your upper body conditioning, tone your arms, chest and abs as well as drastically improve your cardiovascular fitness. An almost perfect training workout, you’ll also see your skill as a boxer drastically get better. Every session is designed to be intense and challenging, pushing you to your limits which in turn will get you as fit as the professionals you see on TV. Boxing also benefits from being held in a class environment, giving you the opportunity to train with others to keep you focused and motivated. Why workout alone in the gym when you can do so with friends? Get healthy, get in shape, learn a new skill and have fun, all thanks to boxing training.

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