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We're a local all natural gourmet popsicle company that provides delivery and catering services (no store front) to the entire Bay Area with both dairy-based and vegan pops. We use organic fruit to bring you an array of delicious flavors of both the traditional and unique experimental variety.



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Bliss Pops™ was born from the excitement to celebrate the dynamic experiences we all have as individuals. This idea is what makes each of us unique while uniting us. We strive to take ideas, old and new, traditional and innovative, familiar and unfamiliar, and have them come together in magical collaboration. Our founders unexpectedly found the embodiment of this ideal during their years in Gaudalajara, Mexico after discovering an unidentified street vendor and curiously peering inside his cart. The explosion of sticks and color that gazed back was their first introduction to the Mexican paleta- an imaginative all-natural approach to the classic, childhood frozen popsicle. The Bliss Pop's™ founders described the paletas in this way:

"Big fat pieces of fruit swimming in whole cream like glorious relics of juiciness frozen in
time ...or at least the time until my stomach."

Our goal is to duplicate this experience for our customers with every delectable flavor of
Bliss Pops™!

Best Popsicles with catering service around, hands down!



Get one of our signature carts at your next event! Super cute and with multiple colors to choose from! And have one of our "Pop Butlers" come in Bliss apparel to hand out pops, open wrappers, and explain flavors. We can even provide customized sticks and bags with advance notice!