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Nick Scholten

20 August 2019

We used Kirsten Haspe from Bliss in Bloom as the day of coordinator for our destination wedding on the Big Island, and it was the best decision we made in the whole wedding planning process. Kirsten and her team at Bliss in Bloom were amazing to work with in every respect - extremely organized and proactive, always quick to respond to any questions, raised lots of great details that we hadn't thought of, and so much more. Kirsten went way above and beyond what we expected from a "day of coordinator". It was amazing to be able to turn everything over to Bliss in Bloom and just enjoy our beautiful wedding day. We can't imagine going through this process without Kirsten, and we wholeheartedly recommend Bliss in Bloom for anybody getting married in Hawaii! More...


Setareh Bateni

11 August 2019

Wedding planning isn't easy. You might hate every minute of it. But if you do it right, not only will it be worth it, but you will also have a magical memory that will last a lifetime. For that reason, having an incredible wedding planner is the right investment. Bliss In Bloom have given us a wedding to remember because of how hard they worked on every little detail. We had a wedding where one would think everything could have gone wrong (slippery, pouring rain, electrical work getting rained on, we forgot champaign glasses and a bunch more) but instead it was the MOST magical day because of Kirsten's hard work and constant attention to detail. If I could keep Kirsten in every aspect of my life, I would! But she did give me HUGE dose of love and magic to live the rest of my life with. Mahalo Kirsten!
PS. We don't live in Hawai'i. We live in Canada. But she still made everything super seamless.


Bula Akamu

12 July 2019

I've had the pleasure of working many many weddings with Bliss in Bloom over the years and they deliver above and beyond every single time. Their team of extremely talented coordinators does an amazing job of communicating client requests in a very detailed, organized, and timely manner. When I arrive on the wedding day, I'm always greeted by them with a smile as they set the finishing touches. Their beautiful work never ceases to amaze me and their level of organization and professionalism is top notch. Above all, I can see the close relationships they develop with each couple who is lucky enough to have them on their special day. Rest assured that when you book with Bliss in Bloom, they will help all of your wedding dreams come true.... plus more that you never even knew you had! More...



3 June 2019

We were back and forth on the idea of hiring a coordinator, but ended up going with Bliss in Bloom as our day-of coordinator and it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. Lynn was our coordinator and was absolutely amazing! She was extremely responsive and professional. As a natural micromanager, I was able to put all my trust in her abilities.
Lynn even went as far as creating favors the night before the wedding due to my original favor vendor falling through (bless her heart). Lynn executed a beautiful timeline that I couldn’t of dreamed up. On the day-of, Lynn and her assistants coordinated a large amount of vendors and family with what appeared to me as ease (phew!).
I could go on forever about how happy and thankful I am, but if you are unsure about hiring a coordinator, do it and go with Bliss in Bloom because Lynn proved to me that they have an amazing team!


Meredith Harvey

30 December 2018

Allison was the best wedding planner we could've asked for. My husband and I got married at the Mauna Kea this past October and originally we hired Bliss in Bloom for design coordination and weekend of wedding coordinator but after meeting w/ her we and seeing how much value she'd bring, we upgraded to month of coordination. Allison has great relationships with all the vendors on the island and managed all the communication with them so we could just funnel everything through her. She has a great design eye and vision and made the entire weekend beautiful end to end. We really wanted to stick within our budget and she was also creative in coming up with ways we could make our money spread further without sacrificing quality. Honestly she was worth every penny because I could spend my wedding week just enjoying my friends & family knowing everything would be taken care of. If we could do it all over again, we wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you Allison! More...



28 December 2018

Allison & her Bliss team are legit heaven sent. Planning a Big Island wedding from San Diego was a daunting task, however Allison’s creative and calm demeanor instantly put me at ease. The best wedding planning advice I received was to hire a day of coordinator – put it in the budget early. I was referred to a couple of wedding planning companies, reached out to all of them – had to do my due diligence :) And I felt her questionnaire was the most thorough and insightful. Gave her a ring and from our first conversation – she was so helpful, creative and professional.
Though I signed up for the month of/ day of package – she did not hesitate to answer any questions I had leading up to my wedding. She created the most detailed, organized timeline – the timeline is what I was most stressed about. Lyn led my rehearsal the day before and was perfect. I’ll admit, I had a tiny breakdown and Lyn was there to help.
The big day – I could not imagine my wedding day without Bliss in Bloom. It’s the best feeling knowing you can trust a team with your wedding – a year in the making, lots of money bags dropped, everyone there to celebrate you and your husband to be. Like many weddings, we had a couple hiccups – food was late, groomsman getting out of hand, people eating the donut wall when they weren’t supposed to… Allison had a solution for EVERYTHING. I was not worried at all – and she always made sure I had a drink in my hand :) If you’ve read this far – do yourself a favor and let Bliss in Bloom do their thing – they are experts in what they do. Thank you Allison, Lyn and Nikki for helping me with my dream Waimea wedding.



27 December 2018

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with Allison to plan our September 2018 wedding! We chose Allison to plan our weekend of events at the Mauna Kea after interviewing a number of different planners on the Big Island and from Oahu.

We worked with Allison for about 12 months prior to the wedding. She was responsive, organized, and answered all of my questions throughout the planning process. As someone who is very Type A, detailed and a little bit of a control freak, Allison was patient and great in making sure I felt comfortable and had everything I needed leading up to the wedding.

We had almost 200 crazy rich Asians [rich in love, laughter and adventure :) ] fly in from around the world to celebrate our big day. Allison and her team expertly and tactfully dealt with everything our group threw at them (an unbelievably demanding mother, a groom that fell ill during the welcome dinner and ended up in the back of an ambulance, last minute seating changes, family members running late and throwing off the schedule, food service issues, vendor issues, etc). Despite all of the curveballs and unforeseen issues that popped up behind the scenes, Allison never showed any outward signs of stress. She was at all of our events with a big smile on her face and was able to make sure our guests enjoyed themselves. She was a calming presence throughout the weekend.

After our weekend of events concluded (a chinese tea ceremony, a welcome luau with fire and hula dancers, a picture perfect ceremony on the lawn followed by a magical reception under the lights in the hotel luau grounds, a karaoke after party and a nourishing farewell brunch), I was finally able to take a breather and look back at all that Allison had done for us. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of.

Many of our guests (and even some of the hotel staff!) said that our wedding weekend was the most fun and memorable wedding they had ever been a part of. Allison was the main reason for that, and I will be forever grateful to her for pulling off an incredible weekend that I will cherish forever.


Joanmichelle Comeau

26 December 2018

Allison is just AMAZING! Check out my wedding she did IG|nurse_schellie
YouTube|Losing Pounds of Stress
She took everything that I wanted and turned it into my all time dream wedding



27 November 2018

Bliss in Bloom Review

We weren’t sure if we needed a wedding planner, but now that all is said and done, I’m so glad we decided to hire Bliss in Bloom as our day-of coordinator! We had the honor of having Allison work with us a month or two before the wedding. She was a great asset in executing our vision. Going through the little details was overwhelming, but Allison helped talk me through my ideas. She was thoughtful with great attention to detail. Her thorough planning and execution with regards to the day-of timeline was essential in relieving our anxieties. I’m not sure there were very big slip-ups on the day of, but if there were, we didn’t hear or know about it ;) this is EXACTLY how you want your day to go. She’s also an awesome communicator—she replies promptly to emails & gets the ball rolling.
Allison was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to recommending her services to others.


Sam Nadel

18 November 2018

With Allison I was reminded of an old infomercial where the catch phrase was "set it and forget it." Once we spoke to Allison I knew we were in good hands and that we could count on her to give us a memorable destination wedding. She has grown relationships with many vendors on the island which means that she can have confidence in recommending them. She would give us choices for things like photographers, florist, make-up/hair, etc. and all we had to do was pick who we liked best. Once it got closer to our actual wedding date she was great about touching base and ensuring that everything that we needed and wanted was taken care of. On the day of the wedding she and her assistant were of so much help and were perfect for guiding us and the guests thru the whole experience. Thank you Allison for all that you did for us, we had a great wedding due to your service. More...


Bethany Tuttle

25 July 2018



Julie Harmsen

25 July 2018

Annie is always a joy to work with and so creative!


Vanessa Shields

25 July 2018

Annie and her assistants did an amazing job for both our flowers and wedding planning! She made our day beautiful and flawless. She executed exactly what I wanted. Would definitely recommend her! Thank you! More...


Nia Casilla

25 July 2018

These women are beyond amazing, planning a wedding is hard enough, how about doing it straight from New York to Hawaii! Bliss in Bloom made the process so seamless. Their artistry with flower choices and arrangements are second to none. I explained what I was looking for and whole heartedly trusted Allison and Annie to deliver and they sure did beyond my expectations. Annie even coordinated my hair & makeup appointment and delivered the flowers for my hair which was a 40 minute drive away from the wedding site. The event was beyond beautiful with not one worry in mind. Trust the experts & thats Bliss in Bloom! More...


Jacqueline Paulo

25 July 2018

Beyond my expectations! We used Allison and Annie for both florals and planning. Although it was more then I really wanted to spend everything came out amazing. Allison is everything you could ever want in a planner. She asks all the right questions and anticipates every detail to come. She worked extremely hard to make sure everything was exactly how I wanted it. I am beyond appreciative. She is a kind down to earth person and a joy to work with. Annie's flowers were like nothing I could have ever imagined, she brought my blurry vision to life! All in all I would highly recommend Bliss in Bloom! More...



21 April 2018

Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for Allison and Lynn. My husband, Bill and I were on the fence about hiring a day of coordinator, but living in Philadelphia and planning a wedding in Hawaii, it starting to make more sense as we talked about it and it was the best decision!

From the moment I spoke with Allison and Lynn, I felt at ease. Lynn was our day of coordinator for our wedding, April 21, 2018. She went above and beyond to make our day extremely special.

Prior to hiring Bliss in Bloom, we had already started planning with booking location, photographer, hair and make-up. Lynn made sure to communicate with our current vendors and also helped book vendors that we didn’t get to yet such as music, flowers, decor, reception, and the most important… our officiant.

Lynn was very responsive and thorough throughout the whole process. She took care of everything with such ease before, during, and after the wedding.

I can honestly say that Lynn made our wedding day and without her I don’t know what we would have done. We are beyond thankful that were had the opportunity to work her. We highly recommend hiring Bliss in Bloom for your big day!



9 September 2017

Allison from Bliss in Bloom is amazing and I highly recommend her and her staff! She helped us plan our Big Island Hawaiian wedding from start to finish. My husband and I had very busy schedules at the time of our wedding planning and we seriously could not have planned our destination wedding, let alone the wedding that our friends and family have raved as "epic" and "the best wedding EVER", without her caring support, knowledge of vendors and fabulous ideas. If you are getting married on the Big Island, stop looking for wedding planners now and call her. You'll be glad you did! More...



24 June 2017

We had the privilege of working with Allison and Annie for our destination Hawaii wedding this past June. It was a necessity to get a wedding planner for us as we didnt know any of the vendors and would need someone local to handle the details for us. We chose to go with the Full-Coordination package as we wanted to ensure that everything was considered and finalized so that all we would have to do is focus on walking our sweet asses down that aisle. Finding and working with Allison was a godsend in making our wedding day fantastic!
From day 1, Allison's incredibly calm approach and knowledge showed through. My fiance/now wife has a tendency to panic when things arent extremely planned out ahead of time. Allison gave us incredible piece of mind that we were not only on schedule every step of the way but also gave us the confidence needed to stop sweating all the minutia. She literally knows Kona inside and out, gave us perfect recommendations for everything from catering to sound to housing (and everything in between).
A couple of things that stand out to us- her communication was spot on throughout the entire process. Even when she would be out of the office for more than a day, she would let us know so that if we didnt get a response to an email, we wouldnt freak. She didnt have to do that, but it's that level of detail that we sincerely appreciated.
To top it all off, Allison and Annie threw in some little surprises on our wedding day that was completely unexpected and absolutely fantastic (I wont say what they were so that WHEN you choose to go with her, you can experience them for yourself).
You only get married once, eh? We are so grateful that we were able to work with BinB on our big day! While it might not have been technically possible to do it without a planner, Allison/Annie's amazing work and help allowed us to focus on the fun and excitement of our wedding day - stress free. No joke, it was absolutely PERFECT!



1 June 2017

While this review is based on the flowers and décor coordination for my wedding, I cannot stress how at ease Annie made me leading up to my wedding. We live in Texas and planning a wedding from long-distance is always a challenge. We had contracted with another wedding planner to coordinate our event, and originally, Annie was hired through her to do the floral arrangements. It turned out our wedding planner was going through some serious health issues and was also going to be on vacation on our actual wedding day, so Annie stepped in to act as day-of coordinator as well. Without turning this into a critical review of the original planner, in short I truly wish I had hired Annie from the start. She has impeccable taste, is incredibly responsive, and went above and beyond merely coordinating the décor. My mother happens to be a florist, and she was blown away by the amazing flowers Annie was able to procure at a reasonable rate. At the end of the day, our wedding turned out more lovely than I could have dreamed, and I owe that to Bliss in Bloom. The only misstep I made during my wedding was not hiring her from day 1. More...



1 June 2017

Our floral arrangements were exactly what I had always envisioned in my dream wedding. Annie did an amazing job making my dreams come alive. The added decor and little touches added to the uniqueness and charm of our event. Although Annie showed up late to deliver the bridal bouquet and to set up florals at the venue, everything turned out perfect. The quality is unmatched with any island floral designer. I would highly recommend her! More...



1 June 2017

Annie was a delight to work with. She is an organized and professional artist with the capability to execute your dream wedding floral designs through listening to your needs from the very beginning. We are very happy with the outcome of everything from the table arrangements to our arbor. More...



1 June 2017

Annie is very talented and a pleasure to work with. Her floral designs were absolutely stunning. Also, she has the most beautiful Ohia arch/arbor for the ceremony as well as many lovely items for the aisle and tables. Annie offered many creative suggestions that made my daughter's wedding unique and wonderful! Her creations were amazing! More...



1 June 2017

Annie was amazing. She found a perfect Nicole Miller dress for me, did all the florals for my wedding and did an amazing job of coordinating it! It was relaxing and I enjoyed it all! Thank you Annie for making our special day, stress free and beautiful! More...



1 June 2017

Annie is awesome to work with- everything was beautiful, and she will work with your budget!



1 June 2017

These ladies seriously made my wedding vision happen, from afar, and perfectly. I was planning a destination wedding in a part of Hawaii I'd never been before, and I hired Annie for florals and Allison for planning, based on past reviews. And seriously, I could not be happier. Prior to the wedding, I had a few phone calls with Allison where she offered great advice that I wouldn't know about the location I'd never visited and the vendors I'd never met, then she handled the 16+-person rehearsal perfectly, even though the resort coordinator couldn't make it (at that point, we were just a bunch of disoriented tourists not knowing where to go.) She was sweet but efficient, professional but friendly. Everything you want in a planner, basically.
And Annie's florals? Gorgeous. My bridesmaids were all oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over their bouquets, and my bridal bouquet was so eye-watering pretty I kept it for a full 3 days after the wedding. I noticed our guests taking pics of the centerpieces with their phones, they were that beautiful. They really went above and beyond.
In short, Allison and Annie at Bliss are incredibly talented women who will make your wedding exactly what you want it to be. Highly, highly, recommend! Thank you ladies!!



1 June 2017

Beyond my expectations! We used Allison and Annie for both florals and planning. Although it was more then I really wanted to spend everything came out amazing. Allison is everything you could ever want in a planner. She asks all the right questions and anticipates every detail to come. She worked extremely hard to make sure everything was exactly how I wanted it. I am beyond appreciative. She is a kind down to earth person and a joy to work with. Annie's flowers were like nothing I could have ever imagined, she brought my blurry vision to life! All in all I would highly recommend Bliss in Bloom! More...



1 June 2017

"Dude, why do we need a wedding planner?"

These were the first words out of my mouth when we started to think about our Hawaii wedding. As the groom, my job was simple...
1. Get the ring
2. Plan the wedding
3. Get married

What could possibly go wrong?

Lemme tell you folks something...anything that can go wrong...will go wrong. That fate slut, Murphy...

If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii, turn to Allison and Annie. From the get go, they will understand your vision, hook you up with the best possible vendors, stay in contact with you the entire way, and even serve as personal psycho-therapists when the wedding seemed more like a future son (in law) execution than a fun filled event. Go ahead, google "seppuku," I'll wait.

Our wedding included 150 guests from around the world, multiple on and off property events spanning over five days. Within these were details that I didn't even think could be possible and the outcome was more incredible than any of our guests could have imagined. Bliss in Bloom made it happen and were able to keep the Bride smiling, the Groom sane, and the parents in their emotional paddocks. Most of all, our guests are still raving about this wedding to this very day.

It was an incredible moment for us and our families. To witness the amount of smiles, laughter, happy tears, and 150 hungover asians was an honor and a privilege. Our happiness that week was infinitely embedded in our hearts.

Upon our departure and as we said a temporary aloha to our favorite island, I muttered my last words to the new Bride before taxiing, "Dude...dude..wake up... How could we have done it without them?" We both shugged and smiled.

We headed back to LA a happy couple.



1 June 2017

Annie and her team did an amazing job for us. She absolutely created the vision that I had been dreaming up for many months. I would highly recommend her and her team for any event needing floral arrangements and decor. More...



16 May 2017

Allison is a genie in the bottle. Everything I wished for my wedding came true because of the work of her and her team. My husband and I got married in Hawaii in May 2017 and we used the services of Allison at Bliss in Bloom. Here's the main thing you need to know: This beautiful lady is worth her weight in gold!!!!!! She is this perfect blend of wonderful practical organization in such a kind heart. She really knows how to coordinate a wedding day efficiently. I also work in the wedding industry and knew I would need MAJOR help to bring my dream wedding vision to life. Allison has many contacts with the local vendors and really knows her stuff! She kept us on track with every detail. Every message I sent was answered in a timely manner. Allison knew exactly what I wanted the wedding to look like and my gosh, it was the most amazing wedding!! My husband, myself and all our guests said they'd never seen anything so AMAZING. Allison made our wedding the most magical day of our lives. If you are planning on getting married in Hawaii you must hire Allison!! More...



4 March 2017

I was planning a destination wedding in Hawaii all the way from Chicago and these gals made the entire process seamless!!! They were not just my wedding planners- they became my friends!!! I would email Allison in the middle of the night with my crazy, anxious thoughts and she would email me back within hours to put my mind at ease! I was also a very "I have no clue what I want" Bride, but "I know I like this idea." Annie was able to turn my random ideas about colors and decor into a magical reality!!! The entire event, from the flowers, to the colors, to the place settings, to Allison's awesome idea of adding a fire dancer for entertainment, TOTALLY superseded my expectations!! I had never even dreamed of the wedding they were able to create!! I could never EVER thank these gals enough for being on the front lines and creating the most magical day of our lives!!! They are truly gifted and beyond amazing at what they do!! More...



2 March 2017

Without Bliss in Bloom, I would not have had as much fun at my wedding as I did – because they saved the day! I liked Allison and Bliss in Bloom so much, that I decided to hire them, even after we decided to have our wedding in Oahu (Bliss in Bloom are located on the Big Island). Allison jumped right in. She even visited my final two venue options while on a personal trip to Waikiki – so thoughtful and sweet. Living in London made the time difference difficult, but Allison was always around to schedule a call and we often spoke through Facetime, text and email. Allison and Annie created my beautiful mood board, and helped guide me when I felt lost, and executed details when I felt sure. But the biggest moment when I knew that I would have had a majorly different experience without Allison, was on the day itself. We got married at the Moana Surfrider hotel in Waikiki, and the whole wedding was meant to be outside, but we had a lot of rain that surprised my husband and me! During cocktail hour the sunny skies turned, and the heavens opened up. Allison and her assistants somehow moved the whole dinner and dancing inside without me having to do anything, or answer a single question, or speak to a single vendor. My guests couldn’t stop talking about her, and I heard stories of Allison running around in the rain (it was RAINING – she had to wring out her own hair!) saving flowers, saving centrepieces, and getting everything reset in the ballroom. I don’t know how she did it – I was sure we would lose it all. During the indoor reception, I kept spotting details that she had saved! You work so intensely and intimately with your wedding planner – you need to pick someone you’d like to hang out with; I will keep in touch with Allison for years to come. She played a huge part in my special day, and she brings love, trust, and passion to what she does. Bliss in Bloom have taste, execution, and professionalism down pat, but they have style in spades. More...



2 March 2017

We loved you, thanks a lot!!! We highly reccomend them! =)



29 October 2016

Marrying the man of your dreams, the perfect guy for you, The One, should make a person the happiest bride on the planet... but when you work with Bliss in Bloom, that joy hits another greater dimension. Destination weddings are supposedly a total fright to plan, but I absolutely loved working with these women. Allison and Annie were so on point from day one, and made the whole process a pleasure. I was lucky enough to have a trip to the island a few months prior and met with Annie on site for a tour and to pow wow on the aesthetic. It was great, I love her eye. Now, her business partner is another force to be reckoned with, I mean that Allison Bennett makes things happen. (Full disclosure, I've got a girl crush on Allison, I wish I lived on the island so I could throw events and in the off time drink rose with her.) The pre event planning, the detail oriented execution, and the day of coordination were just perfect. Thank you ladies, you handled this bride (who was at times a bit Zilla) and family so well. You delivered an event that was beyond all of our wildest dreams, and our guests reveled in it. If you're reading this to research planners on the Big Island, let me wrap this up by saying you'd be a fool to not pick up the phone and call them right NOW! More...



6 October 2016

Working with Bliss in Bloom was one of the best decisions we made! The moment I spoke with Allison, I knew I was working with someone professional, compassionate, and organized...someone I could trust with our families and one of the most memorable times in our lives. There is nothing about the wedding that she was not involved in. Bliss in Bloom was knowledgeable, honest, creative, and attentive without being pushy or too suggestive. I always felt that they had our best interests in mind and they really focus on creating an event that is personal and represented who we are as a couple. When you work with a Bliss in Bloom, you also acquaint yourselves with the best people and vendors in the business. They offer unbiased opinions on each vendor, which helped us choose those who fit our personalities. I really felt that the ladies of Bliss and Bloom went above and beyond what was expected of them as planners...their professionalism and expertise is apparent in the fine details (a lot that even I overlooked) and their calm demeanor. Despite everything they do for you, they never looked ruffled or stressed. I must add, Annie provided the most beautiful floral arrangements I have EVER seen. She was pregnant during my wedding, but still on site to make sure the flowers were perfect (and they were...and she delivered the most beautiful baby girl just days after the wedding). I really can't say enough wonderful things about these ladies. They love what they do and it shows in the way they give personal care and attention to their clients...I really feel awkward calling myself a "client" because I really feel that I made true friends. Without any reservations, I recommend Bliss in Bloom--they will be the perfect addition to your special event. More...



8 September 2016

These women are hands down the best in the industry. This is not only my opinion but also that of all the other vendors I worked with. Bliss in Bloom went above and beyond to make our day absolutely amazing. Bliss in Bloom took care of the 'Day of Coordination' , florals and decoration and they exceeded my expectations in every way. The flowers and decor were stunning and created a beautiful setting for our ceremony and reception.
The coordination also could not have been better. I had a few issues with other vendors in the last week before the wedding and Allison worked with me around the clock to rectify the problems (even on a Sunday!). There were also a couple last minute issues that cropped up on the day (my fault more than anything) but she fixed them with ease and the guests were none the wiser. Numerous guests actually commented that ours was the best wedding they had ever been to and there is no doubt in my mind that is directly related to Allison and Annie. Both women were extremely professional. Allison handled the coordination and so I dealt with her the majority of the time. She is such a warm and lovely person that I felt like I was working with a friend. She even stopped by the day after the wedding and dropped off all of the flowers left over from the reception so that we could have them around the property for a few more days. It was these additional touches by Allison that truly made the whole experience absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend Bliss in Bloom more to anyone looking for any of the services they provide!



2 April 2016

These ladies are absolutely AMAZING! I honestly cannot imagine my wedding without Allison by my side. They listened to everything I asked for in my initial consultation and once I handed the reins over to them, I felt like a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. They thought of things that never even crossed my mind - and I plan events! They were easy to work with during the planning phase and always answered even the smallest question quickly over text or phone call. I didn't have a care in the world on the actual day of our wedding because I knew Allison was there making sure everything was on track. My parents were so impressed with her organization and we even had guests compliment her skills! Their creativity and professionalism makes them the only choice for wedding planning and decor on the Big Island.

Thank you, Bliss in Bloom, for making our dream wedding come true!! we love you!!



8 December 2015

If you are hunting around trying to find a florist for your Kona destination wedding, you've landed at the very best place. Annie made my dream of a bright, tropical wedding with romantic undertones a reality. I truly couldn't have asked for a single thing to be done different. She even added some bright flower accents to the menu card and the reception tables where I hadn't anticipated any flowers. It was truly stunning and the most fabulous wedding I've ever seen. Thank you Annie! More...



11 November 2015

Choosing Bliss in Bloom was the best decision we made in the whole planning process. From the very 1st meeting, Allison and Annie made us feel extremely comfortable, understood, and excited. It was immediately clear that this dynamic duo is a professional and creative powerhouse. They are very well connected, organized, resourceful, polished, and excellent communicators. We came to Bliss in Bloom with a mere sketch of our vision, and they breathed life into it beyond our highest expectations. The whole process was very collaborative and they were on point with their vendor recommendations. We relied on their expertise to drive the boat, they accommodated all of our must-haves, and they redirected or squashed some of our subpar ideas with the warmth of a good friend and tact of a seasoned professional. Bliss in Bloom really went above and beyond in catering to some of our oddly specific requests, including scouring the earth for the perfect table runner. Annie created breathtaking and unique floral arrangements, including a gorgeous bouquet, a floral arm band, several different leis, table landscape, and an incredible ceremony arbor. We are still receiving compliments on the décor. Two days prior to our wedding, we experienced a tragic family medical emergency that put moving forward with the wedding as planned in question. They supported us in the most kind and loving way by providing several options for moving forward, spoke to all of our vendors, and checked in on our spirits. They accommodated all of the last minute changes with incredible care and seamless transition and anticipated all of our needs before, during, and after the wedding without us having to say much at all. They were simply in tune with what we needed and how to make sure we had a supremely special day and kick ass party despite the unexpected absence of several loved ones. Bliss in Bloom made, and saved, our day and there is no one more talented or with as much heart as these amazing ladies. More...



23 October 2015

I don't even know where to start with these two - Allison and Annie, aka "The A-Team". Our wedding was absolutely the most stunning, seamless and well thought-out event I've ever been to - and I got to be the bride! From the beginning of our process (even though I am very picky and a perfectionist) I had a feeling I could just trust these two with everything and I was right. They have very good taste, are organized, efficient, personable/easy to work with, professional on the day, have great relationships with local suppliers (this is very important on the island!!!), respond well to change and are great problem solvers.

As with any wedding there were lots of details and decisions that need to be made before the wedding and during. They gave us more time to go over things if we needed it, or would pick up decorations if I couldn't get them to the shop, or they'd meet an extra time with a supplier to make sure everything was taken care of - they just constantly went above and beyond. It was an amazing feeling to go over a plan days before the wedding and not have to worry one bit on the big day and just enjoy it.

Allison and Annie are the perfect team. Allison with her organized ways and attention to detail and Annie with her artistic flair and amazing florals! I cannot speak highly enough about these two - it was the best money we spent at our wedding.



29 August 2015

Bliss in Bloom is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I loved every floral arrangement at my wedding. From the bouquets, to the chuppah to chair decor, everything was stunning!!! And the centerpieces….Wow!!! I had long tables with small, colorful arrangements in vases of varying sizes. I also had statement pieces that were in wooden boxes between the smaller vases. It was breathtaking. Highly recommend this vendor!!! More...



29 July 2015

Great, They were very prompt. Everything was negotiable. Everything went flawlessly fine because of them. Thank you!



16 May 2015

When I was searching for florists on the Kona side of the Big Island, I quickly narrowed down my top pick to Bliss in Bloom and prayed that they were available for my wedding day. Thankfully they were and they were just as amazing as I thought they would be. I primarily corresponded with Allison and she was extremely responsive and easy to work with. I was planning the wedding from Colorado so almost all communication was via email and there were absolutely no problems throughout the entire planning process. She listened to everything that I wanted and made any changes that I asked for. Everything was so easy and the floral arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres all turned out better than I expected. I even had to make a very last minute change to our order (less than a week before the big day), increasing our table count and the length of our tables. I was really worried that I had notified them too late and that there wouldn't be enough flowers but Allison and Annie were AMAZING and they were able to change the order and design to fit the new layout. We received so many compliments on the beautiful floral arrangements and I couldn't have been happier. Another HUGE plus, I barely had to do any work. I just told them the flowers I liked and colors I wanted and they were able to come up with beautiful table decorations including flowers and candles. If you're a busy bride trying to plan a wedding, Bliss in Bloom is definitely the right choice for you. Or if you have an idea of exactly how you want your flowers to look, they are extremely easy to work with. When it comes to floral designs for any event on the Big Island, Bliss in Bloom is DEFINITELY the BEST choice! More...



9 May 2015

We live in Texas and had to plan a wedding in Hawaii. Couldn't have done it without them. The wedding was absolutely perfect. The details and execution were flawless. I assumed there would be hiccups due to planning from 3000 miles away. I had no familiarity with any of the businesses on the island. In the end, it didn't matter because these ladies had our best interest as their number one priority. I strongly recommend Bliss in Bloom for any and all celebrations and events. More...



9 May 2015

My husband and I got married on the Big Island of Hawaii and used Allison and Annie with Bliss in Bloom. I thought that planning a Hawaii wedding from Arkansas would be extremely difficult, but not with Bliss in Bloom! I talked with them daily and they took all of the stressful parts out of planning. I talked with Allison just about daily (for months before the wedding) and she was always available for my questions and concerns. The wedding was amazing! Allison and Annie exceeded my wildest dreams. All of our guests said they had never seen a wedding that was so beautiful and relaxed. Allison even said that she was amazed at how relaxed I was throughout the big day. All credit to Allison and Annie. It is easy to be relaxed when I know they had everything under control. Also, Annie's flowers were incredible! All it took were sending her a few Pinterest photos and she immediately got my vision. She went above and beyond and the flowers turned out better than I could have imagined! I cannot say enough good things about Bliss in Bloom. The only way to plan a wedding is with Allison and Annie! More...



2 May 2015

My experience with Annie/Bliss in Bloom was BEYOND exceptional. Annie did all of the florals for my wedding, including bridal party florals, table arrangements, tree garland, isle florals, cake florals and my absolutely stunning floral crown. She also provided beautiful design pieces (glass votives, rustic wooden boxes, flower vessels) which really pulled the design aesthetic of my wedding together.The professionalism my husband and I experienced in working with Annie was top notch, during our first consultation she really listened to my vision and gave lovely recommendations. She really made me feel at ease and excited about how my special day would look.The floral design proposal she put together was absolutely on point. I am not exaggerating when I say this, in explaining my vision with the sorts of flowers I loved and didn’t like, her proposals were 100% on par. She took feedback and made adjustment where needed. Day of the wedding she was onsite right on time. She arranged all of the florals and design pieces to a tee. My bouquet was stunning, it by far exceeded my expectations and was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. All I wanted to do was take pictures of my bouquet! By far one of my most favorite memories, it was just so pretty. My floral crown, again absolutely beautiful (she was so creative in using rosemary and these dainty little white flowers) which made me feel like a princess. My bridesmaids bouquets were perfect, groomsman boutonnieres were perfect, and she also made a little floral crown for my flower girl which was precious. Moving onto the tree garland, another big favorite of mine that she crafted. She put together a fairly large tree garland that wrapped beautifully around our ceremony tree which fit what I had envisioned perfectly. The table flowers were flawless and she picked just the perfect sized succulents for my plate settings. She is truly talented, a lovely person and produces high quality work. Thank you Annie! More...



5 March 2015

We initially only hired Bliss in Bloom for our florals for our March 5, 2015 wedding at Puakea Ranch and then later also hired them for the day of coordination. This was the best decision we made. Annie and Allison are AMAZING. Both are so kind, generous and truly care about making your wedding unique, beautiful and perfect - plus they are talented beyond belief and are extremely hardworking. Even though I planned the wedding myself, Annie was always available to answer any questions I had and give me her input and advice. She was prompt in her responses and I could tell she genuinely cared about every aspect. Annie's professionalism and thoughtfulness alleviated all stress of planning a wedding - at least it did for me! Once we arrived on the Island, she dealt with all the vendors on our behalf, including last minute logistical issues (layout changes, rain), ensuring everything was executed perfectly. Annie has a huge inventory of one-of-a kind decor items you can rent from her which will make your event even better. The flowers and details were beyond beautiful and much better than I could have imagined. Guests described it as magical and the best wedding they had ever been to and we attribute a lot of that to Annie and Allison. They are the very best! I could write a book on every thoughtful thing Annie & Allison did for us - truly incredible! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - we have the most wonderful memories and hope to cross paths with you both again!
A & C xo



7 February 2015

I highly recommend using Bliss in Bloom for both florals, and planning. Annie and Allison are an awesome team. I can't believe how seamless they made the whole process, especially with only a month notice! They were both extremely easy to work with, and could easily understand and execute my vision based off of phone calls, pinterest, and a couple of emails. Seriously low stress.

The care and attention for the details and coordination truly made the day effortless for us. They went to great lengths to find the perfect chargers to match my linens. They even had the calligrapher match our signs to the calligraphy on our invitations. I loved everything about the day, and received many compliments on not only the details but how smoothly they were running the show.

We interviewed and tried to work with a lot of other coordinators and florists on the island, and there is ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my mind that Bliss in Bloom is the best there is! They also have the all connections you want and need for hair/makeup, rentals, catering, etc.



14 January 2015

I want to thank Bliss in Bloom for the wonderful job they did coordinating our January 14th wedding. We were very pleased with the way they connected us with the different people we needed to put together all of the specifics for this special event.

We especially appreciated that you came to our home with the people who could provide all of the different options. We enjoyed meeting them and detailing all the different effects we desired. We found both Allison and Annie to go way above and beyond in providing everything we needed.

The evening was a huge success and our guests commented that it was over the top in every way. The flowers at the church and reception were breathtaking. The food was excellent and we were happy to receive the leftovers thanks to Bliss in Bloom's efforts. Even the flowers were carefully brought into the house from both the church and reception area. They were placed in smaller vases and carefully displayed around the home after our event.

In essence, I would like to heartily recommend Bliss in Bloom to anyone needing a reliable coordinator for a special event!

Virginia and Chad



21 December 2014

Allison at Bliss in Bloom went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding day was beyond our wildest dreams! At the last minute, she coordinated a change in ceremony time with the entire vendor team so that we could enjoy the Hawaii sunset and capture them in our photos. Allison was there on the wedding day from morning until late at night, coordinating every last detail and ensuring everything went off with(out) a hitch!! :) The floral and decor design by Annie was absolutely stunning and she even whipped up a last-minute bouquet for our flower girl! The entire Bliss in Bloom team made coordinating a destination wedding from 5000 miles away smooth and stress-free!!! More...



31 August 2014

Annie and the rest of her team at Bliss in Bloom were a pleasure to work with. Their flowers were even better and more beautiful than the design pictures! I highly recommend that you hire Bliss in Bloom for your wedding and you won't be disappointed! More...



30 August 2014

We used Bliss in Bloom for our recent Hawaiian wedding on the Big Island this past August. We found Bliss in Bloom through our wedding planner at Vintage & Lace and we're thrilled we did! We relied heavily on Vintage & Lace referrals since we were not on the island to visit vendors on our own. It takes a lot of trust hire vendors for the most important day of your life without meeting them, but we took a leap of faith and it turned out better than we imagined. We were initially very concerned with our allotted budget for florals and expressed this to Annie following the initial contract. She was always very responsive and willing to work with us as best she could without compromising the overall look of the event. We went back and forth a few times but ultimately decided we wanted to go for it and the result was incredible. We were also looking for a specific rustic look/feel for our wedding and Annie was able to create that for us without question. We were truly blown away by all the amazing arrangements that Bliss in Bloom created. Everything was truly perfect! I can't say enough good things about working with Bliss in Bloom, highly recommend for your Hawaiian wedding! More...



3 August 2014

Annie and her assistant were extremely friendly and warm, and very helpful in bringing my ideas to life! They were also extremely flexible, adjusting my order multiple times, and making last minute additions. The flowers and decorations turned just as I had hoped and were incredibly beautiful! I would highly recommend Bliss in Bloom, definitely a gem in Kona, Hawaii for all your wedding needs!!! More...



17 July 2014

Annie and Allison made my wedding a dream-come-true. I had given them a rough idea of what I wanted for the floral arrangements and decorations and they executed the task PERFECTLY. It was like they read my mind!! From the beautiful wedding arch to the little flowers in mason jars, their ability to interpret what I wanted in terms of the big picture (or "theme") coupled with the attention paid to every detail made my wedding absolutely lovely. I literally jumped up and down when I saw my bouquet because it was exactly what I had envisioned.

Aside from their beautiful creations, they also had amazing customer service. They promptly responded to e-mails and even threw in rental items free-of-charge due to a substitution of flowers, which was totally not their fault (there was a shortage on a specific flower I wanted due to a bad heatwave).

Overall, I am extremely happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone who is getting married in Hawaii.



5 July 2014

Bliss in Bloom (Annie and Allison) were so helpful and I could not have planned a destination wedding (in 6 months!) without them. They had an inventory of quality, whimsical, vintage items for rent that made my wedding look simple, but in an elegant way. the pricing was reasonable and they were very responsive and flexible with pick up/drop off times. Annie also made my bouquet and grooms boutonniere. I was very picky with what kind of flowers I wanted but she made it happen. She even provided me with cake flowers and additional flowers. I received tons of compliments on the decor and bouquet. Thanks to Annie and Allison for making my wedding day vision come true! More...



5 June 2014

I worked with Annie and Allison from Bliss in Bloom for our June 5 wedding at the Lava Lava Beach Club. If you are searching for a florist and/or coordination team, stop looking!! These ladies are the A team. Book them in right now. In the lead up to the wedding, our ideas for colors and decor changed a few times (and not in insignificant ways) and Annie just took it all in stride and sent over new photos each time we changed our minds. What was delivered on the day was flawless. It exceeded even my high expectations. These ladies went so far as to bring additional lanterns to line the aisle when we learned Lava Lava required the petal path we were going to go with to be picked up. We also did a DIY photo booth with large photo frames hanging from the trees however we came with a rope that was too short. Allison and Annie to the rescue! My mother also arrived with my grandmother's wedding photo not in a frame....Allison and Annie to the rescue! And we also determined a few days before the wedding that a had a very long walk from where I was getting ready to the ceremony location...Allison and Annie again saved the day as Annie cleaned out her personal car to drive me over! Lastly - my bouquet was a work of art. I had to many compliments. Please stop looking and book these ladies in. More...



3 May 2014

Bliss in Bloom did a beautiful job with the flowers and decor for our wedding! The florals and floral arrangements were unique, smartly conceived, and just stunning. Everything--from the arbor to the table decor to the bridal bouquet--was exquisite! Annie was great to work with, very responsive and flexible. She took my vision and made it a reality, bringing lots of beauty, life and joy to the event! We couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out. More...



26 April 2014

My contact with Annie was through our decorator, Vintage and Lace. She suggested Bliss in Bloom’s florals because of our vintage wedding theme and felt she would best fit with the overall décor. Bliss in Bloom’s florals were absolutely beautiful! You can tell at first glance that they were high quality creations and a lot of time and effort has been put into making each arrangement. Annie was able to work with our budget and was flexible in incorporating different flowers for the bouquet and centerpiece arrangements. In the end, we were so glad we were able to work with Bliss in Bloom as they made the overall ambiance and event space look amazing! More...



14 February 2014

Annie was an amazing day of coordinator who took charge in an unobtrusive way. She also did the decor and flowers at my wedding. She went above and beyond for us and her decor was outstanding, gorgeous and just what I had described! It was actually more stylish than I could ever dream of... In the exact way I wanted! I would hire her again and refer her along to anyone! More...



12 November 2013

Day of planning- I couldn't have done this without her.
Flowers, vision and coordination result was extraordinary.
The quality and detail and attention to my needs on the day of was impeccable and exactly as I had dreamed in a wedding, my fairy-tale sunset wedding was just breathless! Annie and her team were flexible and accommodating and best of all the result made for an extremely smooth wedding day for me
and all of my vendors. I definitely reccommend a planner to be there on the day of, Bliss in Bloom exceeded my expectations and met all of my needs and all the things I didn't think of!



21 September 2013

Annie of Bliss in Bloom is incredible. My review could be 100 pages long gushing about how perfect she made my wedding look and me feel. I am honestly speechless and words cant describe how truly beautiful her work is. I am not much of a crier - I didn't cry my entire wedding day - except when I saw all my flowers set up on a long table while Annie was putting up my arbor. It honestly brought tears to my eyes. Her FLOWERS made me cry... seriously?! I can honestly say that I had the most beautiful wedding flowers I've ever seen. Plus, Annie had 3 weddings going on that weekend. She is THE BEST and so easy to work with. You won't regret hiring Bliss in Bloom!!! More...



27 July 2013

Annie and her assistant are AMAZING!!!! We were on a budget so we had to take out some things that were in the quote. When I took a sneak peak at the reception area before the wedding, I saw that she included some of the things I had to remove from the quote. She didn't have to, but she graciously did it anyway! She went above and beyond for us!!! For only booking our florist three weeks before the wedding, we were soooo grateful! She transformed the reception area from a plain country patio to an elegant country outdoor wedding. I didn't even have sample boutique pictures to show her, but just from listening to what I wanted and knowing the theme of the wedding, she made me a bridal boutique of my dreams! It was all absolutely perfect!!! More...



14 July 2013

They were fantastic! I had the most beautiful flowers for my wedding. They did a fabulous job, and I would recommend them to everyone.



29 June 2013

My husband and I had a vision of what our Hawaiian wedding would look like, and with Annie's help she truly made our dream wedding a reality. Annie honestly did an amazing job with everything. The flower arrangements, our bouquets, the alter, our walkway, the leis, the haku's, the corsages, and so much more were breathtaking. She truly turned our vision into a reality, and in the end our wedding was even better than we could have imagined. Thank you so much Annie! More...



22 June 2013

Annie Sundseth with Bliss in Bloom is absolutely amazing! Not only did I get my designer wedding dress from her adorable bridal boutique, but she planned my wedding, rehearsal dinner and supplied the flowers. The venue was a private property so she had to coordinate every little detail from lighting to linens to the photo booth to custom drinks. She understood what I wanted with just a few meetings and made my dream wedding more perfect and fitting to my husband and my personalities than I could have ever done on my own. Not only did Annie make my dream wedding happen, she made it stress free and enjoyable. If you are looking for a dress, wedding planning, and/or florals for any event I highly recommend Bliss in Bloom. More...



14 June 2013

Annie did such a wonderful job for our wedding. Everything was amazing!
Without her, we couldn't have had the wedding we had. She gave us choices for a beautiful venue and a wonderful catering company. She really understood what we wanted. We were delighted with her services.
If you want to have a wedding on the Big Island, I highly recommend her. Of course, her floral was beyond my expectations!! Thank you, Annie! I never forget to work with you!!



8 June 2013

My (now) husband and I recently got married in Kona, Hawaii. I did a lot of research to find the perfect venddors and the florals were one of my top priorities. Most of the florists that I came accross on the big island could only provide a traditional hawaian variety/look. I wanted a much more traditonal spring backyard look, and was so pleased to come across Annie, of Bliss in Bloom. She knew exactly what I was looking for and made my vision come to life. She was more than responsive and flexible to work with along the way, which made it much more comfortable for me, planning my wedding from afar.

Though we didn't utilize her services as a planner (since one of my best friends agreed to help), I would absolutely recommend her as a planner as well. She helped me find additional vendors and responded with kindness to all of my qurestions, big and small...from where to go for dry cleaning to who I could trust to babysit some of my guest's children.

I am so appreciative of Annie. She really goes the extra mile to help, and be completely in-tune with the visions of her brides. Our wedding was beautiful and amazing thanks to her gorgeous work and help along the way. THANK YOU ANNIE!!!

Best regards,
Courtney & Darren Hill



28 May 2013

Bliss in Bloom provided beautiful floral arrangements for my intimate wedding in Kona, HI. Annie was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to make sure my flowers were ready and my wedding day was stress free.



23 May 2013

We had the awesome opportunity of working with Annie from Bliss in Bloom for our wedding at the Fairmont Orchid. Annie provided all the florals and was also our Day of Wedding coordinator. We had a great time working with her and choosing flowers and designs for the wedding and reception. She has such great vision and design. We only told her a little bit about what we envisioned and she took that and made it into something amazing. She had no problems working within our budget and communicating with us whenever we had questions or concerns. She even let us ship some of our wedding items to her for safe keeping.

As our day of coordinator, we couldn't have asked for anyone better. She worked so well with all of our other vendors and made the day go by so smoothly. We didn't have to worry about anything and we could just enjoy ourselves. We loved working with Annie and definitely would recommend her to anyone looking for florals and coordination. Also check out her super cute wedding boutique shop for awesome wedding ideas. Thank you Annie for everything. We had a blast!



8 May 2013

Annie with Bliss in Bloom was wonderful. She really understood the theme and ambiance that I wanted for my wedding. The arrangements and the overall decor that she put together were amazing. She really exceeded my expectations of what I had envisioned for my special day. She was very responsive and took charge of what I asked her to do, she even helped with the coordination on the day of. I had a beautiful wedding because of her fantastic talent. More...



2 May 2013

Annie was a wonderful florist to work with! Her aesthetic is spot on, her flowers gorgeous! She has tons of rentals (lawn games!) that make your day special. Most importantly, Annie worked with my smaller floral budget and it all looked fabulous. She even threw in extras at the ceremony site. Loved working with her! More...



23 February 2013

From beginning to end, Annie was wonderful to work with. I am so happy and pleased that we found Annie, as she truly proved to be a great investment for our wedding day and related events. In addition to flowers, Annie provided day of coordination services that were crucial to the flawless execution of our wedding. Despite having a torrential downpour of rain just as the ceremony started, Annie and her team worked quickly to ensure that setup was adjusted and that everything still ran as smoothly as if it hadn't rained at all! She was terrific in pre-event planning, ensuring that we remembered all the tasks we would have otherwise missed and forgotten, always professional in her approach and advice, and gracious and warm when working with us and our families during the rehearsal and day of events. Her eye for design and detail was greatly appreciated, as the flowers, the ceremony set up and reception set up were much more than I anticipated. It's always a great feeling to see your vision come alive, and then some! Besides her great attention to detail and superior organization, she's just a wonderful person to have on your side for such an important occasion. I'd recommend her without hesitation to couples planning weddings and other events both in Hawaii and beyond. Many thanks to both Annie and Stephanie for being with us for our wedding day! :-) More...



11 January 2013

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Annie did a wonderful job. I sent her over pictures of what I was looking for and a picture of my wedding dress and the bouquet turned out perfect! Thank you Annie!!



12 December 2012

I absolutely loved my flowers! Annie did an amazing job! They were beautiful!!!



18 November 2012

Annie organized, planned and coordinated our rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding day and reception. Including creating all the beautiful florals and decorations. Hiring Annie and our photographer Toby were the best investments we made in our wedding. Bliss in Bloom exceeded all expectations and more than anything she truly cared about our wedding. She was prepared, on time, in constant communication with us and our vendors. We are so grateful to her, we feel like all the bases were covered, which is the best feeling when you're planning a wedding with an ocean between you and your venue. More...



29 September 2012

From the beginning of the planning stages Annie, at Bliss In Bloom, was great to work with! We brought a few pictures of ideas with us to the first meeting and Annie really got what we wanted. She delivered a fabulous, breath taking wedding ceremony and reception. Even more than we expected! I knew it was going to be fabulous, but Annie went above and beyond and created a fairytale. Everyone at the wedding was so complimentary and said that we would be talking about this wedding for a long time!. Thank you Annie for making our wedding so very special and memorable!! Loved every minute and want to do it again! :) More...



30 June 2012

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Annie was as a wedding planner and florist. She was creative, reliable, responsible, easy to work with, everything you would want for your special day. I had very specific off-island flower requests that she delivered to perfection. She contributed ideas and projects that fit with the vision of the wedding and stayed on budget. But I think what I loved about her most was her impeccable taste. Do yourself a favor and hire her. You will not regret it. More...



15 June 2012

It was such a pleasure to work with Annie and her team. I cannot thank her enough for making our Hawaiian wedding come true. The flowers and decor were beyond my expectations, everyone kept telling me how beautiful everything was. It was so great to have her coordination assistance throughout the entire process and especially on the "day of". We were both able to relax and truly take in the moments of the day. More...

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