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Blessed Up ltd is a Well-being organisation based in London, England. Created by Lorraine Chang-Edwards who is a Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker with a background in Fashion and Property Management.

London is an amazing city with a robust fashion industry, different cultures and themes.



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I enjoy seeing people in Blessed Up clothing and also watch people I have mentored grow into unstoppable forces.
Clothing and Well-being is often overlooked in society but both are fundamental to your self-love journey. When you love yourself you act like it and dress like it. You can express yourself through garments a slogan T-shirt and also build confidence through the images and slogans you promote.

I saw a gap in the market for clothing which reflects self-love and Caribbean/ African culture. Images shown are very stereotypical of recent times look, think and dress like photocopies of each other. However, Style is all about being true to yourself and in Jamaican culture is about staying positive and being bright, confident and bold in every situation. The time has come where we all need to be ourselves and not afraid to show who we truly are through fashion, If you wake up and decide to dress like a rainbow that is absolutely fine. The important thing is the way you feel, your happy and being true to you.

Blessed up ltd is based in the South London area and we emerged from the community and believe it is important to give back to the community. We work along side local schools and churches to promote self-love and well-being. It is extremely important for our organisation to give back to the community as we believe in team work. As the old saying goes ''team work makes the dream work'' and we view all our neighbors, customers and business partners as part of the Blessed Up team.