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Blair Counseling and Mediation targets marriage and family relationships that are suffering and could use insight and understanding to improve communication. We hope to reduce anger, depression, anxiety, and addictions. We can also help with trauma, child behavior, and grief.


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Heidi Anderson

25 May 2018

I had to have supervised visits with my son. So I contact Dan and he did everything possible for me to see my son. He just observed from a far, but got to know the entire family.


Michael Manchester

25 May 2018

Dan is very professional. We worked with him for supervised visits. He was flexible with his schedule so we could have time with our son. My son was very comfortable with him being in the room with us. He is all for parents spending time with their kids. More...


Sean McNamara

25 May 2017

Blair Counseling and Mediation does really amazing work - thanks to the team at Blair Counseling for all you do.


Seeing a difference in people's lives, especially when marriages are stronger and kids benefit from that.

I wanted to focus on client's goals, and not company goals.

Usually clients choose me because of my respect and understanding of their situations, providing a plan, and my sense of humor. I enjoy working with people.