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I am an independent professional designer with over 10 years of experience within small and large design agencies and have worked closely with printers such as CTP printers and Paarl Media. In addition to this, I have also worked with small printing companies, so I understand the process of getting a project print ready.


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Brian Proctor

21 May 2019

Very professional, work done on time to top standards

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Making my clients feel as relaxed as possible and for them to enjoy the photo shoot.
When it comes to lighting I love using natural light where you get those soft general rays of sun in the early morning or romantic yellows in the afternoon.

With all my clients, I like to know when the project deadline is, so I know if it is achievable or not. I am honest with all my clients and if I can not make the deadline I want them you know upfront.

Then, I would ask for a detailed brief, I need to understand what they have in their minds in terms of the desired end product, this is important as everyone is different and interprets things in different ways as well. If they have any samples or ideas that have seen... fantastic send them along with your brief.

Then, one last thing... but still very important! The budget - I need to know what the client's budget is for the project so I can work within it.

Every design job should be approached with a strategic outcome in mind... What do you what your audience or target market to experience when viewing your final project?

My design process involves research and insight into possible competitors, what is trending overseas, the audience of a brand and the intended messages a client would like to portray.

Once I understand the client's needs as well as the target markets', I start with the creative process and depending on what the job is, different options will be created. Once we have reached a middle ground where the client is happy we move forward to a finished project.

Project Deadlines?

A detailed brief is needed.
If they would like this done over the phone I can take down notes and ask any questions if I am not sure?

Is your project digital or print?
Are there any print aspects which need to be quoted for separately to the design work done?

I need to know what the client's budget is for the project, so I can work within it?

As a designer and photographer, I love to collaborate with people, using the creative process to find new ideas and innovative solutions to design challenges, as well as seeing a brand come alive and become a living entity that needs to be nurtured and developed.

With over 12 years of experience within small and large design agencies, I then decided to take the leap and go off on my own and have the ability to pursue my passion and do what I love from anywhere I am, which allows me to give my clients the flexibility of me working within their office space or mine.